Google blog search… of what?

Om “Scoop” Malik reports that Google just launched its blog search. I put in my first query and what do I get back… Blogspot spam blogs peppered throughout. I’m getting these very rarely on Icerocket, PubSub, or Technorati. Maybe Google will now notice the problem it is fertilizing in its own backyard. Beta? You bet!

: Angel Blog tries it out on various brands and gets interesting results. Hint: Search on “dell.”

: MEANWHILE: AOL announces podcast search, says Heather Greeen.

  • von

    How do they determine that they are only searching blogs? Because of the software? What if someone rolls their own blog engine?

  • They are going with blogs that have rss feeds and ping. FAQ here.

  • von

    Is that the wrong link? What about this one?

  • Marina Architect

    Google’s BlogSearch is the best available today. I find Technorati to be at or approaching completely useless. I think you are off on this in your support for Technorati. Ice Rocket is in between Google and Technorati.

  • Google’s retrospective Blog Search is fantastically good! It’s fast, comprehensive and well designed. This is a great day for New York since it was developed in Google’s Times Square research and development lab. Now, this means that New York is the home of both the world’s best retrospective blog search — Google’s — as well as the best prospective blog search —’s…

    bob wyman

  • Bob:
    I listen to you on these things so tell me: what precisely makes it the “best”?

  • So, I went in and tried the new Google blogsearch from the url. Has kind of an “eh” factor to it. Nothing I couldn’t find using Technorati or IceRocket.

    The funny thing was they also launched the blogsearch from the Blogger homepage and wound up slowing down that page–almost, from what I could see, crashing it for a bit. What I saw of it, of the little rolling list of updated blogs, it was kind of cool, but Blogger (from a blogging need) is now running amazingly slow. I was unable to post a new entry to my blogs for the better part of the morning/afternoon. Isn’t it ironic that I could not post a blog entry on what is now a component of a system meant to search new blog entries?? oy!

  • oh, and to shamelessly self-promote, I have a post on the launch here:

  • David The Ex-Jarvis Snarker

    >Tish the Snarkaholic
    >oh, and to shamelessly self-promote, I have a post on the launch here:

    ohhhh Jeff looks like we must part company. I think I’ve found a new place to hang out…..

    Parting is such sweet sorry…but I think I can live….hope you can too.

    Hmmm I might have to rethink my decision…Tish looks like she might use the whip on me if I snark too much…

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  • I like it, clean design and layout, and straightforward search results. Haven’t found any holes yet though I’m sure there are some.

  • Marina Architect

    Update: try a search on prius hybrid without quotes on Google BlogSearch, Ice Rocket and Technorati and you’ll see the difference. Once you step past the “Related Blogs” which is Spam then we finally have a decent service on our hands for searching blogs from Google. This is a significant turning point in my view. A huge void has been filled.

  • David….yeah, everybody thinks that about me. Must be the hat.

  • jim

    Very clean design and layout. I think that is the best blog search engine available nowadays.

  • David

    I never realized the fun one can have with blog searching until the following story fell in our laps:

    Shrub — Seeks Permission From Condi To Go To Little Boy’s Room

    In less than a few hours there are already 10,889 for the keywords bush bathroom…

    Almost 11,000 people spreading the truth that we have a moron in the White House…isn’t that great to see!

  • David

    Forgot to add the million dollar picture…


    I’m sure InstaHack, Jarvis, and the freepers will be telling us how this picture is doctored…that handwriting experts and psychologists have come to the conclusion that no “leader of the free world” would be this childish.

  • Jeff, it really sucks. Check out the results (or lack there of) of my little test.

  • Yeah, it doesn’t search the article, just the feed, which is what Steve was testing. So if you don’t do a full-article feed, it won’t find keywords further down in the article.

    It’s also got some quirks relative to the normal Google search. One of my blogs happens to be vary between 1 and 5 on Google for a couple of keywords, so I tested it against the normal search.

    On keyword 1, regular Google rank 1. blogsearch google, positions 1-5 and 8-10. A Harry Shearer post at HuffPo is 6, and a spam blog is 7. Additionally, both the old Blogger version I abandoned over a month ago and the new WordPress version that replaced it are the only “related” blogs. There are actually over 30 that could be listed, but mine wipes out the entire first page. Similar results on the second keyword.

