Glenn Reynolds is concentrating on multimedia these days: vlogs and podcasts. High on my list of things I wish I could do if I had more time these days is learning more about both forms so I can stop dabbling and start doing.

  • Podcasting on WordPress is incredibly simple. Upload an MP3 to your server, write a post that links to it, and you’re done. WordPress will automatically generate the required RSS enclosure to make it all work.

  • I believe that’s true of the latest Drupal/CivicSpace releases as well.

    YouTube and OurMedia are making this stuff simple for those who can’t handle the bandwidth as well.

  • Zeph1z

    I think when you start doing these (podcasting and vloggin) you know you are spending too much time on the internet when you could be spending much more time in the world around you instead of inside a box.