Recovery 2.0: Who wants to meet

John Battelle has kindly offered a room at Web 2.0 sometime between Oct. 5 and 7 in San Francisco if enough of us want to get together to brainstorm and organize around Recovery 2.0. You tell me: Who wants to meet? Some good folks are working on a wiki now and that will be a primary means of sharing needs, answers, ideas, and standards, I hope. But getting together always yields more sharing and, I hope, more action. So please leave me comments….

  • I’m there. We’ve been using our network to help the people involved who have been directly affected but have some ideas how that could translate to others and how we can use what we already have for the better. Definitely interested in brainstorming more on this.

  • i’ll be there.

  • I’d be interested in attending.

    I don’t know if this was mentioned in the comments of the first Recovery2.0 post, but what about preparedness information?

  • I would like to meet as well. I am currently persuing this exact idea. Initial steps are detailed on the site The concept is to harness volunteer resources in the Free Software movement to provide a cost-free, distributed, scaleable volunteer recovery management infrastructure. I am preparing a statement to issue to the community but am also pinned down by my commercial obligations. I will be issuing a statement this evening.

    We can have New Orleans back again. It just requires the will to make it a reality.

  • Thank you for starting this project! I’ve been trying to put together a permanent disaster relief wiki since the tsunami, and I’m so glad to see that it might become a reality! I can’t make it to Web 2.0, but I’d love to help in any way I can. I’m currently setting up a site at to organize my notes and ideas on the subject. I’d love to contribute to your wiki when it’s set up.

  • Elaine Hagan

    I also think this is a wonderful idea. I could not be there either, but will be looking forward to assisting in any way I can later.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I cannot attend but would like to chip in. My group is pretty good with open source cms – drupal & wp. Although, I think the group from civicspace, working on peoplefinder spec, will be there to offer their drupal and tech services.

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  • Jeff: I’ll be at Web 2.0 and would be up for attending a recovery2 meeting. /Scott

  • We’d be there, and would like to cover it for Merc, and for SiliconBeat, if possible. Thanks for doing this.

  • Jeff:

    I’d like to be there.

    I run an Internet nonprofit working on open knowledge solutions for cultural and historical heritage preservation. We’re already in touch with FEMA and the NPS to see where we can do coordinate efforts on documentation and conservation. For a city like NO, it’ll be a part of getting it to be a destintion again.

  • Jeff — I’m working it out now. Because of travel issus related to observing the High Holiday, it would help if the meeting is either late in the day on Oct. 5 or one one of the following days. Depending on how much you want to do, one alternative would be to convene Friday morning after Web 2.0. I don’t think we’ll have trouble getting good work space.

  • Marina Architect

    Jeff, direct your efforts toward setting up a framework that operates as Mozilla does. Set up a meeting with Blake Ross, Asa Dotzler and Ben Goodger over at Mozilla and have them direct the effort based on the model they used for Firefox. Batelle’s Web 2.0 Conference is all about nosing around for the next equity play. That’s all good but your audience is not there. If you need funding and have the Mozilla Team behind you with their track record, it won’t be a problem. We need to start with a framework. Can you detail Mozilla’s framework. That’s a book worth writing.

  • I’m trying to arrange to be there.

    We’ve got people working on the wiki now, but we need more (naturally). If you’ve got a project or ideas for one, please post them on the wiki at

  • Marina Architect

    Update: Jeff, I’d like to see you get together with Mitchell Baker and Brad Feld to get Recovery 2.0 up and running. I am not affilliated with anyone or know any of the aforementioned personally. But I know that’s where it’s at if we want a first class software solution. As I mentioned in a previous post. The DHS are not up to managing a comprehensive software sloution considering their track record with the FBI Virtual Case File (4 Years and $175M and no results).

    I am going to ask Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep Nancy Pelosi in my home state to explore the possibility of providing funding for Open Source projects for DHS (Homeland Security). A $100M Fund that can potentially be in turn commercially licensed in the same manner as medical research by state Universities like UCLA is now.

  • I’ll be there.

  • count me in.

    personal interest: my wife spent a lot of time in new orleans, and we still have some friends there (we think). not to mention, we live in the SF bay area and other disaster-related events (earthquake, fire, attacks) could happen here too.

    professional interest: our new startup would like to help provide job info to people trying to get back on their feet.

    fyi: i’m already on a Web 2.0 panel workshop on mashups, however i’d like to participate in any Recovery 2.0 discussions going on at the conf.

    – dave mcclure

  • N Pelosi has became to turn out to be one of the most liberal politicians inside the region. It’s exhausting for us to believe just how people can reelect her inside their own suitable intellect.

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