Dear Mr. Dell

To: Michael Dell….
CC: Michael George, chief marketing officer and vice president for the U.S. consumer business, Dell


Your customer satisfaction is plummeting, your marketshare is shrinking, and your stock price is deflating.

Let me give you some indication of why, from one consumer’s perspective. I won’t bore you with all the details of my saga of Dell hell; you can read all about it here and here. The bottom line is that a low-price coupon may have gotten me to buy a Dell, but your product was a lemon and your customer service was appalling.

I shipped back my computer today and only — only — because I wrote an email to you, Mr. George, did I manage to get a refund. I’m typing this on an Apple Powerbook. I also have bought two more Apples for our home.

But you didn’t just lose three PC sales and me as a customer.

Today, when you lose a customer, you don’t lose just that customer, you risk losing that customer’s friends. And thanks to the internet and blogs and consumer rate-and-review services, your customers have lots and lots of friends all around the world.

I blog. And I shared the story of my Dell travails here. The topic resonated with hundreds more people. Go read the many comments here and here. Too busy? Then have an intern or an MBA do it for you.

And then have them read all the many posts of other bloggers who pointed to my posts and shared their dissatisfaction with your products, service, and brand and, in many cases, announced that they were no longer going to buy your name: See some of those posts here or here and you’ll learn a lot.

Heard of those new podcast things? Well, you’re in one.

Now go read the press this generated, because the press is reading blogs, even if you’re not: here (where Fast company turned consumer dissatisfaction into a verb: you got Dell’d), here (ZDnet not just in America but in India, where your many customer-service people are probably reading this, even if you’re not), here (a mainstream newspaper), here (an influential online news service), here (a consumer PC magazine), here (BusinessWeek, guys), and plenty more here: Just Google it; you should be doing that every day.

Or nevermind the press and even the blogs and just go to a food court to listen to what your customers are really saying about you. A VC in Toronto named Rick Segal happened to be in his building’s food court when he witnessed this scene:

I happened to be sitting across from a couple of bank tellers from TD Canada Trust, the bank in our building. These two ladies I’d seen before so I knew where they worked.

Lady one: I was going to buy a new Dell but did you hear about Jeff Jarvis and the absolute hell he is going through with them.

Lady two: Yeah, I know the IT guy told me that the cobler blog was recommending we stay away from Dell.

Okay, after you are done laughing at this; laughing at Scoble’s name being mangled, laughing at two random bank tellers talking about some one line blog entry about some guy pissed off about his Dell experience; after you are done: Pay Attention.

I’ll accept that an IT guy would be reading scoble’s blog. I’ll even accept the IT guy offering an opinion which, randomly, I overheard.

The pay attention part: Lots of people (Dell?) are making the assumption that “average people” or “the masses” don’t really see/read blogs so, we take a little heat and move on.

Big mistake.

At the same time, as the tech columnist in the Houston Chronicle reported, you closed down one of your consumer forums and your own spokesman said that you have a corporate policy of not talking to your customers on blogs.

Big mistakes.

So allow me to give you some friendly and free advice about these blog things. You can pay for more.

1. Read blogs. Go to Technorati, Icerocket, Google, Bloglines, Pubsub, and search for Dell and read what they’re saying about you. Get it out of your head that these are “bloggers,” just strange beasts blathering. These are consumers, your marketplace, your customers — if you’re lucky. They are just people. You surely spend a fortune on consumer research, on surveys and focus groups and thinktanks to find out what people are thinking. On blogs, they will tell you for free. All you have to do is read them. All you have to do is listen.

2. Talk with your consumers. One of your executives said you have a look-don’t-touch policy regarding blogs. How insulting that is: You ignore your consumers? You act as if we’re not here? How would you like it if you gave someone thousands of dollars and they ignored you? You’re not used to being treated that way. Neither are we. It’s just rude. These bloggers care enough to talk about your products and service and brands. The least you can do is engage them and join the conversation. You will learn more than any think tank can ever tell you about what the market thinks of your products. But go to the next step: Ask ask your consumers what they think you should do. You’ll end up with better products and you’ll do a better job selling them to more satisfied customers who can even help each other, if you’ll let them. It’s good business, gentlemen.

3. Blog. If Microsoft and Sun and even GM, fercapitalismsake, can have their smartest blogging. So why shouldn’t you? Or the better question: Why should you? Because it’s a fad? No. Because it will make you cool with your kids? No. Blog because it shows that you are open and unafraid — no, eager — to engage your consumers, eye-to-eye.

4. Listen to all your bad press and bad blog PR and consumer dissatisfaction and falling stock price and to the failure of your low-price strategy and use that blog to admit that you have a problem. Then show us how you are going to improve quality and let us help. Make better computers and hire customer service people who serve customers.

It sounds so simple, so downright silly, doesn’t it? But that’s what you’re not doing now. And that’s why you lost me as a customer. But if you join the conversation your customers are having without you, it may not be too late.


Jeff Jarvis

P.S. I have one Dell left in the house, my son‘s. And just last night, he said he had to buy a fan to put under his machine to suck the heat out so the graphics card won’t overheat and slow down every time he plays a game. He looked online and found that people have complained to Dell… but no one would listen. Do you hear us now?

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I bought a new (used) laptop last week. While browsing the ads I found a few Dell’s. I rejected them out of hand due to the Jarvis DELL HELL saga.
    I didn’t know Dell had dropped the ball as far as quality was concerned. A few years ago, I would still be in the dark. The new grapevine is a great thing for consumers.

    The ripples from the new media have far reaching consequences.
    I get asked a lot for computer advice and I will not recommend Dell products anymore until they get their act together.

    “Cute” marketing campaigns with telegenic college-age models will not save Dell’s keister.

    Dell ignores their customer base at their own peril, as do all companies.

    It’s a new age…adapt or die.

    It’s late, I feel the flu coming on, I hope the above post made some sense.

    • Dan G

      Here is one for XPS and Dell Canada. About two and a half years ago I purchased a Dell XPS M1210 from Dell Canada. The company then was in Canada when you called them to place your order which cost me about $2,500.00. I needed to have the computer fixed ehich turned out to be a “nightmare.” After almost losing my computer because it was sent to another address, it came back not properly fixed. So off it went again and again it was not completely fixed. Now I am having trouble with the computer again (purchased the three year warranty) which was a good thing but can I talk to someone from Canada?? Not a chance, all calls go to the Philippines. Not only is that a problem with trying to communicate in English but it seems they just don’t care. I have been trying to get a hold of a Canadian to let them know but they just keep putting me through to Philippines. So here I am now with my $2,500 computer and warranty still left but it does not mean anything…..Beware XPS buyers!! I will never go Dell again because of the poor service and lack of communications. Now I know “first hand” what “Dell Hell” really means..

  • Jeff, your Dell Hell entries are a lesson for all of us in business. Thank you for being so public and clear in your communication. You showing how blogging can give consumers a voice and force a company to take notice – albiet too late in the case of Dell. The commercial and social arrogance of many global companies is all too often masked by cute advertising. Your voice of one has woken many who had given up.

  • Excellent summary, Jeff. Count me in as another about-to-buy-a-Dell guy who got cold feet after reading about your experience.

    Oh, you might want to fix the typo in this sentence:

    “But you didn’t just lose three PC sales and you me as a customer.”

    Can I be your editor?

  • Arthur

    Having been through one Dell hell, I would have made more of a point of the laughably inept/useless/overpriced “home service”. One problem with Dell’s direct sales strategy is the inability to have something like Apple’s Genius bars. (Where you can actually get help). By the way, it’s travail, not trevail.

  • Brandon Blatcher

    I’m curious- Will Jeff decide he really likes the Powerbook and start singing it’s praises? If he find problems with the “Book” or service and blogs about it, will Apple respond? If so, will Apple notice? Will Sony notice and send him a laptop?

    It seems kinda brain dead not to respond to this things.

  • Great letter.
    Now everybody must spread the word about it, so that Dell people can never escape the Buzz.

    I blogged about it and asked everyone to blog about it too.

  • Thank you, my editors, for the edits.

    • Dan

      I personally have had a DELL for 3 years and not one problem. All companies are making their products cheaper by the day. I for one will never in my life buy an Apple, unless my doorstop doesnt work any longer. To compete with the market including DELL are putting cheaper parts in their machines, I have friends with just as big complaints from other big name companies ie HP, Gateway what not. I must have gotten a super machine DELL with no quarks.

    • Joe Pellar

      Has anyone noticed that when on Line with Dell service, there is a concerted effort to sell you something. Anyone notice you CAN NOT talk to a rep. from the U.S. Anyone notice that “Dell on Call” tech support always tells you, the reason your computor is slow, freezes or not functioning correctly, a purchase suggested by the tech rep, will solve the problem. When it doesn’t, just try to get a refund, or contact someone who cares. Anyone notice that the tech rep doesn’t want you to see, or know what he is doing on your computor, when you allow him/her access to your machine.

  • I love my Dell. I have three desktops at home, a Dell PDA, and around twenty units at my offices including laptops and two servers… I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience with them, but I’ve never had any major problems at all. I hope you have better luck with your new rig.

    • goodbyedell


  • When a customer receives an unusual service – good or bad – they will often talk about it.

    A customer can undermine you or be an advocate for you. No company should aim for satisfied customers. That target is too low and a slight miss brings you into the unhappy zone with him.

    Aim for delighted. Think about what you’d like your customer to say about you.

    Then do what’s necessary to get them to say it…

  • “your customers have lots and lots of friends all around the world.”

    – people have a elephant memory for thing going wrong!
    – 6th degrees of separation: thru internet you will have a much chance that some one knows some one who is going thru a Dell Hell!

  • John

    Jeff, if you really want to get to the folks at Dell, you might want to send a head-up to the pople at the Austin American-Stateman. Since Dell is headquartered in nearby Round Rock, any sort of story or blurb in that paper or on their website ( about growing dissatisfaction with Dell due to poor customer service would be seen not only by the firms executives, but by thousands of the company’s employees, who might help put some internal pressure on Dell to clean up its act.

  • Brent

    Too bad you had a bad experience with em’, I know thier customer service has really gone down in quality these last few years but then so has everyone’s…

    If you really want to get a PC done right shop around for a good local PC repairman or learn to build/repair one yourself.

    Often times you can build a PC for noticably less than a high end Dell (minus those crazy cupons of course, I used one myself recently to get a BFG7800GT for $345 shipped when they were selling for $420 elswhere! but I’d never buy a whole PC other than a laptop from them….), those low end bundles are usually unbeatable, but then you get what you pay for…

  • Joe Marcom

    My “Dell Hell” was sub-contracted to Dell Financial Services. AFTER Dell shipped me a laptop, and later, a flat-panel TV, I received mail from DFS, stating much less desirable payment options than those advertised by Dell.
    An angry letter to Dell Customer Service got a telephone response with an apology but denial of responsibility.
    Never again, Dell!

  • We’re currently on our second Dell PC and in need of a new desktop or laptop, or, likely, both. I’d like a wireless laptop for my blogging and my wife would sure enjoy having a desktop PC freed up for her, as I spend a lot of time on our sole PC now and it frustrates her to no end.

    I don’t think a week goes by that we do not receive a Dell email offering big discounts on their products. But we’ve been a tad reluctant to remain loyal Dell customers, as we’ve read the bad press of late and, frankly, your post, Jeff, may have sealed the deal for us.

    I’ve posted on customer service nightmares with other services and products, and pointed in my blog to what seems a significant deterioration in the Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma programs that not too long ago were being zealously embraced by most major Fortune 500 companies. Indeed, my wife just recently bought and received a defective Motorola cell phone!

    So on the strength of your credibility, Jeff, we’ll look elsewhere for our next PC(s).

  • Jort

    Jeff, in suggestion nr. 2: “…But go to the next step: Ask ask your consumers…”

    Asking once is enough :-)

    Seriously, excellent letter, can’t wait to see if there will be a response.

  • I too have been warning people away from Dells, after the appauling service and quailty of their products.

    After 11 years of using PCs, it only took 1 year with a Dell and now I’m using an ibook. So I’ll give Dell some credit for helping me discover Apple.

  • Thanks for this eloquent explanation of Dell Hell. I’ve been there too. I am currently in HP IPAQ 2755 hell and might as well be talking to me dog about getting the problem solved. At least he listens.

    I wonder if anyone can name a computer manufacturer who provides GOOD service. I’d buy my next hardware from them if I could see proof from a bunch of people that they’ve had good customer service experiences with one company.

    The customer service problem goes well beyond Dell. Bad service, uncaring, ignorant and arrogant service and tech support is rampant.

    I wonder just what kind of wake up call will convince companies that we’re sick and tired and not going to take it anymore?

    A Dell boycott maybe?

  • I have a few nightmare stories without ever buying a computer from Dell. My roommate in college ordered a Dell. It came in, we turned it on, the lights went on but the CD-ROM drive wasn’t working. Luckily I have been inside computers, having always built every one I owned, except my laptop and an Alienware I bought (which has since been replaced with another custom built one). The power wasn’t connected to the CD-ROM drive. Who, being a typical user, would have known to check this? This was Fall 1998.

    After reading this, I’m even more glad I build my own :)

  • Ed Rusch

    This would have been more compelling if it had not been a blatant “hire-me-as-an-intermediary-to-bloggers” letter. Blogging has nothing to do with your issues, nor does it have anything to do with the real solution: make sure you have a machine that works.

  • No, Ed, I gave them all the advice they need for free.

  • Jeff,

    After dealing with their terrible customer service and products I not only got rid of my Dell and switched to an Apple, but I also sold all of my Dell stock.

  • I don’t think the point is that Jeff had a bad experience and others had better experience (I have three Dell products, and I’m happy with them).

    The point is that this is what happens when companies ignore the conversation. The negative talk doesn’t go away. Instead, it becomes the dominant key message attached to that company, no matter how many marketing dollars are spent on TV commercials and newspaper inserts.

    You can’t buy and control a one-way conversation anymore. Some companies just aren’t getting it.

  • Darla Jenkins

    I am on hold right now with Dell. We ordered a Dell Inspiron 8000 in July. The wireless network card does not work and has not worked from day 1. We stayed on the phone with Dell, Dell sent a service technician to our home—he replaced the card but could not get it to work. We stayed on the phone MORE with Dell and they finally issued a pickup or at least had us call DHL for our pickup. Computer was returned to Memphis TN on Friday, August 12, 2005 and returned to us on Monday, August 15, 2005.
    COMPUTER STILL DOES NOT WORK. All we want is to return it for a full refund. But Dell thinks we should pay 15% to return it. I will not pay this as the computer was faulty before we ever received it.

    Does anyone have any contact email addresses (for Michael Dell) or phone numbers for Dell in Texas or just in the USA? Any help would be appreciated!

  • matt c

    It’s like the United Airlines stories in Cluetrain. It would be funny, but those online follies happened 10 years ago and that just makes this pathetic.

  • I know exactly how you feel, Jeff, in a sort of inverse way. After ten years of assorted Dells (which were always great for me) I got cognitive dissonance with everyone telling me how great Apple was. So I bought my first Mac, an iBook.

    And I ended up in 18 months of Apple Hell, before I decided it was rotten to the core. Oh, the machine worked according to the specification, sure, but the service and support, the interface – the whole ‘paradigm’ – didn’t. And it felt as slow (and less useful) than my 5 year old Dell laptop.

    Dell never did me wrong, that’s not why I switched; I simply listened to the ‘buzz’. I was disillusioned within the first month with Mac, but stuck it out for another year and more, just in case I ‘got it’.

    I didn’t. This year I switched back to Dell. A server and two workstations at work, and – two months ago, ah bliss – a laptop for myself. Goodbye iBook, no hard feelings. Except I only managed to sell off the iBook for the price of the original extended warranty. I bought an iBook, and 18 months later, with 18 months to run on the warranty, it was worth nothing.

    It’s not all happy between me and Dell. I’m fed up with the Indian support lines, the heavy accents I can’t understand, the staff who are obviously under pressure, with heavy-handed sales technique. But nothing that Apple don’t do worse in my experience. Don’t want to sound rude, but rural Irish and French accents can sound just as tricky to my British ears.

    Moral: I dunno. Other grass may be greener, but it just might turn out to be astroturf.

  • Frattaway

    Sorry about all your Dell problems…but at least you don’t have a Gateway.

    My first computer was a gateway, and it was the worst purchase I ever made. When I went to college, I decided to give Dell a try. Maybe 2001 was a good year, because my Dell is one of the best computers I’ve ever had. Everything still runs just as well as it used to, hell, I even dropped the moniter on a hardwood floor, cracked the casing, and it still works.

    True, all the customer service representatives may be Indian (dots, not feathers), but at least you can get in touch with them. While the gateway was non-existent and left me on hold for hours at a time, the very helpful dell reps hold a special place in my heart for retreiving a Medical Ethics term paper from deep within the reaches of a Dell Desktop. Heck, they even got it to work afterwards too.

    Anyway, I do believe that it would be a good thing if Dell designated someone to respond to blogs. Then I could get payed for how I waste my time daily.

  • I went through 14 hours of customer service, but ultimately beat the system by instructing the phone rep in what she should be doing. I was horribly dissatisfied with my service, but ultimately I got an incredible system at a great price. Their service sucks, and they are losing customers to it, but as long as they win on pricing they are still going to sell a lot of computers.

  • Jeff,

    Although I am a loyal reader of your site, I only glossed over the various Dell posts over the past few weeks (months?) because they didn’t really interest me, until I finally read this one. Without knowing the specifics of your problem, I will say that I’m sorry you got a bad product and poor customer service, but that I personally have never had a problem with Dell. I’ve owned their PCs in my home for years and we have had them at our office for even longer. I have in the past and would in the future recommend them to others.

    I only once had to use their customer service, but they actually were quite helpful to me when I called at 1 in the morning after screwing with my setup so that I couldn’t get on the Internet anymore and the Indian gentleman (who admittedly was tough to understand) told me about the Restore function that got me back to a state before I had screwed everything up. So I just want some of your readers to realize that others have had better experiences with Dell (and it seems to me that you might be just as likely to experience the same thing with Apple, HP, or Gateway.. but maybe not.)

  • I was considering a Dell, but have enjoyed my 4-year old Vaio laptop and after reading this thread, I’m sticking with what I know. I’ll be buying a Vaio RA842G desktop.

    But I will ask this: how in the world could you have bought an Apple after the way in which Apple has treated bloggers? If you rake Dell for its neglect of consumers and bloggers, why would you support a company that is legally hostile to bloggers?

  • Daniel

    I just sent back my Inspiron 1150 after six-months of misery. The machine worked for two weeks without a problem, then after Dell admitted a HD problem shipped a replacement which never worked properly.

    My own “Dell Hell” ensued. Finally, after numerous letters went unanswered I filed a complaint with my state Attorney General, the FTC (over Dell Financial’s harassing actions) and hired a lawyer to oversee my self-handling of the complaint.

    The thing is, even if Dell promised to fix or replace the laptop, I don’t really want anything to do with the–ever again.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, I still have had no response from Dell.

  • Chris

    Just last week I bought a new computer. Despite advertisments for Dell computers that were far cheaper than other brands, I didn’t even consider purchasing one. Instead I went with a Compaq/HP machine and I’m very pleased with it. Your Dell Hell posts were a huge part of my decision to not go with Dell. Those, and the google results I found when I punched in those words. Thanks for exposing their ineptness. You saved me a lot of headaches, I’m sure.

  • Interesting letter and meme, however, I have had the same type of experience with my first Apple. I penned a letter to Mr. Jobs and am awaiting a response and a $4,500+ check (computer cost + my time).

    The whole sad saga has been blogged about at my blog.

    I guess Dell’s lemon and Apple’s lemon will cancel one another out. As I’ve state at my blog, I will never own an Apple again. Yes, it was Halo Hell.

    Ken Leebow

    PS. I have had people tell me that they will not buy Apple because of my experience. And that’s a good thing.

  • Gerard

    My brother-in-law has always been a big Dell fan. That is, until his latest Dell went on the blink and he found himself in “Dell Hell.” He experienced much of what your posts have described and has since been telling everyone to never buy a Dell. This is a huge turnaround for him and a great loss for Dell as he was such an ambassador before. He said he feels tricked because he had been such a fan only to have to experience a merry-go-round of buck passing and nobody wanting to help. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jeff. You speak for many unknown to you.

  • Apples generally don’t break all that often, but when they do, lord do they break.

    Personally, I’m never buying another OEM box. I just built my first computer from the ground up, and for the $1,000 I spent I wouldn’t have gotten 1/2 the performance from an OEM maker.

  • I recently bought an Inspiron 9200. In the past I have experienced great customer service from Dell. I think there CD/DVD drives and keyboards are unreliable but they have always fixed them.

    What I hate about Dell is that my laptop came preloaded with ADWARE (MyWebSearch or some such horror). When I discovered that, I cursed Michael Dell for a week and told everyone I knew how pathetic Dell is.

    My next bad experience came when we ordered a laptop for one of our mobile users. We specifically told them not to load AOL because it interferes with our corporate VPN. But alas, AOL was installed and ready to go.

    I’m just waiting for Apple to switch to Intel chips and then I’m changing ships.

    Michael Dell: How could you preload ADWARE on my $2,000 laptop? How dare you! Why do you elect to compromise your integrity and customer satisfaction for short term profits?

  • I may well be the sole voice in the wilderness with something good to say about Dell. I bought a new desktop system a week ago and I’m absolutely thrilled with it.

    Initial impressions here:

    Mind you, I have had no dealings with anyone at any Dell customer service location, just the sales guys and the website…

  • Scott McDonald

    Jeff, best luck with the Apple, hopefully you won’t be one of the people who run into horror stories with their support either.

    (not as frequent as with other manufacturers, but Apple support has it’s issues too, as does some of their hardware, especially the first gen G5 iMacs)

  • Paco Lebel

    Don’t forget the old customer service adage…: “you get great service, you tell a few people, you get horrible service you tell everyyyyyyyyyyyone”

  • Neville: I listened to your podcast on this. Of course, buying is easy. And if the machine doesn’t break, you’ll be OK. But if it does break, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you….

  • Paco from Canada had trouble posting this but I enjoyed the email so much, I’ll post it for him (making me wish I’d made my service calls in German)….

    I live in Canada, and have had great Dell customer service with complete care at home repair. They fix and replace everything no problem. However I have a secret, I speak French, so instead of dealing with Apu, I deal with someone who I can understand.

    That being said, I’m buying a new laptop, and it won’t be Dell. Why? Dell Hell stories. I just don’t trust the company anymore because of all of the horror stories i’ve heard and read (blogs, customer reviews).

    If I buy another Dell, and go through hell which was universally forecast, I will never forgive myself. Plus Dell techs, replaced about 10 parts on my laptop, on 10 visits (inspiron 8000 total 5000$ canadian not a cheap one)

    so much for quality parts, durability sucks.
    Adieu Dell

  • Thanks, Jeff. Everyone keeps telling me that… ;)

  • A month ago I bought a new Dell laptop and I love that machine. 2 weeks later I managed to ruin my keyboard by accidently emptying a Coke onto it. I immediatly called Dell support, asking for a new keyboard. No questions where asked, the next day UPS delivered a brand new keyboard, without additional costs.


    Their website sucks bigtime though..

  • I am typing this comment on an HP laptop. But for awful customer service, it would have been a Dell. My order was placed, then canceled for a minor bookeeping reason. The DellHell of trying to get my order reinstated was by far one of my worst customer service experiences ever. Ever.

    Why HP? No reason other than it wasn’t Dell, and I needed something fast. My thought at the time: “If this is how Dell treats me when I’m trying to give them $2,000, what happens if I actually have a problem?”

    Hop onto the Cluetrain, folks. Markets are conversations. The marketplace is speaking loud and clear here.

  • andrew

    Yes, it’s bad not to pay attention to customer comments, whether in blogs, customer forums, or in the press. And yes, people are coming to understand that Dell can suck.

    But self-important “The Blogosphere Is Changing EVERYTHING!!!11!1!1!” kerfuffle doesn’t help your case. Get over yourself!

  • Ben

    Dude, get an Apple.

