The Limited is evil

I have loved life under the do-not-call list. I hate those who play the loopholes. I just got a recorded message from Limited Too announding some stupid alleged sale. I called the number to yell at them for calling me so I could enjoy telling them that they had just lost us as a customer because they did not respect our wishes not to be called. But there I get no human being, only more recordings and a chance to supposedly opt out of future calls that requires me to enter my number, which I don’t trust. Retail rats.

  • my 2 cents

    before you hear phone ringing to add message for telemarketeers that if they want continue the call they will need to pay a fee to make up for the time that “the posible future costumer” is on the phone, even if there is no sale. they need to give their company name / name of employee’s name / addres first / telephone number and by doing this they are accepting that a fee needs to be paid.

    do not forget mention the height of the fee!

  • Catherine

    You’re a curmudgeon.

  • I’m not that haughty.
    I’m just plain pissy.

  • Duneview

    Book Proposal: Jeff’s Nightmare
    Short synopsis: Judith Miller gets a job at the Limited selling Dell computers…

  • Duneview….LOL…Beer on keyboard….

  • Duneview: I’ll wait for the French translation.

  • iceman


    we dumped our landline for skype and our cell phones and live in blessed silence

    almost all the calls we were getting on the landline were marketers who take advantage of the loopholes (we were on the do not call list)

    we have skype in and use skype out

  • John F.


    Their Customer Service Representatives have beeen redeployed to working on their Corporate Social Responsibility Web Site, and are too busy to answer the phone:

    Any idea how they got your name? I’m trying to figure out if their marketing department is bad enough to drag down the stock.


  • Stephanie

    ok Bitch first off its your own damn fault that they called you. i know this because i work at limited too. And since you gave them your phone number when you were at the cash wrap at limited too you gave them permission to call you and give you USEFULL information of certain sales only to benifit you! so before you start trash talking maybe you should think about these things before you give out your phone number which might i inform you is optional. Its people like you who i hate! and Limited too dosnt care if they loose a customer because 1 out of the millions we have will make no damn differance! so shove it up your ASS! and get a fucking life bitch!

  • Wow, Stephanie is an excellent representative for the Limited Too. I get calls once a week from their automated system and I’ve never even shopped in their store. They must just buy up phone lists to call, I guess. Kind of crappy of them, don’t you think?

  • Jennifer do have to give Limited, Too your phone # at the cash wrap..that’s how they get the customers phone #..being an employee of the store for 3 years. I will say Stephanie that WAS a little embarassing and you’re supposed to be representing the store, especially by advertising you work/ed there. Anyhow, some people may give fake #’s or the girl may type in the wrong # at the cash wrap. Limited Too does NOT buy random phone lists and call people. People who actually shop at the store like this feature. However, you are NEVER required to give your phone # out..and, if you don’t like the reminders, don’t give them your phone number…simple as that.

  • Kathleen

    I am on the National Do Not Call list. I have never shopped at Limited Too and have no interest in shopping there. I didn’t do any gift wrapping or anything like that.

    Yet today I get a recorded message about some stupid sale. There is no way to tell a recording NOT to call you. There is no way to stop the recorded call with Pheloxi’s suggested intro. Recorded phone calls, especially to someone with no business relationship, are illegal and subject to $11,000 fine per incident.

    This call has been reported to the FTC. If anyone else has received this type of call, use the complaint form on the National Do Not Call list website.

  • You may think this is about a do not call list when in reality its about The Limited forcing customers to hand over their driver’s licenses when they do a return. The company cash register have the ability to extract your personal information from the magnetic strip on the back the license.

    While I don’t have knowledge of your personal shopping habits, I would check to see if someone in your household has refunded something at one of the The Limited Brands lately.

    We as consumers need to stop this by not shopping at any of The Limited Brands including Victoria Secret, until they stop this invasion of privacy.

  • I did not know that Victoria Secret was a Limited Brand-how disapointing.

    I (unfortunatly) was shopping at Limited Too for my two girls, but NEVER again-the employees at the one by my house really belong at McDonalds. Very low class. I don’t trust the corporation, and the products are way over priced.

    I have a blog on my HORRIBLE experience there. I have told everyone that I know not to shop there.

  • Alex

    Hello to everyone who has been giving Limited Too a bad name. I am also an employee there. I apologize for other employees who have given you any reason to think that we are not highly trained. We are, we have many differnt types of store policy to follow to ensure that customers have the best experience possible.

