Der Spiegel is running an online journalism course.

  • German -> English translation. Links should be translated too.

  • Just to clarify, in the second sentence I just mean the links in the article link to translated pages as well.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Step 1: Blame America.

    Step 2: Blame the Jews.

    Step 3: PROFIT!

  • Gray

    Hmm, Jeff, no misunderstanding, pls, this article is about an online course for high school students (16-19), not for ‘geezers’ like me and you :). And the number of participants seems to be limited (10). Plus, previous experience in publishing at school papers seems to be required and there’s nothing that says that international applicants may be eligible. But it may be worth a try. ‘Der Spiegel’ is the most renowned weekly in Germany.