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Audi just spent .5 percent of its budget for a campaign on blog ads, which drove 29 percent of traffic to its site. That says blogs works. Henry says the blog ads cost as much as a banner on Yahoo. That says blogs are criminally underpriced.

  • *cough*raise yr prices then :)

  • I might make a Living at Blogging, yet then.

    Thanks for the informative post.

  • Not all is about making money. apart from it blogs are also very up2date and easy to maintain. Thanks anyway for the news.

    -) dick (-

  • Key question vis pricing. If every advertiser was a genius, blogads are underpriced. Right now, we’ve got a dozen genius advertisers who are wallowing in the unique joys of our immedia. These are folks who get Cluetrain. They don’t just “think different” they “advertise different.” The smart dozen is out of roughly 500 advertisers a month, most of whom do OK or well. (Another advertiser sitting on the same OMMA panel said she gets substandard clickthrus, but likes branding with blogads. Put standard “billboard” creative on blogs and you’ll usually get substandard clickthrus.) So, back to the genius dozen: they understand you can’t just vomit an ad onto blogs and expect blogtastic results. You’ve got to think, watch, experiment and really play with the blog community. You’ve got to have fun! The guy who designed/bought the A3 blogad creative is a platypus (a species I think we’ll see more of online in coming years); he’s an indie filmmaker, he runs a big blog community ( AND he orchestrates advertising campaigns like the A3, Levis and Sharp TV. Once we’ve got 50 genius advertisers (many of whom are platypuses, or who get the blogosphere thanks to blogs like yours) prices will be significantly higher. So these days we spend less creative energy on building an ad network (the network builds the network) and more on psychotherapizing advertisers into Cluetrain-consciousness.

  • I think its exciting news on many fronts.

    Yes Blog Ads pricing is underdone at this point – but I’ve noticed it on the increase on my own blogs and particularly on the blogs of some of the biggest bloggers out there who are getting some astronomical figures.

    I’m still not sure about how successful are on all blogs however. Again speaking from personal experience – my blogs do about do around 1% of my overall blog income.

    I won’t be saying no to advertisers of course – but I suspect they’ll have less prominant positions on my blogs increasingly as I find other much more lucrative ad stems for my particular niches.

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