King of all podcasts

This morning, Howard Stern said he’d rather do a podcast than continue on broadcast with all the hassles he gets from the FCC, the religious right, and network weasels.

And I hate podcasts. A jerk-off sitting in his livingroom talking for hours. If I wanted that, I’d get married.

  • Paw

    What is Howard Stern but a jerk-off sitting in his version of a living room, albeit surrounded by strippers, talking for hours? He hasn’t done actual comedy for decades.

    And by the way, those so-called hassles made him rich. If no one in authority was outraged by him, would anyone even care about him at all?

  • John

    A very wealthy jerk-off… like he gives a damn what any of us think…

  • So what makes you different as a blogger, Jeff? Is the “printed word” somehow superior to the “spoken word?” Perhaps, you’ve been listening to the wrong podcasts? You’re welcome to try mine-I’m a married guy sitting in my company office reading some pontificating blogger. I happen to enjoy a lot of your posts, especially the post today on the journalism evolution/revolution in todays posts. It’s funny how you’ll talk about “sticks being up other bloggers asses'” when you have a log up your own.

    Maybe you should increase the frequency of pleasurable physical activities with your “significant other” or switch to “decaf” to help you tame your “snark”?

  • Justin

    Calm down people. It’s a joke; it’s just a joke.

  • EverKarl

    It’s a joke, but it’s not just a joke. Stern consistently expresses the “bloggers/podcasters are a bunch of guys sitting around in their pajamas” attitude of Jon Klein. In fact, he made one such comment immediately after talking to JJ, who has been a consistent Stern booster. It’s one reason why people like Paw see Stern’s supposed martyrdom at the hands of the FCC as a pose, not a position. Stern is all for his freedom of speech; he really has no interest in ours.

  • benrand

    Man, I just wish I could get a podcast of Howard’s mentally challenged flunkies taking a huge shit in the middle of his apartment.

    Groundbreaking radio, er, podcasts.

  • Howard already has a podcast and doesn’t even know it. You can download his daily show on usenet.

    By the way, Howard was the only person with the balls to stand up to the FCC and should be honored for it.

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  • Big A

    >>> And I hate podcasts. A jerk-off sitting in his
    >>> livingroom talking for hours. If I wanted that,
    >>> I’d get married.

    hey.. is jackie back? that’s pretty funny.