Editorialists don’t like walking to work. A sampling from today’s pissed-off New Yorkers. The Daily News:

Roger Toussaint, we dare you to take to the Brooklyn Bridge this morning to tell the cold, walking throngs why you chose to disrupt the lives of millions…. It would be delicious watching you try to justify the reckless, lawless transit strike that you have inflicted on the city – assuming your fellow New Yorkers didn’t hurl you over the railing into the icy waters before you got a word out.

The Post:

Let’s not mince words: Transport Workers Union President Roger Toussaint stabbed millions of New Yorkers in the back yesterday — and then he ran and hid for most of the day. That makes him a thug. And a coward.

The Observer:

The Transit Workers Union, consisting of some 34,000 or so lawbreakers and led by an arrogant boss named Roger Toussaint, apparently believes the riding public will sympathize with its ludicrous demands. As usual, the union bosses and their sheep-like members have it exactly wrong.

The Sun:

The New York transit strike begun today is a blatantly illegal act of economic sabotage by a union so selfish that it is willing to destroy one of the most important business weeks in the city in a last-ditch attempt to preserve privileges that most private sector employees can only dream of — like the ability to retire at age 55 with a full pension, or the ability to not contribute at all to health insurance costs.

Even The Times:

Mr. Toussaint should not have the ability to hold the city hostage. That he can do so says little about the leadership on the other side of the table. The executives of the M.T.A. answer to Gov. George Pataki. We understand that Mr. Pataki has higher aspirations, but it was a bad call to visit New Hampshire as the first strike deadline approached and the city was increasingly anxious.

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