  • Chris2

    Sometimes Dell’s incompetence actually works in the customer’s favor. Okay, maybe 1% of the time, but still…

    A few years ago a friend ordered a Dell desktop and monitor. Showed up a few days later and everything was fine. The next week, another IDENTICAL PC and monitor arrived. She called Dell to tell them they made a mistake and to come pick it up, and they told her just to keep it! So I think her mom got a new PC too. But of course they now hate Dell like everyone else anyway.

  • How old are you, Andrew? Let me only explain to you that Jeff comes from a time when little people at the street-level could only dream about telling ignoramus corporations how rotten they were. If you’re young, you will not understand what a big deal it is that the voice of dissatisfaction can be massed so effectively. You will not understand that this really is something new.

    Unless you hear it on a blog, of course.

  • Jeremy R

    I buy Dells for my corporation. And they work very well. My “secret”?

    I buy Gold Level Support. It costs $50 or so. It lets you jump the queue, and you supposedly get someone who knows what they are doing. And, generally – they do.

    Also, I am NOT impressed with Inspirons – the build quality on Latitudes seems to be much better.

  • andrew

    Billy, Ralph Nader published “Unsafe At Any Speed” a decade before I was born, and that was pretty damn effective.

    Yes, blogs are new. Hooray! Long live the Great Blogosphere Revolution! But to claim that nothing like this has ever happened before is pure folly.

  • Well Jeff, you found the ultimate answer to your problem : Apple computers :-)

  • Phil


    it seems amazingteh differences between Dell UK and dell US over here dells customer service could still do with a touch up such as UK call centers etc.. but its not as bad as most other PC comps. as for teh quality of their machines i am MD or CEO of a software company here in teh UK and we have about 500 workstaions and run about 50 servers at any one time. they are all dell machines and all servers run on linux whilst we are still limited to windows on the workstaions. the point is that in the 10 years we have run on dell we have had one hardware failure and that was a backup hard drive.

    i just hope that dell UK/EU does not fall to the standards you seem to have in the US

  • Bill

    My wife and I both got Dell laptops about three months ago. Hers up and stopped working about two weeks ago and we got her a powerbook. Mine still works, but will soon be replaced with another powerbook.

    Frankly, Dell computers cannot be trusted. Apple, despite all the mistakes they’ve made over the years, is doing a terrific job.

  • Jeff, I am sorry to hear of your terrible experience…but for every person like you, there is one for Apple, one for HP/Compaq, and so on. And of course, there is the opposite.

    There are people like me. I have a Dell Dimension 8200, Pentiium 2.4GHz with 512MB Ram and a 64MB Nvidea GPU, plus DVD+R out of the box. It now has 3x80GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 256MB ATI Sapphire, and has a SCSI controller and USB 2.0 (USB 2.0 was just hitting the market when I bought this system for $1600.)

    I run Apache 2, PHP 5 and MySQL. And while running as an ultrapeer in a popular P2P program, in addition to 63 other running processes, I can play Battlefield Vietnam, BF:2, Medal of Honor, or whatever…all at the same time.

    When I first got it, the burner did not work…after 10 minutes of talking to CS, I was transferred to someone who knew the difference between RAM and ROM…and 10 minutes after that, I had a new burner on the way. The box has worked like a champ since…although I wish it had more PCI slots, and I wish I had NEVER installed Norton AV (I run TrendMicro now,) it has been a great system, and couples nicely with my (perfect) Dell Axim x50V…

  • Traveler

    I have never owned a Dell, but I have helped several people through Dell Hell. Not good experiences.

    I have been an executive in two major suppliers to Dell. They really do go out of their way to try to get the best quality parts at the price points they choose, and the Dell procuremnet team spends a lot of time on supplier quality. However, no matter how good the parts are, it doesn’t help the after sales service.

    I work in the PC component industry, and I have used a lot of laptop brands and have helped a lot of people with even more. For me, the best experience has been IBM (now Lenovo) Thinkpad – for myself (currently, a T42), my kids (X31, T23, t20, …), my parents (t23s), my employees, …

    I always buy the better lines – currently T-series or X series thinkpads. Tough, generally well designed, easily serviced anywhere in the world. I had a motherboard replaced in Thailand a couple of years ago, and a display replaced in Japan before that, even though I buy al my systems in the US.

    I have had some bad experiences with the I and R series thinkpads (“consumer level”) because they are not designed by IBM/Lenovo (I think the I series was just a relabelled Acer, and I can’t remember who did my R series).

    I don’t always buy new (for the kids), but I always buy thinkpad. They sometimes cost more, but they are worth every penny (and if you buy used, the warranty is usually transferrable).

    I generally get reasonable tech support. In the US, I usually talk to support in Atlanta or in Canada, but once in a while I get Dublin. I have talked to some really incredible IBM tech support people (people who have actuially worked on PCs themselves and can think beyond the canned scripts). I have also had to endure a few clueless people who can barely read the scripts(When my idiot detector goes off, I just hang up and call back — hold times are usually under 5 minutes, often under 2).

    I am not saying IBM support is perfect. I have had support people tell me to reformat my hard drive to fix a driver problem. The repair group isn’t without a few warts either — I had two motherboards replaced on my t40 in less than a month last year, and they “lost” my laptop for a week a couple of years ago), but it is sure better than I have experienced with other PC companies.

    Also, I saw a concern voiced about the Lenovo acquisition of Thinkpad. Personally, I am not worried a bit. In fact, it might be the best thing for Thinkpad.

    I have personally talked to some of the Lenovo executives about the acquisition. Lenovo has been one of the biggest PC companies in China for some time, and they are deeply committed to be in the PC business. I think they will put the focus and investment into Thinkpad to allow it to really flourish. But, we will have to watch and see how they do…

    Most people don’t realize, but almost all of IBM’s thinkpads have been built in China for several years. Most of them are built in a very modern facility in Shenzhen (just a few minutes from Hong Kong, on a good traffic day), which I happened to drive past this morning (I am on a business trip in China). That plant now has a shiny new “Lenovo” sign on it, Thinkpads are still rolling down the lines, and their employees say that nothing is really changing in the products.

    As an aside, over 90% of all notebooks in the world are built in China now, mostly by ODM companies who build for many brands. Companies like Quanta, Asustech, etc who build for HP,. Sony. Even some Dells and thinkpads. In fact, Lenovo and Dell are the only big PC companies I can think of who still build most of their own laptops in their own factories in China.

    The thinkpad design team in Japan was also part of the Lenovo deal, so I don’t expect there to be any problem with the designs going downhill either. For those people who have experienced overheating on laptops, it is almost purely a design issue, and no amount of “repair” can fix a bad design.

    I worked for IBM for many years, and the pressure on the PC division to cut cost, reduce service, etc. was always pretty intense because they weren’t making the profits IBM expected. I really liked IBM, but IBM just couldn’t understand how to play in a low margin, high volume market like PCs. I often thought that Thinkpad succeeded more “despite” being in IBM than “because” it was in IBM. (I could tell you stories about some of the amazingly subversive tactics some IBM employees / teams had to use to defend their products and customers against idiotic directives from some IBM executives who couldn’t see past the quarterly financials…)

  • dellman

    Hi everyone, I work for Dell Tech Support.
    Now I’m not here to advertise for Dell, because I think it was a bad move for them to downgrade the consumer side of business (Dell is mostly concentrating on the business/government side now). Everyone should do what Jeremy R has done. If you still like Dell, then they still have the best customer service; that is if you buy the Gold Support contract. It means you’ll talk to someone in the States, every technician is Microsoft Certified, there is 2 minutes or less queue wait-times (usually none), and we provide seamless support (we’ll support anything attached or installed on your Dell, then if we can’t solve it, we’ll conference in the 3rd party support for help).

  • Dellman: what kind of crap is that: We are blackmailed into paying more to get acceptable service? I paid a fortune to get the at home service. But that wasn’t’ enough. I have to buy gold. The fact that gold srevice even exists is an admission that the rest of the service is tin. Therein lies Dell’s precise problem: We treat you like crap… unless you pay up. I know you come in with the best of intentions but that really gets my goat; it is the best indication of the worst of dell.

  • Kevin

    People should really stop complaining and learn how to put togerther their PC’s from loose parts, firstly because it isn’t difficult at all, and secendly because it’s cheaper than having some dufus doing it for you and you paying him money indicrectly, as this probably adds up to the price.

  • Tina

    Customer service shouldn’t have “levels”. It should be first rate all the time for every customer. Any company that resorts to making their customers pay for good service deserves what it gets – loss of business. I was getting ready to buy a Dell, but not anymore. Sorry Dell, you snooze you lose.

  • Andreas De La Rosa

    When a manufacturer or reseller blunder and really screw up a customers order and/or purchase experience, they have a 15 second grace period to turn that very negative experience into perhaps the best customer experience for said customer. However, most larger companies like Dell, don’t really givea rats ass and neither would you if you were shipping 2.3 million units a day worldwide. Fact is for companies the size of Dell it’s all about the bottom line, no innovation, just profit margins.

  • Bill Cloutier

    I’ve also had problems with Dell service. Never mind that I have difficulty communicating with tech support people with thick foreign accents; they know less about my Dell than I do. When I call tech support, I’ve already research the knowledge base; in other words, calling tech support is a last resort. Yet, when I tell the tech that I am somewhat knowledgeable and need Level Two tech support. they cannot provide it.

    I’ve had a new Dell Latitude x300 for about a year — my fourth Dell computer. The wireless card is defective and Dell refuses to acknowledge my troubles. The slough it off on my wireless router company. I’ve given up. My next machine will be another — as yet undetermined — brand; but it will not be a Dell.

  • Peggy Lin

    My dell computer was really messed up one time and the tech guy was very helpful and nice. He walked me thru all the steps needed to make the computer work again. Everyone has bad days, give them a break.

  • dellman

    Like I said, I’m not here to advertise for them. The fact is, you really need to run a big corporation to get the best service. We treat big businesses like gods because that’s where most of Dell’s money comes from. We’d rather lose a few customers who buy 1 or 2 systems a year than a huge business that spends a million dollars a week on our stuff.

  • Kevin: I’ve been building my own PC’s since 1990, and I have never seen anyone, anywhere, who built their own laptop. It’s probably happened, I guess, but it would be nothing in the world like building a desktop box.

    Jeff’s problem began with a laptop.

  • Justice

    I have 2 Dell desktops and 2 laptops and have never had any problems. The one time I needed customer service they were slow to respond, but I think my expectations have been lowered and I was not overly dismayed. I was actually amused by the service rep…”My name is Mahatma, but you can call me Michael”. Despite my own experience, I can’t ignore the clarity of the mesages listed here. I’m beginning to feel that I have been lucky and I am not inclined to trust my luck with Dell in the future.

  • Ed Rusch

    “Customer service shouldn’t have “levels”. It should be first rate all the time for every customer. ”

    And there should be a chocolate-shake dispenser on every corner.

    That won’t happen, either.

  • Laurie

    I would love my voice to be heard as well….thank you for finally giving a voice to the DELL NIGHTMARE. Here is my letter to Dell outlining my list of issues:

    Dell Customer Support –
    OptiPlex GX260
    Service Tag: 7P4GQ11

    I purchased A Dell Otiplex in 8/5/2002 with the most expensive warranty in home warranty.

    On 05/29/2003 it would no longer work.
    From that point on over 50 calls or more were made to Dell.
    I would say without exaggeration that we have spent over 100 hours dealing with this issue. These calls were incredibly frustrating. We were made to tear the computer part, take parts out, test different functions. We were hung up numerous times, Could not understand many of your technicians as their English was not very good; We were told that technicians would call us back – they did not. The list is endless in terms of our time spent and incredible frustration.

    Two mother board were replaced- one on 9/21/2003 – another on 2/20/04.
    At both times your in home technicians would not stay until windows booted up, saying that “we do not do software.”

    When we tried to load the Windows System CD, it said a file was missing. Once again called technical support. They said the CD was bad and sent us a new one.
    Received the CD and loaded Windows. This now is September of 2003.

    We called Dell again (many different numbers – all technicians giving us different numbers)
    I was told that no disks could be sent to us. I also had purchased windows XP Professional and was told that I would have to re-purchase this. (Unbelievable, is this really legal?)

    I kept trying different avenues. Finally got a technician that said she would put all the files I needed on a list that I could download as no cd could be sent to me. The one caveat that they would only work if I saved them to a 3.5” disk. I asked her, “would they fit.” She said yes. When I saw the list of the files, I knew immediately that they were too big for a disk. How she could not know this being a technical support person is beyond me.

    I then called again. The new person I got said he would send me a CD with the drivers.
    We spent approx. 3-4 hours trying to load the drivers and get the computer to work.

    We finally broke down and decided to try the DELL Customer Support Nightmare again. We got a hold of another technician and we were told we received the wrong CD for the wrong model of computer.

    We still cannot use our computer.

    Your company in my opinion has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced.

    I would like at the very least my warranty extended to cover an additional 9 months. But what I would really like is a computer that works.

    As I’ve talked to other Dell owners, I have heard similar nightmares from them as well. How you can run a company like this is amazing to me. When someone spends over $2000 for a computer and pays for the most expensive warranty because they NEED their computer to run a business, one would hope that when your computer malfunctions that you FIX IT!!! Not make the user go through absolute torture!

  • Bruce

    Thanks for venting the frustration many of us have experienced with Dell Jeff. I’ve personally used and supported countless brands of computing equipment over the years and I am still bullish on the quality and value of the Dell brand, but I admit Customer Service is diminishing year by year and now it’s become a problem for me in performing my business.

    What galls me is that Dell provides the same crappy customer service to its business customers that it does to its consumer business. A tech clueless family member has had better luck getting good help from certain staff members in Hyderabad for issues concerning his personal Dimension than I have had in pursuing issues for my business, as a skilled IT administrator. I’m patient in letting them work through their script even though I already understand the root cause of the issue and in the end they still have no clue how to proceed when they get to the end of their list. I’m forced to request a supervisor or 2nd level support, but that’s not much help either. Getting a decent, out-of-the-box thinking support rep is a hit and miss proposition, but now and then I work with an outstanding person, like the individual that helped me recover a mission critical NAS server that I personally pooched. They got me back in business on Christmas Eve in less than an hour so I could be back at home with my family. Luckily with certain enterprise focused products they still get you in touch with SMEs rather quickly.

    Presently I’m battling an issue with our Dell Inspiron 700m notebooks. They have an audio design flaw that makes the internal sound processor useless for recoding audio and thus, internet telephony. This problem is well documented on Dell Forums, blogs, and other Internet sites, but Dell publicly has not come clean about this. Support reps have admitted there is a flaw in the 700M, but Dell has yet to come up with a solution for its Customers and it would seem hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue in a general support bulletin. I reported the problem the other day and after much persistence got to a support supervisor who knew nothing of the issue and couldn’t find any information on it in their system. I find that interesting considering the issue must have been reported by thousands of customers, but apparently their CRM systems are so poor one can not do simple searches effectively. In any case, this person sounded committed to pursuing my issue with higher-ups and promised a call back the next day. It never came. I’m guessing he took it to management who told him to stand down on this one. Take a look at to read more about this problem and the buzz it’s created.

  • I bought my first Dell over nine years ago when Dell was small company and gave good quality service and I was able to speak to an American technician who spoked English that I could understand. The second Dell was seven years ago. but still I had good service. Then three years ago I bought this 8200 Dimension Dell and my troubles begans. I had major problems and the vaious people I spoked too couldn’t talk English that I could understand. Spent hours and hours on the telephone with various foreign technicians and supervisors with no results until I finally brought in a local PC techician at my own expense who once was a local ontsite technician for Dell. I spent another thousand dollars and I refurbished the new Dell computer with quality parts and now it runs pretty good without the help of Dell.

    So Mr. Dell, I shall never buy another Dell product again. I have forewarned others not to buy Dell products, because of my troubles with Dell. Since you love foreign cheap labor, then that it is what we get, cheap computers with cheap unable to speak English speakers who live in India, Pakistan, or some other sing song country. (My name is Bob, may I help you. in a sing song tone. What kind of BS are you trying to prove.?)

    Incidentally Mr. Dell, I understand you had to satisfied your big business customers with American quality technicians when they told you either American service technician, or no more business with your company. Trouble with your company Mr. Dell, you got to big for your britches and you wanted to cut cost by hiring cheap help in foreign countries; however, you are charging big time bucks for worthless service. The bell curve has caught up with you as it is now going down and hopefully your demise.


  • Ex-Dell Peon

    I used to work for Dell, in their corporate technical support department. I watched as a department that was focused on both customer satisfaction and employee empowerment got sucked into the corporate maelstrom. I watched them stop promoting supervisors and managers from within, and watched them cut the training budget on a monthly basis, and watched them outsource to companies who only cared about call turnover. I watched the emphasis on solving problems shift to an emphasis on call turnover.

    And still, I thought it was a good place to work, right up until Michael Dell said that anyone who wanted to be able to fix or modify their computer “freaks”. Yes, that’s right, the owner and CEO insulted half his tech support department, at a minimum.

    I got out, and I’m not sorry, because while I was on those phones, metrics or not, I gave every customer the very best support that I was capable of. Too bad Dell doesn’t see things that way.

  • Gilbert Moore

    Someone should ask Michael Dell about the time that the president of Compuadd had the Austin Texas police come and remove him from the HQ building. I worked for Compuadd when that happened. It was hilarious. Michael Dell was an obnoxious used car salesman back then, and it appears that he hasn’t changed one bit. I have never bought a Dell, and never will, because of their Bangalor tech support, their inherent lack of quality, and the way they are ruining the entire US computer industry. Their servers suck, too. “Hardware problem? No, you have to reinstall Windows 2000 Server, then rebuild your entire SQL2000 Enterprise database from the ground up, then…” That was the last time that the company I used to work for bought Dell, and that was before I started working for them.

  • Chris Gilbey

    Recently I was told that in Australia service relating to Apple has gone to hell. And the reason given was that the whole service side of Apple here has been replaced with Dell employees! Not sure if this is rumour or reality. But seemed to resonate when I read the above.

  • I only had to read 3 entries before it came to me. A blog just destroyed a huge company in a single shot.

    I found it hilarious and scary.

    I would like to destroy every company that has customer support farmed out to India.

    Why? Because that’s where my job went.

    What company should we target 1st to bring back our jobs?

  • Ed Rusch

    “A blog just destroyed a huge company in a single shot.”

    Dell was destroyed?

    What a delusional soul you are.

  • Kelly

    My family has bought 6 or 7 Dells in the last 6 or 7 years for homes & business. And as I was deciding what to get to replace my circa 1999 Dell tower – the decision was going to be which higher-end Dell laptop I got – Jeff’s saga with Dell was going on at the same time. A bit of research into “switching” and a seriously fun trip to the local Apple store later, needless to say I’m writing this from my new iBook (and I am totally creeped out and NOT into the ‘Cult of Mac’ mindset). And needless to say, no one in my family – and probably in my circle of friends – will ever buy a Dell again. Ed, you really think a single blog post took down (you use the past tense) a company? Oh, please. It’s the story that was told, the consistent dismal and/or nonexistent response from the company, the fact that they refuse to listen to customers – even extremely high-profile customers – that’s leading to the slow, creeping terrible word-of-mouth that Dell is getting and will continue to get from this and similar incidents that will spell trouble for them. Dell revolutionized the industry, but they absolutely cannot survive on momentum from past successes alone if they put out mediocre-to-crappy products and are completely aloof. Word of mouth spreads exponentially but builds slowly & powerfully – and Dell may finally recognize that in a few quarters as more people talk, and more people get to the point of a purchase decision on a computer, and they do not choose a Dell.

  • Gary-O

    Last year I had the unfortunate experience of working for Dell in Small Business Sales for about 1.5 months. I was in between jobs and Christmas was coming and I was desperate, okay. Now, I’ve never been much of a salesman – I really stink at it. And Dell is all about high pressure, bait and switch sales tactics. Part of my problem was that I was making logical recommendations based on what the customers actually needed. Needless to say my sales weren’t as high as my co-workers and I received a good talking to about it. Among other things, my supervisor told me, and I quote, “They (the customers on the phone) don’t know what they want until we sell it to them.” When I finally landed a real job I left Dell with such a bad taste in my mouth that I’ll never own one of their machines. The arrogance and smugness of Dell’s corporate culture must be experienced to be believed.

  • Charles

    I was in Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division working in an automations tent. At the time all the laptops we had over there were Dells. I decided then that they were pieces of crap. We were constantly replacing parts. A lot of guys were buying laptops on line, 2 people that I worked with purchased Dell’s online. I thought it was hillarious that both laptops were broken when they arrived. I bought a Sony vaio and am still happy with it 2 years later.

  • Your letter to Mr Dell is spot on!!!!

    I’m going thru DellHell right now!!!! Details of the saga that has cost my company a pille of money are at, not to mention the emotional wear & tear on me & my team:

    PS: I’m also telling everyone I know about my DellHell too

  • Addendum to previous comment:


    So buying highly expensive support will do you no good if you are in DellHell

  • William Biggs

    Do not bother purchasing complete care on any of Dell’s products. They have not lived up to the promise of that warranty for my Inspiron 8600 notebook. It will not turn on and it has been three days of absolute hell trying to get it fixed. I have been lied to, told its a third party (that Dell sold my warranty to) problem, promised a call, and still my notebook will not turn on that I paid well over 3000.00 for.
    It is outrageous.
    My past service experience with them has been mixed. Sometimes they respond, but it is always after hours of phone time and irritating people with accents that I cant understand that are either asian or mexican. I have no issues with these people other than if Dell is going to require me to do technical work, I should at least be speaking to someone that can speak english in a manner any other english speaking person can understand. I am not paying for a complete care warranty to have to jump through hoops with someone I cannot understand. I am paying for complete care for COMPLETE CARE.

    It is going to really be a shame if Dell goes the way of Gateway.

  • Shulamit

    Dell has unbeleivably horrible customer support. My 2 year old laptop, still under warranty broke down. I called Dell, and the technician was barely listening to me, after 2 years this issue was unresolved and he said that he will be sending me a box and shipping label so that I can send it in to be repaird. Two weeks later, this box never came. I called Dell, again, and they had no record of this conversation taking place!!!

    So, I had to spend an additional 2 hours with a new incompetent technican, again, the problem was unresolved, the technician told me he needs to talk to his supervisor on how to fix this problem and PROMISED to call be back within 20 minutes, of course I didn’t beleive him, so I asked for a phone number and name to call him back in case he doesnt uphold his promise- he wouldn’t give it to me AND HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK!!!

    “Dude, you’r getting a Dell” has turned to “Dude, your getting a Disaster!!”

  • Spectra

    I purchased a new Inspiron laptop almost 3 years ago. After a short time, the mouse went out and the computer had to be sent in – a few months later, same scenario. The harddrive crashed twice and had to be replaced both times. The keyboard also had to be replaced. I think my computer has been sent in about 4 times – I’d have to look at my records. They’ve also sent about 8 power cords because they are of such poor design/quality that they don’t last.

    I can’t stand calling customer service because I can’t understand them and it takes hours. The last time, after telling them the steps I’d taken, they wanted me to repeat each one – I was ready to scream. I try to e-mail but it takes about an hour to find the right site to do that.

    Several months ago they sent an e-mail asking that I rate their service and when asked if I would purchase another Dell or recommend one, I said NO. Do you think I ever heard from them?

    For all the trouble I’ve had, they should extend my warranty for another year. This computer has been somewhat like raising a child. I have to be here to greet the mailman. Everything they send has to be signed for (even an empty computer box) and then the parts must be returned and the delivery man has to sign my copy – so for every thing they send to me – I have to be here 2 times. The deliveryman and I have gotten to be big buddies. I bet he thinks Dells are awful too!

