Tomorrow’s skills

My friend Rich Gordon of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern asks for a plug to get us nontraditional journalists to fill in a survey about the job skills in the trade that will be needed tomorrow. It’s not wholly relevant to our humble craft but please do help influence the stats to show that there’s a newer, simpler way in terms of basic technical skills (but not intelligence). I generally tire of such surveys but this one is quick.

  • Quicker than I thought, actually. They estimate 10 minutes but I was done in 5. I’m not sure how useful my contribution is but I suppose none of us should discount our membership in the New Media, however large or small.

  • Would you share the results of the survey here?

  • We’re creating and operating blended learning courses designed to build 21st century skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and 21st century literacies. Our high school and early college programs are beginning to show some dramatic results and differences from traditional course and learning approaches. We would welcome learning and sharing information with contributors to the this thread who might provide ideas and feedback on how emerging literacy standards affect young learner practices and outcomes.