Great Bushisms of the year, from news.com.au:

:* “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job.”
* “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda,” Bush said in explaining his communications strategy last May.
* “I think I may need a bathroom break. Is this possible?” Bush asked in a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a U.N. Security Council meeting in September.
* “This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table,” Bush said in Brussels last February.
* “In terms of timetables, as quickly as possible – whatever that means,” the president said of his timeframe for passing Social Security legislation in March.
* “Those who enter the country illegally violate the law,” Bush said in describing illegal immigrants in Tucson, Arizona, last month.

  • RonP

    wow “bushisms”. really original.

  • I think I read where it was proven (without much publicity) that Bush’s “bathroom break” was a forgery.

  • RonP

    forgery?!? Heavens no! I think its called fun with photoshop. just remember even if the evidence is false the story is still true.

  • Ted

    It really must bother the people who came up with this list
    that Bush is still President.

    And they still are ineffectual journalists with no sense of

    Bush will be in history books; they won’t even be footnotes.

    Bush can, and has, changed the world. Those guys aren’t
    even able to change other peoples opinions.

    And, if present trends continue, few people will bother
    even reading the “Great Metropolitan Newspaper[s]”
    where they work.

    Welcom to obsolesence, pea-brains.

  • Angelos

    Wow, still inundated with kool-aid drinkers, huh Jeff?

    Bush’ll be in the history books alright, but not for any good reasons.

    Your little 35% support group can continue to think you have a clue, but if fact you’re the ones who haven’t received the clue yet.

    Maybe someday. A couple more laws violated, a continued shredding of the constitution, maybe then.

    You’re like a cute little cult. Except your cult’s Dear Leader has cost us 1/2 a trillion dollars in a ridiculous unwinnbale War on Noboday in Particular, adding massively to our endless debt. But that’s OK, his cronies’ll keep getting rich on the backs of future generations. The ones that aren’t headed to jail, that is.

    Republicans are fighting a war that schoolchildren and the elederly and infirm are paying for.

  • Jeff, you should hold off on the analysis of the year for a couple of days. There may be a real classic to come when the ‘recess appointment’ of Navy Sec’y (a former Northrop VP) is performed.

  • Ravo

    In the news today: a 16 year old Florida High School boy, American of Iraqi descent took a trip to Iraq (unbeknownst to his parents) to see for himself the truth of life over there. He visited Baghdad, Beirut, and Kuwait.

    He e-mailed his teachers Dec. 15 while in the Kuwait City airport the following:

    “There is a struggle in Iraq between good and evil, between those striving for freedom and liberty and those striving for death and destruction,” he wrote.”

    Like all great men, Bush is content to let history judge him, and not let the cackle of jackals keep him from the war on evil.

    Here is what the coverage of the Battle of Iwo Jima would have looked like if covered by the media today:

  • So this is the President’s understanding of the appropriate communications strategy from the Bully Pulpit…

    “in my line of work you got to keep repeating things…to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

    Does anyone have any idea what it means to “catapult the propaganda”?

  • Rob Schneider- Care to actually substantuate that claim that the Pres’ note was faked with a credible source? (And that means no Drudge, O’Rilley, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc…) Thanks.

  • Ron P wrote- “just remember even if the evidence is false the story is still true”

    Hey, it got Bush his war with Iraq…

  • Ravo

    (And that means no Drudge, O’Rilley, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc…)

    You mean none of those sources that exposed all the lies in the coverage of Katrina, or disproved so many of the phoney charges leveled at so many Republicans this year?

  • Ravo

    Actually, it wasn’t they that disproved them, but they did bring the correct info to light, when the main media ignored the truth.

  • Ravo- Katrina was an ongoing story, a confusing mess where despite the best efforts of all the news organizations covering it, errors crept into the reportage. That’s just the nature of the beast. There were several times during the coverage of the story (and I was watching several outlets from the Times-Picyune to the major networks both broadcast and cable) where reports would on-air correct stories that had been reported earlier as part of the evolution of everyone’s understanding of what was going on. For anyone to point out an early, erronious report while ignoring subsequent corrections made by said newsoutlet is as intellectually disengenuous as holding claiming the modern Roman Catholic Church endorses the Flat Earth theory based on the fact that they excommunicated Copernicus.

  • rick_d

    Wow, I didn’t realize realize the “soft bigotry of low expectations” extended to the presidency itself.


  • Chris

    I consider myself to be a pretty conservative guy, but regardless of my political leanings, all that the Bushisms show is the same thing I see on the news every night. Bush is what my grandmother called the “dullest knife in the drawer” and I feel no shame in hoping for better from my president. I don’t know if genius should be a requirement but I do know that when my son says, “I’d fail my speech class if I talked like that,” he’s right.

