Now this is obscene

The FBI is expanding resources to fight not terrorism but… porn. And not kiddie porn but the good bits aimed at adults. The Washington Post reports today that the bureau is recruiting agents to ferret out flesh and that even people in the FCC are rolling their eyes.

The new squad will divert eight agents, a supervisor and assorted support staff to gather evidence against “manufacturers and purveyors” of pornography — not the kind exploiting children, but the kind that depicts, and is marketed to, consenting adults.

“I guess this means we’ve won the war on terror,” said one exasperated FBI agent, speaking on the condition of anonymity because poking fun at headquarters is not regarded as career-enhancing. “We must not need any more resources for espionage.”

That is obscene. Last I checked, we were still at war with terrorism. And we certainly ran short of good law-enforcemenet help in New Orleans, didn’t we? But what is the priority the administration and, one assumes, of the man in charge of the Justice Department — the man who’s reportedly in line to sit on the Supreme Court. They want to stop grownups from getting off.

: The fact that Captain’s Quarter, Instapundit, and I are all writing with disgusted disapproval about this today has nothing to do with the fact that we were all just mentioned in Playboy. Honest.

  • Amy

    Well said Jeff. It’s disgusting prescriptive prudishness, and irresponsible allocation of resources.

  • Harold Nikiforakis

    It would be amusing if the Federal government were to go
    after the “mainstream” porn business, given the fact that
    so many big corporations are part of that business because they distribute porn content over satellite and cable. They can’t go after Jenna Jameson without also
    going after the likes of Rupert Murdoch, whose DirecTV
    sells more porn than anybody.

  • Korutenshi

    What an incredible waste. And this coming from the same guy who tried to rationalize torture…what a hypocrite, he will be in good company with the religious right.

    Someone please wake him up and tell him he has no chance in hell in ever being a part of the SCOTUS and get back to the job at hand.

  • “poking fun at headquarters is not regarded as career-enhancing”

    Best line of the day – I’d expect to see it in a blog, not MSM.

  • daudder

    Jeff, don’t ya get it, we were never at war against terrorism. just a useful excuse.

  • Let’s see, what’s important here. Estate Taxes. Pornography. Other people’s sex lives.

    No wonder we don’t have communications between the Coast Guard and National Guard. They had to use hand signals during ship-to-ship rescue operation in NO.

    And it seems we destroyed millions of dollars worth of military rations sent by the British to help us out. (C-Span this a.m. between 7 & 8 ET, but I missed the particular press reference.) No one ever wanted British cooking, I guess. Let them eat cake.

  • RSwan

    The reason the FBI is doing this is they were required to by the people who control the purse strings, Congress. They get kind of cranky if people don’t do what they want. Of course this is stupid, but please put the blame where it belongs, on the idiots we the people, elect.

  • Quick note, looks like you linked to the article incorrectly. Here’s the link to the Washington Post piece:

  • You are all perverts.

  • gwangung

    You are all perverts.

    And proud of it.

  • Is this any surprise? John Ashcroft’s obsession with porn was one of the reasons that terrorism wasn’t an FBI priority before the 9/11 attacks.

  • Does anyone here really think there is such a thing as “Adult porn?” PLEASE! Any 7r yr old can access things with a click of a button, you wouldn’t want your dog exposed to.

    That, Mr. Jeff, is obscene.

  • So let’s reduce all of adult life to a level suitable for seven year olds. After all, it’s for the children.

  • I am suggesting all my readers go visit a SUPER DUPER filthy porn site – in honor of Allie G.

  • John

    The Republicans are going to end up losing whatever remaining leadership they had in defense with crap like this.

  • Angelos

    Well, they had no leadership to begin with, so they must be near absolute zero on the Kelvin scale.

    My dog licks his own balls constantly, RWS. I think he can handle a little doggy porn.

    As for kids, keep them off in the internet unsupervised. Keep them out of the adult section of your local video store. Keep them away from the top shelf of the magazine rack.

    Kids are the parents’ problem, not mine, and “for the kids” pandering should not financed with my tax dollars.

    It’s funny that the party of zero morality keeps trying to legislate morality. To paraphrase Confucius, he who protests the most, confesses.

  • A good selection of images Jeff. On one hand, there is the FBI lacking a sense of desire or wishful action. It looks like the big machine without a soul. On the other hand the porn star with a heart. Pornography is about sex but also about fun and a sense of entertainment. It has its own side of innocence.

  • Marthirial

    Have you forgotten that right on the top of the issues that made Ignorant America to vote for Bush was moral values? Can’t you see that this is just another manouver to turn attention into what Ignorant America understands and therefore restores allience to the party?

    Take my bet. Ignorant America now is going to be so much more concern about Jenna Jameson taking it from behind than, lets say, little things like New Orelans, Iraq, deficit, Oil price, environment, Suprime Court Hijacking.