  • Dell sucks I am sharing my experince with my disatisfaction with Dell I saw a ad for inspiron 6000 notebook with free shipping within 2-3 days, so I decided to purchase one and placed the order on July 9th, I was charged $19 extra when I questioned it they the salesman (chester ) told me shipping is free the $19 is for handling. I went home and checked my email it said that my estimate shipping date is July 25th so went back to my salesman Chester and asked him about what happend to 2 to 3 days shipping he smiled and confidently said yes sir your note book will be shipped in 2-3 days AS SOON AS IS BULIT AND COMES TO DELLS WAREHOUSE which will be less than 2 two weeks, its 2-3days from the time it arrives to the warehouse I could not belive what I was hearing, I said what if I cancel my order he said he would gladly do it without even trying to opplolgize and save the sale, well deiced I am going to keep the order and take action through a different way and called dell to address this issue, when I called Dell I had to go through a series of teleprompt to get to the person and when I finally got a person I explained my situation Customer service person said let me transfer to the right person and transferred my call to the begining of telepromt. It happened 3 times I had to start from the begining to get an human being. I was tired and frustarted next time I used a different approach I called and punched the #s to buy a notebook its so so quick (of course when mr Dell wants your money) I asked the persons name and ID and then explained my problem he was nice As I had got him by his B–LS. he could not do much but atlest explained that, thats how it works said your note book should be arrived before the day they promissed, I asked him can I get it earlier and can wanted to talk to his supervisor guess where the call went guys yep went to INDIA, do you think I got the results you guessed it right NOOOOO, So I decied that I am going to tell all my friends and webloggers about my experience TO YOU MR DELL it works I had two of my friends who wanted to dell but decided against it just coz of me, I have deciced to tell the whole world about your acts.
    I wish I had know buzz machine by jeff earliers I would have not bought dell
    The store address is
    2601 PRESTON RD

  • Jack H

    Dear Mr. Jarvis

    In response to the blog on dell hell, i agree whole heartedly
    that dell has dropped the ball. My wife had purchased 3
    desktops from them with nothing but unfavorable results
    as far as performance and customer assistance. i would tease
    her by asking her”know what the problem is?” YOU DIDNT BUY
    A GATEWAY…..which i have had for over 5 yrs and still running
    strong……great blog, keep up the good work

  • Ann

    Since I’m known as the computer “geek” in my department at work, a friend came to me about her Dell problems. Seems that her computer at home stopped working (blue screen of death) so they called Dell Customer Service. A “very nice” woman from India told them that her hard drive had crashed and the only recourse was to have a tech come to their house and replace it. He would take her old hard drive with him could try to restore her data, but couldn’t guarantee it and it would cost $99. Naturally my friend was distraught about the possibility of losing all her files but felt she had no recourse other than to pay the $99.

    I told her to call them back and ask for someone to walk her through reinstalling windows before she gave up her “broken” hard drive. After 3 hours of being transferred from one tech to another, she finally got someone to help her with this, and voilá, the computer worked and all her files were intact.

    I was amazed at the bad advice she had received and how Dell found it to be easier to send a tech with a new hard drive than to just reinstall windows. Maybe “restoring data” for $99 is just another way to bring in revenue???

  • John Reedy

    I too entered Dell Hell last October trying to purchase several computers and related equipment. I spent six weeks waiting for hookup and finally sent the whole thing back. They still owe me money and the customer service (both here and in the sub-Asian continent) is totally laughable. No people skills and a complete inability to understand the problem.
    Turns out that I got better equipment, better service and a much better price locally with someone knowledgeable enough to build my systems.
    John Reedy
    Lancaster, PA

  • Zoe

    I am a lucky one. Corporate IT has the deal with Dell. So far my complaints with the current D600.

    The system gets really hot. It is uncomfortable to work with.
    2 harddrives later. IT tells me that they crash all the time
    My Targus power supplies don’t work with it because Dell decided to put some sort of a chip into their power supplies to prevent 3rd party power supplies.

    Now luckily I got IT to buy me a new IBM… make that Linevo :-) very nice. Wonder if anyone has a comparison between new Linevo’s and new Dell’s.

    So far I am happy with my new ThinkPad.


  • Martin V.

    For the longest time I was a Dell’s fan and supporter. I bought first Latitude in 1999 and was very satisfied with it. After 4 years laptop got hit by lightning – my fault , still no complaints, I learnt the hard way about importance of surcharge protection.
    So in 2003 I turned to Dell without thinking of course and got myself beautiful Inspiron 8500, Pentium 2.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, 64MB NVidia card, DVD burner – simply put – loaded at the time with all goodies I could afford and wanted- $2000.
    Since the first start there were problems. PC stalled for no reason, I had to turn it of the hard way. No change after reformatting a HD and installing a fresh copy of XP without all their AOL and other “free” stuff.
    Movie editing software was just to much for this configuration and never really worked.
    I dont really have any experience with customer service because I gave up on them after first contact. It took forever to get to someone, they couldnt answer even simple questions and were talking to me like I was an illiterate idiot, who dont know crap about computers. And even though that english is my second language and I tried hard to understand – I couldnt. By the way I have no problem to communicate with english speaking people on daily bases. I felt like an idiot.
    Finally – 2 months ago, motherboard went and that ended my hell with Dell. I didnt buy extended waranty, but seems like it wouldnt make a big difference.
    Yes they made some money out of me, but they wont anymore.
    Next time I will do my research before buying something which should work for much longer time than just two years.
    Good luck.

  • Yusuf Abd-al-Hakim

    Welcome to computer hell in general. As consumers demand more for less and competition forces prices down, well, something has to give. Consumer-grade PC’s are spec’d to a pricing sweet-spot based on target market. Uh, that’s you-get-what-you-pay-for. Included in that calculus is customer service or lack thereof depending on your point of view.

    Don’t blame Dell or any one else for trying to stay in business. Every company has customer service issues. I have also seen consumers expect the sun, the moon and the stars for as long as they live over a $500.00 computer. This is unrealistic.

    Every consumer is ultimately responsible for the buying decision they make. All computers are not made the same. Matching specs is a waste of time unless you REALLY know what is under the hood. All computer companies do not operate the same. Understand not only what you are buying, but from whom.

    Dell is ultimately a business computer company and from my perspective of 20+ years in the business, pretty good at it.

    I personally wouldn’t own a Gateway if you gave it to me nor would I own any computer that is bundled in a box at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club or any such place. I would also be disinclined to purchase a Dell from one of the flyers I get from them. Why? Because I understand the limitations and compromises placed on the manufacturer to get a product into a pricing sweet spot.

    I’d recommend to anyone considering the purchase of any item of considerable monetary cost that they first revisit the concept of “value”. Secondly, remember that YOUR time has value. You can make more money, but you cannot get back time.

    If that item is a computer, be realistic in what it’s primary function is going to be. A video card for gaming can cost more than an entire computer so don’t expect a low-end computer to play Half Life 2 well, if at all. It will also probably choke hard on any 3-D rendering engine such as AutoCAD. It will however, surf the Internet and do word processing and spreadsheets quite well.

    Back in the early 90’s when my company built “white-box” computers for resale (I am in private consultancy-only practice now), we used to joke that no matter what it said on the box, all parts came from the same garage in Taiwan. It is still not that for from the truth.

  • Okay, great article about Dell! I will say that all Dell’s aren’t that bad, especially, Desktops, but their notebooks are horrendous. I hate all the following brands of computers, and they’re Gateway, HP, Compaq, Apple, Dell, and Sony. The one computer company and notebook maker I will ever go with is Toshiba because they focus on innovation more than any other company out their in their screens with TruBrite, and utalizing every processor out their except for the horrible AMD!

  • Martin V.

    I dont want to defend cheap PCs, but even for $500 you still should get decent machine and support.
    I wouldnt buy a cheap laptop, because I expect it to work flawlesly.
    But hey, maybe I am wrong maby we shouldnt expect too much of machines for $2000 or more.
    Why dont we just hand Dell our money and then we wouldnt have to deal with poor quality of their products and ridiculous customer support. I am gonna think about it…

  • David Bradley

    I’m a computer repairman. I have made most of my money off Dell, Gateway, and e-Machines. At the same time, I attended a technical college where half the classrooms were stocked with Dells; most of those were okay, but the lemons were throwaway. Just doorstops. Spend your money however you want, and when it turns out to be a POS, call PC Dave. Dell, Gateway, and e-Machines are now paying for my bachelor’s degree at a four-year college.

  • MikeD

    I work for the Air Force in a computer support shop, and we have been using old dells for a while. They seem to function well enough, but time has come to upgrade. Thanks for your informative blog on the degrading quality of dells product, we will not be using dell this upgrade if at all possible.

  • R. Macdonald

    Watch out for the Dell LCD W3000. I just bought one and cannot program the direct TV universal remote to the TV function. Experts in India were no help. Even when I got a U.S. technician on the phone we couldn’t get it to work. Direct TV doesn’t have Dell codes. So, I bought a “Harmony” remote and it too has trouble with Dell TV. Harmony technician says Dell TV’s are awful with respect to remote technology. Stick with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic or Sharp for success.

  • Logan wells

    I would like to say the same thing about Dell and their customer sevice. I bought a Dell Digital Jukebox back in June 2004 and everything ran smooth with it until January of 2005 and then it started to freeze up. I called Dell and since it was still under warrenty they sent me a refurbished Dell or a “used” one. Now it is August and there is a internal hard disk problem with my Jukebox. I have tried to call Dell several times and I either get transfered or they tell me that they will call me back and they never have. They told me that the best thing to do is buy and new one. Did I not read that the reason that Micheal Dell started his company was to give the customer what they wanted?

  • I am so glad you have done this and are being held up as an example for all. I hope this inspires more people to blog about their terrible experiences.

    You certainly inspired me – we have had a nightmare with Cingular – the service is actually ok and great coverage (in Bay Area) – but the customer service is atrocious. That merger is one of the worst handled perhaps ever. Whoever is in charge of the systems integration and customer service organizations need to be fired.

  • Shan P

    Thanks so much for giving me a place to rant!

    I sent the following message from to BOTH technical and non-technical issue email addresses on 12/30/03. I’ve gotten no response. Obviously, we’ve given up and now use a ThinkPad while the Dell laptop collects dust.

    Service tag: 8J13421
    Express Service code: 18564940873
    Order/Invoice number: 171852438

    Our Inspiron 2650 laptop computer (model no PP04L) has not functioned properly in over a month, despite repeated calls to technical support and sending the system to be serviced. It essentially dies – no video, no sound, no fan, etc – and will not power back on. Sometimes taking the battery out and putting it back in gets it to power on normally but then the same thing will happen again within a few days. Eventually it would not power on EVER and we had to send it in because the troubleshooting over the phone was leading nowhere. At this point, we have a laptop that is unreliable and quite frustrating to deal with even though we still have several payments left since it was a $1500 machine!

    I am frankly not content with the service I have received from Dell so far, and this is especially maddening because the reason we chose to purchase from Dell to begin with is the reputation of good service. The technical support seems to just want to get off the phone as quickly as possible without confirming that the problem has been fixed – this is based on 6 separate calls. The instructions given for airborne express to send the system were unclear and resulted in an extra week of waiting. The service team seemed a bit dishonest in its dealings – accusing first that something was spilled on the system based on the discoloration found on the motherboard and that we would have to pay $699 for them to repair the system. I know that nothing was spilled on this system. Any discoloration on the motherboard could be from manufacturing or from the natural condensation in the air or almost anything. Upon challenging this accusation, the person I spoke with came back telling me that actually the service team was able to fix the system by reseating the memory. It seems to me this troubleshooting should have been done before coming to the conclusion that the motherboard needed to be replaced. In any case, I was assured that the appropriate reliability testing was done to ensure the system would operate normally. After receiving the system, it worked properly for 5 days before having the same exact symptom as before. I again called technical support. While on the phone I took the battery out and replaced it, and this booted the system up. I was instructed how to run the Extended diagnostics and did so. The results showed NO errors… so all the hardware “appears” to be functioning normal. The system worked for 6 days. It is now dead again, and we are requesting from DELL a laptop computer that is reliable. This system was not inexpensive, and we have an express warranty/support contract. I look forward to learning how you are going to accomplish this.

  • I just did an entry discussing this case on my blog (
    In Chinese, though

  • Ditto! I ordered a Dell Axim about 2 years ago now on the strength of a money-saving bundled accessories coupon. I submitted the correct paperwork for the rebate THREE times, and each time the paid-to-ignore contract folks said we don’t have it. I FINALLY copied every danged thing, made a list of all my conversations, with date, time, names and what transpired, and wrote a letter to the general counsel of Dell. It didn’t even hit somebody’s desk before they called me, at home, in the evening, to ask how much the rebate should be. It’s too bad it had to come to that before they would bother to honor their rebate commitment.

  • Don James

    I would like to know how to send an email directly to Michael Dell.
    I, too, am a victim of Dell Hell.

    Don James

  • Peter Champoux

    Is Dell Financial customer support farmed out to India? Can’t seem to get anyone who I can understand or is knowlegable about my problem. They pulled a fast one on me and I thought I was getting a Dell for no interest until 2006. I hope Dell finds it’s way onto 60 minutes someday. If I did not pay so much for it I would fly down to Texas and throw it through the fucking front window just to express my dissapointment. I will however place “return to sender” on all the correspondence they send me trying to screw me over again.

  • i have a good working laptop from dell ( four years old) with the docking station working under nt and 98 — when migrating to XP, the docking station is useless. Dell wont answer email, phone calls. The asian indian company which programmed the docking station answered email with tons of mispelling saying that XP automatically loading the driver for the docking station !!!
    it is latitude cpx and docking dell latitute c/port II

  • Larry Malone

    I want to rant about Dell’s recent TV commercial that featured a “white,” clearly American customer service rep answering the phone in the customer service center while it was dark outside. Give me a break! This was an obvious case of false and misleading advertising! What Dell customer support is this?? When I have called Dell’s customer service, I get some “international” call center with individuals who barely could speak and understand English, and who were barely capable of even understanding the technical problem with my Dell Inspiron laptop. Why don’t they advertise this reality. I bought Dell products for years, based largely on its incredible customer service. Today, I wouldn’t buy a Dell computer because the company has destroyed its brand and ruined its identity as a great customer service company. Wake up Dell, you are cutting your own throat with your current crappy, “outsourced” customer service.

  • Abu Sayed

    I send my Dell laptop for repair on August 15. I called Dell customer service like 10 times, and talked to online rep. like 5 times, they seem to have no idea where my laptop is. Everbody rep. says different things. ONe rep. said it was shipped, and i am suppose to get it within 2 business day. When i called dell after 2 business days, next rep. said he can’t locate it.

  • Abu Sayed

    Dell had great customer service during 1998-early 2003. I have dell desktop, laptop, 2 Dell Axim. I was thinking of buying a Plasma tv from Dell before this problem i am having dell. After what is happening with my laptop right now, i will never buy any dell products again. My next laptop will be either IBM, Sony or Apple.

  • Beatrice Hymiak

    I made the mistake of buying a Dell two months ago. I called them at 4:15 PM on 8/22. I was on hold for 28 minutes. Then when I got a rep I got alot of apologies but the help I got did not fix the problem. I was on the phone with 3 reps until 7:30. The problem still was not fixed and I was not getting any satisfaction so I decided I would call back and talk to someone else. I called back at 8:00PM and again was on hold for 20 minutes. Now they tell me that it is a software problem that will not let me access my printer or reinstall it. Again the call was an hour long. By this time I was tired after having worked all day and was losing patience. This computer is 2 months old and they tell me it will now cost me $99.00 an hour to fix the defective software that they installed. I was on the phone with them for an hour with no satisfaction. I will now hire a geek to come in and fix the problem again at my expense. I think that the support stinks. I asked to talk to a supervisor but was ignored. They are pros at apologizing and dodging your request. I am really sorry I bought a Dell and will make sure I will let everyone I know that I wished I now had bought the HP. I am thinking of calling a local TV station that has a trouble shooter for the public and start the ball rolling just to see how extensive the problem is in the Buffalo area. DELL- YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

  • Beatrice Hymiak

    Also why do you have to go for the gold contract when you want to talk to someone in the States. If you want to sell your computers we deserve to get the support you should be providing without paying through the nose for it. WE ARE AMERICANS buying your computers.

  • Sam

    Just read the DellHell article in BusinessWeek, timely. Two days ago I spent three hours with Dell on the phone trying to get operating CD’s that had been lost for a two year old Dell PC out of warranty. Went back and forth between sales and tech support, many times outsourced so there were language and cultural misunderstandings. Result, offer by Dell to sell me CD’s with new licensing for $300-no thanks. Yeaterday, had to call Gateway on a laptop question. Two minute wait with problem resolved. Dell is having growing pains.

  • Abu Sayed

    Say Company A and Company B sells a computer for almost the same price, and the computer look alike. How would a comsumer pick between these 2 companies? Customer services, Right? Say then, Company A went from excellent customer service to wrost customer service. Would a customer still buy company A’s customer? I think NOT.

    Company A is Dell. Company B is Sony, IBM, Apple, etc.

    It’s time to move on: Good bye Dell.

    Brooklyn, NY…

  • Abu Sayed

    I sent my computer for repair on Aug. 16. I called today (Aug. 28)… They still can’t locate my laptop. Is this what you call effency?

  • Bernie

    Back before I retired (IT professional), some other people in the IT dept. had an acronym for DELL: Doesn’t Even Last Long. No real problem with my Dell Dim. 4700, other than the 2 front USB ports are dead..called their Tech Line…no help there (unit still under warranty). I found a few posts on one of Dell’s forums on similar USB port problems…no help there. Beginning to wonder if I made the right choice…if they can’t/won’t fix such a small problem, what happens if I have a big one?

  • David

    I received my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop 8/26. Within an hour of delivery, as I tried to plug my wireless mouse receiver into the USB port, I realized that one of them wasn’t working. Now this was the least of my problems. If Dell actually picked up the phone, or accepted one of my chat requests and listened to my problem within a fairly decent time period, I wouldn’t be so angry. But they don’t. I called them, and all their representatives were busy, so I put it on speakerphone, AND I went on the website and waited for a chat to be accepted. The chat never got accepted, and I had to wait a full 45 minutes before someone picked up. The agent then informed me that there was the possibility that I would be receiving a refurbished system exchange for my new one. This was outrageous, and eventually, they agreed to build a new model for me. It will be coming two weeks later, and when it does, hopefully it will not come with ports that don’t work.

  • There was a time when my hubby and I would not consider anything but a Dell computer. Sadly, over time that has changed. Over time we heard the quality of Dell reportedly was not good.

    I broke down and bought a Dell laptop because of a special deal I could get. I also purchased extended support for it. Everything went well until I had to contact Dell support. Our conversations were totally ineffective because I couldn’t understand them and they couldn’t understand me. This went on for 3 days, with each person trying to pass me off to someone else and me waiting in que lines to speak to someone I couldn’t understand who couldn’t understand me.

    I bitterly complained to Dell. Who wants 3 years of techical support from someone in India still working on their English skills. Probably wouldn’t be bad if it were a social conversation, but not what I want in tech support! Did they hear me? I doubt it.

  • Cherie Crockett

    My motherboard went 3 times in 4 months. Now it’s gone again. All I want is a new computer (not a refurbished one because I didn’t buy a refurbished one to begin with.) Will they talk to me? No…they put me on hold and then disconnect me. I am in dell hell and I want out. Someone please give me some ideas [email protected]

  • my experience with “dell hell” included windows. i needed to install sp2, so downloaded and installed it. during the installation my dell locked up. was able to unlock and tried it again after going to windows site and printing out info on “installing sp2”. had to do this because Microsoft “customer service” said that all the information i needed was on the site. printed out the info, tried it again and again locked up. called Microsoft “customer service” and they said since my dell came with windows already loaded, that i needed to call dell. i called dell and they said since it was a windows problem i needed to call windows. while this was going on, my computer was useless and i lost valuable work time. i almost threw the dell out the window but the systems manager from my husbands company came over and worked some magic and got my computer working. however, i haven’t installed sp2 and i’m not going to. this is my 3rd dell and i will probably upgrade my computer in a year or two but i guarantee it won’t be a dell, and i may go to apple since i’m so disgusted with microsoft.

  • Rimu

    If you want customer service, don’t buy from a major manufacturer. Everyone knows that.

    Buy from the shop down the road which puts them together themselves. Then it’s easy to return it when it breaks, and you will be talking to a real live person, not to someone in India.

    You have been expecting ‘the machine’ to treat you like a human. That’s just stupid, you have yourself to blame for that.

  • Jeanie

    I’m torn now. My family’s last three desktops have been Dell computers. When I buy a new one, my current gets handed down to my brother who hands his down to my mother (who has the least need for performance and speed), and I was about to buy Dell again.

    I’ve rarely had to call Dell – the last time was in 2003, for a dead DVD drive. The tech I spoke to was in the U.S., listened to the troubleshooting I’d tried (and didn’t make me do it all again), recognized that I knew what he was going for when we went in the box to swap cables so didn’t talk to me like a novice, and when we confirmed it was the drive rather than the cables, had a new drive sent to me within a few days.

    But things can change in two years. I guess I have to decide whether to rely on my own (but dated) experiences or anecdotal (yet more recent) stories from hell…

  • DELL Products & Service – UK Experience
    DELL Customer Care, Service & Support: Score 000/100!
    Purchased System which included DELL GPD20C (Mitsubishi HL6945) Monitor at a cost of some 1,314 GBP in February 1994. Within an eighteen month subsequent period had two replacement Monitors shipped due to total failure, shortly thereafter the third Monitor failed – all assumed identical fault/failure. NONE of the Monitors shipped, including the original were new; ALL were used/repaired units! Monitor has remained in the box ever since – over the years, numerous e-mails/faxes/snail-mail have been directed to DELL UK & USA Headquarters for attention, also to Mitsubishi who deny having experienced any problems whatsoever with the particular chassis/Monitor build. All just “bilge” from my experience, I have had three Monitors and all having been previously repaired!
    Have got absolutely NOWHERE in my efforts to attain a just outcome with DELL.
    The moral, just like the majority of other sector dominant Companies, there is always another “sucker” around the corner. Think carefully about purchasing DELL!

    ! UPDATE !
    Still on Dell’s case! Have repeatedly faxed DELL Texas HQ, which generated ‘ phoned communication from DELL Ireland, even received a letter from Janeann Dempsey from their ‘Executive Support Team’ …sent more letters etc., but there remains apathy of conscience to any responsibilities to the customer, where the passage of time should not negate liability. The FACTS are they NEVER supplied a NEW working Monitor from purchase, simply shipping older, repaired replacements …Model IDs & Serial Numbers are proof!

    Anyone who would like to contact me about their issues with DELL products, then please feel free to e-mail [email protected]

  • JoeSchmo

    I’ve had the pleasure(!!) of using various laptops over the past few years, and but for Compaq, Dell would have taken the honors in terms of user unfriendliness and poor build quality.

    Consider this: the volume control buttons only work when you are logged in and at the desktop (not even when the desktop is locked). What prevents Dell from rewiring those to the BIOS so that volume can be controlled in any OS/state as long as the system is powered up (look at how IBM handles it. They even have the display brightness work at hardware level).

    Or just press the laptop lid gently and u can see outlines of your fingers on the display.

    Kvetching apart, this post seems like a lesson to each and every corporation, American or not, tech or not, to take customers *seriously*. Unless you are a state monopoly in middle-of-nowhere in Afrika, customers are the ones who make or break your revenue numbers and they are your major ‘stakeholders’. Keep customers happy and the cash registers would keep on ringing. Time for some Business 101s, eh?

    PS: To set the record state, I did have problematic keyboard in a Dell notebook I used for a while. Had to call the customer support 2-3 times, and go thru the rigmarole of “Boot into DOS mode, press keys.. bla bla”, but managed to talk them into sending me a replacement keyboard. The delltech was there next day, and he fixed it in 5 mins flat. I guess I was one of the lucky ones :-)

  • Karen S

    I am reading all of this while I am trying to chat with India. I bought a Dell notebook from my daughter to take to college. She used it 2 days before it wouldn’t work. She spent 4 hours on line with tech support in Bombay and they couldn’t get it to work. They were supposed to send someone to the house to fix it. They never called or showed up, in spite of at least 8 phone calls. All I want is to return this piece of crap and get my money back.

  • Staci Barron

    I am all for helping out 3rd World Countries, I personally own a gallery/ shop that is sweatshop free product. I have seen the 60 Minutes shows on how farming out Customer Service to India is assisting them in getting out of poverty. They seem to be working so hard at losing their accents and their efforts are admirable. But at what cost domestically?

    I called Dell last year to inquire about computers, and of course it was re-routed to India. I decided even tho the woman was lovely that if I am going to drop $1500 on a system I want to understand EXACTLY what I am getting. How irriating this barrier was with that issue but also, I felt like I was having a technical conversation 6000 miles away!