  • It bugs me to see the immigration quote listed as one of Bush’s brain cramps because he’s making an actual political point this time. I don’t have a side in this, but one side says that illegal immigrants should be able to get drivers licenses and public services, while the other side wants to remind us, “Helloo? They’re illegal. That means they’re breaking the law…”

  • RonP

    To Rich Drees: – “Hey, it got Bush his war with Iraq…”

    the difference is that we are still digging up graves in Iraq – and i do believe those pictures of kurdish children lying dead on the street from a poison gas have not yet been disputed.

    you lefties and your buffoonish leaders in congress kill me – they run around saying bush is a dunce yet he manages to deceive them at every turn – makes you wonder how they could ask for your vote.

    keep it up… this strategy is probably worth 2 more senate seats and 4 more house seats in 2006. you have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    i also love the comments by Chris the “pretty conservative guy” – get with it the reason (right or wrong) that people like Bush is that he talks like them. John Kerry was rejected because he came across like a bad imitation of either jim baccus or ted knight as Judge Smails in caddyshack.

    Keep your noses pointed skyward because 2006 will be just as bad for you copperheads as 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

    Happy New Year!

  • RonP

    forgot. And a Merry Fitzmas to you all. especially when reporters start getting hauled before the grand jury re: the NSA leaks.

  • Angelos and his ilk are all the same. Nay-sayers who think their life would be better if the President was just taken down. He’s clearly done many more good things than not, and his place in history as a solid Prez is cemented. Thank God he was in office on 9/11……Gore would have screwed things up royally (and we’d all probably be speaking French).

  • Ravo

    on-air correct stories that had been reported earlier as part of the evolution of everyone’s understanding of what was going on

    That crap they were spewing was not my understanding nor the understanding of anyone listening to those such as the likes of Drudge, O’Rilley, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc… who made it impossible for the media to continue to deceive everyone.

    Though these anti-Americans may get away legally (they’re paying bigtime in credibility) for adding to the horror of Katrina, I can’t wait until these traitorous snakes are hauled before the grand jury re: the NSA leaks.

    Of course, I will not be bothering to look at ANYthing put out by the mainstream media in my quest to get the real story as it unfolds.

  • Ron P-

    If, as a country, we needed a moral reason to invade Iraq, it should have been done when Hussein was actually doing the attrocities, not years after the fact. “Saddam was a bad guy, hekilled all those people…” Yeah, while we stood by and did nothing at the time. Talk about closing the barndoor too late…

  • Raco-
    Oh, its the ol’ media conspiracy canard is it? I have worked in the newsroom of a mid-sized city daily and half the time there isn’t enough organization to order lunch, let alone organize a grand scheme to make the President look like a bufoon.

    And why are the “mainstream press” (Which by the way, if you take FOX News, Hannity, Limbaugh and O’Riley at their word on their ratings you could lump all of them into the group of “mainstream media”.) “Anti-Ammericans”? Because they presented stories that were critical of President and the Administration? Were you so quick to defend the Presidency from the press during Clinton’s Blowjob-gate? Something tells me that you were not…

    Happy New Year!

  • Ravo

    closing the barndoor too late…

    HUH? You speak as if Saddam would not have been continuing to kill huge masses of people right up to this day.

  • Ravo

    Because they presented stories that were critical of President and the Administration?

    and not much else.

    Most of the charges against the Administration have been charges looking for a crime.

    With Clinton, the same stuff ie: wiretapping, did not concern the media at all.

  • Angelos

    Tell me Easycure, what exaclty has been accomplished since 9/11?

    Homeland Security? You mean another repository of crony appointments, that has actually accomplished nothing (unless you count the color coded polls-are-low “alert” system)? Is TSA any better? Are our intelligence agencies any better? No no and no.

    Oh, we’ve declared a War on Terra, you say? Well, is that working any better than the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, or and other War on (Insert concept here)?

    Tell me, $500 billion later and 2000+ Americans and countless Iraqis dead, is anything really better? Or different? Nope. We’ve just occupied a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11. And that was planned for since before 9/11.

    Oh, the history books will be discuss W all right. But not, I suspect, in the way you think.

  • Angelos

    Ravo, I guess you missed the details, and bought right into the winger defense that “Clinton didit too!”

    Um, nope.

    Really, turn of O’Reilly and you’ll be much better off for it.

  • Jeff,

    Didn’t you say,

    “End-of-the-year lists. I hate ‘em.”


  • RonP

    no you are right angelenos – W will get the credit that Bill “lil abner” Clinton craves – the president that cleaned out the swamp in the middle east.

  • Big Al

    Tell me, $500 billion later and 2000+ Americans and countless Iraqis dead, is anything really better? Or different? Nope.

