Howard Stern suspended

An eagle-eyed, rabbit-eared reader says that Sirius’ Howard 100 News is reporting that Howard Stern has been suspended tomorrow. I know nothing more yet; if you do, let me know. They’ve been bleeping like mad. It reached new levels of absurdity today as they bleeped the word “black” before hair and came in the studio to tell Fifty Cent that he had to stop saying “bitches.”

Free FM, indeed.

: It’s confirmed on

Sources tell Howard 100 News that Infinity Broadcasting has issued a one-day suspension to Howard Stern… for talking about Sirius Satellite Radio TOO MUCH! K-rock General Manager Tom Chiusano made the announcement as The Howard Stern Show was ending Monday morning. Stay tuned to Howard 100 News throughout the day… we’ll be providing live updates as information becomes available. Then join us at 6:00 eastern time for complete, in-depth coverage of Howard’s suspension. Howard 100 News will have all the details on how and why this happened… Howard’s history of suspensions… reaction from Sterns fans and the Wack-Packers… and what happens next! Only on HOWARD 100 NEWS can you get all the inside details on Howard’s suspension from old-fashioned radio.

: Here is my Guardian column today, which happens to be about Stern. Also available here.

: Orbitcast, another Howard 100 listener says Stern is refusing to let Viacom use a best-of tape for tomorrow.

: New York Business says he’s getting the suspension with pay. So Viacom gives him a day off and tons of free publicity. Yeah, radio is in good hands.