The family that blogs together….

The other day, I was talking with my son about some things some companies are working on online — because I wanted his perspective — and I suddenly realized that I had to give him the blogger’s caveat: “You can’t blog this.” How many fathers and sons share that warning?

  • So instead of “off the record,” we’ll soon have “off the blog!”

  • Actually, my son has been telling me not to blog pictures he sends me for some time now … though I think they’re SO CUTE.

  • if i said that to my dad he’d go cross-eyed :)

  • I so look forward to having that exchange with my son and daughter. While they’re just 9 and 7, they’ll be blogging in no time, I’m sure.

  • ESC

    My son’s 2. When he’s old enough to start blogging, it probably won’t be blogging. So Jeff, you or Jake want to share what you know and see around the corner that will replace blogging so I can get a head start????