Howie on Howard

I’m about to be on Howard Kurtz’ Reliable Sources on CNN at 10a ET for two segments: one on Howard Stern and the next on blog blather.

  • Ask him why CNN doesn’t podcast the show. CBS podcasts Face the Nation. NBC podcasts Meet the Press. ABC podcasts This Week with George S. Only CNN’s Late Edition and Reliable Sources, among all the Sunday spinners and bloviators, don’t podcast. Instead CNN podcasts hourly news. What good is that when I finally get around to listening the next day. Reliable Sources has material that lasts.

    Charlie Quidnunc
    Get the Blogosphere in your ear.

  • Laurie Bright

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!!! I think it is rediculous that there is such a big deal about saying Merry Christmas. This is the American tradition. If you came here from another country you should respect our traditions. We do not take your traditions away from you.

  • This is a plot, right? All Stern, all the time, till just before we all are about to uninstall our rss aggregators, you put up a paypal link and promise to stop if you get $50K.

    By God, I’ll pay! Anything to make it stop!

  • Jeff-
    here’s thought – when you’re about to be on a tv show – you can provide a ‘tivome’ link by adding a bit of html code that will automatically send your reader to Yahoo’s channel guide to the spot that they have to click to tivo you.
    Just a thought.