No, I have not prostituted myself

I’ve mostly received giggly emails about the juxtoposition of my headshot with Pam Anderson’s, uh, portrait in my first paid ad.

But I got a few expressing concern that I’ve become so desperate for money that I’m now un…, uh, self-employed, that I’d taken an ad for an explicit video.

Uh, folks, that’s just an advertising trick, a joke of sorts. It’s not that kind of explicit. It’s a PETA video, you see. Now, PETA women have been known to take off their clothes to protest fur, which’d be fine by me, but that’s not what I have here. It’s about chickens, folks.

So fear not, I may be a fan of Howard’s, but I’ve not gone that far. But come to think of it, maybe I should. Send in your pictures now for Girls of the Blogosphere….

(And spare me your angry email. That, too, is a joke.)

Some people are just too literal.