Recovery 2.0 Help: Meeting space in S.F.?

I was just told that Web 2.0 is switching the Recovery 2.0 meeting to 8p on Thursday, Oct. 6 so as not to conflict with an AT&T party (yes, one wonders what they have to party about). The problem with this is that I already had been warned that many or most participants in Recovery 2.0 had dinners planned that night. So 8p won’t work. Thus I need your help: Can anyone volunteer space near the meeting hotel (a large office… the Apple store… a church….) for an hour or two? Email or comment if you can help. Thanks much.

UPDATE: The good folks at Web 2.0 moved a mountain and we’re back on at 6p in the Olympic Room of the conference hotel.

I am amazed, though that only five minutes after posting this, I had four offers for space for the meeting near the hotel in San Francisco. This web this never ceases to amaze. Thank you all very much for you help.