Black is still the black

The black iPod Nanos are the first to sell out.

I just got mine — white — because my iPod Mini died last night (no, really, it did). It’s a beautiful thing to hold.

  • I am dreading the day when my iPod dies. I have the 40GB model. But those new black iPod nanos are pretty damn sexy.

  • “because my iPod Mini died”

    You’re amongst geeks, Jeff. You need not make excuses to get the latest tech. We too know the urge to reach for the plastic when cool new gadgets hits the street.

  • I got my iPod 2 weeks after they first went on sale in January 2002. I replaced the battery in it last year and it is still going strong – though I went to the Apple store and really liked the iPod Nanos. While I don’t like the black iPod, the black Nano is pretty sharp – my only concern is that I would stick it in my pocket and sit down – thereby breaking it in half. Its not a fear with an iPod, but I would be real scared about snapping the Nano.

  • John


    Off topic here, but you were like in the NYT yesterday, Business section methinks. But Im sure you already knew that.

  • No iPod Nano’s in the Netherlands yet. :(
    I’m thinking about bying one. Problaby in the (internet)shops in a few weeks.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    If it has the same lousy DRM like my shuffle, I’m not biting.

    Seriously, erasing everything on the player if you plug it into another computer is a damn pain in the neck.

  • George Bush doesn’t care about black iPods.

  • Let us know how the service and technical support goes on the dead IPod.

  • Those little buggers can take a beating…

  • BillG

    Jeff…you made the right decision…..the black nano’s will show scratches after nominal usage…..a white finish does a much better job of hiding wear and tear

  • Marthirial

    I didn’t know this blog became another mouthpiece for Apple. Ho!, wait a sec! I got it! this is how you nag about Dell without mention it! Smart!

  • “because my iPod Mini died last night (no, really, it did)”

    Sledgehammers tend to have that effect, you know…

  • I have a very old (1999) Creative Labs Nomad that has never given me a problem. I upgraded it to a 20 GB drive in 2000 or 2001 and have been using it daily since. I WISH it would die so I could buy a iPod.

  • Angelos

    How does one Verify Disk Permissions, and subsequently re-install the OS on an iPod Nano?

    If the iPod is anything like my G5, I’ll do without.

  • It’s pretty easy to reset the iPod’s OS. Did it with the Nano.

    The Nano’s a pretty sweet piece of electronics. If the other MP3 players thought they had a chance, it’s gone.

  • Of course, we’re still waiting for a flash-based iPod that has removeable memory. I’m sure it’ll never happen, though.

  • I’ve had my Black Ipod Nano for two days now.

    Simply Awesome!!!!

    A belt clip for it would be mighty handy.

  • well… i want an ipod nano so bad… I just dont kow about it tho. I think also that it might break. Does any one know if this has happend?

  • Yak

    I have a second generation 20 gig ipod. Today my wife shows me her new black Nano. I can’t stop drooling. I immediately think to myself …I never listen to 20 gigs of music. At least not 20 gigs all at once — And I am always adding to my library like some drug addict I can’t seem to get enough. Between emusic, itunes and my CD collection my hard drive is filling up. Even with the large library I never listen to 20 gigs of music. I need to be “more practical” and carry a small compact, discreet cool device. (like a Nano) I have to catch up to my wife’s technological ways.

    Then my egos sneers at the thought that my wife did not even know what “stereo” was until she met me! Any way I can, I try to reason my way into believing that I have not been “out-teched” by wife. …I gotta get me a NANO.