Lost in a tangle of unwires

Haven’t been on the blog much in the last 36 hours for a number of reasons. One of them was that my son and I have wasted good chunks of the last three days trying to extend my home wireless network. If you have help, I’d be grateful.

I have a new Linksys SRX200 wireless router that works fine. But it doesn’t reach the other corner of the house: the rooms over the garage. What I want to do is use another router just like it to extend my network; I’ll connect them with a wire or without, you tell me. We tried to hook the two routers together; didn’t work because the first router grabbed the address off the cable modem and the other router couldn’t get it; it delivered junk addresses to our PCs. So we bought a wired switch thinking both would work off that; same thing happened. I would love to get both working to give strong coverage throughout the house.

Right now, after all the work, we got a Linksys wireless range extender working, I hope. But because I had such trouble getting it working, I’m nervous about that.

We’ve tried many, many things before. I had a Netgear powerline extender (one box plugs into the router and the power on one end; the other box plugs into the power and transmits the signal from there). I’d love it of that worked but it was extremely unreliable: It would not deliver a proper address until I turned off the box and my laptop wireless again and again and again. We used a Netgear wireless router with it but that was no better. I had an Apple Airport Express but never ever got it to deliver anything but junk addresses.

So, help: How can I get two wireless routers working with one cable modem (the two of them connected without or with ethernet cable)?

And why does networking have to be so hard?