Open… if you have a key

Dave Winer cuts the so-called “Open Media Summit” down to size with one line: “‘By invitation only.’ Open?”

  • Open Media Summit: Peaked?

  • In the blogosphere, the word “open” is accurately used only in the term “open source.” All other references are relative to the invitation or cost of the conference. Could be a consequence of rampant social relativism, but that’s a topic for philosophy class.

  • Having the first OMDS with a “closed” invite list is only because we’re doing this for no-cost and couldn’t afford the space to handle the crowd that comes with an open registration. If we can get someone to help with the operating costs next time, and we’ll be open like 7-11

    By the way, Jeff – you saw me at the USV event at Eyebeam the other day. You should have totally called me out on this shit then.

  • Yatta, why not hook up with some conference sponsors – go out and look for them? If your summit is what it’s cracked up to be, you’d find support. Or how about charging attendees a small fee in advance to help fund the cost of hiring a bigger venue? That’s how the majority of conferences the world over handle it. Of course, you’ve got to have something people would be willing to pay to see.

  • Ken

    “‘By invitation only.’ Open?”

    What this means, of course, is that Dave wasn’t invited.
    Cry me a river.

  • drazen

    The Summit was about open media development. Live broadcast and chat were open, as well as the archive. If you guys (Dave & Jeff) help us with sponsors next time it will be more open. And you will probably be invited.

  • Drazen, what a refreshingly honest post.

    You mean if I help you get money (for what) then I will probably be invited?

    Now permit me return the honesty.

    And I don’t think I would come even if I was invited. I don’t know who you are or what you do, but I can tell from the way you approached this that we’d spend most of the time in a meta-conversation, talking about how to talk about open formats and protocols.

    It looks to me, from my “outside” perspective, that you’re more interested in the line between those who are invited and those who are not, and less interested in getting cooperation and developing new technology.

  • Surprisingly, I agree with Dave on this one. I learned about this summit from a friend at the BlogOn 2005 conference early last week. I checked out the site and saw the “invitation only” restriction and then scoured the site for anything that would explain how to get invited. All I found was an email address (not helpful at all).

    While I understand that there were space restrictions, I fail to understand the mindset that led to making it invitation only. Part of me thinks the summit organizers just did not try hard enough and instead opted to restrict the attendance to the select people they knew they wanted to show up. People like myself who were interested in attending and likely would have contributed a great deal to the summit were instead put off by “invitation-only” aspect of the summit and opted instead to stay away.

    Perhaps the next Open Media Summit will be better organized.

  • Just got back to the Bay from the Summit. I’d just like to say that the room we were in could hold perhaps 60 uncomfortably ( … taken from the back of the room). For a first go at it, with limited funds and unsure interest I’m not sure what you expect. Hindsight is 20/20, the interest is obvious now and I look forward to the next, bigger and better version.

  • Why do you assume there’s interest?

    I just tripped across the page and thought it was ironic, here was a conference billing itself as open, and it also says it’s invite-only. It was a one-line post on Scripting News. That shows the opposite of interest, if you ask me. Why would I want to participate in an event that’s so confused that it can’t figure out if it’s open or exclusive?

    Anyway, maybe there will be some interesting blog posts about the substance of the conference. This is getting realllllly boring.

  • Jeff & Dave,

    This wasn’t and “open, media developers summit” it was an “open media, developers summit”. I regret that we did not have the space or money to invite more. We really did the best we could to invite individuals working on open source software for media distribution (primarily video), software that supports networked television that is open to all (in the publishing sense), video blogging software makers, open source set top box developers and the like.

    The summit itself was very fruitful. Please have a look at the wiki and please feel free to join the mailing list if you would like to contribute to the conversation. Both can be found on the summit’s page:

    Last, let’s move on. We are all part of this community and we have much bigger challenges than who was invited to what.

    In any case, thanks for bringing all of this up. We will try harder next time.

  • open if you have a key … yes