What loss looks like

Among the things I meant to post when I was too busy to do so was a link to this picture, which Fred Wilson put up, of the victor and losers in the New York Democratic mayoral primary. Wiener is the very image of constipation.

  • Joe

    Congradulations on making the BusinessWeek Best of the Web, Top Blogs (http://www.businessweek.com/technology/bestof/editorpicks.htm) . Keep up the great job!

  • Joe

    Congratulations* sorry – Joe

  • David

    There you go attacking another democrat…once again for the silliest of reasons.

    Why not say something nice about the fact that Weiner decided to not put the party through a runoff…but no…your inner howard stern always has to look to make a stupid point.


  • Oh, Jeesh, and there you go again demonstrating that liberals have lost their sense of humor.
    The picture is funny. That’s all I wanted to say. That’s what I said.
    I could have gone on about how cynical I thought it was of him to campaign on an old Republican saw: the cynical act of promising to lower taxes to buy votes.
    But I didn’t.