    Better? Too soon to tell. Different? Well, there is now a Muslim, Arab country that has had several reasonably free elections. You can argue that it hasn’t been worth the cost, though I think the jury will be out on that for another several years, but you can’t seriously say that nothing is different.

  • Jim S

    Big Al, it’s all going to be meaningless if it doesn’t hold up. The truth is that it’s too soon to tell how history will judge the Iraq war overall but the tremendous blunders that were made on Bush and Rumsfeld’s watch will not be forgotten.

    It’s amusing how Ravo speaks of how the right wing talking heads revealed the inaccuracies of the evil MSM but he hasn’t been able to find the debunkings of the “Clinton did it too.” claims.

  • Jim S,

    The “blunders will not be forgotten” and the successes may not “hold up”?

    You seem like a pretty objective guy.

  • Angelos

    What, there were no blunders, CN?

    See, here’s the deal – the wingers’ cries of liberal bias ring hollow when they deem ANY criticism, any statement of fact, as bias, instead of a discussion of reality.

    Coulter, O’Reilly, Hannity, Novak and Limbaugh are the ones that peddle untruths in support of Dear Leader. The WSJ’s editorial page has become such a joke, the Onion has more reliable news.

    I swear, if Bush killed a man tomorrow just for shits and giggles, just went up to some guy and stabbed him in the neck, the WSJ would say he has every right to kill people in support of the war on terra.

    The domestic spying was illegal. There is no statute in the books that says the president can do whatever he wants, as long as it’s for “national security.”

    BushCo can’t be bother with these silly laws, like requesting permission and warrants and stuff. There’s Terra to fight! Freedoms? Fuck you! You don’t need no stinkin’ freedoms. Terra! Fear! Brown people! Gays! Wiretap the gays.

    Laws were broken. SERIOUS laws. And you KNOW you and your media’s peddlers of BS would be screaming bloody murder were this a Democrat president. You know, like when Clinton killed Vince Foster. But it’s your guy, so it’s fine.

    They hate our freedoms? Does that refer to radical Islamists, or to Bush/Cheney? It’s a coin-toss, really.

  • Angelos

    The caption on this photo says it all.

  • p.lukasiak

    just what is it about Jarvis that attracts so many complete wingnuts?

  • owl 1

    “just what is it about Jarvis that attracts so many complete wingnuts”

    Jarvis reminds me of my former Democratic Party.

  • owl 1

    And I now love those Bushisms.

  • owl 1

    Rich Drees says…”Ravo- Katrina was an ongoing story, a confusing mess where despite the best efforts of all the news organizations covering it, errors crept into the reportage.”

    Sorry, but I never let a Katrina comment go without clearing it up. And since you seem to not know what was so wrong about the media and Katrina, you can understand if you answer just 4 questions.

    Only 4 questions are needed.
    (1)Distance from Baton Rouge to New Orleans?
    (2)How many buses are in Baton Rouge?
    (3)Why did Gov Blanco make her people stay in the Dome and Center so many days?
    (4)Why did the MSM not take themselves up the road 70 miles and ask the above 3 questions on the 2nd day?

    4 little questions that you can use if anyone does not understand Katrina.

  • Sikora

    My opinion on whether we should have invaded Iraq is of no consequence here. What Bushisms characterize is of consequence. Malapropisms and other verbal bungling are not traits that inspire confidence in a leader. Neither does the fact that the Bush war plan rigorously excluded contingencies anticipated by mid-level officials in the State Department. This is not second guessing. Anyone with a subscription to the Atlantic Monthly could have anticipated the complexity of trying to secure post-victory Iraq. Bushisms are not folksy or endearing. They are a window into a President out of his depth. And I am very sad about that.

  • Ravo

    Laws were broken. SERIOUS laws.


    “We should also not forget to read laws before we accuse people of breaking them.”


    Bush’s wiretaps are LEGAL

  • RonP

    owl1 on katrina – you subscribe to the notion that if you present a fact then the argument becomes self-evident. what you fail to understand is that the lefties here (and there, but increasingly less everywhere!) subscribe to the ideology of wishful thinking. it is why they find themselves in the current hole that they are in. logic is unfair, facts are the enemy. katrina was a perfect example. years and years of liberal government at both the state and city level – yet it’s all chimpy bushitlerburtons fault! the best piece on katrina journalism can be found on South Park when the town of beaverton is flooded. The good news is that the MSM increasingly does not matter. It has become like an old english gentlemen’s club – only relevant to the members – and unseen by the public. The good news is that the internet & blogsphere (both left & right) are providing state of the art discussion & information.

  • RonP

    cut out the high and mighty act about how GW speaks – i suggest you watch some newreels of President Truman or read the savage attacks by the press on how Lincoln spoke at public events. While Clinton was a much better orator than Bush his words were like so much cotton candy – sweet nothingness. And don’t even try and put Kerry up against Bush. I think even u die hard lefties know that he’s a buffoon.

