It’s not just us

Deutsche Welle says (in English):

Americans take heart: the United States is apparently not the only major western democracy unable to pull off an election. Germany’s vote on Sunday has been a disaster from the get-go…

  • David

    Can’t wait to see the fireworks when this sort of thing happens in an Afghani or Iraqi election. Should be fun, Fun, FUN!

  • Who ever said elections are perfect? Who ever said democracy was perfect? Nothing is perfect, we just have to keep striving to get it as close as we can. We’ve done well as a nation, and nobody can dispute that.

  • Gunther

    There’s a big difference between an election where the counted votes lead to an ambiguous result, and one where (a) you have absolutely no confidence that the votes were counted legally and (b) the party in power systematically tries to disenfranachise many voters using various techniques both legal and illegal. Making fun of Grmans because of this series of events is like mocking someone who has tripped when you yourself have no legs to stand on.

  • “A disaster” for whom???

    The everyman? Pundits? Politicians? Interest Groups?