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I just got a request to put up a BlogAd going to sell FEMA — “Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency” — T-shirts by this blog. He says he’s giving the profits to hurricane relief (though I’d suggest saying where that will go). After looking into it, I’m inclined to take the ad, but I thought I’d run it by you first. I have no problem expressing opinions about hurricane relief; I’ve done it. I like the idea of people finding unusual fundraisers for the cause (see MeetUp’s hurricane benefits… and the full disclosure is that I sat in on the meeting where that was hatched). My only issue is that I don’t want to give aid to anyone who is exploiting this tragedy. Last night, I was disturbed to see that one of the Google ads that appeared here pushed Hurricane Katrina bracelets — next to “official tsunami relief” bracelets with a reputed donation of $3 each … and a margin of $2. I’m blocking that ad. I think the T-shirt ad is OK but I thought I’d do the bloggy thing and hear what you think. The final decision remains mine.