It’s election day in New Jersey. I’m voting for Jon Corzine and I will have the rare chance in my Republican enclave of a town to vote for Democrats for the local board, which has been dominated by the GOP — and a lot of snippiness — for years. The problem is that even if they our Republicans, our town fathers and mothers spend like drunken Democrats. Power corrupts. Absolute power gets us parks that are lit like Nascar tracks, road projects that look like Donald Trump’s driveway, open-space purchases that are utterly unnecessary, cars bigger and nicer than mine for town bureaucrats, and more ways to waste tax dollars. In politics and money, competition is good.

  • Always vote against the party with too much power. So in a place like Ann Arbor, that means voting Republican.

  • Gunther

    Again with the stereotypes? Democrats are the ones with the free-spending reputation, when the country’s been driven into record debt levels by a totally Republican controlled government? How about, “…our town fathers and mothers spend like drunken Republicans”?

  • CrudeBoy

    In a race where both candidates are slimey, I’m finding Corzine to be slightly less slimey. So, for the first time in my life, I’ll be voting for a Democrat.

    Otherwise, it’s time to vote out the incumbents in my town (just a little south of yours, Jeff) and get some fresh thinking in place.

  • Jorge

    Jenny D

    Using your logic is not logical.
    Maybe you are being ironic?
    Do’nt you like Ann Arbor?
    In my opinon Ann Arbor is a prototype for good government.

  • Colleen

    Lately it seems I’m voting against Republicans, not for Democrats. I just couldn’t sleep at night knowing I contributed is some way to the Republican agenda.

    I’ll be voting Democrat across the board as usual.

  • Gunther has a point, Jeff. Like accepting the use of ‘liberal’ as if it were an insult, perpetrating the myth that Democrats are reckless spenders, rather than the truth that they distribute tax monies with a view to upgrade society, is allowing your mind to be sullied by myths trumped up to get votes against the better (Democratic) party.

  • Virginia needs you, marym, Gunther, and Colleen. Also anyone else interested in government by the public-spirited.

  • John

    In Houston today we have a mayor’s race and I think the local race at the Middle School for Class President has gotten more attention. I have seen (1) story in the Chronicle about the contenders who are running against Bill White (for sport?). We also get to vote on (9) amendments to the State Constitution. If they go through we will now have 471 amendments on the books. Of course, the obligatory “definition of marriage is between a man and a woman” has made it on the ballot. It doesn’t have a prayer of being defeated but I’ll vote against it anyway.

  • Jorge, Ann Arbor is not well run at the moment. We are up to our eyeballs in financial problems. Lots of other issues as well. The best thing for the city council is to have diverse ideas and opinions. A one-party council and mayor won’t help the city.

    The schools, though, are very good.

  • hellskitchen

    You live in Oradell, do you? Here’s hoping we sweep out the old regime.

  • I think Corzine will do OK. I’m more worried about Kaine in VA. And, unfortunately, Prop 77 and Issue 4 in Cali and Ohio don’t seem to stand much of a chance. Sad for democracy when people vote in favor of complacency and cronyism over true political competition. Gerrymandering is less democratic and more dynastic.

  • HA

    Congratulations, Jeff. Jersey has itself yet another corrupt Democrat for governor.

  • Carol

    So, Unpublished Author, what’s so worrisome about Kaine? He’s an honorable, decent fellow who actually does what he says he’s going to do. Have you fallen for the crap Kilgore was shoveling about his opposition to the death penalty? Or was it the lie about property taxes that trips you up?

  • “In politics and money, competition is good.”

    Um, so why did you vote for Corzine in a state legislature dominated by Democrats?