    We have our own CS reps here in North America that are now unemployed due to outsourcing. It irritates me that at the end of the day, Mr. Dell isn’t employing overseas companies out of the goodness of his heart, but rather appeasing his shareholders and their bottom lines, needing unrealistic returns in an economy that has flat inflation rates by saving $. Ug. What a quandry. Or is it one?

    Company after company are looking to overseas production at a cost to North American workers needing to make more than 4 cents a day. In our house we have a litany of products that we just don’t buy (Nike, Wal Mart shopping) because we don’t support their business models.

    Dell Hell is unneccessary because at the end of the day your customer service people are your front lines. HP has similar problems ( my folks bought a lap top in Canada, took it to Arizona on their trip and the CS team there refused to receive the product defective because it wasn’t purchased in the States? please!) All companies have hellish responses now, and if you look at the quantity of product being produced, I am sure their Returns are not as high. Let this blog be a lesson to Big Business: we have outlets to communicate now, more powerful than the Ralph Naders.
    Listen, be receptive to your customers, not shareholders. Be a leader in Technical Support (they say you can make the best impression with a customer during a RETURN).


  • Rob

    I have more Dell “customer service” than I want!
    I am not a Dell customer–but I get plenty of calls from Dell customer service center in Bangalore. After many, many months and many, many, many phone calls from Dell, Inc in the wee hours of the morning–always having the caller quickly hang up–I finally got it figured out: The favorite bank of Dell Service Center employees in Bangalore has the same first seven digits as my local phone number here in the heart of Dell-Ville–Round Rock Texas. If any of the geniuses Dell hires hits the U.S. button on their phones rather than the local button while attempting to call their bank, they call me instead. Bangalore banking hours = Round Rock Texas sleeping (or attempting to sleep) hours. Needless to say, I have gotten very little help from Dell in resolving this problem. Any suggestions from anyone that won’t cost me any money?

  • UK Customers, address for communication with DELL Direct is Boghall Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland …Bracknell HQ a waste of time!
    Telephone + 353 1 286 0500
    Have a contact name: Janeann Dempsey, Executive Support Team, Dell Computer Corporation.

    Anyone with a DELL wishing to contact me about their technical issues, no strings attached – I may be able to assist, but NO promisses, simply e-mail as much detail as possible to your issues to [email protected]

  • emeff

    As a designer, I had always used Apple Macs. They were industry standard but not particularly good and their service was always poor. Then I had to buy a pc and was advised to go with Dell. I bought an Inspiron which was generally ok, although I did need to contact tech support in Ireland on a number of occasions.

    I then bought a Dell desktop for my wife and began to experience the sort of problems I read about above. My Inspiron finally gave way to a Latitude D500 which this is being written on – so far, and I hope this won’t put a curse on it, the Latitude has been fine – excellent in fact.

    In the meantime, I have changed, replaced and upgraded numerous Apple Macs. Apart from needing them for work, I certainly would not recommend them – I think both the hardware and software are of poor quality – my Latitude has been a much better machine than any of the Macs I’ve ever had.

    It will be interesting to see Macs with intel chips next year – if that means I can build a Mac system with pc components, I may well do that – I’m fed up with paying through the nose for wonderful looking Apple machines that don’t work.

    As to Dell, its a shame but I fully endorse the comments of one of your bloggers above – if you buy things to a price point, you usually get the results you pay for. (Apart from overpriced Apples that is).

  • Confused,

    I always buy Dell and would always recommend them, never had a problem and none of my friends have either, the question is will you allow pro Dell customer have a say, I have had 4 Dells in 8 Years and cannot fault either there Customer service or quality.

    As consumers are we being to greedy, I realise it is good to keep corporates on their toes, but at the end of the day we are all in the business of selling something and how would we like it if we did the best we could and then were torn apart on a blog.

    There has to be an element of realism in dealin with large corporate companies.

  • James Howard

    9.5 hours, seven technicians (including one English speaking witch), two return calls well after midnight MY TIME, and the damn thing still does not work. I have purchased 6 Dell Desktops – but its not a DELLemma for me, will never buy another one.

    service tag B2BJB51

  • Dell buyer no more

    We just received our new Dell, minus any back-up disc should we need to reinstall anything. Dell claims that you can request these cd’s.

    Seems you will only get these if you buy the more expensive models.
    email support told me to call customer support. Customer support told me I couldn’t have the cd’s.

    If you go to this website:

    You are instrusted on how to make a backup CD. I don’t have this tool evidently and this is a brand new computer.
    Dell must think that the hard drives are immune to crashes ore serious problems since they claim all you need is on a seperate partion and the “helpful” tech will assist you in retrieving information on a broken/sick hard drive.
    I’ve had hard drives completely erased after power surges in our area.
    What idiot came up with the “Dell through the rules of the Media Reduction Initiative” and the need to make customers ask for something which was clearly paid for?
    My next complaint is delivery, all we have gotten so far is the CPU. When I check with the UPS tracking service to find out where the monitor is at it says that “THE SENDER HAS REQUESTED A HOLD AND WILL PICKUP AT A UPS FACILITY. UPS WILL HOLD FOR PICKUP FOR 5 BUSINESS DAYS”
    What is up with that?
    And why does a printer need to take so long in production? God only knows when it will show up. So much for 3-5 day shipping.
    This is our third Dell and each time I have to deal with customer service Ijust want to scream.
    This definetly will be our last Dell system.

    Two years ago, fighting my Dell computer with Windows ME, down days, lock-ups, all sorts of weird things, but then someone told me ME was unstable and IT WAS NOT MY FAULT AS I HAD THOUGHT. So, I called Dell, fought, demanded XP, but they denied me. A 12 year old kid showed me that on the front it had not been designed for ME. No satisfaction,so I began writing poems Ode to Michael Dell, and sending them to Hewlett Packard’s CEO.

    A few days later I would always get a call from a Dell guy.

    Well, they never made good with XP.

    So, I decided to republish those 16 poems at: I’m 80 years old; I want them to live on into eternity!

  • Mark Buskell

    Following is a letter I have sent to Michael Dell and his vice president Michael George. I will have to wait and see what happens if anything.

    Date: September 2, 2005

    Problem: Dell Inspiron 8600 (purchased December 03)

    The PCMCIA port on my laptop died again. This is now the third time this has happened. I use this laptop for business and now feel that I can no longer trust it. After finally reaching a supervisor in corporate headquarters, I felt maybe the problem would be fixed. What I wanted to do was replace this laptop with another brand that Dell sells; we would even pay a difference. He would not even consider this. I am totally disappointed with the managers views and I am hoping that maybe you can help us.

    First, we use a specialized PCMCIA card called a 1784-PCMK card from Allen-Bradley and we use the card in the Dell to connect to industrial processors.

    My business partner has the same laptop and his motherboard has had to be replaced twice already.

    I explained to your manager that we know other people that have other brands of laptops and have had no problems and his professional recommendation was maybe we need to buy from another company if we are having so many problems with Dell.

    I explained to him that my company has bought many computers from Dell and soon will need 5 more; his attitude still was there was nothing more he would do besides replacing the motherboard again. I went on and told him that besides buying only Dell computers, we recommend Dell to our customers and as a result a lot of them now buy from Dell. His attitude of helping us still did not change.

    I tried to explain that we have other Dell computers that have never had a problem using the PCMK card. His recommendation was maybe I need to use one of our old laptop computers; in this case it was a 3500.

    I tried to explain that service techs have told us that they have replaced many motherboards on the 8600 for similar problems. He told me this was the first that he had heard of it.

    This particular laptop has voltage problems when using the PCMCIA slot. I know it for a fact and I do believe Dell is aware of this problem but may be looking at the cost factor instead of customer satisfaction.

    I have always in the past been a loyal Dell customer and hopefully in the future will again be a loyal customer once this problem has been resolved.

  • Taylor Buonassisi

    Based on many of the depressing stories of Dellmageddon here, I’m a little interested in wondering what the real issue is here. Sure, every company has their share of employees that cannot seem to complete the job description for “customer service”. But it seems as if we’ve had a transformation from complaining about customer service to complaining about the quality of their products. Which one is it all of you?

    If you’re going to complain about Dell’s lack of customer service, that’s fine. I’ve had problems in the past with them as well. Its frustrating, I know. And the power of bloggers to affect the company is astonishing.

    But we can’t keep bringing up the lack of quality in their products to support our ideas that Dell has bad service. It’s everyone on heres fault for trying to take the cheap way out and buying a dell. It’s common knowledge that their computers burn out faster then their low grade plasma screens. You get exactly what you pay for when it comes to computers.

    You wanna save money trying to buy a computer? Expect it to suck. The same goes for cars, real estate, in fact anything. You made the choice of dealing with their overestimated customer service by being cheap and buying a dell in the first place. As mean and brutally honest as that may sound, I feel it to be the truth.

    Accept the fact that you guys messed up by buying those pieces of shit in the first place, don’t blame it on Dell. THEN you can start to complain about their lack of exceptional customer servce.

  • John Bradshaw

    If you people would just learn to speak Indian, you might finally get some descent service from Dell.

  • Mark Buskell

    Update: Sending the letter to Michael Dell did help, I just got off the phone with someone from Dell and they have told me this issue will be resolved to my satisfaction and they will be contacting me on Tuesday to go over all the details in getting this laptop replaced.

  • James G

    Taylor: just what kind of service are you providing your customers if you give them crappy products to start out with? Customer service starts with the sale, not when you pick up the phone because something has gone wrong.

  • “Customers demand cheap”, NOT TRUE!
    “Customers WANT value for money”, TRUE!
    I have been in the Retail Electronics Business for years …don’t be fooled …it is NOT the customer conrtrolling the market and downward pricing …the large Manufacturers & Resellers dictate what the customer gets and at what price. Quality is no longer an issue, this has been replaced by a culture of product/sales requiring the immediacy of obsolecence and “bulk” sales to remain “on top”!
    I know the buying public would rather pay more and have less “angst”, than cheap and not even chearful! Unfortunately the market now dictates there is in fact very little choice, everybody and his uncle is on the same bandwagon. Sony USED to have the key: innovative, proportionally costed quality product with excellence of customer service, but no longer …they now market expensive “style” along with an expensive Parts & Service model. Michael Dell’s inception of a direct sales business, removing third-parties from the chain and passing those savings back to the customer could be considered to be most laudible, IF the promise of excellence in product quality and of service were to be maintained, trouble is all these promises levitated to the ‘ether’ …MARKET COMPETITION is NOT the reality, MARKET DOMINANCE AT A COST IS! The NHS and various other State bodies have now embraced DELL …do they ever get things wrong? …I think so, OFTEN!

  • Kate

    I am in my own terrible version of dell hell. I composed a letter which i would like to send to some high ranking dell execs, including michael dell. can you help me acquire these e-mail addresses? Many thanks.

  • Where are you Kate …which Country? I can let you have a Fax Number in the USofA which prompts some action, where ever! If you are in the UK, contact the Ireland address as in one of my previous postings, along with mentioned contact …you can always contact me via [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Dan

    I am having similar problems with a Dell computer. Nobody in Dell listens to what I say (no replies to my lawyer, either). I’ve spent hours on the phone calling their “award winning customer service”. Sent many letters. What I got? False promises and a broken computer to keep!

    I am about to give up fighting with them and starting a blog – just like you did. At least future Dell customers (if there going to be any) will avoid problems by reading these blogs.

  • Very disappointed in my Dell laptop–a few years ago my old one was fine. This new Inspiron is extremely noisy, has a tinny keyboard, an extremely short battery life, and the design includes an uncomfortable position for the wrists for keyboarding.

    Next time it will be a ThinkPad….!

  • Looking for a quality VFM Laptop, consider an ASUS …visit the website


    United Kingdom:

  • viva la blogsophere.

  • George C. Calvert

    Hello Everyone:

    I have a small business and recently purchased a Dell desktop. I admit that I am not very computer savvy. I needed to speak to tech support a few times and had terrible luck. I decided to cut bait and send the machine back. I was told that I would be charged a 10% re-stocking fee. I accepted. I shipped the machine back and now am finding out that my amount due is not the 10% re-stocking amount but that amount plus the sales tax I paid plus the original shipping costs. I have been on the phone since 6:30 p.m. trying to find out why I am being charged more than the 10% amount I had been quoted.
    I am now on hold with customer service (again) and just asked to speak to a supervisor. I am still holding (49 minutes) and it is 9:45 p.m. Oh wait, I think I am getting through. No, I have now been switched into the tech support line. Still holding, 54 minutes and counting. I guess I will call the headquarters tomorrow and try to receive some help.
    For what it is worth, I originally had an IBM and for some reason decided to switch to a Dell. I have had good luck with the IBM tech support and hopefully will continue to receive that same type of service on the new IBM/Lenovo I just purchased. I wish you all good luck.
    p.s. By the way, 59 minutes and no tech support. Oh yeah, I didn’t want to speak to them anyway.

  • Pat Wheeler

    I too bought a Dell. I have been multiple power supplies. I had one fire after another due to the “power supply.” I returned equipment but never got credit for this and am being billed for equipment I returned. I cannot get a statement to show how they computed the amount they claim I owe. And, they claim Dell Financial is separate, but I should still get credit for material returned to them at their direction.

    I have some bulldog collection agency working for Dell calling me 24/7. My life has been a nightmare. Stay away from Dell unless you want to enter my nightmare!

  • Pat Wheeler

    I have the email address for Michael Dell.

    I have been going nuts with the harrassing phone calls and now I send him an email for each call I receive. So far this a.m., 5 calls and 5 emails! I told him I will bombard him with an email for each call.

    I know it won’t matter to him, but I can at least feel that I am doing something!!

    Pat Wheeler

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  • chris

    Dell Hell is alive and well—i paid 1600.00 for a inspiron 9200 laptop hasnt worked right since i got it. waited 5 months for a box to ship it back finally received the box they kept it 3 weeks and returned it to me unrepaired with a typed note that says “your bill for the repairs was not paid so we are returning your system to you” what bill—soooo i stupidly called them to find out that they would like me to pay 498.00 for spill damage. heres a clue i neer spulled anything on the computer also, i sent it for monitor repair since it never worked right and received it bck with them telling me on the phone that i needed a new motherboard new memory cards and new fans. Funny how all this works I just bought this in December of 2004 and have been trying to get it fixed for 8 months. In the last 2 weeks I have talked to 27 cuatomer service reps–all indian. 3 technical support reps–also indian. and finally a supervisor in the us when i pushed the wrong buttons and got tot the business division, He says he will help however–I think he wanted me off the PHONE. Does anyone have email addressed for general counsel or for executive in us at dell, I am going to email until they answer or I am going to file suit against them if I have to. Can anyone help???

  • simone

    Thanks for all of the info. I’m writing this on my husband’s Toshiba Tecra since my Dell 1150 is dead. The power cord is in and shows green but the computer battery light shows yellow for a few seconds when I try to turn it on then dies too. I’m sure the warranty is up too. Any ideas??….besides, of course, never buying one again. I have no idea how to test another power cord to make sure it’s not a problem with that instead of the computer.

  • Simone …

    Try removing the Battery, then powering up with the Mains Power Supply. Not sure of the DELL powerline configuration in this instance, but it should work without the Battery. The Battery could be defective. To ascertain any more on this issue without further related information thereto!
    e-mail: [email protected]

  • Michael Rocco

    Dell,DEll,DEll…if only someone pulled my coat to you B4 i spent $700 opn a P4 Dim-i’ll start w/ Ink,of the Black type, which, according to your Ink Meter, was only 3/4 empty, but refused to print anymore,even after i set the Prefs for Darkest-all the wasted time E-mailing u for advise or a reason why-all the un-pronounceable names that said ‘We rec’d your E-mail, and the Ref # is…’ 12 different Ref #-you couldent even respond or refer to to my original E-mail-your ‘Techs’ referred me to ‘Microsoft Solution Center’ Doc #’s-that did’nt even refer to ink prob’s!-But my latest “DELL”- my system re-boots itself when it is sitting idle- I will not bore u w/ how many ref’s to ‘MS Sol Ctr’ doc’s, $ how many ‘The person who responded to your E-mail is not available, I will be assisting you-my name is (insert constanants here) (no, I am not racest) Thanx for the Vent…

  • Mark Buskell

    Update: My new Dell laptop arrived on Friday. They sent me a Inspiron 6000. I think the lesson I learned is if normal tech support does not work, start writing letters and emailing. In my case I sent emails to Michael Dell and his vice president Michael George. Most people will give up and that is what the companies count on, if you are one of the few that won’t give in, then sooner or latter they will have to deal with you and hopefully the problem will be resolved.

  • Diane M. LaCastro

    Mr. Jarvis:

    I have been DELL”D

    I have just finished my last conversation with the bullies from LTD Financial Services-it of course, ended in a heated screaming match-all o ver my DELLHELL experience.

    I, too, spent countless hours trying to find one person who spoke fluent English-without an accent and was not stationed in India! I found that to be an impossibility. As I left the santuary of church this morning pondering whether the the big bullies from LTD would begin their harrassment of me and demand “I take a pen and write my name to a check or”, I’m not sure what the else was to be. I do know that I’ve spent this last half year in pursuit of obtaining the coveted address of the president of Dell. For days and hours-of which adding all the hours and calculating wages thereof, I could have purchased multiple units of Dell-I spent methodically searching for someone who would even listen to my plea. No one is equipped to take any responsibility as far as consumer satisfaction and no one person is going to let out the coveted address or name of Mr. President Dell.

    I was sent a model that was lemon, or a dud, or a stripped down model of some semblance of a viable computer. Upon calling DELL I was assured by someone posted in India that I would be sent a part to make my computer viable for all sorts of needs including floppy disks. Plus the rebate to be sent to me of upwards close to $140.00 was never sent. Again I was assured that this would be taken care of and sent to me.

    But after the computer crashed four times and I was assured that it was not Dell’s fault, I spent countless hours with Adelphia to correct the problem, only to find that the crashes were definitely due to the Dell computer. So, I consulted and hired two computer experts, one finally gave up in making the system work and told me that even if the part to be sent came, the system could’nt accept it because the computer was sent with no area inside to adapt to floppy disks or anything else- in other words I could not add on to the computer over time if and when I needed.

    But it “DELLHELL’ still goes on… When I first called DELL in the first 30 days, I had stated that I wanted to return the unit, but they were so amicable then, and said no don’t do that because they were sure the parts were adequate in bringing the computer to the level I needed. So, you guessed it, I decided to wait because I thought this was a company of “Award-Winning Service and Support”! Now the time alloted to return the computer had elapsed and I was informed that even though my problems were within the first 30 days it was too late to return the computer without the charge of $100, because now it was passed the 30 day time alloted. I had been duped to believing DELL would indeed be my friend and guide me through this unfortunate experience.

    I did send payment in full to what I felt was more than adequate for the computer sent and the time spent to track people to talk with, and for the part/s that never came and the rebate that never materialized-this check was marked in full satisfaction and accord and DELL had no trouble in cashing it. I did this with Dell’s financial services’ employee who had assured me once again that would take care of everything. I now realize that was just their DELL way to get payment. I do have a copy of the check. I had truly hoped this would solve the financial problem at least, and prove that I was willing to pay if someone would help. All that happened was that I was again duped into believing their lies. I was manipulated into believing DELL would support me especially if I showed true faith in holding my end of the deal. Dell has no conscience and believes they are above the law when dealing with unsatisfied customers and inadequate computers.

    One other vitally important matter, when I had first mentioned all my problems to a DELL representative of their consumer financial department they actually stated “well that’s not our fault”- in other words give us your money even if the product you got was a lemon and we lied in our representations to you, and lied willfully to snare you into a DELL web of unconscionable levels of fraud to its consumers. Further, they will continue to wreak havoc on your life and threaten to destroy your credit and send bullies from the jungle to impede on any happiness you might have in a days time!!-All for the almighty “dollar”, that the majority of DELL employees can’t even pronounce correctlly.

    There are still so many convoluted tales untold in my saga but I have grown weary and will close my lamentation. But I will say that I’ve begun a Better Business complaint. I am also writing a Wall Street Journal editorial so all of America can share in the true knowledge of a deceitful company that not only doesn’t deserve its self-proclaimed title of superior service, but most importantly uses fraudulent marketing to snare its “victims”!

    Mr. Jarvis and all who have been Dell’d-Thanks for your ear!

  • EM Carter

    Well gentlemen…I can relate.
    I just went through a month long ordeal of inefficiency, ignorance and dishonesty with Dell’s Sales, and customer support “system”. And still didnt get what I wanted.
    I was even lied to by “supervisors”. So going up the food chain doesnt much make a difference in their system as well.

    1. “Couldnt” upgrade OS on basic laptop….Im an IT industrialists…I have upgraded several machines’ OS’s. SO for this large PC breeding megaCompany to say they couldnt staggered me. But, they upsold me a more expensive so I could get XP Pro instead of Home.

    2. In the ad, free Wireless NIC. Salesperson “No, it’s $19.95”

    3. Free printer…or I could upgrade to an All-in-One for $29. Does it fax? I repeatedly asked the sales person. “Yes, sir” He replied all 3 times. Come to find out…one more piece of bullshit to through on the lawn of weeds. No fax.

    On top of all of this, they dropped my order the 1st time, lied to me about the re-order and finally after the 3rd re-order my order was shipped. I spent at least 6 hrs on the phone to get a laptop that costs about as much as the 6hrs of my life I lost. I should have received it for free.

    I am an IT consultant, and I take it as a slap in the face that, for years, I have recommended Dell…no more. I will stay with local manufacturers. May be $100 or $200 more, but the customer WILL get what he wants.

  • Hanoch McCarty

    I have six Dells. And, I must say, over the early part of my experience with Dell, I was very satisfied and impressed with their quality and especially their customer service.

    However, I am a changed man. Little by little, incrementally, they’ve gone to hell in the proverbial handbasket. They really blew it when they outsourced their tech support to India. No matter how the Bangalore companies try to train their techs, the accents are often impenetrable, the timing of their verbal responses is so weird and their tone and attitude can be supercilious and insulting to say the very least. I’ve been given such incorrect and harmful advice by these techs that I currently don’t call them, I’ve found a local IT company to service my machines at my expense. So, Dell you’ve “saved money”.

    Recently, like a damned fool, I bought a Dell server and a Dell Desktop. And I put the desktop on a Dell Financial Services “Preferred Account” whatever the hell that means. Now let’s be clear: I’ve been buying Dell for over ten years. I owned Dell stock, for gosh sake. I am known as an ‘early payer’ in all my accounts. Somehow, the last payment we sent in seems to have hit the snail in snailmail. It hasn’t gotten to them on time. The payment due was $27 dollars. We sent a check for $200 at the beginning of last week. So with a ‘past due’ or “delinquent” amount of $27, the geniuses in Bangalore had some gal with a thick accent and a nasty attitude call me at 7pm on Sunday night! When I told her we’d sent a check, she became abusive.

    So, today, I called in, spoke to a ‘supervisor’ and obtained the total buyout amount and have just mailed them a check. And that’s the last money that Dell will ever get from me.

    go to this URL:
    which is Michael Dell’s bio on the Dell website. I love the quote, “…the company he founded in 1984 with $1,000 and an unprecedented idea — to build relationships directly with customers.”

    Boy have they lost their sense of direction!

    Goodby, Michael Dell. Have a nice life.

  • Todd

    Add me and my family to the growing list of people who are incredulous with the customer service and products at Dell. I will do what I can to communicate to others about the horrible products and equally horrible customer service at Dell.

    Does anyone have any suggested alternatives for seeking a refund on a faulty Dell product: court, Better Business Bureau, etc.?

  • It seems Dell’s policy is once we got your money good luck getting help from us. They have had my laptop for over 2 weeks and they still can’t tell me where it is or when I’ll get it back. I would like to write to Michael George where did you send your letter?
    I posted a comment on Dell’s community site and in a few hours they took it down because they said it HTML in it which is bull, but in those few hours I got many replies from people with customer service problems.

    Does anybody know if I sue them in small claim court where I should serve them?

  • Beatrice Hymiak

    I had a friend who is a computer geek to come in and fix my computer. It turned out that the norton program was stopping the printer from loading. You would think that after I spent over 4 hours on the phone with dell they would of figured out this problem. They wanted me to call microsoft at $99.00 an hour and it turns out it was not their problem. Michael Dell and Michael George should be ashamed of selling computers with faulty software. I told a friend yesterday who was going to buy a dell not to do it. Buy an HP. I should of stayed with them but was swayed by the cheap price at dell. I guess you get what you pay for…a cheap defective computer.

