Stupid, stupid Yahoo

I want to try a new Yahoo feature. But I can’t. Because Yahoo has deactivated my third account. Why? Because I didnt’ use it. Because I didn’t give a damn about using Yahoo. Now how is that for numbnutty, stupid customer service? A customer leaves and tries to come back and you kill them. What if one of the people at the door at Walmart stopped you and said, “You haven’t been here enough, you can’t come back. Ever.” What if a car company said, “You waited too long to trade-in. Go fly a kite.” But this just indicates how little I use Yahoo… not at all. And now they remind me just how little I use them. So I look at them like I do clothes in the closet I haven’t warn for a year: Guess I don’t need them anymore. What the hell does it cost Yahoo to keep an account around? What does it cost versus telling a customer go to F himself?

: Some commenters don’t get my complaint. Here it is: Yahoo wants me to save things on its service — like RSS — but I’m far less likely to make that investment if I can suddenly lose it. I have too many other choices.

: LATER: All in all, the commenters are certainly taking me to task. I’ll confess to oversnarking. But I was frustrated. I don’t like being barred at the door. And I see no reason why it wouldn’t be smarter to give me the option right then and there to reactivate; they should be welcoming me back, not scolding and kicking me; makes me want to scold and kick back, which is just what I did. I’m just a consumer trying to consume. And note well that I’m not likely to invest in a service — with my email and stocks and bookmarks and communities — if I’m going to fear that it may be killed. I’m writing a post about the bigger issues now for later….