  • It’s incredible to see that there is such blind support for Bush after how poorly ’05 has gone. I have decided that in’06 I will begin heralding his administration and I will spread the word that he is indeed incredibly intelligent. If he were as idiotic as he appears, there is no way that he could continually manage to beat down each and every enormous public scandal and catastrophe that faces him. He is playing president like a “Whack-a-Mole” ace. Everytime he or one of his scary cabinet members gets busted, he’s at the podium babbling jargon and showing his disgust and anger that anyone doubts him….and in an instant, the Hannity’s, Limbaugh’s and O’Reilly’s are there to bolster. He wins. The quip “King George” befits him. He praises the protection of Americans, but he has total disregard for the heritage in our democracy that has made our nation strong. He has set us back decades in foreign relations – and has most likely doomed the American manufacturing sector for good. I am a die-hard “Buy American” supporter, but Dub-ya has sent good jobs to foreign markets, and stranded the heart of our nations work ethic.

    Yet, he wins. All the scandal, idiocy, blunders, and protocol shortcuts that he makes don’t seem to stick. Gallup.com had his approval rating at 43% yesterday, and he’s OK with that. Less than half of the nation supports him – but he doesn’t seem to be willing to meet the rest of us “halfway”. After he gallantly leaves office in ’08, I will wait patiently for his memoirs to be published – and buy the first edition. Somewhere in there, amidst the sea of grammatical errors and incomplete sentences, I hope to learn how you can be completely wrong and yet, appear completely right.

    By the way, to those thinking the NSA “leak” will oust some liberal informants, I say – the Abramoff plea deal will be the spectacle that outshines. And, leave it to a Pro-Bush’er to use the first curse word in “BULLSHIT” in this forum. The defensive and the wrong seem to flock to each other.



  • Angelos

    Oh Ravo, I feel so sorry for you. THAT’s your argument? That pathetic commentary written at the 6th grade level? That’s the best you can understand? You are EXACTLY the base Republicans target, too stupid to think critically, but old enough to vote against your own self-interest.

    Look, you still have to get a warrant. You can apply up to 3 days after the fact, if you need to act fast, BUT YOU STILL NEED THE FUCKING WARRANT! No warrant? Violation of the law. And notice how that quote your boy cherry-picked mentioned people OUTSIDE the US? So how does that excuse wiretapping gay rights groups within the US, without a warrant? How does that excuse wiretapping US journalists, within the US, without a warrant?

    Bush has freely admitted he thinks he is above the law. Well, no. No man is above the law, as 20-30 people in this administration will find out over the next year or so.
    2006 will be a big jail-the-Republican party. I’ve got the Champagne ready!

  • Mike NYC

    The first few comments here really make me laugh. “It really must bother the people who came up with this list that Bush is still President.” Ha!

    I think someone needs an early glass of champagne. Like Bush or not, his verbal communication skills are not stellar. And you know what, Ted? His misspeaks will be in the history books, too.

  • Ravo

    Angelos…one cannot get warrants for each and every one of the thousands of terrorists phone calls into the US. Perhaps, being a Muslim, you view this differently than the rest of the population.

    Most Americans who aren’t leftists willing to support policies which enable Al Queda, contrary to what the media reports, approve of the wiretapping of international calls. It is no accident that there has not been another 9/11.

    The adminisration was accused of “not connecting the dots” before 9/11 yet stands attacked by the same leftist liberals for connecting them afterward.

    The facts certainly do not justify the attitude of the mainstream media.

    When a journalist asked President Bush a question implying that he asserted unchecked powers with his approval of electronic surveillance that reporter revealed his ignorance for all the world to see.

    The president’s political enemies are either ignorant or blatantly mischaracterizing crucial aspects of American law. One would not expect journalists to know much, however, one would expect that Senators and Congressional Representatives know the law.

    It seems the only thing that is really warrantless about this affair is the criticism of the president by those more concerned about obtaining power than protecting the people.

    A Warrantless Attack:

    Don’t bother saving any champagne. You won’t be needing it.

  • Ravo

    (Angelos…I may be mistaken on your being Muslim, but thought I remembered you saying you were.)

  • Ravo


    Unemployment is at 5%, lower than the average of the “great” 1990’s economy. Mortgage rates are still extremely low by historic standards, and the housing market remains very robust. Job creation is strong, with over two million new jobs added during the past twelve months. Despite the twin blows of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the economy bounced right back and continued to post strong GDP growth in the 4% range, attesting to the underlying strength of the economy and the correctness of the President’s economic policies.