  • Jean Juan



    A recent message of mine to Dell.

    Thank you Sir, but I went through this very same response and requests after the FIRST cancellation. Phone calls, dialing menus for this and that, going on hold. Nice people, promise to help, promise to get personally involved. Then I wait a week for the product and it gets canceled again. No calls, no explanations. NOTHING. I know how big corporations are. You’ve proven you can’t handle a fan replacement in weeks, AT LEAST! Why on earth should I invest more time on the phone, with the same people and department that have wasted weeks of my time with empty promises and conflicting information?

    What will make your system not cancel my order again?? NOTHING! Your system can’t handle this fan. The same thing will happen again and Dell won’t care. Only I will care. I need a fan, Dell only needs new customers.

    WHY ON EARTH DO YOU CANCEL ORDERS FOR THE SECOND TIME AFTER ALL THOSE PROMISES AND YOU DON’T EVEN CALL OR EMAIL ME????? This is a HORRIBLE thing to do to a loyal customer! This is a BAD system that cancels time and again without someone stepping in to help.


    NO, YOU SAY, I MUST TAKE MORE OF MY TIME AND TRUST DELL TO SOMEHOW FIGURE OUT ALL THESE PROBLEMS. This is MORE proof that Dell has a bad system–they take the EASY way for Dell and put all the work on the CUSTOMER!!












  • benji

    I own a Dell Inspiron 600m, got it back it June of this year, and coming from either the motherboard or the memory bay, is a sharp ringing sound that has done nothing but drive me insane the past week. What’s even amusing about it is that it doesn’t do it when Windows isn’t loaded, as when it’s in DOS and doesn’t do it when I push the down key on my notebook. I swear to holy bajesus that it makes a sharp ringing sound. I will never buy another computer from dell again.

  • Oh dear Mr Michael Dell, roll up your sleaves, get stuck in and sort out these DELL dissatisfied soles, who have paid their hard earned dues for a wholly crap service.
    BEWARE your nice contracts with UK Government Departments, NHS, Education etc., may soon be in jeopardy when they find they discover the monster embraced!
    Ignore your customers at your peril, although I expect your millions re safely stashed away before the crash!

    Where is the Monitor I paid 1,314 GBP for way back in February 1994?

  • JBJD

    Attn: Darla Jenkins

    Dell, Inc.
    Legal Dept. – MS-8033
    One Dell Way
    Round Rock, TX 78682

    fax: 1-512-728-7100

    I see Dell People.

  • Bruce Copeland

    I have had the unfortunate problem of being burden by the company that I supported for so many years when I complained of my high interest rate that I requested be reduced. Within two weeks my next invoice was sent to me increasing my interest rate to over 30%. It seems that because Dell is losing its market share it is allowing Dell Financial Services to make up for its shortfalls. My wife and I have been dell customers since 1999, but we plan on paying off our terribly financed loan from DFS and never go back to Dell again.

    Below is a copy of the email I sent to Dell and it’s response from one of their customer service reps…

    My email complaint: “I am looking for a lower interest rate… this is the second PC I’ve purchased from Dell and I’ve been making regular payments with little or no issues… I don’t feel like a preferred customer. I want it lowered… I’ve had a good experience with Dell but I’d hate to stop being a customer due to your practices at DFS. If it is not favorable I will pay off my account within a month or two and never purchase another Dell. I look forward to your answer.”

    Their response: “Dear Mr Copeland,

    Thank you for contacting Dell Financial Services (DFS) regarding your account.

    Please be advised that the interest rate offered to you was strictly based on your credit report. Additionally, this decision was processed by a computer generated scoring model, for your privacy and security, and unfortunately, is not negotiable.

    Please keep in mind that with the Dell Preferred Account, all customers are provided a 25-day grace period on any new purchase. There are no annual fees, no down payments and no initiation fees. There are no minimum purchases required, you can make additional purchases at any time and there is never a penalty for paying off balances early.

    As of today’s date, your current account balance is $XXXX.XX. Keep in mind, however, that because interest accrues on your account daily, you may have additional finance charges assessed on your next regular statement. Our records indicate a minimum payment of $XX.XX due by 10/03/2005.

    To make a payment over the phone, please contact our collections department at (800) 443-1592. Please keep in mind that there is a $10.00 fee for this service. You may also mail your payment to:

    Dell Preferred Account
    Payment Processing Center
    PO Box 6403
    Carol Stream IL 60197-6403

    Please refer to your 19-digit account number on your payment and have your check payable to Dell Preferred Account.

    If you have not already, we invite you to visit our new and improved website at We now provide a variety of account information including balance, available credit, and the date and amount of your last payment received. You can even update your billing address online as well.

    Of course, should you have any other questions regarding your account that are not addressed by our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 283-2210 or respond by return e-mail. We will be happy to assist you.


    Shirley Mayrose
    Customer Support
    Dell Financial Services L.P.

    Thanks for nothing, Shirley (oh maybe I should be thankful for the rate hike)! When there customer service takes a dive it is very evident in every aspect of the “Dell Family”. By the way, I am working my way up through middle management very quickly at our educational institution (which has a contract with Dell) I will make sure my institution here’s of this blog and all of the dissatisfied customers – most of all me! Have fun on the slippery slope!

    Bruce Copeland
    A Very Dissatisfied Customer

  • Nancy

    I knew I couldn’t be alone! I bought an Inspiron 700m a little over a month ago and it’s been a nightmare. Mr. Dell and his CEO need to check into what’s happening at the hen house since it seems no one is paying attention and 99% of the staff are either not impowered to actually help you or just not capable of thinking off of their pre-written response script. I’m going to give it until the end of next week. If they still aren’t listening then I am filing a compliant with my State Attorney General. The electronic form is right there on the AG’s page and waiting. He’s running for Governor. Dell would make some nice PR! I can’t be the only citizen in Florida with this problem.

    Part of it is so stupid it boggels the mind. My order for the memory sticks was suppose to be 2 sticks equaling 1 gig not 2 that equaled 526k or whatever. (Please bear with since I am no tech.) That’s what I ordered then that first order was lost in the great beyone. The guy actually found the order, but it had to be re-entered (who knows why) and he made a mistake. No biggie… After checking the order online later we realized the error and called to let them no. It went down hill from there. On the tech side, my screen keeps going red (maroon to be more acurate) and they have assured me it’s not a harware issue. The first two tech were really nice and helpful, but it did it again last weekend. I called and left a voice mail message on 9/11 (should have been an omen), but haven’t heard back as of 9/17.

    I sent the following replay to them after receiving a customer care survey from Dell as a result of me trying to get help through their email to tech support. I almost didn’t bother asnwering it, but once I started to see the questions I figured what the heck. “Would you recomend to your friends….Dell?” Not if I wanted to keep them! Here’s my response that went with my answers:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I will give your department credit for at least sending this survey out. I can’t begin to tell you what a nightmare this has been since I ordered my laptop last month. The customer service on the home purchase side, for the most part, has been the most incompetent and uncaring service I have seen in a long time, if not ever! There have been a few shining stars I have come across, but not many. Those folks I did send “thank you” emails to, including the one that apparently caused some of this mess by not re-entering my memory specs correctly. I also have case #110841342 going on and it remains unresolved. “Erica” was helpful with me during our initial call unfortunately my last service call to Dell on Sunday (I believe it was Sunday) has not been returned.

    People have just been outright stupid at times and I don’t even like using that word. Others have just been rude, like one of the last people “Bruce” I spoke to who after being asked numerous times to transfer me to a supervisor. I have apologized more times than I care to think to your staff for getting so frustrated on the phone. I’ve started out many a conversation stating “Let me apologize now if I sound short, but you have no idea what a nightmare this has been…” Then I end up being transferred to the business section, put on hold for 20 minutes or more, only to be told I need to be on the home consumer side and then transferred back to their phone loop for another 15-20 minutes only to be told I just need to place my order again when someone else has told me they can see the order in the system. I spent nearly 6 hours one day on hold with your company, getting cut off, calling back, getting transferred, etc. You bet I have ended up getting short with some of the folks on the phone and I do regret it. Keep in mind that your staff have actually REFUSED to transfer me to your customer support team when asked. One finally did and I ended up speaking with Angelique Thomas and (?) Loomis. They were both very helpful, but some how my order disappeared out of the system for a second time as did the first one. I emailed them both on Friday, but have not heard back as of yet.

    I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating it is to walk around my office and see the hundreds of “Dell” boxes that have recently come in and to know the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have spent over the years. I can’t even purchase a simple home use basic laptop. Trust me, I plan to pass the word on next time staff want to make a purchase and expect me to authorize it. They are going to have to find someone else who will.

    I would very much appreciate it if someone from customer service would contact me as soon as possible to let me know how to return this laptop and just make this all go away. The last person I asked to do that for me told me it was too late to return it since it had been “over 21 days” since I received it. It’s not my fault that something so simple couldn’t be worked out in all this time. All I wanted was a laptop with the memory configuration I ordered. How simple is that?

    Please feel free to contact at any of the numbers below. I have also listed my home email address for evenings and weekends. I look forward to hearding from someone very soon.

    Customer Number XXXXX Home email Weekends and Evenings
    XXXXXXX Mobile
    XXXXXXX Home Evenings and Weekends
    XXXXXXX Work M-F

    copy: to file
    Info to Dell Financial Services @

    My worst regret out of all of this is that I didn’t use my American Express Card. I let myself get sucked in to the 0% so they have me at both end for the moment!

    Best of luck to everyone out there! I hope to be looking for another laptop very soon. I can dream can’t I????


  • Nancy …
    Display probems …have encountered this problem before …consistent with Grahics Chip or Motherboard routing (defective component soldering) almost certainly Hardware related …exactly which Plant does DELL originate?
    Latop, try an ASUS!

  • Susan Clary

    Dell has the worst customer service of any company I have seen – as of late. Despite many telephone calls within days of purchasing the receiving the computer – Dell put me off and blamed other issues until my laptop was out of warranty and now refuses to address the issues to resolve them. What a huge waste of money and trust. They even called me last evening to see if I was satisfied with the resolution of my horrific issues with a 9-month old laptop I have never been able to use!!!! Of course, I said I was not satisfied. They promised to pick it up to fix it and send it out for repair over the months only to cancel those things internally and then not tell the customer and state that I would have to pay them to repair their problems. Does any have idea to resolve these matters? Thanks Susan

  • Susan Clary

    By the way, if anyone has ideas on getting my issues resolved with a Dell Inspiron Laptop that I have never been able to use because it has never worked properly, please email me. I am in dire straights here and am looking for suggestions. Thanks! Susan [email protected]

  • Kevin

    Today I have returned my Axim handheld! It hasnt worked properly since the day I got it. I worked with customer service finally they decided to sendme a replacement but thats not what pissed me off the most.

    When I ordered the Axim I wanted the complete care package, but the salesman didnt include it. Two days later looking at the invoice I called and wanted to get added (the item hadnt even shipped). They informed me that you must order it a time of purchase. Ok fine I was irritated but sometimes shit happens.

    However during the process trying to get if fixed I was interviewed by some supervisor for a custome service survey. During the process, I said I was generally pleased in that the device was going to be returned, but told them of my frustrations over not getting the complete care package. She told me would investigate. She calls back. She says that I can get the customer care within 21 days purchase. This was confirmed by another supervisor I chatted with repair process.

    So I call customee care as directed. After a 25 minute wait I am told I need to call the extended warranty department to get that done. So I call extended warranty and get a very snotty representative who informs that I cant get the extended care because it must be purchased at time of service. I ask for supervisor and get put onl hold for another 25 minutes.

    Finally I tell them I want a refund so they send me back to a 20+ minute wait to customer care to return the device for a refund. I going to buy a different palm pc from another company now and no more dell for me.

  • Peter

    Take it easy, for every dissatisfied dell customer, there is one for HP, Compaq, IBM, etc. No matter what blogs, press & media, you think you have influenced with your story, I am sorry to say you’re not making a difference.

    Ever heard of It’s been around for years. Do you think people buy less compaqs because of this site? Not a chance. A few kids got together and thought they would put ’em outta business by making a site about how much they suck! Good luck…

  • Response to posting by Peter!
    HP/Compaq; IBM; Sony and of the “ilk” have adopted the same Customer Service/Support model as DELL! Doesn’t mean to say they are right …of course electronic products fail, it is a matter of how a Company deals with such, that is why perhaps the direct sell is not such a good idea. I can remember when Resellers of Sony, Panasonic etc., were “vetted” for competency of handling their product and providing full service & support facilities …now you can collect the Plasma Screen/latest high-tech toy along with a shop for the Groceries! The wheels have come off!

  • Michelle Booth

    We are also unsatisfied Dell customers. We have purchased previous Dell products with little to no problems, however the purchase of the Dell Dimension XPS last October was the exception. Within five months the hard drive and the monitor crashed. After numerous hours on the phone, the hard drive was dispatched by a technician, who installed it and walked away. A refurbished monitor was send. Five months later the hard drive crashed again. Once again, it was hours and hours on the phone with Dell before I finally got someone to replace the tower – and of course, they only would replace it with a refurbished one. The monitor had a few problems, but continued to work. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks later, a replacement tower arrived and was set up. Within 24 hours we were having problems with it. It was losing time, freezing up, and moving very slowly. I spent all day on the phone with Dell Saturday. They had me move a jack because they said when it was built it was put in the wrong place, they had me download a patch, etc., etc. and the problem continued and then the monitor finally crashed. Technical support assured me that a battery (which they think is the problem) and a monitor would be dispatched. I called them today, the battery has been dispatched, but the monitor dispatch was cancelled, so I had to spend another hour on the phone with them. (And this was after leaving messages all day that still have not been returned). It’s a shame I can not bill Dell for my time on the phone with them because of their product – I know I have at least 60 to 70 hours logged already, let alone the costs to have a computer technician keep setting up my system. I am very disappoined with Dell’s products and service. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but from what I read, my complaint is the same as they are getting from lots of others – product problems, technical support problems, and long extended waits on the phone. I hope that consumers will consider my complaint as well as the many listed above before they deal with Dell. We bought their best product, and it has been a NIGHTMARE.

  • Hi, I recently set up a Dell complaint forum.
    I think it would be helpful to other customers if you can post your complaint/opinion in the forum.
    The Website is


  • Frank Trask

    I have had 7 dell computers all but the current one have been great. Any problems have been taken care of by Dell Tech Support over the phone. My current unit a XPS GEN 4 developed a problem which the Tech spent an hour with me to correct the problem. It was decided to have a Tech sent to my home to correct the problem. The next business day on site in my opinion is a myth. The third party support cannot even do next business week. It was two weeks before the third party could schedule me in. In other words I had a $5000 paper weight on my desk. I was able to fix the problem myself in this case by reseating the memory sticks. Dell must get a handle on their 3rd party service or others like myself will be going to another brand for the next purchace. I must say the Dell Techs were very courteous and helpful and one even told me I was not the first to complain about the 3rd party service.

  • Lanny N.

    I bought a Dell Lattitude CPJ-650 few years ago and I found out later that my Dell keyboard stucks at the i, h keys. Checking on internet in various forums complained by a huge base of disastified customers with this problem, I found the problem is caused by heat from CPU making the keyboard to fail intermittently and talking with Dell customer service is like talking to the wall. I learned my mistake then that I should use a search engine to search for problem with any piece of computer & peripherals, i.e. typing “Dell CPx problem”. That Dell laptop problem left me a poor taste of Dell for a long while.

    When my 2 kids going to college lately, I didn’t even bother to check on Dell so I bought 2 HP laptops for my children, of course after using Google to check on that HP model. I did buy 4 Dell servers for my company and 1 for my own use because the price was so cheap like throwing away price ($200 plus/minus), also after checking whether the model has problem or not. But laptop, no thanks Mr. Dell. I will buy it from someone else.

  • Jonathan Rose

    I too have been through Dell Hell. As a college student, I was frustrated that I spent more time trying to get my laptop to work than doing homework. Just as the author of the letter, I too type my thoughts on an Apple PowerBook. Where is my Dell now? In my closet collecting dust because they kept sending me defective parts. I even took pictures of one of the four replacements that was damaged at their repair center. On top of that, I took pictures of a hard drive that was sent where pins were bent to the point where the hard drive couldn’t sit properly or function at full capacity. I spent $2000 on a Dell Latitude D505 with a three year waranty. I have to say it was by far the worst investment ever made. In conclusion, the lesson I learned is to investigate the company before purchasing a product of such a high price. Thus, the Apple PowerBook was the replacement. Also, I wrote letters to Michael Dell and REC representatives who refused to cooperate or give a refund because of actions taken on their behalf. In fact, the only reason I don’t sell the Latitude is because I would feel too guilty placing the burden of the Latitude D510 on anyone else’s shoulders.

  • Brian K. Sidella

    Can someone provide me the email address for Michael Dell or a C level executive? I’m a former C.O.O. and have my own Dell Hell horror story to convey.

  • Mitch

    You obviously are a dick. As for the problem with your sons laptop, that is a common problem with all manufacturers, laptops are not specifically meant for gaming, but thats besides the point. Quite plainly I can see that from the very start you wanted to be an asshole to dell…and they decided to ignore you. Dont go thinking that your pathetic ass blog is going to hurt dell. Go ahead and be like a little bitch and go get an apple…have fun with no programs!

  • Contrary to what others are saying about their machines, I really do like mine (except for a minor problem that was shipped with it). Of course, I got my machine 3.5 years ago, and “Dell Financial” financed it. Now here I am with less than 6 payments remaining, and each time I’ve been a couple of days late, I’ve received phone calls that forward me to non english speaking people from India. I’ve only been late 3 times in 3.5 years, and never more than 10 days!! So, last time I actually spoke with someone, about 18 months ago, I really let your rep have it. Now here I am in September, my payment was due on the 14th., and on the 17th. I started getting “out of area” calls but now when I answer them, the line disconnects. Are you routing these calls through New Orleans? As the days have progressed, so have the number of calls. What started as 4, has now (on the 23rd.) accumulated to 9. I sent the payment yesterday. Do you effing idiots think I would default on the financing now? How do I know it’s you? Because about 10 months ago I was late and the calls, just like these, began 3-5 days after the due date and they quit 3-4 days after the payment was mailed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, and since I have no other encounters like this with any creditors, I know it’s you. The saddest part of all of that is I call your toll free number to advise I will be late, and I never get a representative after waiting for 20 minutes so i hang up. If you want a nice computer, (at least) order the Inspiron. If you want it financed, and you may on occasion encounter a financial difficulty, go somewhere else !!!

  • From Miss: Linda Kona.
    Abidjan Cote D’ I voire.
    Email: ( [email protected])

    Dear One,
    For my safety and security of my future I am making this proposal to you for our mutual benefit. This however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour it against your will. I am Miss: Linda Kona , 22 years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr.and Mrs. Kona . My father was a highly reputable busnness magnet-(a cocoa merchant)who operated in the capital of Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously during one of his business trips abroad on the 12th.july. 2004. Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle who travelled with him at that time. But God knows the truth! My mother died when I was just 4 years old, and since then my father took me so special. Before his death on july 12th, 2004 he called the secretary who accompanied him to the hospital and told him that he has the sum of Three million, Five hundred thousand United State Dollars.(USD$3.500,000) deposited in a bank here in Abidjan which he use my name as next of kin .

    He further told him that he deposited the money with my name as the next of kin, and finally told him to tell me where to find the documents of the deposit which he said was in possession of his lawyer in sealed documents held by him and asked me to collect it from him and all the necessary documents to this fund. I am just 22 years old and a first year university undergraduate and really don’t know what to do.

    Now I want a trust worthy person who can help me to transfer this money and provide an account overseas where I can transfer this funds.This is because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

    Now permit me to ask these few questions:-

    1. Can you honestly take me as your own and help me.

    2. Can I completely trust you?

    3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your account?

    Please, Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible so that i can forward the documents to you after we have agreed on the conditions for your assistance. My life is not safe here and i need to be out of here as soon as possible because now that my father is dead and with me only as a female child, my uncles will be seeking to kill me so that they can have all my fathers properties. i really don’t want to struggle anything with them in terms of properties but my presence will still be disturbing them. thank God they are not aware of this fund in the bank hence, I want to leave here as soon as you help me to lodge it into a safe account in your stable country and then send me some amount to enable me prepare to meet you. Without your help, i will find it difficult to travel and transfer it myself alone with my little or no experience.

    I am waiting for your urgent reply with your contact phone number so that i can give you the contact of the bank were my late father deposited this money
    for you to contact them as if you are my late father’s partner.

    Thank you so much.

    My sincere regards

    Miss Linda Kona

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  • Michael Dell, still “shafting” us, more “gloat” at:;jsessionid=V5O0A1KY3RZK3QFIQMFSM54AVCBQ0JVC?xml=/money/2005/09/25/ccprof25.xml

    The Sunday Telegraph 25/09/05

  • Sally Blackman

    I also have a major probelm with Dell and can’t find Dell’s email address or Fax #. Can you help please?
    Many thanks,


  • E-mail address for Michael Dell: –

    [email protected]

    Not sure if it reaches its destined target / such has never prompted any replies!
    However, this FAX Number certainly has

    (512) 283-7261

    Anybody who is in the UK, can provide Contact / FAX & Telephone Numbers to their Irish Division and also receives attention!

  • I have bought several Dell computers over the last 12 years. The first ones were excellent machines; HOWEVER, the last four that I have purchased have been increasingly terrible. I purchased one for my church in January, 2005 and purchased the onsite warranty. In the seven months since purchase, the hard drive has crashed and been replaced, there continues to be problems with the operating system when you try to log on and now tell is trying to say that it is software problems not hardware – when they just replaced the hard drive three weeks ago and reinstalled everything themselves. I have tried to speak with customer support for over four hours this morning and keep getting pushed from one place to another but I always end up in INDIA. I WILL NEVER EVER purchase another Dell computer.

  • Sir;
    Our company has to use Dell in our business to power many of our products. We have had nothing but trouble with Dell’s customer service. When our Sales Rep is not at his desk we cannot order a computer. When he is at his desk, he never calles you back. We have asked to have another. This request has gone un fulfilled. Example. We ordered a Dell without a monitor. When the shipment arrived there was a monitor. We contacted Dell to have the monitor returned, they sent ups a new computer without a monitor. However, they charged our company with both computers. Way to go Dell! You are loosing another customer.
    John Borchert
    Government Sales

  • Steve Dagrosa

    My complaint is about a supplier that Dell employes. My son is a college music student and when we purchased his lap top from Dell it was with a set of speakers vital to his education. These speakers were promised on 8/22/05 and of course we have yet to see them.

    Dell now tells us they have been discontinued because Dell no longer uses the supplier. If I want comperable speakers I will have to now on 9/27/05 reorder from Dell. What poor customer service, complete lack of communication, not to mention my biggest complaint the Dell’s Customer Service Department:
    1. They are rude and talk down to customers with their scripted answers.
    2. They are nameless, try to get the name and number of a person in charge it’s impossible.
    3. They disconnect you, lie to you, really do not care, and are for the most part clueless.
    4. They bounce you from nebulous dept. to dept. with the same result THEY MADE THE MISTAKE BUT THE ONUS GOES BACK TO THE CUSTOMER.
    5. When you try to contact a corporate person via email – forget it – they must know how bad there customer service really is.

    Therefore, before going through “Dell Hell” get in you car and purchase your computer from a person with a face and name and a proactive leader to who they report to. I know that what I will do and for Dell – you are a perfect example of most American Customer Service – uncaring, uneducated, and if we are lucky soon out of business.

