Howard on 60 Minutes

This morning, the 60 Minutes crew is in Stern’s studio taping him for an upcoming segment.

I hope they don’t miss the true significance of Stern in American media. It’s not that he farted. It’s not that he was attacked by the so-called Parents Television Council, which hounded him off our airwaves with the aid of our own damned FCC (though that, too, is a story). It’s not even that he single-handedly blew up the radio industry: His departure didn’t just cause them to find replacements but to blow up the formats of every one of his stations (though that is a story). And it’s not that he could well turn satellite into an industry (which will be a story).

No, it’s that he was honest in a media world that has become packaged and sanitized for our protection: bloodless, soulless, faked to look real. And they couldn’t take it.