    The most diverse listings for these keywords actually come from Technorati search, not tags or blogs – once you filter out the spamblogs. It’s interesting, and we’ve got a long way to go in this field.

  • David

    Technorati has almost 15,000 posts…

    This should be a fun thing to keep track of for the next few days.

    For the likes of Carsonfire out there who think this is cruel and silly to do…let us remind them of how the right wing slimemachine still talks about how Clinton was caught “laughing” at Ron Brown’s funeral which they said meant he didn’t really care about the death of his friend…it’s the little things like that count…so this little note is a glimpse into the intellectual life of our moron in chief.

    God help us all if anything occurs while Dick is on vacation or Condi is out shopping for shoes….ohh wait that did occur and we saw what “leadership” shrub brought to the table…sort of the same leadership he brought to the table when he was told a terrorist attack had occured on US soil and he kept on reading a story about his pet goat.

  • Korutenshi

    When all is said and done this is going to be a great way for Google to expand on its ad sales and Premium Listings to more defined audience.

    BTW and a bit off subject – has anyone googled the word “failure” lately? It’s quite funny.

  • Duneview

    The Google “failure” search is NOT off-subject. Although it is funny and should keep commenter David amused for hours, it’s an indicator that “Google bombing” does game the system — not a comforting fact for advertisers.

  • Am I wrong here, or is it giving relevance more weight than meaning? If so, that’s a big mistake.

  • Marina Architect

    I find it remarkable that search algorithms can’t be published by independent researchers. It’s not rocket science or artificial intelligence. It’s simple (If … Then), and I’m not a programmer. I work in Graphic Design, CAD and 3D Visualization.

    Can someone make an Excel spreadsheet of possible Blog Search Algorithms and take screenshot gifs of the spreadsheet, so we can get a dialogue going on what better solutions can be offered. Search algorithms seem so simple, what am I missing here. Thousands of Developers later and this is the best we have.

    Also, unlike hardware which improves over time due to manufacturing efficiencies, how will search improve over time. I don’t see how more time and more people can improve our current offerings. It stuns me.

  • Korutenshi

    I guess it’s simplicity would be subjective…I am a programmer, but I wouldnt dare subject myself to writing out dynamic algorithms…

    I do know that there are various algorithms being used across various datacenters as they try to “enhance user search experience”. Unfortunately the formulaes for these are somewhat of a trade secret as Google battles it out against the black hats out there trying to break the code in order to ensure positioning…

  • Korutenshi

    Sorry, this is the section I meant to link to.

  • David

    >The Google “failure” search is NOT off-subject. Although it is funny and
    >should keep commenter David amused for hours

    Unfortunately the “miserable failure” stopped being funny a long, long, long time ago…

    I’ve already seen some right wing blogs try to say this silly story is fake…well here the good photographer speaks for himself…

    Yes, the note is real. And yes, the president really wrote it. “It was shot at a pretty good distance,” Wilking tells Gelf. “I had no idea what was on the paper.” Until, that is, the editors at Reuters enlarged it. “I was just as surprised as you,” Wilking says.

    I can just hear the RightWingShill machine yelling and screaming about “until the editors enlarged it…”

    Rush L: “You see ladies and gentlemen this proves the MSM is out to get him…” They went as far as to enlarge a photo….what if these were national secrets he was passing around! This is treasonous I tell you treasonous!


    In his second term Nixon proved that his enemies were right about him…that he really was a crook.

    In his second term Ronnie proved that his enemies were right about him…that he really was senile (may he RIP).

    In his second term Clinton provied that his enemies were right about him…that he really did have a zipper problem.

    In his second term Shrub is proving his enemies were right about him…that he really is a clueless incompotent miserable failure who even needs permission from Condi to go to the little boys room.

    Oblivious…In Denial…Dangerous…Miserable Failure!

  • David

    ohh at the end of that post i forgot to add…

    Have a good day :-)

  • Because this site (and, of course, many others) use nofollow tags in comments, the only links search engines (like google) are going to follow are the ones in the post itself.

    I’m sure there are people who see those (idiotic) tags and the new blog search as part of a larger conspiracy to devalue blogs.

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