  • James Eaton


  • Chris Tester

    So many comments regarding poor customer service, let me shed some light on why:

    1. Dell treats their vendors and suppliers very bad
    a. Payment terms: EOAP50- End of accumulation period, 50. This basically means that the suppliers don’t get paid for 50-75 days. This attracts bottom feeders to the supply chain….the list is long of companies that Dell has put in to BK because of their vendor management processes. They also require price reductions each year, further requiring the supplier to cut costs that impact overall quality performance.
    2. Hitting the wall- Dell is hitting the wall in the US market and has no choice but to drive prices lower (reduce costs), as they have done for the past 12 years. The problem is they cannot execute on a global basis. Each region has it’s own business owners and processes. Dell is not growing market share fast enough to offset longterm US revenue declines. What this means is they have created the need in the PC industry to outsource customer service, tech support functions, and even some sales functions to India and areas of APAC. If Dell pulled those functions back, they would be in the RED on every PC they sold…..ala IBM, which sold the unit to Lenovo who IS a global player in the largest growth market in the world: CHINA. Dell cannot compete in China due to the inability to leverage US infrastructure; come on English is spoken pretty much throughout the world now, take some culture classes and increase leverge like everyone else in the business. Use this leverage to focus on the core problems of product quality and customer service training/monitoring.
    3. BPI- Business Process Improvement- What a joke. This is nothing more than a bunch of people working on spreadsheets touting huge savings, thereby appeasing executives. This is the BUDGET Six Sigma, developed internally. You have to make investments for continued quality.
    4. Engineering- NONE!!!!!!!! Dell doesn’t engineer anything, make no mistake, they are a direct reseller!!!!! Which means if your don’t own the engineering, poor product quality is the result.

    From an APPLE customer, former Dell customer, I would not recomend buying from Dell, and as a shareholder, SHORT their stock longterm. They are too far down the path of globization, or lack there of, to fix this train wreck.

  • To the former submission. Virtually ALL electronic components now come from China. Don’t make excuses for DELL, they are the instruments of their own demise, but taking everyone else with them. They are the WALMART, TESCO …get real, it is not the customer who dictates what they will pay from a product, but these greedy marketeers. Why not apply the same ethos to the so called “Professional” trades such as Lawyers/Solicitors etc., don’t see any “discounting”, “minimal margins” there …perhaps this business should also be “outsourced” to China to attain “value-for-money”?

  • Gail

    I am 3 weeks into my Dell problems, with no resolution in sight. My computer was supposed to have a DVD burner, 512 MB Ram and 80 Gig hard drive…the one I received has a DVD Rom, 256 MB Ram and 40 Gig hard drive. Sounds like I got half the computer I asked for. So far 3 techs have been out to replace various items, only to make matters worse by crashing the computer. Now all I get is a blue screen. I have asked for a new computer but haven’t heard anything in over 24 hours. Imagine that!!

  • Mike Lloyd

    Today I received three pieces of mail from Dell. Confirmation of an order I have repeatedly cancelled over the last month. An invoice for nearly £1,000 ($2,000). And a brochure of Dell special offers.

    I have just spent another 30 minutes on the phone to Dell to try to cancel my order for the fifth time. Dell are absolutely the worst internet company I have ever dealt with – it’s worse than going back to the 1990s.

    The original Internet order could not be processed because the web site was only partly working. The web-based tracking system didn’t recognise the order for several days. The prices quoted in Dell brochures, on the web site and by the call centre were all different. I had very little confidence that I would get the PC I ordered. The estimated delivery times were not honoured because Dell had run out of parts. Promises of early delivery made on the phone and by email by Dell were wrong.
    Once it worked, the online tracking system quoted a delivery date over 3 weeks away, so I cancelled the order and bought a computer from Compaq instead. (It is absolutely faultless and excellent value, by the way. And it took one hour to drive to the store, buy it, and drive home again.)
    The paperwork Dell promised did not arrive for nearly two weeks, long after the order had been cancelled. Emails confirming the cancellation arrived, but other documentation was posted suggesting the computer was on its way. I repeatedly emailed and phoned to see what the true situation was, but no-one could tell me anything trustworthy or accurate.
    A delivery company phoned to say my cancelled computer would be delivered shortly, prompting more attempts to cancel it. I was assured by Dell it was cancelled. Very early on a Saturday morning a courier phoned me saying he was outside my house delivering my Dell PC. So the repeated cancellations and promises were worthless. The courier was sent away.
    Today Dell has sent me ANOTHER order confirmation and an invoice for the cancelled computer. Nobody at Dell has any idea whether or not Dell has taken money from my credit card account. In fact, at no stage at all has it been possible to find out if Dell has wrongly taken money from me.

    Now, Dell’s job is to deliver computers. It plainly cannot do that in a reasonable time. It cannot manage its supply chain. It cannot co-ordinate its prices. It cannot process orders properly. It cannot keep its web site working correctly. It cannot accept a cancellation. It cannot tell if it has taken money from a customer. It cannot keep in touch with its courier companies. It cannot keep its promises. It cannot keep its customer informed (being bombarded with useless and inaccurate information by letter, email and phone calls is NOT being kept informed). Its Customer Care phone menu system is impenetrable, impersonal and useless.

    So, every aspect of Dell’s performance has been appallingly bad, right from the very start. To score perfect 10s for incompetence over three weeks takes real talent. Utterly amazing that the company is still in business at all.

  • Pete Kraft

    Here is a funny story. So I had a probelem with my notebook motherboard an called supprt. They shipped me a box. When putting the unit into the box, I dropped my notebook and broke the LCD screen (big crack across the entire screen). I figure, hey, they are going to repair it anyway, so I figure once they see the screen is broke, they will put the repair on hold and call me; I actually called tech supprt and they said they would make a note and notify the repair center. Seven days after sending my notebook in for repair, I get the unit back in working fashion; even with a working LCD. They didn’t even charge me for the screen. I called back to customer service (30 min hold) and told them there had been a mistake made, and they said, huh, “Looks like you got a good deal.” When I asked them if they could take a credit card for the repair service, the rep said they had no outstanding bills on my account.

    Not paying for repairs like this will keep me coming back for more. Now this is customer service!!! Not so sure this is best for shareholders, but hey……..

  • George C. Calvert


    I have a good story. I left a message earlier about my bad experience with Dell (Sept. 7th). I finally received a response from a rep. at Dell and they handled my situation in a fair manner. Persistence pays off.
    Good luck to all of you.



    This is not a “Match Game” joke. The above is a serious FACT, an absolute!!

  • Ram

    3 weeks ago, I bought an Inspiron 6000. I started having problems with erratic cursor movement and had called the tech support. After spending numerous hours with the Indian Tech Support, I was asked to do a “PC Restore” to solve the problem. The Tech support does not have any idea who can handle this problem. I was put to ten different technicians from ten different departments before somebody could walk me through how to fix the issue.

    Today, I made a call to upgrade memory from 1GB to 2GB on the same computer that I bought 22 days ago. This computer has two memory slots of 512MB each. To upgrade to 2GB memory, the sales rep said that I should buy two 1GB memory sticks and throw the existing ones. I came to know that the company policy is 21 days from the date of sale to return any purchases. I called one day later and they are not willing to exchange the memory.

    One more thing, during one of the calls to the tech support, when I was put on hold for few minutes, one of the automated messages said that I could participate in a customer survey conducted by JD Power Associates regarding the customer service. So, I asked the technician to connect me to JD Power Survey line. This rep from India did not know what JD Power was. He put me on hold for few minutes and got back to me saying that there was no survey line – He asked me go to Dell website and search for it.

    I have been a repeat customer of Dell. But, from the experience I had with the Customer care, I won’t buy another one.

  • Ron Falcone

    A few weeks before my service agreement expired I had problems with my Dell system. The nice folks in India suggested several ways to fix the problem but none worked. They did manage to drag out my case until the service agreement expired & then they refused to help me even though the problem was reported prior the to expiration date. At first they said the would honor the agreement but then backed off and left me with a dead Dell that I had to take to the local repair shop.

    I have always had Dell PCs & I even own their stock but all that is changing.

    Jeff, thanks for giving me a place to post this and to read what other folks have to say about this once great company.

  • natasha

    I was on the phone with Dell for 7 hours – LITERALLY getting transferred around. No rep found it odd when it was 3 hours…or 4…or 5.. – I basically went to work with Dell. They refuse any customer service. They don’t know enough english, so they skip righting notes in your acct. They keep transfering you around.


  • Jane and Emily

    Bought a new computer for my 81yr. old grandmother-got it all set up and then proceeded to work on it for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT it never would connect to the internet-DELL HELL-is right. Terrible experience with customer service-they even hung up on us! Customer Care would tell us to call Tech Support then Tech Support would tell us to call Customer Care and that happened THREE times…it was a nightmare. We got them to LET us send it back for a full refund-but we had to pay a restocking fee and the shipping and insurance fees…for a maching that never once connected to the internet. This company is for the birds.

  • Plasma Piece of [email protected]

    Bought a Dell Plasma 42″ HD TV. Stopped working within 20 days due to HDMI issues. Dell didn’t provide a replacement until 3 weeks later. Dell still hasn’t provided a service to reinstall my TV on the wall another 4 weeks. I’ve got holes in my new home from a lousy initial installation, and $3000 piece of junk on my wall, another $3000 piece of junk on my floor. I’ve spoken to Dell every day for the past 2 months now begging for a resolution. Nothing. I am complaining about BOTH Dell’s product AND their customer service. I highly recommended not purchasing from Dell.

  • Andrew H

    Thank you for creating this Dell Hell ranting forum. I have been waiting for this day for several months. Finally my horror story will get out and can prevent others from falling into the same trap. The text below is the exact letter I sent to FIVE different ‘senior’ Dell Customer service agents. I also sent this letter to their head office and emailed it to every high ranking Dell employee who’s email address I could find.

    Guess what response I got?

    NOTHING! Not even a simple reply.

    Here it is…

    To whomever might be concerned in continuing to help a dissatisfied customer,

    So you understand where I’m coming from, here’s a little background:

    Practically every component that could be faulty has been and practically everything that could break has broken.
    – the entire LCD screen had a large cluster of pixels burn out
    – the motherboard needed replaced TWICE
    – the CDRW drive broke twice and the mechanism that clamps it in also broke in an isolated incident
    – even the structure of the note book has fallen apart. i had to get a panel replaced because it had dislodged and was prohibiting me from powering the system on. One of the plastic pieces on the side of the monitor has come very loose and will probably soon break or lead to damage to the monitor.
    – the ethernet jack only works if I hold the cable into the computer and angle it a specific way
    – the battery died within the first year (I know this is expected..but is frustrating nonetheless)
    – the windows ME operating system was HORRIBLE and I was basically forced to spend a significant amount of time and money completely replacing it with XP and reloading all my work and programs. I also had to upgrade my RAM to run this new operating system which was an unexpectingly costly affair.
    – the floppy drive has never worked and I am too annoyed with constantly having these things break that I haven’t bothered to call you to come and look at it.
    – the mouse has also been broken for quite some time but I am now, out of desperation and frustration, needing to get it fixed
    – and, of course, just a few weeks ago the hard drive crashed…a huge loss and a GIGANTIC hassle….espcially seeing I am doing business in Asia and all my programs and backup are in Canada.


    I turn to you, the customer service experts, for these answers. Given all the issues I have faced and valuable time I have lost, my impression of Dell is overwhelmingly negative and I am extremely dissatisfied by your product.

    I hope that you can see this from my perspective and understand the incredible frustration these issues have caused me. As a person in business I understand the power of word of mouth and how one negative comment has at least 10 times the effect as positive one. I am curious to see how good Dell’s customer service actually is and whether or not satisfied customers are an important part of the Dell mission. If it is, I imagine that there will be a proposed solution to do away with my current ‘note book from hell’, proving confidence in your product to want me to test out a different system….one that actually works!


    Andrew H

    Can you believe it!?!? No response. None whatsoever! If that isn’t admitting that your products suck, I don’t know what is.

  • Brian F

    I own and run a local computer repair shop,I have way too many hell stories from dell and others, I also build custom built computers designed to user specifications. I remind all the old but true too this day quote. ” you get what you pay for” I have built over 200 systems for clients of mine and to date have never had 1 come back with a major issue, not to say I have not had material failure; however those minor issues were corrected within 24 hours at no cost too my customers. The bottom line is you buy junk you get junk, be it apple, HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Emachine or any other computer bought as a generic do it all cheap computer off the shelf. Do yourselfs a favor and visit your local computer shops, first make sure they are reputatable and second buy a good computer with local service. You will not only help yourselfs but also support your local economy. I am not sure how most work; however when I deliver new systems they are completely setup and running before we leave the clients residents, yes I said residents we setup in home.

  • Here is my letter to Dell, can you please tell me where to send it so that it will actually be read?

    [email protected]


    October 11, 2005

    To whom it may concern:

    The purpose of this letter is to convey my complete dissatisfaction with my Dell purchase. I purchased a brand new Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop in April of 2004 through your website. By March of 2005 I started having problems with it. For no reason at all, my laptop would power off and need to be restarted. As the problem became more persistent, I reported it to Dell and had to send it back for repair. The main board, bottom case and video cable were replaced and it was returned to me at no cost (under warranty). I was disappointed when I got it back as all of the labels on the bottom of the case were messed up and it didn’t appear that much care had been taken to return it to me in the condition in which it was sent. Regardless, I was pleased with the turn around time of the repair and figured I wouldn’t have to worry about my laptop anymore.

    I have taken exceptional care of this laptop despite how it has performed; it has never been dropped or abused. In August of this year (2005), I started experiencing the exact same problems and it began powering off again. I called Dell and explained what was going on. Since I only purchased a 1-year warranty (big mistake), I was informed that I would need to replace the motherboard myself at an astronomical cost (nearly what I paid for the laptop). I stressed that this was a recurring problem but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

    I understand that I no longer have coverage under the warranty but I’m terribly bothered by what I have learned about this particular laptop and Dell products in general, specifically my power issue. From reading in Dell’s forums and various technical websites and blogs, it appears that hundreds (if not thousands) of Dell customers have complained about repetitive issues with Dell products only to fall on deaf ears. Why doesn’t Dell acknowledge this as a design or engineering flaw and make things right with me (the consumer)? Even though I knew I couldn’t afford to purchase a high-end laptop when I started shopping for one, I was very concerned about quality and reliability. I had always heard good things about Dell so I decided to buy one. I would certainly have expected that a Dell laptop would last longer than 16 months! The part I find most frustrating is that Dell has not offered me any assistance or amicable solution. Your customer service agent just kept apologizing as though that would slowly make me understand that I was out of luck and to just deal with it. He actually suggested I try to find a motherboard on Ebay, I just had to laugh at that.

    I consider myself very brand loyal. If I find something I like, I stick with it and am very resistant to change. I will definitely avoid purchasing anything manufactured by Dell in the future. I will also be sure to share my experience with as many people as possible. I’m not a marketing guy but I did hear somewhere that a happy customer may only share his experience with 1 or 2 people whereas an unhappy customer will tell around 12 people. I think I’m somewhere past 12 by now…

    Eric Rozens

  • Lisa


    Tell me what a person can do that is being ripped off by DELL… seems Michael is such a Tech Giant …no one dare challenge him…….and who cares at Dell? One lady at DELL told me there was no supervisor or person higher than she for me to speak with…..laughable….but……..I can find no contact info for the CEO or Chairman.

    Any insight is appreciated.


  • nikkib

    This is my problem it explains it in our letter we wrote them. DELL SUCKS!

    My letter to Dell

    Dear Dell:
    I need your help with a situation I’m finding increasingly frustrating.
    Approximately on April 7, I purchased your two top-of-the-line laptops-Inspiron 6000 and an Inspiron 9300. This model’s features clearly make it one of the best machines on the market. After about 10 business day they shipped the computers and this is when all the pandemonium occurred. Your company shipped two of the Inspiron 6000’s. Which we only wanted one 6000 and one 9300. It clearly stated in our order # that we ordered a 6000 and a 9300. The 6000 had a different operating system, incompatible with everything in my office. After numerous attempt’s of calling and holding on the phone I was able to talk with a representative but we some how got disconnected (They do it on purpose b/C they don’t want to deal with any problems). After calling back and another hour of convincing on our part. Finally, your company acknowledge that we were indeed correct about your mistake. You agreed that they put all the sticker information: Product ID, Service Tag number etc….any way the wrong information on a 6000 when it should have been an Inspiron 9300 17 in. Then we got disconnected again. Then after calling back I spoke with a VERY RUDE lady by the name of Natasha “She stated, we needed to pay for the shipping and they would credit back our account of the charges involved.” I told them that it was their fault and they needed to have it picked up by Fed Ex …..(Not us)! She stated it was not in the policy that they pay for shipping returns. I then asked to talk with her supervisor and she stated she was too busy. Then she put me on hold for 20 minutes and then told me well Ok that they were going to send an order to have it picked up. As of May 17, 2005 still we have not had any one pick up the incorrect computer.
    The following day after I spoke to your order department, who assured me that the correct 9300 Laptop would be delivered by the next 3 business days. The computer did not arrive, until 7-10 days later. In the time of waiting for it to be shipped we had placed many calls wanting to know when we would get the correct computer. All they could say is “Well it is still in the manufacturing stage”. When we asked about the shipping information for the incorrect Laptop that still had not been picked up they told us that it would be sent out for pick up the next day. Which they never did. Then finally, when the 9300 arrived we used it and were dissatisfied because it kept crashing and freezing up. In the process of all that we had to restore the computer to a previous date consequently loosing our data for work related information.
    We had to waste approximately 5-6hrs of just trying to convince you of your mistake. Calls for technical support have kept me holding 20 to 30 minutes each time and we have been disconnected on several occasions! Plus time in writing this letter!!!!!!!!

    The technicians that I finally reached offered no help and could not understand English very well. Also offered incorrect advice without fully understanding my difficulties.
    Their quick answers—and unwillingness to remain on the line while I try their advice—invariably do not solve my problem.
    I’m faced with starting all over with another long wait on receiving information to send back our computers, another technician, and a machine that I still cannot use. I think you will understand why I am upset at the manner in which this order was handled. Your excuses and apologies to us are of no comfort. This incident is a horrible way to treat customers. In fact we have ordered many computers from Dell in the past. Your products are some what more expensive but we have been pleased with the service from your company before until now. We have no other option to be forced to buy from another vendor because of this whole incident escalading. I will expect a full refund from your company and information needs to be placed to pick these computer up and if not we will be contacting our attorney.
    I can clear say that we will never order from you again especially online.
    Obviously, you know what must be done. We are frankly at the end of our patience with Dell. What could have been a relatively simple problem has, through your company’s unresponsiveness, grown into something that is costing me a substantial amount in lost work time
    Nicole Brown

    Currently 10/12/2005 We just ended up keeping a Inspiron 6000 but it took forever to get the correct credit from the 9300. They just credited us for the 6000. So we contacted our bank and wrote them a letter explaining our situation and the bank gave us the correct credit amount after 5-6 months. So here is the last update. So my Inspiron 6000 LCD screen cracked. I called dell and asked them if it was under the warranty. (Not to my surprise it was not). Dell stated that we could not get any information because we had a red flag on our account. They said the computers we sent back were lost and they never received them. After hours on the phone AGAIN I explained that they were the one’s who sent to have them picked up and it was not our problem if whoever they had pick them up lost them. It would be different if we sent them our self. Finally we were able to get the red flag removed. Then I found out that the LCD screen is not covered so it’s going to be like $500 to get it replaced. I am just going to see about getting the part shipped and having someone else install it. If I shipped my computer back I would be fearful that they would accidentally loose it. DELL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perry Ellsworth

    Hi all you unhappy Dell consumers. I think the issue is they need to go back to basics. Dell has to understand that the customer is always right :-)

    Anyway to my story I run a computer Security business with many customers buying Dell PCs, the other day I had to custom order a Dell replacement motherboard for one of the systems (Don’t ask, lol). All I wanted was a part number and a price for the motherboard. When I asked for the quotation, I was immediately asked for my phone number, when I declined to give my phone number I was immediately told that if I did not provided a phone number they would not quote the price or part number. After talking to a supervisor (Robin #338583) it was explained that the phone number was a requirement due to company policy but was not entered into the system (just written on a piece of paper to call back in the event of disconnection). I explained simply that I did not care to provide a phone number that I would call them back in the event of disconnection. Well this was no good, eventually I was FORCED to give a phone number JUST TO RECIEVE A PRICE AND PART NUMBER. Yes I am overly cautious about my privacy, but this should not effect my ability to get a simple quotation!!!!!!

    P.S. Could someone provide me with a email address to a sales V.P. or Michael Dell. I’d like to escalate the matter MUCH furthur, and explain to Dell that a little flexibility goes along way :-)

    Thanks in advance,
    Perry Ellsworth
    [email protected]

  • Frank van Bentum

    I’m so sorry I did not find this blog before. Last month I ordered with Dell and if I would have known I would enter a Kafka book, I would have taken my business elsewhere. My order was cancelled because they don’t seem to match payments with orders very accurate. After giving the payment details they told me they would contact me as soon as the payment was found. One week later I called them again and asked them about the status of my order. The payment was found, but due to the cancellation the order had to be rebooked by the rebooking department. Ok a rebooking department…, that sounds nasty, doesn’t seem to happen only once or twice. Not at all, due to the workload this department is way behind in his workload. Ouch. A rebookingdepartment which is behind in his workload. I’ve asked for a confirmation of the receiving of the payment which she would send. Still waiting and I think this is the start of a long nightmare and reading all of the above I’m still a newbie to that nightmare. Thanks for all the stories, I’m so sad-glad to be part of this new community.

  • BVK

    Dell lost another customer –

    Award winning service NOT!

    After numerous attempts to speak to a real person (on 2nd day after opening the box), I learned that software installed (Microsoft Office) is not their responsiblity. However, you can pay $99 to speak to some about it one time.

    Here is the log:

    Welcome to Dell Chat. Please wait for an available agent. You will be notified when your chat is accepted by an agent.
    { 11:59:19 AM} () I looking for Dell’s award winning customer support for what I just unpacked yesterday.
    The session has been accepted.
    {Mohanavelu 12:00:00 PM} At the end of this interaction you may be offered the opportunity to provide me with feedback. In order to do so you will need to click the “End Chat” button rather than using the “X” at the top of the screen. You may rate this interaction on a scale of 1 to 9 (1 being worst and 9 being best). I appreciate your feedback.
    {Mohanavelu 12:00:09 PM} Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Customer Care Chat. My name is Mohanavelu. Please give me 2 minutes to review your question.
    {Mohanavelu 12:00:16 PM} how may I help you?
    { 12:00:42 PM} Case #
    {Mohanavelu 12:01:28 PM} I will check that for you.
    {Mohanavelu 12:02:18 PM} May I have your phone number and full address with zip code for security purpose?
    { 12:03:08 PM}
    {Mohanavelu 12:03:22 PM} Thanks for the verification.
    { 12:05:47 PM} hello
    {Mohanavelu 12:06:38 PM} Please tell me what you want to resolve the issue?
    { 12:08:16 PM} There is an apparent problem with Microsoft Office that was installed. And I want to have it fixed – but DO NOT understand why I have to pay for something that came wrong.
    {Mohanavelu 12:10:01 PM} I see in my records that you have warranty only for the Hardware Support, if you want to get any software support you have to pay for it.
    { 12:11:05 PM} Why doesn’t Dell support what it sends?
    {Mohanavelu 12:13:54 PM} Bruce, we do support as per our Warranty. As per the software you have to place get separate warranty for it.
    {Mohanavelu 12:16:29 PM} Bruce, I have not received a response in over a minute. To ensure that I have addressed all your questions or concerns, please respond within the next two minutes to allow me to continue our chat.
    { 12:16:42 PM} I’m sorry to hear that being your answer. I don’t think Michael will agree with that approach to sending something that doesn’t work and be told that ‘oh if you want it to work you have to pay for that.
    { 12:17:31 PM} No you’ve not addressed the issue – except to say we don’t support what we sell you.
    {Mohanavelu 12:18:04 PM} I do apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    {Mohanavelu 12:18:28 PM} We do support, what we sell, however, it depends upon the warranty and other supports you purchase.
    { 12:21:11 PM} If I would have known to expect faulty equipment then I would have went elsewhere to purchase. Given that every computer I’ve purchased (4) has been a Dell this is a sad day. You are telling me you support with extra costs to make something work initially – that it bogus!
    {Mohanavelu 12:22:13 PM} I understand your concern, however, I see in my records that you have no software support for your system.
    {Mohanavelu 12:22:32 PM} If there is any hardware issue, sure we will be able to resolve your issue.
    { 12:23:56 PM} no one has tried – only trying to sell my $99 support for faulty materials sent with the computer.
    {Mohanavelu 12:24:45 PM} Bruce, I see in my records that there is no problem with the Computer, and I see in that there is software issue.
    {Mohanavelu 12:25:14 PM} Please do speak with the Software issue to resolve your issue.
    {Mohanavelu 12:25:18 PM} Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    { 12:26:05 PM} Please provide me your real name and a physical address for the “Customer Service Department”
    {Mohanavelu 12:28:19 PM} My name is Mohanavelu and the address to contact the customer service department is:
    {Mohanavelu 12:28:32 PM} Dell, Inc.
    Attn: Executive Support Team
    One Dell Way
    MS 8210
    Round Rock, TX 78682

  • Robert

    Dells customer service is horrible. I’d like not to think the customer service is not intentionally difficult to access, but whenever I call the sales line, I think otherwise. Just to check on an item for exchange, took hours and hours without help.