    Now that I think about it… those little pesky things are so much more easy to fix than this sinful harlot… Bring me a Bible, ASAP!

  • J De Jonge

    I am not supprised at all the FBI like any Fed Agency couldn,t hit a barn stand,n inside with the door shut

  • Has Robespierre been reincarnated?

  • Marina Architect

    This is Bush’s move to serve his loyal 40% voting base of bible thumpers. It’s a savvy political move. Democrats need to get with it and clean out their congested noses. We also need to start pandering to our 40% base and forget the centrist coalition. It’s not working and the polls are misleading. Bush approval rate at 40%. After all this piece of shit has done, he still has 40% support. Learn the lesson.

    I was turned on to the Comics Humor section on Yahoo today, I’ve never been into them before, it was a nice break, I loved it, take a look;;_ylt=AqFbP0bcXVklh6gDfujJp480vTYC;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

    By the way, we need a better way to control the length of direct links. In ten years, the direct link will be a mile long.

  • Angelos

    Yes, it takes effort on the poster’s part, but it works great.

    I send out a daily “newsletter” to a bunch of friends, with a lot of stuff I find on the internets. Politics, porn, news, funny/strange, etc. TinyURL is a huge help, especially for people who still use readers that force line breaks every 80 characters.

  • Yeah, this is pretty stupid. However, response to stupid moves like this doesn’t bring out the bright in some people, either.

    A Bush administration can lose me a little with boneheaded things like this; but Democrats repel me right back by shrieking “bible thumpers” and reminders that there are few constraints for them even in their ordinary discourse (“My dog licks his own balls constantly”).

    South Park Republicans will have to fight to moderate this tendency of the older establishment Republicans. But at least Republicans do seem to be having a dialogue about how much and where, whereas all Democrats seem to offer is a commitment to nothing.

    For Democrats to understand this better, think of pornography as cigarettes. Starting from the premise that cigarettes are bad for you, Democrats for the most part see no reason not to stamp them out in every way possible (this is where I’m a Democrat, btw — I can’t let my principles overcome my relief that I can now breathe at restaurants). Many Republicans see pornography in the same light.

    The problem is, restricting either in any way can be seen as a violation of rights, but we restrict them to some extent based on criteria involving the greater good. Democrats are happy with cigarette bans, yet believe that other freedoms are more absolute. Republicans are happy with porn crackdowns, but feel smoking policies should be up to citizens.

    A pox on both houses… tobacco is a dangerous substance that poses health risks, and *should* be controlled within reason. Pornography poses mental health risks, potential exploitation of children, inappropriate exposure to children, and more… and like tobacco, it should be controlled *within reason*.

    The Bush administration violates “within reason”, here. But Jeff Jarvis and other Democrats violate “within reason” just as surely when they call for no controls and no oversight. This is where you need to be a moderate, and not an extremist.

  • Hee hee:

    South Park Republicans will have to fight to moderate this tendency of the older establishment Republicans. But at least Republicans do seem to be having a dialogue about how much and where…

    That’s some dialogue:

    TRAD GOPer: We’re gonna do something stupid, kid. Distract the morons for us.
    SOUTH PARK GOPer: Dudes! Check out my “politically-incorrect” joke about black people! Aren’t I rad?

  • By the way, we need a better way to control the length of direct links. In ten years, the direct link will be a mile long.

    Or learn a little basic html “a href=” is your friend.

  • That’s some dialogue:

    TRAD GOPer: We’re gonna do something stupid, kid. Distract the morons for us.
    SOUTH PARK GOPer: Dudes! Check out my “politically-incorrect” joke about black people! Aren’t I rad?

    Here’s an even more ironic dialogue, and has the added benefit of not being quite so fictional:

    LEFT WING FEMINIST: We’re for pornography and prostitution as free speech! But we’re against sexual objectification and exploitation of women in actual speech! Fire Larry Summers!

    DEM PRES: Get under this desk, here, huh?

    LEFT WING FEMINIST: We’re also against sexual harrassment in the workplace! But except when it’s sexual harrassment by a Democratic President!

    DEM PRES: Don’t worry, a BJ isn’t really like goin’ all the way.

    LEFT WING FEMINIST: Hey, wait a minute! This isn’t sexual objectification and exploitation, is it?

    DEM PRES: That’s OK, we’ll set up a video camera and call it free speech.


    The left’s stand on pornography is a confused, muddled, and hypocritical mess because of its efforts to politicize all the various aspects of sexuality.

    You think the FCC’s standards are shifting and confusing? This is oppressive — this isn’t — this is harrassment — this wasn’t at the time, but now she says it was — geez, please get that mess cleaned up. It makes it hard to take you seriously when you’re criticizing people who at least just have one simple rule that “porn is bad”.