  • Jim S

    CaptiousNut says there were no blunders. Huh? Guards were never posted to safeguard Iraqi national treasures while they did guard the offices of the oil ministry. I’ve never bought into the whole “The war is all about taking Iraqi oil.” thing. Ever. But they sure helped feed that perception when they did that. Dissolving the Iraqi military completely instead of trying to clean it out was a big mistake. The entire process seemed like they just hadn’t given enough thought as to what they were going to do once they did get rid of Saddam. To this day the infrastructure has problems, largely because there weren’t enough people to guard against sabotage from the insurgents. Shall I go on? If I had the time I’m sure I could think of others but I have to help my wife get ready for tonight.

    And yes, it is entirely possible at this point that things might not hold up, that the government that eventually has power in Iraq will instead of being a beacon of democracy for the Middle East will instead split into the Kurds ruling their region and the rest being ruled by a Shiite theocracy. Lots of Iraqis aren’t happy with the results of the election and in a region of the world (much less a country) with no tradition of a real, decided-by-election system of government it could descend into violence and chaos. Consider this scenario. An Iraqi government is elected. In order to get credibility with their own people they ask the Americans to leave. Glad to have the excuse we do withdraw our troops. In a matter of months scandal, ethnic hostility and desire for power results in either a new set of elections which everyone tries to rig or simply a coup. The Kurds don’t like the results and have the wherewithal to declare their independence this time instead of taking it like they had to under Saddam. The rest of the country falls to whatever tyranny results, with my bet being a Shiite theocracy. Is it really all that unlikely? I’m not saying that is what will definitely happen. It’s just still a possible scenario.

  • kat

    There goes Agelos again, calling anyone who doesn’t buy into his terrorist ass kissing, stupid. The only truly stupid posts here are those from Angelos.
    It is muslims who think they are above the law as they murder innocents in every country on earth because they believe allah condones the killing in Sudan, Darfur, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. etc. and the gutblowers are seen as martyrs while those that dare stand up to them are hated by the likes of Angelos and his ilk. After all allah’s law supercedes man’s law and the caliphate goal allows for the killing of millions as muslim states are sought for allah.

  • Sikora

    I don’t need a history lesson. Clinton and Kerry are not on my Christmas card list. Nor do I need someone to explain to me what it is like to be under fire by an unseen enemy during war. Over 2,100 of our soldiers are dead. Nearly 16,000 are wounded. We have appropriated over $230 billion for “…a country that can finance it’s own reconstruction” (Paul Wolfowitz to the House Appropriations Committee, March 2003).
    In late 1999, General Anthony Zinni, as Commander in Chief of CentCom, was concerned that Iraq might suddenly collapse. He sponsored a war game named “Desert Crossing” to evaluate security, humanitarian, economic, political and other reconstruction issues. This strategic thinking did not inspire thoughtful planning by the Bush team.
    Iraq may become a beacon of democracy, a muslim theocracy, or something else. In any case, the cost to America will be far greater than it should have been.
    “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” and other Bushisms are agitators that remind thoughtful people of the limits of this President.

  • RonP

    Fred: Temper, temper – no need to bust a blood vessel on the cusp of what promises to be a most entertaining year! Just remember, just because you want Santa to come down the chimney (or should i say patrick fitzgerald) doesn’t mean he will. Forget about 2005. Wipe the tears away. Put the myriad disappointment up on the shelf like so many broken toys. Let’s ring in 2006 and talk about some of the fun things in store.

    Howard goes to Sirius (2 channels X 24/7) – proof that the market does provide.

    Justice department investigates (via Patrick Fitzgerald – oh joy!) NYT & WaPo reporters and their sources. Reporters go to jail (at least until they can score a book deal) and then the fraticidal elements at NSA and CIA get frogmarched out the door for some time at Marion. and still Karl Rove sits at the the right hand of Chimpy Bushitlerburton. bet there all glad they pushed for the Plame investigation.

    La Affaire’ Plame sputters and goes out like a candle in a cheap chianti bottle. Joe Wilson goes on the road signing autographs on his book for 5 bucks a throw. Will Valerie pose for Playboy? gotta extend the 15 minutes somehow.

    Scooter Libby goes to trial. His $1000/hour lawyer supeonas everyone. will be fun watching the cream of the journalistic crop sputter about their recollections. Libby walks. Tim Russert’s reputation will never be the same. btw Dick Cheney is still VP.

    Conyer’s and the rest of the moonbats in the house talk about articles of impeachment. Hastert brings it to the floor for an immediate vote. Goes the way of the General Murtha’s “over the rainbow” Iraqi withdrawal resolution.

    2006 elections – with so much material to choose from for campaign ads, the republicans pick up 4 more seats in the house and 2 more senate seats. thank you notes are sent from the RNC to Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, & Kerry.

    Happy New Year – ” got a roly on my arm and i’m drinkin chandon!”

  • Ravo

    RON, …excellent! Happy New Year!