  • Tom

    I’m so glad that WSJ TV published an email in regards to the problematic customer service issues with Dell Computers. Maria read the email and quoted that Dell himself, did not know that so many cusomters were unahppy. Clearly, its sales division and its after sales division are “MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.” Once the sale is done, the service is done.

  • Budd

    Oh how I wished I had found this site before sending myself to Dell Hell in June of 2005. I have had software problems since the day I recieved my machine. Well since one week after recieving it. That is when the “Dell recommended” Aloha Bob package showed up and blew up the Dell Inspiron6000. Well I did the vaunted “f11” And now my Office Outlook is screwed up and it will not open any power point presentation that is not created on this machine. I have called Dell and they have directed me to Microsoft because it is a software error…. but as you all probably know… according to Microsoft… the software that comes on a Dell computer is not a Microsoft Product because it has OEM in the serial number. Hmm then why does it not say… Dell Office 2003? Sorry I digress. So back to Dell a number of times to people who you can not understand on the phone who only want $50 to fix your problem in the next three days but can not promise to fix your problem. They claim they can not promise to fix it because of federal law? I hope my Chevrolet dealer does not find out about that law. So now I am perusing the Yellow Book for a local repair shop with somebody who is old enough to shave. Dell? Never again. Thanks Mikey. My dream to be seated between Billy Gates and Mikey Dell on a cross county airline flight. I can dream can’t I?

  • Patrick Roresen

    this is a great blog after alll !!!! I am totally in support of DELL and happy to say that I have been a great fan of them for the past 5 years.
    I bought a inspiron 2200 very lately and so far it seems to be going exceptionally well. I do not seem to be having any problems. I guess it depends on the way we use the PC. dell is a great company and I wish to say that I would make sure to promote it between my friends.

  • Ming

    I tried to extend the warranty for my Dell C610, and as you can think, I got pissed by the customer survices.

    “You have to call another line….OK?” (The same line, just different option, which I never heard about the key word “warranty” when I listened to the options)
    “They are off now, you have to call by….OK?” (It’s just 3:00 P.M. in LA)
    “They will tell you which number to call if you call in their office hours….OK?” (When I said that I was refered by other Dell warranty extension service people)


    Why should I call another line? I spend more than 20 mninutes just been transfered here and there…. A computer company like Dell can’t build a database that utilize all the inforrmations of their products and help the customers by the first customer services when we called? If you can’t, how can I trust a computer company which can’t build a database by their own?

    I have to indicate that, last time I called to ask for replace the screen for my laptop (because of a growing dark spot), it took me more than 1 and half hour talk to the customer services, and I had to repeat more than three times to different service people.


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  • Grahame Collins

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9300 top of the line laptop for $Aus 3000.
    I have had two attempts with the helpdesk trained (fob you off monkeys) reading from a resolution sheet and not yet solving the problem which Dell was responsible for in the first place.
    I am an Aussie high school teacher who has outlayed my hard earned cash and now seeking a legally entitled tax break on my outlay.

    Dell has been incapable of suppling a purchase invoice with my correct name and details on it. They shipped to my school with the school’s name on the invoice. This is despite me supplying the correct name and shipping address. I need the correct detailed invoice to reclaim my tax rebate.
    In the first instance I contacted the original salesman who gave me an Australian contact. Before I could contact him, my home machine with the contact details on it crashed.

    Second instance was to contact the Dell customer relations person who was quick in returning my enquiry. I sent him details in return and his response was to quote ” highlight my concerns with the respective team who will get your request done in the shortest time possible.”
    That was ten days ago readers 13th October.
    The Dell computers may be high quality but the after sales service ,which I believe I have paid for, is not. I wonder how many boards I can tell my story on before dell fixes their problem?
    Are you reading this MR Dell
    Customer 2540284

  • david white

    My Dell 8400 was purchased for me by the workers compensation board of British Columbia as a potential solution for some stress related problems that had occurred at my workplace, however had we known that it was going to be virtually impossible to speak to anyone in this hemisphere regarding problems, the promises that have been made and not kept regarding compensation over delivery hassles for Dell 962 that has not worked since I put the first refill in the machine and when I tried to find out where I could purchase Dell refills because as a life choice, I don’t use credit cards! And on the rare oh occasions idea managed to complain I received no response whatsoever. My response to this is I have begun to lobby my place of business which is a large and powerful union the workers compensation board of British Columbia and my apartment building and anyone that will listen, not to purchase Dell under any circumstances. Should anyone from Dell care to respond I am prepared to listen to one more round of BS sincerely, D White

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  • Douglas Meads

    I am just starting work for Dell in Tech Support and they seem to be listing to there customers because there are adding a couple of thousand support personal to there ranks as I write and are building a new support center in Edmonton for North Americian support so it can only get better.

  • hanif loonat

    i bough a inspiron laptop from Dell here in the UK on the 25th October 2005. On delivery, the laptop did not work, a engineer was booked to come on the following friday, i took the day of work, i then get a phone call to say engineer can’t make it, so thats one day lost! The appointment is then set for the 31st Oct 2005 between 9-5pm, after 5 phone calls to Dell, he arrives at 7.15 pm! spent over 1 hour and could not fix it. Why? because he was given a faulty motherboard! how bad is that! as a result i have lost two days of work. I spent a total of over 4 hours on the phone and sent over 10 emails to Dell’s call centr in India to the sales rep i bought the system of, all i got was 5 ” out of office” automated replies. I then phone John Allen, Teresa, Mr Rana (head of Bangalore office) and lots of other people. Not one of them said sorry, we will compensate you. Up to day, the laptop is at home still not working. Mr Michael Dell, if you are readign this, take note, your company is going downhill. Your customer care dept is terrible. As a customer you get put on hold, then onto Technical help then back onto customer care and you end up talking to someone in Bangalore!

    I would stay well clear of dell, i would advise anyone thinking of buying dell, dont!!!!!!!!!, does not matter how cheap!!! go to a shop and buy a apple or a sony! Even if someone paid me, i would never in my life touch another dell machine. Id anyone at Dell is reading this please email me at [email protected] and lets get this sorted. It is impossible to get a contact point for Michale Dell, so i found this website and found i am not alone, there are thousands like me, suffering, stressed at “dell diseace”

  • A gauge for wisdom.- The growth of wisdom may be gauged exactly by the diminution of ill-temper. ......

  • Eddy

    Hello everybody in this forum, i work in Dell as tech. support rep. and something that i always tell our customers is this: if you want to buy a Dell, don’t buy inspirons or dimension they are the bottom line of our products, all the problems that we can find in those product we fix them so they are not going to happen in our top models(latitude, optiplex, precision workstation, xps(non dimension), poweredge server), so you are complaining becuase your system are not working…? obviusly, that would happen, you are using toyotas and you think you have a ferrari, so next time save more money and try to go for something good, something that you can really trust on, we test all brands of hard drives, memories, motherboard in all of our bottom models and we take the good ones and we use them in our top system, that’s the point, you want the true…?, here is the true…….

  • hanif loonat

    when you pay £700 for a basic laptop, you expect the best! its not cheap for £700, you can go out and buy others but much cheaper. Its not ait to say that the inspirion laptop is the cheapest, its not! for the same money you can buy a toshiba, sony or even other reputable brands.

    My point aside from the above is that Dell’s customer service is really bad! the call centr in India are the worst, then you got guys like Mr Rana and Mr Aemon Mcnaulty who just lie through their teeth! these two guys are unreal! they have more coffee and dinner breaks than a bunch of chimpanzees at the zoo! Never ever touch a Dell!!!!!!!!!!! why go to hell , when you can buy a dell from hell, and they tell you to go to hell!

  • Pete R

    It’s really the small things. I tried to get a cool laptop cover from Dell. You would think that they would be able to send the right one for the model I gave them….THREE wrong laptop covers later and I am still going round and round with customer service. Now they will not credit my account..because the return date has expired! Never mind that that I notified within the correct time and they chose to send me another wrong one!

  • Eddy

    ok you can say, 700.00$ is too expencive for a laptop and do you think toshiba, sony, hp, alienware, gateway they are going to last longer than one dell, don’t even think about that….. you guys really make me lough a lot, come on…?, it doesn’t matter where you are becuase the best tech. support people for dell they are outside the U.S., some of you guys know how many crazy stuff i have heard about people calling gateway wish have a call center in the U.S., or Alien ware, and how many complaints you see about hp….?, come on start being realistic here, is not Michael Dell foult it’s your foutl becuase you don’t read, when you are signing, no person that have call this call center where i’m at rigth knows what his service contrac ses about his system, and no one knows about how many type of warranty dell offer, you guys call our sales group and ask for the best computer and how much you are welling to pay 300.00$ dim 2400 or 3000 those 2 system does not have diference rather than the numbers, it is stupid from your site too

  • Eddy

    and one last thing, look the 75% of the call in tech support it’s something that is related to windows, it doesn’t matter what version, the only good advice that can someone with cumputer knoledge can give to Mr. Dell and Mr. Rolin is change the O.S. to mac or linux or something else becuase windows it’s piece a crap, don’t never ever relia on windows or any product coming from microsoft, the 10% of the call they are something relate it ISP (internet service provider) that’s is the reason why when you call dell you have to pay if you need help with either software or ISP’s becuase we build hardware “NO” softwares even if they say dell it’s just for comercial purpose, and the other 10% of the call it’s something like how to, for example how to burn cd’s, how to make a wireless network, how to reinstall windows, and the last 5% believe it or not is something relate to hardware, like clicking noise in the hard drive, overheating, the system runs very loud and so. i guess all of you may think i’m in love with Delll but gues what…?, no i don’t like dells system, they look ugly for me, but i need to tell you the true, in the market rigth now for me rather build my own system beside talking or figthing or crying becuase no one wants to take care of it, if make you own computer (pieces by pieces) you know what could go bad and how to fix it by you own and you don’t need to relia on someone else….

    stop being stupid, i’m not north american(just to inform you guys remember americas it’s from Alsaka to Argentina¹) and i’m not indian in burn in latin america i work for dell latin america and we in latin america we lear something about all the yankees company they never do what they promise, so you can’t spect the heaven from any USA company becuase they will make you see “the ring” and i’m telling you the true, in latin america all replacement parts goes new but if you have your system in USA they go refurbished(LOL) ask someone and he will tell you that i’m not wrong, hahahahahahahahahahahaahahah……. and they will never ever send you a new part, so come on……?

    ¹Amerigo Vespucci:
    Naming the New World
    I returned to Portugal in June 1502. Although my fleet had not explored the islands off the coast of Asia, we had discovered a continent between Europe and Asia previously unknown to Europeans. My name was given to North America and South America because I was the first to recognize that it wasn’t a part of Asia. I claimed to have explored these continents in 1497, and it led the mapmaker, Martin Waldseemuller, to consider me, instead of Columbus, as the man who discovered North and South America. He suggested naming these continents after me to honor my expeditions.

  • Those who deny chance.-No victor believes in chance.

  • Antithesis.-Antithesis is the narrow gate through which error is fondest of sneaking to the truth. ......

  • Retards

    Dell make computer, computer no work right, me no understand computer, Dell bad. Apple easy, me understand one mouse button, Apple good.

    Dell doesn’t build the parts they just build the computer out of them. Same parts as everyone else builds computers out of.

  • The one thing needful.- One thing a man must have: either a naturally light disposition or a disposition lightened by art and knowledge.

  • Being deep and appearing deep.-Whoever knows he is deep, strives for clarity; whoever would like to appear deep to the crowd, strives for obscurity. For the crowd considers anything deep if only it cannot see to the bottom: the crown is so timid and afraid of going into the water.

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  • If one has character one also has one’s typical experience, which recurs repeatedly. ......

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  • Jokes. A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling. ......

  • How courageous people are won over.-Courageous people are persuaded to a course of action by representing it as more dangerous than it really is.

  • After careful consideration; I’ve decided to start the migration to an IBM only policy. Although I have far less experience with the IBM ThinkPad then the Dell Latitude, every bit of information points to a better product all around. I’ll post again once I get a few new IBM ThinkPad’s to test. I discuss this more at my blog: Atlas-Tuesday – Dell Laptops Suck

  • Rational thought is interpretation according to a scheme which we cannot escape. ......

  • A criminal is frequently not equal to his deed: he makes it smaller and slanders it. ......

  • What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros! ......

  • And to say it once more. Public opinions- private lazinessess. ......

  • The lawyers defending a criminal are rarely artists enough to turn the beautiful terribleness of his deed to his advantage.

  • The thought of suicide is a powerful comfort: it helps one through many a dreadful night. ......

  • Poets treat their experiences shamelessly: they exploit them.

  • Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for that which he really knows. ......

  • Pauline Brophy

    I too purchased the “Dell Dream” and ended up the the Dell Financial Hell. Purchased my Dell online and was offered the great deal of “no payments for 6 months”. I opted to pay for my Dell through online banking and well before the 6 mth deadline. Following the instructions I received from Dell Canada Corporation I paid my bill and carried on using my Dell. Well I guess Dell sold my invoice to Dell Finance who started deducting monthly from my bank account. It has taken me 4 months to get them to even acknowledge they have taken my money and now taken monthly payments in error. Get this! Dell Canada receive payments and do not transfer over to Dell Finance they just hold on to the money – hoping for what? My Bank had to fax proof over to Dell Canada and then I am told it will take 4 weeks before they can cut me a cheque. Reason? Well once they have made a mistake and it has been for more than 2 months they need to investigate. Meanwhile they owe me 100’s of dollars for doing nothing more than paying my bill through the account they had directed me to pay. Apparently, Dell finance does not talk to Dell Canada and you can never speak with a supervisor!

    Dream on Dell if I ever buy another computer from you. I am now looking at buying a new computer for my home, one for my daughter off to do her MBA and one for my other daughter attending University. Thanks for all your help Dell !!!!! NOT.

  • Losses.- There are some losses which communicate to the soul a sublimity in which it ceases from wailing, and wanders about silently, as if in the shade of some high and dark cypresses. ......

  • And to say it once more. Public opinions- private lazinessess. ......

  • How courageous people are won over.-Courageous people are persuaded to a course of action by representing it as more dangerous than it really is.

  • hanif


    you are too loyal to work for Dell. My point is this. You buy a dell, you go to customer services, they take your details 10 times over and still not nothing. Is not true to say, the others are the same, they are not! i have just bought a sony from a sony shop, sony customer services phoned me next day to see how things were, could they do anythign else? how cool is that? thats customer service for you. Dell customer services never get back to you , its does not matter if they are in India or the UK, all they do is give you a service tag, take details and string you along…… I have spoken to people in customer services , i have already named and shamed these guys in previous postings, they promise you lots, deliver nothing. Eddy , you are to kind to dell. I too have my own business, if i treated my customers in the same way, i would be filing for bankcrupcy now! its all about customer satisfaction at the end of the day, its the small customer that pays your wages, its not Mr Dell or your human resources ctr. If you cannot keep your customers happy, you lose them , its simple economics, you do not need a degree to figure that out.

  • Need.-A need is considered the cause of the origin in truth, it is often merely an effect of what did originate. ......

  • Whom do you call bad?-Those who always want to put to shame.

  • How one tries to improve bad arguments.-Some people throw a bit of their personality after their bad arguments, as if that might straighten their paths and turn them into right and good arguments-just as a man in a bowling alley, after he has let go of the ball, still tries to direct it with gestures. ......

  • What do you consider most humane?-To spare someone shame.

  • martin

    TODAY I SPENT 1 HOUR ONLINE WITH “DELL CHAT” IN ORDER TO HAVE A FAULTY $20 MOUSE REPLACED. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN TRANSACTED IN 10 MINUTES MAX IF Dell’s representives had been effective. I am FRUSTRATED by Dell’s lack of customer service. If I was a stockholder I would be pissed at Dell’s inability to deliver on this critical function. I will certainly be wary in the future.

  • Miguel Ramos

    Another sad story of long waits for customer service holding on line. Bought a Dell 4600c for my 3rd grade son.
    Side drive never worked properly. Basic games would freeze up. Apparently this design had more than normal share of problems. After three weeks of frustration with customer service. I bought an Imac G5 for my son.. Enough said

  • Mr Michael Dell, CEO and Mr Michael George, CMOm DELL COMPUTERS:
    Dell 4100 and Dimension E510 (4 years apart) both unsatisfactory b/c programming and mgt. philosophy SEEK TO MANAG USER ibnstead of seeking to LET USER MANAGE his/her own workload and time. Dell “helps,” its search enging, and other nonsense appear automatically, unbidden, in the midst of my work process. Further, formerly excellent features, frim highlighting letter by lett eer, to auto-saving of text in composition, have disappeared or been altered so as to make user management more difficult, repetitive and time consuming. Dell foundation’s fine work aside, you cannot serve the world well without serving the genuine needs of your customers. Imposing corporate will on customers will lose you business. I have been “conned” into Dell’s MS Word for the last time. I’m off to Apple ASAP signed: Your former customer of 19 years.

  • HI Can you help me in getting HTML code of any webapge into an array

    I am using
    $html = file_get_contents (‘’);
    $my_array = explode(” “, $html);
    $numElements = count($my_array);
    for($counter=0; $counter

    Can any one help me out. Thanks in Advance ;)


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  • End and goal.-Not every end is the goal. The end of a melody is not its goal; and yet as long as the melody has not reached its end, it also hasn’t reached its goal. A parable. ......

  • Whoever does not know how to find the way to his ideal lives more frivolously and impudently than the man without an ideal.

  • Prohibitions without reasons. A prohibition, the reason for which we do not understand or admit, is almost a command not only for the stubborn but also for those who thirst for knowledge: One risks an experiment to find out why the prohibition was pronounced. Moral prohibitions, like those of the Decalogue, are suitable only for an age of subjugated reason: Now, such a prohibition as “Thou shalt not kill’ or “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Presented without reasons, would have a harmful rather than a useful effect. ......

  • Posthumous men- I, for example- are understood worse than timely ones, but heard better. More precisely we are never understood-hence our authority. ......

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  • One is most dishonest to one’s god: he is not allowed to sin.

  • Iron necessity.- Iron necessity is a thing which has been found, in the course of history, to be neither iron nor necessary.

  • joe

    I would love to go to hell

  • Jim

    THREE HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH INDIA!!!!!!!!!! No customer support, nor service. My sales associate was in South America, and the terrible cue card readers in INDIA!. I dont mind the ethnicity, but pretend you care and know what the hell you’re talking about!!!!

  • Randy Barrett

    I have a dell laptop , which i really like, and the customer support has been really good , but what i do have a problem with is the ability to make online payment and have to pay a convience fee, most of the other online services that i use are proud to get the money, not charge, it is a convience for the customer ,no doubt, but you get your money in a timely fashion, so why should i pay you for that convience, makes no sense to me.I have always been proud to have and own a dell and have been recommending my friends do also, even after the interest fiasco from financial services, but the convience payment it too much, do it cause it is the right thing to do, not cause you can skin people out of a nother ten dollars for doing something that brings you cash flow in a timely manner

  • SaraWallace

    I recently bought a Dell computer because I knew that Dell had the premier customer service. Four months later, it stopped working.

    After 2 1/2 hrs on the phone troubleshooting (after diagnostics, he asked me to remove the hard drive, the motherboard and the internal modem card), I asked for a supervisor. After establishing the fact that I was an “uncooperative customer,” the supervisor agreed to send out a technician.

    The technician came and replaced the motherboard and the hard drive, losing of course all my data, since I had not backed everthing up since I had total faith in Dell for quality systems.

    Then I had to re-load the software.

    After I re-loaded my McAfee, I was told by my computer that my service tag number was not valid. I called Dell’s wonderful support team again. They told me that the service tag was valid, SO FOR A FEE, I could have software support to correct the problem that they caused on my 4 months old computer!


  • Barbara Johnson

    12 hours on the phone with Dell. I could barely understand them…..apparently they could barely understand me. At one point they actually had the nerve to send me to a supervisor to confirm I would give them a positive customer service rating (on their communication skills!) Never did fix the computer. Its now at a local repair shop. Add me to the list of people that will never buy Dell again.

  • As I type this. I am in Dell’s hold “cue” in the Live help. I have been there for 3 hours now. The first two CSR’s would not answer any question directly. The ignored my question 8x for a supervisors name. Simply responding with “We suggest you call our customer care number at @%@^% then they disconnect. The Dell reps also give fake names. You will see when they sign on a name such as “Jose” then when they speak they will respond with something like. “Hello my name is Andre how can I help you?” All questions as to which is their real name are ignored as well. If you ask more then a few times they disconnect you. Do yourself a favor and buy a custom built machine from your local PC shop! Just some advice from a NASA tech and IT consultant for 10+ years. The sad thing is I liked Dell’s till I ran into a problem I could not fix. I feel sorry for the typical user. Stay away!

    By the way I am “next in que” for 26 minutes now. The CSRs are going very out of their way to avoid answering questions.

  • Julie P

    HELP….I am HATING Dell right now. I have had nothing but problems since I purchased by computer 2 years ago. I won’t go into long and boring details, but one month ago I called customer support AGAIN. Several HOURS and CALLS later…I continue to have the same problems (slow computer…it shouldn’t take a windows xp 2 year old dell over a full minute to open up a program) I’ve been thru the blame’s your software, it’s your hardware, it’s your internet provider, I’ve gone thru restoring my computer, etc…..
    I am currently trying to find a telephone number/e-mail address ANYTHING to file an official complaint. I keep getting thru to people in India(trust me, I asked where the customer service people are located after the break down in communication). I don’t want to talk to someone in INDIA…I want to talk to someone who will fix my problem or take my computer back(yeah..i’m probably out of luck on that one). Does anyone know where to start to contact anyone at the corporate offices at Dell?? please let me know if you do. Thanks in advance. julie e-mail: [email protected]


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  • Kim

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  • Richard Stanton

    I’m in Dell hell now. On Nov 22, 2005 I ordered a Dell note book to be paid for through my palpal account. dell then proceeded to attempt to draw funds from my account twice. They were denied on the 2nd attempt even though the first transaction was approved and the funds are ready to be acceped by dell. Thank God the 2nd try failed or I would have paid double. As of now the order is on hold. I have spent countless hours and disconnected calls trying to get dell to recognize their error without luck. I’m afraid to cancel the order as the funds have already been deducted from my paypal account and fear the funds will be lost. I have never had such terrible service. paypalhas even tried to intervine without success.

  • Keith Nelson

    Dell does not care – bottom line. They do not offer any customer support. We are Dell Premier and Dell does not care about our account. They lie to us, the miss delivery dates, they are rude – Dell is Hell. We are getting out.

  • sonarboom

    I was looking at buying a Dell notebook but after reading tons of customer service and tech support quality / problems then definately will now go elsewhere. i live in the UK and received no reply to three e-mails i sent to the UK_Outlet team, so already came to the conclusion that if they can’t answer sales mail then what chance of any support in a problem situation? US phone calls to Dell sales, customer service and technical support are toll-free but here we have to pay and are charged up to 8p (14c) a minute on an 0870 number, aka ‘revenue sharing’ meaning that Dell also gets a percentage of the cost of all calls received from the telecom provider, so they actually make money and the longer they keep you on hold equals more revenue for them! that’s what happens here in the UK and it’s quite scary to think of the actual cost involved to be in dialogue to Dell for hours on the phone like lots of customers have experienced.

