A microscope for every company

Steve Rubel reports that Mike Kaltschnee, the creator of the Hacking Netflix blog, is now starting a blog dedicated to tracking Trader Joe’s.

It’s a neat idea: individual blogs keeping a watchful eye on individual companies. This is just how micro this world can go.

If I were going to buy stock in a company, I’d be glad to have a person — rather than an analyst — giving me new perspective. Ditto if I were going to become a customer.

Hmmmm. What company should I track? Oh, maybe…. Dell?….

  • Spelling: Trader Joe’s.

  • Rob

    Hmmm… If your message was getting through properly, the first comment here would have been from a Dell person cheering you on and offering to help you secure the “DellWatch.com” URL.

    It’s amazing to me that this stuff can be so obvious, so easy to understand and so potentially profitable for companies and yet the companies still don’t get it.

    Are you going to have to go bang each one over the head with a rock?

  • When I started my Wal-Mart blog over a year ago, many people asked me how I could ever find enough to write about, but it turns out that even small companies will have more action than one blog can cover, and large companies could support a platoon of dedicated blogs.

  • Jeff, you crack me up.

    The most interesting “corporate sheppard” blog I’ve seen lately was for McDonalds called The McChronicles. It’s a wonderful, if not odd, blog. It can be found here:



  • I’d be glad to have a person — rather than an analyst — giving me new perspective.

    Yes and no. Personally, what I really want is a neutral point of view. How do I know that this person is neutral. Maybe he/she got fired and has a grudge against the company that I don’t know about. Just because it’s an individual doesn’t automatically make him/her a good ressource for unbiased information.