Another dull blow to newspaper kidneys

Microsoft is now going into the free classifieds business.

  • Jorge

    Gives new meaning to free speech. Maybe SCOTUS was wrong!

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  • Slightly off (today’s) topic, but this thread may be of interest to those worrying about the fate of newspapers:

    Some of the commentators are starting to make the distinction between investigative reporting (expensive) and news relaying (cheap and widespread).

  • As you know Mr. Jeff, the newspaper industry has missed the Internet ball for the past ten years – all they do now is repurpose the news (except for a select few).

    They allowed the old business model to ossify any gray matter they have between their gray hair. Nothing like large profits to dumb down management (anyone want to buy K-R?). The death of newspaper classifieds we predicted just took a bit longer to happen. How long do we give the newspapers to keep this cash cow going? They not only have a small and getting smaller share of the under 35 crowd they have allowed the 55 plus crowd (not that there is anything wrong with these folks) to wander away to the smarter solutions. Man, the newspaper guys had it all and just let it slip away. No wonder the LA Times staff is shrinking so fast (OK, trying to be global and not local has also helped them dive.)

  • Another thread on future of newspapers (geek view)

  • too bad we can’t short craig’s list……

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