Now this is obscene

The FBI is expanding resources to fight not terrorism but… porn. And not kiddie porn but the good bits aimed at adults. The Washington Post reports today that the bureau is recruiting agents to ferret out flesh and that even people in the FCC are rolling their eyes.

The new squad will divert eight agents, a supervisor and assorted support staff to gather evidence against “manufacturers and purveyors” of pornography — not the kind exploiting children, but the kind that depicts, and is marketed to, consenting adults.

“I guess this means we’ve won the war on terror,” said one exasperated FBI agent, speaking on the condition of anonymity because poking fun at headquarters is not regarded as career-enhancing. “We must not need any more resources for espionage.”

That is obscene. Last I checked, we were still at war with terrorism. And we certainly ran short of good law-enforcemenet help in New Orleans, didn’t we? But what is the priority the administration and, one assumes, of the man in charge of the Justice Department — the man who’s reportedly in line to sit on the Supreme Court. They want to stop grownups from getting off.

: The fact that Captain’s Quarter, Instapundit, and I are all writing with disgusted disapproval about this today has nothing to do with the fact that we were all just mentioned in Playboy. Honest.