  • Ravo

    Joe Mariani writes:

    As always, however, I’m here to help. If the left makes and keeps the following suggested New Year’s resolutions, I’m sure they’ll do better in 2006. Really.

  • Ravo and Fred…

    Your debate about the contradiction between the President’s poor approval rating and the apparent health of the economy rings true. That disconnect has troubled me too.

    Opponents of Bush’s tax cuts like to argue that the explanation lies in the deceptive application of statistics. Sure enough, on average, GDP per capita is growing, but because his tax cuts accrued disproportionately to the affluent, the mass of people do not feel the benefits of this growth and so do not respond with approval to Presidential economic leadership.

    Recently I have been leaning to a rhetorical, rather than a statistical explanation. It is a view reinforced by the President’s own characterization of his communications strategy, already mentioned above: “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

    As I said before, parsing “catapult the propaganda” is tricky. It could mean that once the truth sinks in, contrary disinformation — or “propaganda” — is discarded or “catapulted” away. On the other hand he could mean that only by repeating the truth “over and over and over again” does it accumulate a “catapult”-like persuasive force so that it sinks in with the power of “propaganda.”

    Assuming the second meaning, Bush spent the first third of the year “catapulting the propaganda” that we are all facing a dismal financial future because Social Security is doomed. He is the one that told us “over and over and over again” that however prosperous we think we are now, our retirement is in dire jeopardy.

    It is, therefore, a perverse tribute to the effectiveness of his own communications strategy that we have so little optimisim about the permanence of our prosperity, whatever the current statistics may indicate. Even though he could not convince us to adopt his remedy for Social Security, he was utterly successful in convincing us of its looming insolvency.

  • RonP

    Ravo – thank you. liked the mariano piece. my thoughts squared.
    Andrew – you’re thinkin’ way too hard. ponder and enjoy the simplicity and underlying paradox of what you cannot (or will not) understand.

  • RonP–thanks for the tip. “Ponder and enjoy the simplicity and underlying paradox…” Yeah Man! It’s, sort of, my Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands moment. Happy New Year to all BuzzMachinists

  • owl 1

    So why do I love Bushisms so much? Could anyone have dreamed anything to make Dems so nuts? Bush is a dumbo controlled by Cheney and he can’t even make a sentence?

    He was elected President. He was re-elected President.

    So what you really can’t say, without getting seriously ugly, is that you think his supporters are dumb. Otherwise, Sikora might be able to accept ‘Bush’s War’ (as if the rest of us do not even exist).

    “It’s incredible to see that there is such blind support for Bush after how poorly ‘05 has gone. ” and “Less than half of the nation supports him – but he doesn’t seem to be willing to meet the rest of us “halfway”. (Fred)

    Fred, at least you included your ‘other half’. I also thought ’05 was a horrible year for Bush, until I really looked at it. He survived. Any man that can survive what was thrown at him in ’05 is strong enough to see us through. Thank God. I am now a card carrying ‘blind supporter’. Where your argument breaks down and strengthens my support is your belief that Bush was not “willing to meet the rest of us halfway”. Wrong. Your half refused it from the beginning. You heaped scorn. Said he stole the election so he was not your President. Hitler. Lost little boy. Cowboy. Never been out of the country. Crawford. War Monster. Drunkard. AWOL. Stupid jokes.

    The only thing that made people more crazy than Bushisms was Zell Miller’s ‘spitballs’. Yep, great stuff.

    Love your list RonP. Happy New Year all and JJ.

  • Mr. Owl:

    What was thrown at Bush in’05 was a boomerang – so how can one congratulate someone for fielding their own toss? What was he thinking with Harriet Meyers??? You touch on a point that I think is the most disturbing – both of his elections. Yes – he won – but this isn’t a game where you only look at the final score – it’s an election – and in each of GW’s there were a significant number of American’s that didn’t vote for him. They weren’t landslides, man. Clearly, the Gore vote came down to one state (FL) and the Kerry vote did, too (OH). When the president wins in this situation, it should be a clear sign that he has his work cut out for him. Bush seems to have a like me or bugger off attitude. There is no middle ground or line for compromise. By the way, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

    Call him for me, and tell him that the red and blue on the election map wasn’t a paint by numbers work, it means that once color was his and….

    As for the Bushisms – I can only say that I wish he would have been President when he still had a drinking problem. I’m sure a few knee-slappers would have made the papers. I nice mpeg of him calling the lefty senators “sonsabitches” would have been classic.

    Ron – you made no mention of the Abramoff fun about to get started? Are we avoiding the “propoganda”??

    Happy New Year.


  • And through it all, Rob Schneider has yet to provide a link to a credible source stating that the Bush bathroom note was faked…

  • JimS,

    What level of dunderhead do you aspire to?

    I will copy and paste my post for you again.

