PJs are just so comfy

Good on the Open Source Media/OSM/Pajamas Media folks for deciding to go back to their Pajamas moniker to do so with humor and grace:

So how did this happen in the first place? Back at the beginning, certain, shall we say, paternalistically minded parties (i.e., the guys in suits) decided that we should act like grownups, and being as yet somewhat immature–at least as businesspeople–we did as we were told.

Which is how, one day, we ended up sitting around a conference table listening to representatives from a “branding” company. What followed is still a bit of a nightmarish blur, but it involved a PowerPoint presentation on the history of names, and such probing questions as, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” (Which is how we almost ended up as Jellyfish Media.)

Yes, sometimes having money can cause more problems than not having it. If you can’t afford a branding agency, then you trust yourself. And that, above all, is what blogs are about, eh?