Media whereabouts

I have to finish a Guardian column about Howard Stern and I’m taping a moment on Newhour for this evening about shield laws so I’m overmediaed but will return, whether you like it or not, as soon as I can today. Later.

  • Jeff – Re: shield laws, something that’s almost never brought up is that even student journalists aren’t often protected, as it seems they aren’t under New York’s law (an issue that became rather important when a Yeshiva University Commentator colleage was subpoenaed a few years ago).

  • What about an international bar type exam for journalists that wouldn’t require J-School? There are plenty of resources out there that could be mulled over and converted into a test.

    Sure a lot of the skills required are nebulous and hard to fit on a test but at least we bloggers would have equal standing with those working for owners of printing presses and big antennas.