    “The ‘blunders will not be forgotten’ and the successes may not ‘hold up’ ”?

    How you get from that one sentence that to,

    “CaptiousNut says there were no blunders.”

    …is more than a little bit ridiculous, it is outright fabrication.

    You need some reading comprehension classes or some medication. Either way, blockheads like you don’t add any value to these comment threads.

  • Ron Pettengill (the artist formerly known as RonP)


    on abramhoff: “cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war”

    i especially liked listening to Harry “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” Reid try and explain how money from abramhoff’s clients got into his campaign coffers yet he did not take any campaign money from abramhoff or his clients. reminds me of an old story i think about willie nelson. willie was caught in bed with another woman by his (then) wife. he said are you going to believe what you see or what i tell you?

    i think the abramhoff stuff is going to be very interesting.

  • Ron Pettengill (the artist formerly known as RonP)


    in 2000 it was all about the popular vote. then when GW had the popular vote it was all about the electoral college. if i am not mistaken GW got 52% of the popular vote. Bill Clinton didn’t come close to that. even though i did not vote for Bill “eight ball” Clinton i didn’t question his legitimacy (presidential)

  • Ted

    ummm … January 1, 2006 about 12:30 CST

    I just checked the White House web site. It
    seems that Bush is STILL President!

    And as I pointed out in comment #4, those
    who love the ‘Bushisms’ are STILL upset
    with that fact.

    MikeNYC is correct. Bush’s mis-statements
    will be in the history books too. But, Gore
    and Kerry will be the stuff of ‘who wants to
    be a millionaire – 2075 edition’ trivia.

    Now, why isn’t Bush getting any credit for
    a good economy? Simple. He has nothing
    to do with it. And he quite eloquently repeats
    THAT over and over and over again. It’s not
    the President … it’s the American people.

    Bush made sure taxes went down so that
    those who CREATE wealth can keep more
    of it.

    Bonus Time:

    Which American President said “A rising
    Tide Lifts All Boats”?


    He served in the 20th Century.

  • 2004 was not about one state. If you look at other states such as Pennsylvania, one could easily argue that if Kerry could have pulled off Ohio, Bush could have pulled off Pennsylvania–and he would still win. Several other states could fit this scenario. The attention was only focused on Ohio because of the false fraud allegations. Thus a lot of people are still buying “it was won or lost in Ohio.”

  • Ron Pettengill (the artist formerly known as RonP)

    Mr. Feinman –

    love your photographs.

    on your essays – you a devotee of Paul Erhlich?

  • Ron Pettengill (the artist formerly known as RonP)

    sorry about that last one. wrong page.

  • Shawn – The electoral college should be taken over by Webster University, or DeVry Vocational School. It’s as ridiculous as the South Carolina law that only allowed liquor to be dispensed in airport mini-bottles…until today. The point is that the elections were a far cry from the skunkings during the Reagan years…

    In ‘O8, we’re sure to have another photo-finish at the polls given our polar country, and unless we can get the RNC to let Don King to run with Mike Brown as his VP (just to boost the TV debate ratings), it will be another ‘who cares who’s running – just vote partisan’ election. Clinton’s legitimacy most likely wasn’t questioned, umm, because he was legitimate. He still is – and evertime I see him speak it takes me back to the glory days….Camelot revisited. I always thought that if Lewinsky was hot lookin’, even you uptight righties would’ve supported him. He should have taken her and the box of Cubans to camp David.

    With the GW, the frustration us on the elightened side have is that is failed policies are topped with a layer of quirks thicker than Godiva fudge! His walk looks like the Naval Dr.’s forgot to take the camera out, his grammar makes him a spokesman for “Hooked on Phonics”, his smile is stolen from MAD magazine’s Alfred E. Newman, and the shape of his head appears to match Cro-Magnon man’s. How can we not be crazed at the mere site of him? The repubs couldn’t have built a better machine if they’d hired every Korean clone doctor that Abramhoff and Haliburton’s money could afford!!

    I sent GW some white suede shoes and a polka dot bow tie for Christmas. Keep your eyes on Fox news and let me know if he strides out for his next interview in them – it would befit the image. Who knows, maybe he’s worn them in a radio address already?! Although, my guess is he’s wearing chaps, a wig and lipstick when he gives those.

    Whew! I can rest now..


  • ” if Lewinsky was hot lookin’, even you uptight righties would’ve supported him.”

    Yes, why President Clinton chose a girl who epitomizes the 10-drink-college-beer-goggle still befuddles me.

    If she was hot it may have been different.

    If Clinton had shot that missile at Bin Laden things would be different too.

    But “if” is for kids and most adults opt for reality.

  • Dear CaptiveNut:

    Where exactly should Bill have fired that missile, and how’s that Bin Laden hunt going, anyway? Clinton is a post-president who will end up in Oslo at the awards podium. Dub’ya will be a post-president who has a best-selling bar-b-que sauce.

