Recovery 2.0: Update

I took part in a wonderful meeting last night on Recovery 2.0. I’ll write about it later. Ed Batista is writing about it now.

: Craig Newmark also blogged it. So is Marnie Webb.

  • Thanks for organizing the meeting and for pointing to my post, Jeff. I just added an update with the list we brainstormed last night (which I also added to the wiki.) Oh, and just one “s” in Batista ;-)

  • Yes, Jeff, thanks for getting this discussion going. There was a lot of good energy in the room.

  • Here, here! from the cranky Mom who railed against the techie machine during the meeting. Please be assured that I realize the bottom line question of Recovery 2.0 was – what can those in this industry do to help? I am grateful that you posed this inquiry and brought us all together so we can move onward to better disaster preparedness and speedier relief and recovery.