    Also, concerning returns: I understand that it may be annoying to have to give out personal information every time you return an item, but this information helps us to find people who try to cheat the system. There have been cases where people give us fake checks that bounce or have returned merchendise at differnt stores and cheated the merchandise credit system. And, many other companies also ask for a lot of information. I went into macy’s today to return something for christmas and was asked for my drivers liscense at which point the woman wrote down my addres, name, phonenumber etc. It was a bit much. But to you people who are refusing to shop at the limited brand because of returns, well go ahead and add macy’s to your list. You know, macy’s, one of the largest coorporations in america?

    Anddd, to those who are upset about the phone calls. I udnerstand that getting the call must be annoying. And i know that sometimes we girls at the registers will accidently put in a wrong number so that someone may get a call by accident. But you know, you do have the option to hang up the phone right? You dont have to sit there and listen to the call.

    I dont think it it fair to hold an entire coorporation accountable for one bad experience michelle. That is very imature.

  • Jackie

    This is really late. But you guys are idiots. The Limited Corporation doesn’t own Limited Too anymore, and hasn’t for many years. Tween Brands, Inc. is who you need to be complaining about. DERRR

    Oh, and I used to work for Limited Too. YES, it is evil.

  • Jennifer

    I am also an employee of Limited Too and Jackie is correct, The Limited Corporation has no connections with Limited Too and hasn’t for over a decade.
    As for the people throwing a fit about the useful phone calls, please feel free to never shop at our store again. It’s very frustrating to have to deal with people like you. You complain that our merchandise is too expensive and the company sends out phone calls telling you about sales and either way you’re just not happy. There is no way to please you. If you don’t want to give your phone number out simply say no when we ask for it. There is no need to bark at us and lecture us. We are just doing our job and the majority of people like getting coupons.
    For the people who get these phone calls that don’t shop in the stores, your number might have been added accidently when an employee was typing in an actual customers information. There is a proactive solution to this if it bothers you so much. It actually takes less time than going on this website to blog about how much it ticks you off. All you have to do to is look up the number to your local Limited Too and ask for the “phone call removal number”.
    It’s really sad that you all let something like a phone call upset you so much and waste your energy being angry over it.

  • Bobby Lee

    I had a terrible experience with the company that does the production and post production for the catalog for “The Limited Brands” which is Ozone Studios. Every single person I have ever known that works at “Limited Brands” Columbus, Ohio (cowtown) has been a pompous, self-centered arrogant, pretentious and supercilious, including these people at “Ozone Studios” located at 492 Armstrong St Columbus, OH 43215.

    Just look and read some of the comments in this thread left by “the Limited” brands employees and decide for yourself if they aren’t haughty.

    • Bobby,

      Sorry about your experience. however, ozone does not do any work for Limited Brands. I wish I knew what you were referring to so I could attempt correct your perception about our company.


  • John

    I work nights. This morning, I got woken up by an automated phone call from, a site oriented around teenage girls. They’re owned by Tween Brands, same as Limited Too.

    I’m a 52 year old man. My only daughter is a grown woman. Truth is, I’ve never even heard of Justice before. I am absolutely positive that my phone number was NEVER given to them, and that I’ve never shopped in one of their stores. I’ve also been on the Do Not Call Registry since April 15, 2004. There is NO excuse whatsoever for these people to have called my number. In looking around the Internet, it’s apparent these people have been breaking the law for years.

    I not only filed a complaint with the FTC, I also skiptraced the phone number for the CEO of Tween Brands. This was a tough find since before today, his number wasn’t out there in the wild.

    As with most CEOs, this guy is rarely around and won’t talk to anyone he doesn’t know. But his executive secretary, Vanessa, sure knows what I think of the call, so I’m pretty sure he got my message.

    Now it’s your turn. If you want to do more than just file a complaint with the FTC, give the CEO’s office a call, too. The CEO of Tween Brands is Michael Rayden. Ask for “Mike” when you call. His executive secretary is Vanessa McCullen. His direct number is 614-775-3511. Most likely, she’ll be the one you talk with. Let them know personally that you don’t like their phone calls by returning the favor.

  • Wow, Stephanie is an excellent representative for the Limited Too. I get calls once a week from their automated system and I’ve never even shopped in their store. They must just buy up phone lists to call, I guess. Kind of crappy of them, don’t you think?

  • This is really late. But you guys are idiots. The Limited Corporation doesn’t own Limited Too anymore, and hasn’t for many years. Tween Brands, Inc. is who you need to be complaining about.