Take your chances

With so many incredible legal minds in the country, the best we could do is the former head of the Texas Lottery Commission?

The Times’ most fascinating fact:

Ms. Miers is a regular guest at Camp David and is often the only woman who accompanies Mr. Bush and male staff members in long brush-cutting and cedar-clearing sessions at the president’s ranch.

Which may or may not be related to Wonkette’s take:

We’re not even that excited about her being gay.

Prof. Glenn Reynolds is underwhelmed.

Althouse: “So the conservatives are unhappy. Will this make the Democrats back off? Or will this encourage them to take the opportunity to win one?” That would be a most intriguing cynical strategy: Could she be a sacrificial lamb: Go lose one for the Gipper? Naw, that’d be too clever by half.

Or maybe not. Tom Goldstein at Scotusblog says:

But within the conservative wing of the Republican party, there is thus far (very early in the process) only great disappointment, not enthusiasm. They would prefer Miers to be rejected in the hope – misguided, I think – that the President would then nominate, for example, Janice Rogers Brown. Moderate Republicans have no substantial incentive to support Miers, and the President seems to have somewhat less capital to invest here. On the Democratic side, there will be inevitable – perhaps knee-jerk – opposition. Nor does Miers have a built in “fan base” of people in Washington, in contrast to the people (Democratic and Republican) who knew and respected John Roberts. Even if Democrats aren’t truly gravely concerned, they will see this as an opportunity to damage the President. The themes of the opposition will be cronyism and inexperience.

I joked before that the next nominee would be recruited from grade school so there would be no embarrasing paper trail. They seem to have found another trojan justice.

: Tom Goldstein at Scotusblog says she could lose:

: LATER: Now I see that Wonkette isn’t excited about the possibility of her being gay. I could swear I just cut-and-paste that line. What are we seeing, my senility or her editing?