Open-source polling

The Mystery Pollster, Mark Blumenthal, shares the article he wrote for Public Opinion Quarterly on open-source polling and the impact of the internet and blogs on polling.

Back in April, I wrote an amateurish call for open-source polling here.

  • Marina Architect

    Creating a real-time referendum with verified online position polling would essentially change everything we know of today. Everything! Think about it, it’s insane what would be achieved as a result.

    Consider the consequences on commerce, public policy and media of having a real-time credible method of guaging the public position of 30-50 Million individuals. “10 Million people have taken the position that . . . “: perpetuate that as the American people. Stop representing the American people with telephone polls. Who that is worth a piss is not on the do not call registry.

    Can someone expand on the cons of this.

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  • I was interested in reading the 50 responses to the original post, but the link is broken. Has there been any progress on this topic, and specifically are there any open-source polling solutions that address some or all of your ideas?

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