In the academe

A personal announcement: I’ve accepted an appointment to join the faculty of the new graduate school of journalism at the City University of New York, heading up the new media program.

There’s a brief story about this in The Times here with a good punch line for a lead:

For some old-school journalists, blogging is the worst thing to hit the print medium since, well, journalism school. They may want to avert their eyes today, when Stephen B. Shepard, dean of the new Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, is to name Jeff Jarvis director of the new-media program and associate professor.

When I left my full-time, besuited job in mainstream media in June, this was my goal: I knew I wanted to work in the future of media and I believe there’s no better place to do that than among the young people who will be media tomorrow. I don’t want to teach them so much as learn from them as they invent the ways that journalism can use this powerful new thing, this unmedium, that we’ve only begun to explore to gather and share news. I hope we have an environment that fosters creativity and learning as it teaches skills and standards (and I hope I find less haughty ways to say that). One more-practical notion: I plan plan to webcast the courses I teach — not so we can teach the world but so the world can teach us, so we can restart the relationship of these journalists with the public they’ll serve.

Over recent months, I have been writing the new-media curriculum in collaboration with faculty from various CUNY campuses, Dean Shepard, Judy Watson of CUNY, and our mutual friend, Merrill Brown. I’ll work with CUNY in the coming months but don’t start working there until next year. The first class enters in the fall of 2006. Being able to work with Steve Shepard, the recently retired editor of Business Week, is one great draw of this opportunity; the other is the chance to help in the creation of a brand new school.

I will continue to work as editor of a new news startup, still in stealth; more on that soon. And I’m consulting now for The New York Times Company at Oh, and I better get moving on that book: Publish or perish, you know.

One more thing: Here’s fair warning that I’ll be coming after many of you to come speak with our students about how you view news in media new and old, and also will be asking you to interact with students via webcasts and your blogs, turning you all into journalism professors with me.

: The beginnings of the school’s web site are here. And if you’re interested in applying, email