Isn’t it crappy that…

…spammers don’t take Christmas off?

  • Neither does K9, the freeware spam filtration program I use on Windows which catches and discards 98% of the spam I receive.

    It’s easy to set up and it works really well as long as you’re conscientious about tagging the few spams that actually do get through. Since I installed it in April of 2003, it has processed 38,038 email messages. 10,946 were good, 27,092 were spams. 14 good messages were incorrectly classified as spams, and 721 spams were incorrectly identified as good, an average of less than one per day.

    It makes more mistakes at the very beginning because it has to learn what your particular mail (and spam) look like.

  • CharlesWT

    The overall spam I’m getting is down, but the phishing spam (all for Paypal and Ebay) is way up.