Dell sell

Yes, I, too, am getting sick of the Dell saga. But it is the gift that just keeps giving.

The phone rang during dinner tonight. Dell calling. I thought it might be a tech offering to deal with my son’s machine, since I had complained about it and the Dell PR lady who called yesterday said she’d have someone call (more on that later this weekend). But the odd-sounding guy on the phone just kept asking what I thought of the 600M we’d bought in February. I kept asking why he was asking. He kept asking the same general question. So, finally, I told him: Every time my son runs a game that uses the graphics card, it overheats so badly that I just bought an extra fan to run under the machine to keep it from scalding my kid’s knees.

Well, it turns out, the guy didn’t care. He said he’d pass it on. I asked what was going to happen. He had no answer. Dell didn’t give a damn.

Finally, he admitted that the only reason he was calling was to try to sell me some Dell broadband service.

I said I’m on the do-not-call list and he should not be calling me.

Dell has become worse than a door-to-door salesman. No pride. No shame. No value. No brand.

As I said when all this started: Dell sucks.