    “Reality”, as my mommy would say, is that Bush will not be impeached, and until Hillary wins in ’08 we all must tough it out. At least the Nov. ’06 elections will allow the Dems to overhaul things in Washington and therefore prevent us from invading Canada or the Vatican.


  • The last election, by Brian Sack at banterist.com:

    You live in a town with two restaurants. They’re across the street from each other. They’ve been there forever. They have similar cuisine. Neither one is particularly thrilling, but it’s all the town has to offer aside from a place way on the outskirts of town that most folks don’t want to drive to.

    You’ve been eating at one place for a few years. They have really good meatloaf, but a lot of crap side dishes.

    The place across the street has a bad reputation for meatloaf. They’re known for their side dishes. Their prices are a little cheaper too, so they attract college kids with less sophisticated palates.

    That place claims to be under new management and suggests they have better meatloaf than what you’re eating. But, you’ve heard the new chef is kind of a jerk. He claims to have studied with master chefs in France, though no one can vouch for him and he won’t show you his degree.

    Meanwhile, you’re getting a little sick of the meatloaf you’ve been eating because every once in a while there’s some gristle. The atmosphere gets on your nerves because they won’t change the radio. And the chef keeps insisting that every dish come with a side of Brussels sprouts.

    Some folks want to try the meatloaf across the street, even though they don’t trust the chef. Some folks are happy with the meatloaf here – to the point of denying there’s any gristle in it.

    A fat guy in a baseball cap makes a documentary suggesting there’s mousecrap in the meatloaf, while a bunch of patrons accuse the other restaurant of pooping in their side dishes.

    As a result, the majority of folks filter out of both restaurants and stand in the middle of the street debating whether or not to check out the restaurant on the outskirts of town. Eventually they decide it’s too much of a hassle to get to. Citing the lesser of two evils, they head back in to the restaurant that they think has less fecal matter on the flatware.

  • owl 1

    Fred….just have to say that you are a good reminder of why we all switched. Yep, nary a Repubican in sight….all Democrats in my town until the switch. Then a strange thing happened. An entire town looked at each other and said ‘who are these people?’

    Might say our town had a ‘Zell Miller’ moment….Bushisms and all.

  • Angelos

    Zell Miller moment?

    YOu mean they all went fucking insane and challenged people to duels?

    Wow, who knew Republicanism was such an insidious deisease.

  • Sikora

    Owl 1:

    Your take on my post is very perceptive, with some exceptions. It is Bush who thinks you and I are dumb. Maybe he learned something watching Clinton. By the way, what exactly does Karl Rove do?

    Neither party has exclusive rights to perception management.

    “Any man that can survive what was thrown at him in ’05 is strong enough to see us through”. Survive what? A mainstream news media so docile that a couple of barks made them seem ferocious? A Republican controlled Congress that doesn’t let Democratic resolutions out of committee? Clinton was investigated for everything from athlete’s foot to taking bribes from martians. That’s a survivor. Fact is, it takes more than being a survivor to be a good President and my point is our troops deserve better. I’ll say it again. Our troops deserve better.

  • Ravo

    “You need us in office today to solve the problems we caused yesterday.”

    (Excerpt from an article by Robert Klein Engler explaining the thinking of liberals)

  • Ravo:

    I love quotes. Here’s a link to some of my favorites:



  • Sikora

    Thanks Fred. I love quotes too. And facts.

    “Our troops deserve better.”

    President Bush:
    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says fool me once — shame on you. You fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

    The Military Times: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001772647

  • Haha. That military poll is the apparently the feel-good non-sense du-jour.

    I used to think that Big Media’s product was news.

    Then I saw it as propaganda.

    Now I am wondering whether it is just daily medication for nutcases.

    Maybe one day John Edwards will file a class action on their behalf against the MSM.

  • Sikora


    Don’t be mislead by my sarcasm. There is nothing even remotely feel-good about this.

    By what standard is the Military Times considered “Big Media”?

    My sarcasm may be obtuse, but your cynicism is obvious. Then again, I rarely take my captious acquaintances seriously.

  • Where in my post did I say that the Military Times is Big Media?

    That STORY was all over Big Media (AP, Bloomberg, etc) bright and early this morning. By the time I saw your link I had already seen the it several times over – ergo it was the talking point du-jour and ergo my “haha”. Did you think you discovered those poll results?

    It’s a meaningless poll, selectively touted and trumpeted by Bush-haters to make them “feel-good”. You don’t have a monopoly on sarcasm.

    If you are going to be captious, you ought to refine your approach.

    (I’ll bet you had to look that word up too!)

  • Eli

    Have you see the Bush Buzzword Bingo game? That has a bunch of good ones.