Reliable Sources this morning

Going to be on Howie Kurtz’ Reliable Sources about 10:30a ET on Miller, Miers, and other messes.

  • Much better performance than that rocket guy–you’re blog is much better too!

  • Opps . . .should read “your” . . . sorry

  • I taped the program and am going to watch it later but was struck more by reading of Gergen’s remarks which are in concert with my own.
    This it’s called “Hell freezes over.”

  • Don’t think Atrios/Eschaton/Ailes totally appreciated your performance, Jeff. (“Two right-wing bloggers, John Hindlicker and Jeff “Fucking Moron” Jarvis were teamed with John Dickerson of Slate to say nothing of consequence about Miers and Miller. Jarvis provided some comedy by claiming he was “on the left.” I guess all the real leftists from The Corner didn’t return the Putz’s calls.” etc.)
    Some of the world (me, too) is waiting for the indictments, and the info, to come out.

  • Angelos

    With Republicans now saying perjury is just a technicality (when it is in fact a crime, and when it’s the ONLY thing they ever hung on Clinton), how low can they really go?

    I mean, the bar’s already at my fucking ankles. Are they going to bury it?