I take back everything I’ve said about France

They endorse file-sharing.

  • Robert

    Many people should take back what they sad about the French, considering the mess in Iraq ;-D

    The sniping against the French has got very ‘old’.

    Hey I hear the United States has a new tank in Iraq. It has four gears: one forward and three reverse!

  • Actually, that turned out to be a stump. It was a rump-session, with only about 60 members present (out of something like 750) and apparently it’s virtually certain to be overturned by the full membership. Unfortunate.

  • Robert: Doubtful. We don’t buy tanks from France.

  • kat

    No, Robert, but I read about the new French tank called an estivator. When the going gets tough you can dig a big hole and bury yourself and let brave people in to do the job.
    It’s difficult for me to argue that the United States must do more.
    It’s very hard pleading for foreign assistance.
    It’s hard to ask a country that already has 150,000 troops deployed in a single Middle Eastern country, has domestic terrorist threats, and is plagued by horrendous natural disasters to do more.
    It’s hard to ask a country that already donates billions of dollars to Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Israel, and Palestine to do more.

    It’s even harder to ask when I know Middle Eastern regimes and citizens will violently oppose American action.
    It’s even harder to ask for more money when countries in our own neighborhood are profiting greatly at the expense of citizens driving to work in Macon, Syracuse, Lubbock, and Tacoma.

    But your support is all we have left.
    Posted by lebanon.profile at December 23, 2005 02:33 PM

    PS:He’s not talking bout France.

  • Marina Architect

    Yeah baby! Legalize the marijuana!

    In all seriousness, this news has been under the radar: doesn’t IP law have cross border consequences. Unbelievable yet somehow a beautiful surprising evolution of sorts. The state has legalized film and music sharing.

    Go spend a week in Paris mingling with the French: they are unique from our American perspective. I love ’em! No wonder the air in Paris is permeated by years of history and intellectual development.

    Is this the future? Any business model speculation?

  • Noé

    And they believe that 9_9.
    I was watching the French parliement’s streaming cause of a fuckin’ law written by our gouvernment, Sony and Vivendi together (to make short) and wich make DRMs mandatory and Free Software illegual (to make very, very short).

    Ok, it’s about midnight, some geeks are discussing on IRC, some politics (60) are discussing at national assembly. amendement 153 and 154. A called Bloche talk about it for one hour and a half. 60 votes. 30 for, 28 against.
    So : Download is legual if there is a remuneration for artists. Upload is still illegual.

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  • Nice.

  • greg

    Now, of course, what remains to be seen is whether the French will take back everything they’ve said about Jeff Jarvis.

  • Pat

    Hey, surfed in off of Michelle Malkin’s site.
    I just started my own Conservative slash parody blog and I’d love to exchange links with you.
    Let me know what you think, either comment back at my site
    or email me back and let me know. patriotblog@verizon.net
    Thanks in advance and keep fighting the good fight

  • Robert

    kat no offence but you are seriously deluded. The United States has murdered thousands of Iraqi civilians including women and children. Journalists have been mysteriously killed. People who have not had access to a lawyer have been detained indefinitely (some completely innocent) for years so far, people have been tortured possibly to death.

    The US has used illegal chemical weapons on women and children in a ‘war’ that was partly justified on the basis of Saddam having used chemical weapons against the Kurds. That’s sick.

    The most shameful episode in the hostory of the United States. Please don’t complain that no one else wants to join you. Once Blair has gone. I hope the UK will be leaving.

  • Robert

    PS. You should read some news reports that originate outside of the USA. The US is quietly handing over control in many areas of Iraq to ‘insurgent’ groups, as they are the only ones who can stop the violence. many are hard-line Islamists. So much for democracy and women’s rights (many women have to stay totally covered now, unlike in the time of Saddam). Saddam was bad, but contained and had no weapons. Now what have you created? Another Iran?

  • You can’t make a saint out of a sinner.

    Just kidding — I love France. And the people are nice too. It’s hard not to like people who put off bathing for bicycle races.

  • Merci beaucoup !

    (we deserve it)

  • Mumblix Grumph

    File sharing.

    That’s why I returned my iPod. iTunes won’t let me switch between my laptop and home computer.

    No sale.

  • Mumblix, you can (enable ‘view hidden files’) but it’s a huge pain because of the DRM.

    I think Lessig is on to something with the Creative Commons license. If an artitst wants to give away their work they have that option. But if they feel like selling their work then they should have that right.

    “French actors and musicians lined up to condemn the surprise vote.”
    Can you imagine Bush calling up Bono and saying “Sorry Bono, you can’t sell CDs anymore but I’ll collect the money and give you some. How’s that?”

  • Pat’s offer seems to have been posted here as well. (Austin hasn’t yet deleted it.) It’s exactly the same, character-for-character. Can you say “Cut-and-paste linkslutting”?

  • Eliadee


  • thisismoi


    Any suggested reading on your point about power handover to insurgent groups?


  • Evil Progressive

    What is it with you trolls and the French-bashing?

    Most of you do not know the first thing about France, its history, its geography, or its culture. You could not utter a word of French to save your sorry asses.

    So the French told Bush to go f… himself on Iraq. Well, they were right!

    And, by the way, there was such a thing as a strong “Resistance” movement during both WWI and WWII.

    The French went into the Balkans before the Americans finally decided to join after the split of Yugoslavia. The French army is all over Africa. The French army is in Afghanistan and has been there since the beginning of the war.

    Get educated, morons!

  • J. Peden

    Evil Progressive: the last war the French won was the French Revolution – against itself – which led to the Reign of Terror. The French surrendered to Hitler within two weeks in WWII, claiming they needed to save the buildings of Paris . Then they proceeded to round up the Jews.

    They surrendered to Ho Chi Minh in Viet Nam, 1954 – which also certainly makes Iraq = Viet Nam, I’m sure.

    The French per capita GDP is about 25/36 that of the U.S. and falling. Their unemployment rate stays around 10%, with about 23% of all people under 25 unemployed.

    They effectively stopped their Ally, the U.S., from enlisting the help of the World in dealing with Saddam and thus also sabotaged the U.N. in its efforts to look credible by enforcing its own surrender agreements against Saddam resulting from Gulf War I.

    Have you heard about the “Oil For Food” corruption? Or about the recent Religion of Peace Muslim riots in France, which also holds down its average car-burnings/night to a respectable 100 without the overt riots – or of the significant continued anti-Semitism manifested by the vaunted “French”?

    No, we don’t “understand” the French – or the Terrorists either for that matter. And I’m sure our “understanding” of each would cure each’s problems through the magic of its empathetic power. But somehow I can’t find it within me to “understand” the French in this way, and must therefore must admit my inferiority before them – which they also assert to be my sad state, one strangely also asserted by the Islamofascists and LLL’s. Yes, what these “others think” must be right!

  • DensityDuck

    Jeff: I hope that the “everything” you’ve said was actually good things, because this is a really stupid decision. It’s like saying “well we can’t keep thugs from burning cars, so we’re going to tax everyone and pay restitution to those whose cars get burned”.