My former colleagues at Nola.com and the Times-Picayune have evacuated the hurricane bunker in the newspaper’s building.

: So the TV reports were wrong twice: They said this was going to be catastrophic. Then they said it wasn’t. Now it is.

On WWL’s stream, they just had on scientists from LSU’s hurricane center showing computer models that demonstrate just how the water from a breached levee will take over the city.

They also quoted a tourist from Philadelphia who watched looting comparing New Orleans to Baghdad (which means it won’t be long before someone compares it to Saigon).

: LATER: I’m watching incredible live coverage right now of helicopter rescues inside New Orleans on the WDSU stream.

WWL is reporting martial law in Jefferson Parish; people will be allowed back into their homes only to get essentials in a week and then will not be allowed back in again for at least another week.

WDSU is reporting that the streets around the stadium are now flooded and without electricity or working plumbing inside, it is “fetid.” But the thousands there are not allowed to leave.

: LATER: Just saw Sen. Mary Landrieu after a ride over New Orleans begging people who’ve been evacuated to stay away as officials try to save those who are still there. She said those who are outside should “get on your knees” and thank God for being alive.

: Found this New Orleans blog sending updates while his laptop battery holds out [via Houston Chronicle tech blogger Eric Berger]:

Well. The looting is getting pretty bad here now. Almost all the grocery stores are being looted. Some kids across the street came up carring tons of stuff. I asked if they found a place open. SOrta…THey were just coming back from stealing cigarrettes and soda and beer from Roberts. GOod job scum-bags.
THey are now saying it will be about a month to two months before power is restored all over. I think I might need to leave town for a while. I’ll have to see.

Again, thanks for caring guys. It’s heart-warming. If I don’t find a way to recharge my laptop, there won’t be many updates coming. But I’m alive and in one piece. Everything else is gravy, yes?

: LATER: Here’s the demonstration that LiveJournal is, indeed, a community where people know and care for each other: Look at the updates from and about friends in the hurricane.

  • In these times of American hyper-partisanship, even the response to an act of God like hurricane Katrina is revealing.

    For the full story, see:

    “Hurricanes, Divine Retribution and the Right.”

  • How do you ‘evactuate’? is it something eventuated with a vac?

    Sorry, had to tease.

  • Jim Nelson

    “They also quoted a tourist from Philadelphia who watched looting comparing New Orleans to Baghdad”

    New Orleans is clearly a quagmire. The US needs to get out now and bring our troops home. After all, the only reason we’re there in the first place is the oil.

  • Ravo

    Re: Hurricanes, Divine Retribution and the Right.”

    That is such poop.

    Maybe Louisiana is red, but I doubt there is much red about New Orleans

  • JonBuck

    This is the time when political parties don’t matter. The main Red Cross office for my area is down the road. I’m going to head over there on my lunch hour and donate some money.

  • I just looked at the Times Picayune paper today, which is available online only. They did a tremendous job, formatting the paper for the web, making it available in PDF and HTML. They did a weblog, and provided a ton of photos–all easy to see.

    The NOTP, it appears, is learning how to do the news thing electronically.

  • marym:
    how humiliating. and i did it twice!

  • RSwan

    Don’t worry Avenging Angel, in desperate times when people are suffering, there is always time to score political points. I mean, which matters more, people dying or temporary political advantage?

  • TXBueller

    http://www.RedCross.org is very slow. Hopefuly that means their getting alot of donations.

    Network for Good has a page of donation links to charities (including the Red Cross) mobilizing to help: http://www.networkforgood.org/topics/animal_environ/hurricanes/ .

    I just made a Red Cross donation via NetworkForGood’s cart there very easily.

  • No politics today … I am taking the rest of the day and maybe the week off and working with the local Red Cross … today we are going to install about 30 PC’s that have been loaned to them onto their network for the processing of snail mail donations .. and then I am going to just do grunt work .. open and process donations — run for coffe — anything the people that know what they are doing want me to do … I have been to NO many times and loved that city … my heart goes out to every one on the Gulf coast …

  • Jeff:
    Grammar grannies run in my family.

    You were excited, it’s understandable.

    Looks like NO has a long rebuilding process ahead, and now it’s unhealthy to be in the city limits at all. After many earthquakes, Japan has developed an extremely resilient building design, and all building going on at present requires that resilience to earthquake shaking. Maybe rebuilding will require NO buildings to include a building standard that allows for high water (as I mention above, in the bayous houses are built on stilts).