Off the air, on the air

I’ll be on Chris Lydon’s Open Source tonight with editor-in-chief and friend Jon Donley and Craigslist founder and friend Craig Newmark talking about Katrina and also Recovery 2.0. Sorry I’ve been otherwise on radio silence today. Been busy with meetings and a writing deadline. Will be back after the show.

: Later: Asked about reporters suddenly blogging, Donley said: “When they are faced with the biggest story they will ever cover and they h ave no way to get it out, they are very eager to blog!”

And here’s one for Smartmobs: Jon said some people who were trapped were SMSing friends elsewhere in the country who came to to add a message pleading for help, which are monitored by people from Gen. Honore’s staff. “We do have people who’ve been rescued, whose lives have been saved that way.”

  • Angelos

    Are you going to discuss how the media is being kicked out of NOLA?

    You know, we wouldn’t want any first-hand accounts of what is going on.

    We should just trust the government.

    Then we’ll discover that only abour 436 people died, and they were really old, and really poor, and really black, so they don’t matter.

    Who’s going to raise the stink about this?

  • Do you have a link about that?

  • rcs

    Talking Points Memo is looking at the press access issue – contains links to articles by Reuters and MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

  • Do you have a link about that?

    I blogged it a few hours ago. It isn’t quite a “kicking out,” but there seems to be some definite intentions of government censorship afoot.

  • Thanks, folks. Post up now.