Open for business

I’m going to start taking ads on BuzzMachine. Two reasons: (1) I don’t make as much as I used to. (2) I want to learn how ads work and because I talk about the topic often, I realized it’s time to get my money where my mouth is. I’ve just created an ad strip on BlogAds and I’ll also be experimenting with the new Yahoo Publisher Network. I will also try ads on RSS, via Feedburner, because I do serve the full content there and because I want to learn about that as well. Ad strips will start appearing as soon as my son and webmaster can put them up.

My son disapproves of the aesthetics that will result from adding a column of ads on the right. I’m teaching him a bad lesson in greed v. art.

: I’m also going to try an A/B switch on Yahoo and AdSense, just to learn. I may not stick with Google but wanted to try it while I get Yahoo set up.