  • Brent

    I recently placed an order with dell, and asked for the representative to send me a reciept via e-mail. After nothing showed up I called Dell back, and found out my name was incorrectly spelled, my address was wrong, and my order was incorrectly filled. Imagine that order being sent out to me. I felt like I was going to my son’s kindergarten class and holding the kid’s hands so they would actually do what they were supposed to do, but it gets better. After spending precious hours on the phone I finally get in touch with the customer service desk and talk to a manager who had no understanding of customer service or any ability to speak english. The typical respons, “I am sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience.” Hmm let me think 6 hours on the phone is absolutley no inconvenince. Having my name, address, and order wrong is exactly what I expect from a company. He made it sound like it was my fault that it had happened. Well I guess he was right. It was my fault for ever thinking _ell was an option for buying a computer.

  • Windy

    How do I get through Dell Hell? I have had a nightmare with Dell’s customer service and the lap top I purchased. I have mailed a letter to 3 seperate entities and made NUMEROUS phone calls since March ’05…………… response.

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  • jane vincent

    hi – im another silly sod for buying from dell : i got an inspiron 6000 in march 2005 and in june it stopped working : dell fixed it motherboard needed replaceing was assured would be resolved, oct 2005 stopped working : quess what another motherboard failure so had it repaired now 2 weeks later and the sodding thing has broken down again – ive sent dell god knows how many emails – given up calling them : paid via dell loan so stopped payments : if mr m dell was close by i would ram it up his ****! – theres no way i would recommend dell to anyone : buy sony instead.

  • Ann Black

    My mentally-challenged brother telephoned me in a panic this evening. He had attempted to order the $399 Dimension Desktop advertised in the newspaper, for emailing his friends, but the sales rep , one “Criselda Lacasandile” criticized it and pressured him into spending $1402.76!

    If you google “Bait and Switch Dell”, you’ll see that this is nothing new. And highly illegal. Dealing with customer-service was a nightmare. After 45 minutes on “hold” I had to ask the woman to repeat herself at least three times per sentence, for the foreign accent was so strong.

    I emailed the company, and in the morning, will write anyone and everyone who should know this, including heads of Dell, the Mississippi office of the Attorney General, and anyone else I can think of. My husband and I own Dells, but never will we deal with them again.

    It is very obvious when you speak with my brother that he is “slow”. This sales rep saw a goal mine. They’ll probably give her an award. The customer service rep advised my brother to refuse delivery, and UPS would return the computer to Dell. But their website says he’ll still be charged postage and insurance both ways, as well as a “restocking fee”.
    I’m going to fight that all the way.

    Stupid Dell! We hates them!

  • For all of you Dell customers who are being asked to shell out $ 99 per incident and purchase software plans here is some information for you.i got this website when looking for tech support on the internet and i had an amazing expeience moreover my issue was resolved.

    when i called Dell for help wthy operating system ,the technicians were not even ready to find out what the issue was but had decided to snatch $99 from me.thats when hung up and serached on the internet.

    i found this website who provides independent tech support to home users and my issue was resolved for just $9.99 ( 1/10th of what dell is charging currently) geek squad charges $79 for the same.
    in case the next time dell tries to rob you of your wallet say a big NO and try this website . long live the competition !!!

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  • Robert Le

    I thought a computer was a computer, regardless of the brand, the specs meant you had the same product. I forgot to take into account service. Talking to someone about the new desktop I purchased for an exchange or return, was like buying a car. I figured out their structure, some department has the power to grant you your right of exchange, except you have to go through the layers. First, begin speaking to people in india, then wait, then they tell you they do not have the power to grant you the exchange, but another dept. does. On and on, 87 min later and 5 different departments, I got through to the right person. This is the worst customer care I have ever experienced. I feel hopeless, people will be deceived by these cheap prices. Wait until they call….

  • Linda

    It feels so good to read that I am not the only one in Dell HELL! I’ve been through a number of techs support calls with India. The tech people try to be so helpful. If the problem is not readily apparent, then prepare to be on the phone forever as they shuttle back and forth between supervisors and you. Often times, the connection fails and you have to start all over again. The parameters of their computer knowlege is very limited.
    When I tried to speak to someone in customer care sending me the wrong CD drive through email, I was given a number that is no longer in service and referred to another number that offered plenty of options, but none that applied to my situation.
    I will never touch a Dell computer again. The hard drive rumbles so loud that I can hear it in another room and now the tower turns itself on and off continuously before it finally loads. I have had this computer (XPS desktop) for one month. So much for bang for your buck. I have been had!

  • Daniel McNulty

    For the past several weeks I have been attempting to get Dell to fix the problem with the broken computer that they sold to my company, a small non-profit organization that provides residential and support services for developmentally disabled individuals. Dell has been loathe to help me in any way and consistently has asked for money to assist me. With tech support on the phone we determined through numerous tests that the memory was in fact bad. I had been repeatedly told by the Dell employees that it must be my fault and was all but accused of being stupid. This computer had never been hooked up to the internet and had no new programs installed on it, yet the Dell customer help line would not believe this. Finally after repeated tests that confirmed over and over again that it was in fact Dell who had shipped a substandard and unusable product to me, the gentleman on the other end of the phone with Dell, told me to get out a screwdriver and remove a panel on the underside of my laptop, and then try to reseat some of the chips to see if I could perform the necessary repairs on my brand new computer myself! I was flabbergasted at the thought of this. I am not a computer tech. I work in an office without the necessary tools to fix my brand new computer, and I of course should not even be asked to! I told the gentleman that I had read nothing in the warranty that said I should be performing computer maintenance on my own computer. He became very angry upon hearing this. He told me that I should be able to do it, that it was not a very difficult piece of computer maintenance. I told him again that I was not a tech, that I did not have the tools, that I worked in an office, and that I had read nothing in the warranty that required me to perform tests on either the hardware or perform maintenance on the hardware myself. He became angrier and told me that he would talk to his manager. After being on hold for quite some time, the gentleman returned and said very abruptly that his manager had told him that I should call back when I get a screwdriver so that he can talk me through the repairs! He then tried to hang up on me! I caught him before he managed to complete the “Thank you for choosing Dell”, and told him that I would like to talk to his manager. He would not let me, and instead put me on hold again. He returned then, some time later, and told me that he would send a box out to me for me to mail the faulty computer back to Dell for Dell to repair. He told me that the box would be there in one to two days. I thanked him.
    I waited for over a week, and the Dell box had not arrived yet. I called Dell again on November 30th 2005, and again I spent a long time on hold waiting to speak with someone as to why I had not received what I had been promised by Dell…again. Eventually I got to speak with someone. They told me that the box had been sent but that I would have to call the shipping company to check the tracking number myself to see what was going on with the box. I was given a phone number by one of Dell’s representatives (I will not mention here), that I repeated back to her and she confirmed that this was the number to call to find out about my box. I called the number. I will just preface this next bomb, by stating that by this time I had spent probably ten hours or more on the phone with Dell trying to get them to take responsibility for their end of the agreement, and to actually get me a computer that works. So, the phone number that I was given in order for me to find out why Dell couldn’t get a box to me so that I could ship back the substandard, faulty laptop that Dell tried to pawn off on me, WAS A SEX LINE NUMBER! I was very, very upset by this. How could Dell be so completely incompetent on all levels of their operation?
    I called back on the same day to try to resolve the issue. I spoke with two individuals who did not want to address the problems, and finally I spoke with a manager who apologized and told me that the number I was given, was given in error. Well…I already knew it was not the right number…big revelation there! So, he gave me another number and apologized. That’s it. That’s how Dell fixed this problem. Pretty pathetic. Unfortunately Dell’s incompetence did not end there.
    I called the number and they told me that the reason that the box had not been sent, was because Dell had never bothered to ship the box. Dell had paid so little attention to fixing their mistakes that they didn’t even take the time to ship me the box they had promised! I went to the webpage of the shipping service, and indeed the box had not been sent. I saved this webpage as evidence of Dell’s ongoing incompetence and complete disregard for their customers…below is a key excerpt.

    “No status available. Please contact us.”

    So, what am I supposed to do now? Countless hours wasted on Dell. Dell does not care and offers substandard equipment that they will not admit any liability for. Dell will not act in a timely manner to correct their own mistakes. I have no computer. I have wasted many hours needlessly. Nobody I know will ever buy a Dell. Was it worth it for Dell to do this? If you could only imagine the amount of suffering and outrage that I have gone through, just in an attempt to get what I ordered.

    Daniel F. McNulty

  • Daniel McNulty

    For the past several weeks I have been attempting to get Dell to fix the problem with the broken computer that they sold to my company, a small non-profit organization that provides residential and support services for developmentally disabled individuals. Dell has been loathe to help me in any way and consistently has asked for money to assist me. With tech support on the phone we determined through numerous tests that the memory was in fact bad. I had been repeatedly told by the Dell employees that it must be my fault and was all but accused of being stupid. This computer had never been hooked up to the internet and had no new programs installed on it, yet the Dell customer help line would not believe this. Finally after repeated tests that confirmed over and over again that it was in fact Dell who had shipped a substandard and unusable product to me, the gentleman on the other end of the phone with Dell, told me to get out a screwdriver and remove a panel on the underside of my laptop, and then try to reseat some of the chips to see if I could perform the necessary repairs on my brand new computer myself! I was flabbergasted at the thought of this. I am not a computer tech. I work in an office without the necessary tools to fix my brand new computer, and I of course should not even be asked to! I told the gentleman that I had read nothing in the warranty that said I should be performing computer maintenance on my own computer. He became very angry upon hearing this. He told me that I should be able to do it, that it was not a very difficult piece of computer maintenance. I told him again that I was not a tech, that I did not have the tools, that I worked in an office, and that I had read nothing in the warranty that required me to perform tests on either the hardware or perform maintenance on the hardware myself. He became angrier and told me that he would talk to his manager. After being on hold for quite some time, the gentleman returned and said very abruptly that his manager had told him that I should call back when I get a screwdriver so that he can talk me through the repairs! He then tried to hang up on me! I caught him before he managed to complete the “Thank you for choosing Dell”, and told him that I would like to talk to his manager. He would not let me, and instead put me on hold again. He returned then, some time later, and told me that he would send a box out to me for me to mail the faulty computer back to Dell for Dell to repair. He told me that the box would be there in one to two days. I thanked him.
    I waited for over a week, and the Dell box had not arrived yet. I called Dell again on November 30th 2005, and again I spent a long time on hold waiting to speak with someone as to why I had not received what I had been promised by Dell…again. Eventually I got to speak with someone. They told me that the box had been sent but that I would have to call the shipping company to check the tracking number myself to see what was going on with the box. I was given a phone number by one of Dell’s representatives (I will not mention here), that I repeated back to her and she confirmed that this was the number to call to find out about my box. I called the number. I will just preface this next bomb, by stating that by this time I had spent probably ten hours or more on the phone with Dell trying to get them to take responsibility for their end of the agreement, and to actually get me a computer that works. So, the phone number that I was given in order for me to find out why Dell couldn’t get a box to me so that I could ship back the substandard, faulty laptop that Dell tried to pawn off on me, WAS A SEX LINE NUMBER! I was very, very upset by this. How could Dell be so completely incompetent on all levels of their operation?
    I called back on the same day to try to resolve the issue. I spoke with two individuals who did not want to address the problems, and finally I spoke with a manager who apologized and told me that the number I was given, was given in error. Well…I already knew it was not the right number…big revelation there! So, he gave me another number and apologized. That’s it. That’s how Dell fixed this problem. Pretty pathetic. Unfortunately Dell’s incompetence did not end there.
    I called the number and they told me that the reason that the box had not been sent, was because Dell had never bothered to ship the box. Dell had paid so little attention to fixing their mistakes that they didn’t even take the time to ship me the box they had promised! I went to the webpage of the shipping service, and indeed the box had not been sent. I saved this webpage as evidence of Dell’s ongoing incompetence and complete disregard for their customers…below is a key excerpt.

    “No status available. Please contact us.”

    So, what am I supposed to do now? Countless hours wasted on Dell. Dell does not care and offers substandard equipment that they will not admit any liability for. Dell will not act in a timely manner to correct their own mistakes. I have no computer. I have wasted many hours needlessly. Nobody I know will ever buy a Dell. Was it worth it for Dell to do this? If you could only imagine the amount of suffering and outrage that I have gone through, just in an attempt to get what I ordered.

    Daniel F. McNulty
    [email protected]

  • Negoti8R


  • kathy n

    Speaking of Dell Hell, I have been in it since Nov. 9th with no satisfaction. I ordered a nice new Dell on Nov 9th and it was slated to arrive via UPS on Nov. 16. Only the monitor arrived. No PC. Finally on the 18th UPS told me and Dell that the system was lost and to file a claim and tracer. Since the evening of the 16th (when my local ups already had told me it was lost but to wait til the 17th) I called Dell and got the Indians. I have called them literally 40 times a day since and have had no satisfaction. On the 22nd of Nov I finally was able to find someone in this country that claimed to be from their executive offices that would expedite my refund (by this time I never wanted to deal with Dell again and did not want another computer. They had refused to send me a new one until UPS either paid them back for the lost one or found the one I had ordered.

    Anyway the person in this country has been promising me since the 22nd that I would get my refund overnite and today is Dec 3 and no refund!! The monitor went back to them 10 over a week ago (and that took some doing!!! the indians never sent ups to pick it up!!) and ups found the other computer and returned it to Dell 5 days ago. Still no refund!! My only consolation is that on Dec. 22nd my bank card is going to credit me back inspite of Dell. Unfortunately my bank said they had to give them 30 days to credit me back after I put it in the dispute dept. Don’t wait to dispute the charge with your bank if you have charged one. Do it right away because it is a long wait to get any satisfaction. The new date for my refund to go thru is next monday but I am not holding my breath. I have heard this since Nov. 22nd. I will never do business again with Dell. In fact I bought a new HP the other day and it is wonderful. Does anyone have any idea when Dell might refund me for a computer I never received? How many months does it take? I can’t believe QVC is doing business with them. It makes me choke whenever I hear the spiel on there about how wonderful the service is!

  • kathy n

    Speaking of Dell Hell, I have been in it since Nov. 9th with no satisfaction. I ordered a nice new Dell on Nov 9th and it was slated to arrive via UPS on Nov. 16. Only the monitor arrived. No PC. Finally on the 18th UPS told me and Dell that the system was lost and to file a claim and tracer. Since the evening of the 16th (when my local ups already had told me it was lost but to wait til the 17th) I called Dell and got the Indians. I have called them literally 40 times a day since and have had no satisfaction. On the 22nd of Nov I finally was able to find someone in this country that claimed to be from their executive offices that would expedite my refund (by this time I never wanted to deal with Dell again and did not want another computer. They had refused to send me a new one until UPS either paid them back for the lost one or found the one I had ordered.

    Anyway the person in this country has been promising me since the 22nd that I would get my refund overnite and today is Dec 3 and no refund!! The monitor went back to them 10 over a week ago (and that took some doing!!! the indians never sent ups to pick it up!!) and ups found the other computer and returned it to Dell 5 days ago. Still no refund!! My only consolation is that on Dec. 22nd my bank card is going to credit me back inspite of Dell. Unfortunately my bank said they had to give them 30 days to credit me back after I put it in the dispute dept. Don’t wait to dispute the charge with your bank if you have charged one. Do it right away because it is a long wait to get any satisfaction. The new date for my refund to go thru is next monday but I am not holding my breath. I have heard this since Nov. 22nd. I will never do business again with Dell. In fact I bought a new HP the other day and it is wonderful.

  • J Milo Slick

    I have a dell excuse-for-a-workstation, provided by the employer. The video chipset failed, and produced an annoying horizontal line across the middle of the screen. The Dell drone came out and swapped the motherboard. Upon flame-up… blue screen. The drone cheerfully stated, “Well… that’s where I leave off. We don’t do software support.”

    Thankfully for me, I had a working machine online, and after 3 hours of paid company time, was able to locate the necessary video driver that Mr. Dell;s INEPT CLOWN could not provide.

    The same exact scenario was repeated on another wonderful Dell boat anchor two years later. But that time, I already had the driver.

    Now, as I consider a $2000 HP Pavilion ZD8000 laptop– (and am very concerned about buying an HP)– I find that Dell’s reputation is only marginally better. Moreover, I have no intention of dealing with some cheerful Indian jackass named “Bobby” who will likely be stumbling over himself to provide customer disservice for these cheapskate companies.

  • Mary

    I just wanted to say that I bought a Dell Inspiron 9200 a year ago and have not had even a small problem. It’s been great. I got it as a desktop replacement and couldn’t be hapier!

    I’m sorry to hear of all of your frustrations.

    Best of luck!

  • neil s

    actually, i love my dell computers – 3 of them. but not the last one. why isn’t anyone from dell responding to my complaint?


    no one has even called me, let alone left a message. please call.

    Dear NEIL,

    Thank you for calling Dell Customer Care.

    We are contacting you to provide you with the Case Number for your call:
    116715217. If you need additional assistance, please reply to this email with
    the best times for us to call you and preferred phone numbers. We will make
    our best effort to reach you at these times, or as soon as possible

    When replying to this email, please leave the subject line unchanged so we
    can route your reply.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.

    Rep ID 0197308

    How are we doing? In an effort to improve our service to you, Dell randomly
    surveys our customers. If you receive a survey from Dell by email, we would
    like to hear about your experience with us.

    i’m sorry i’m difficult to reach by phone, and did not hear from you last
    thursday, when i happened to be available all day.

    please respond to the present email as an explanation of my complaint:

    i own 3 Dell computers, a 333Mhz inspiron, a 500Mhz dimension, and a 2.8Ghz
    dimension. i am a small, but long-time consumer of dell products, and very

    in september, i ordered a dell dimension for my daughter. based on your
    advertising, i selected the celeron chip, which was described as a reliable chip
    for everyday computing. this compared to descriptions of more advanced
    chips as being good for intense data handling as in gaming or business

    however, i had the opportunity about 2 weeks ago to see my daughters
    computer in operation for the first time, and it was completely inadequate and
    amazingly slow. your advertising never mentioned speed, and was completely
    misleading in terms of what to expect in this regard, since “adequate” in 2005
    should still be relatively quick. but by contrast, this celeron chip is far,
    far, far, far, far slower than even the performance of my ancient 8088-based
    tandy laptop.

    i am enormously upset with this advertising ploy, and i assure you, that had
    you called me when requested, i would have let you know this in no uncertain

    i understand that these chips are easily replaced. i want an upgrade to a
    full-capacity intel pentium 4 chip running at 2.8Ghz. i do not want to pay
    the full price for a second chip, since the first was so unsatisfactory, but i
    can understand if you insist that i pay the difference in cost. though, in
    fact, i think it would be a matter of good will for you to simply send the
    appropriate chip for no charge.

    i expect to remain a dell customer, because your machines are so reliable.
    but i think you should straighten out your act in this regard, take
    responsibility for misleading advertising, and correct this problem at your own
    expense. please remember, i have always before ordered the highest end chip
    available at the time of my purchase, and regret trying to economize on my
    daughter’s system, though had your advertising been more forthright, this misfortune
    could have been avoided.

    yours, very unhappily,


  • My husband just recently had a horrible experience with Dell. We will never again buy from them, and we will recommend that his employer who buys all of their computers from Dell, not buy them there any more also.

    My husband called Dell to inquire on a price of an Axim X51V 624 mhz PDA. He was quoted an extremely good price and was told they would also include a memory stick, so he went ahead and ordered it. What he received was not this at all. He received a Axim X51 416 mhz with no memory stick and no VGA. The salesman did not send my husband a confirmation e-mail and after numerous phone calls and arguments with Dell’s customer service, we found out the salesman deleted the e-mail after talking to my husband to cover up what he had done. We could not get customer service to let us speak to a manager at all. Finally after many calls, I was told we could get all of our money back including the shipping and they would send my husband what he ordered minus the memory stick for the price he was originally quoted. We had to wait for two and a half weeks after Dell received our return to get reimbursed and we were not given all of the money back. They kept over $35 for shipping, which we were told we would be reimbursed. I called Dell again and tried to get a manager, which of course was useless. They didn’t understand what the problem was with them keeping the cost for shipping something that we didn’t order. Finally I was told I was going to get to speak to a manager. After holding for 10 minutes, I got frustrated and hung up.

    We will never do service with Dell again. I have since spoke to other people who have had horrible experiences with Dell also.

  • Joshua Samson

    I would just like to say this as a former Dell employee. I personally don’t buy computers from dell with the exception of rack servers for my office. I don’t buy them because I can build them myself. I read a post earlier that struck as a little bit on the oblivious side, the person made the comment that sheesh I received my new laptop and the power cable wasn’t hooked up. I would say sheesh dell ships thousands of those laptops a day what is the chance that during shipping and we know how gentle ups, airborne, and FedEx are with our packages that the power cable was jarred loose. I started with dell when they were the little guy and left last year when I retired at 39 thank you stock options…… What I really am trying to say is that dell has the monopoly on the computer industry. I will give you an example my little brother works for one of those really sunny south eastern states famous for spring break. Well that state along with most states in the U.S. buy millions of computers from dell and nothing will change that. I know all of this sounds a little biased towards DELL but I have worked in almost every division from sales, tech support, marketing, and engineering and have seen some really great things that DELL has done granted not everything was great and that one thing was the short out sourcing stint to India for technical support. The thing that I must say and I hope you people out there can understand this because you guys seem like small thinkers and not to mention socialists is that accurate studies have been done that show that one person in 38,000 people that buy a DELL ever have to call in with a problem….. So my question to you is why is DELL going to waste its time trying to make you happy keep in mind that every time you call in there is a log of the conversation created so that customer service rep can see every time you have been rude and used foul language to a Dell employee so tell me this why should they care about you and your problem…. Dell makes every attempt to please the customer as long as the customer doesn’t lose it on the phone. I will also go as far as to ask you to look deep and ask yourself if I had a DELL and an hp that were 5 years old and I called both companies who would help me troubleshoot a problem and who would laugh at me after the warranty has expired???? People don’t understand that when you buy an HP you get a warranty but when that warranty runs out they won’t answer a single question about that system until you pay 20-30 dollars. I had a guy tell me one time he was on the phone this was in 2002 I believe and this guy had a machine we sold him back in 95 and the info wasn’t readily available to work on the issue he had so some of us older employees got together and conference called this guy back and work on his issue and this happens everyday. I believe that people who have problems with DELL are complete idiots now you have to understand what I mean by this. I have only seen something that was completely DELLS fault maybe five times the usual culprit is something is damaged on jarred loose during shipping. The other problem is instead of working with DELL to resolve the issue the user calls in and try’s to go on a tirade through every manager in DELL, but that’s impossible and a complete waste of time. People are generally intimidated when they call so to compensate they try to yell and belittle to rep they get on the phone and that’s fine those guys love calls like that, but the customer try’s to yell and argue to just tell the rep what they want and they get even angrier when the rep doesn’t lose their cool the slightest bit. The long and short of it is you guys can do your supposed bad PR but you cant stop the DELL machine because just remember that for every one of you there are 38,000 loyal DELL customers who deal with problems like adults and not like cry babies and you wonder why DELL wasn’t in a hurry to help you… I am so glad to see you guys switched to apple we used to have an acronym for you guys it was PWCFOW people who couldn’t figure out windows. I am glad that you guys found something that was simple enough for you, because I believe that even stupid people are entitled to a computer they can figure out.

  • Joshua Samson

    Oh and neil S run some spyware killer and antivirus that will solve the problem.

  • Anthony

    Dell’s quality is a result of customer demands for lower prices. Lower prices drives cheaper parts. Would you pay $100 more for a better machine even if it was $100 more than the market price for a similar box from another vendor with inferior service and quality? For most people the answer sadly is NO. Price rules – you get what you pay for.

  • nik patel

    dell laptop i paid at home service 24 hour response time gues waht 4 days is what they are telling me that it will take to replace the motherboard on the laptop inspiron 6000, i have midterm exmas next week my notes etc all on the laptop, reason to buy dell was support reason to may so much extra money for 3 year suport was service but they have failed me and this experience with dell will prevent me to buying 40 computers with flat screen monitors from dell may be a small loss for dell neverthe less a loss

  • Andy

    Wow – What a great site.

    I’m a professional computer support specialist. I currently work in my spare time as a freelance repair person, and have over the past 5 years made many recommendations for the Dell product.

    However, over the past 2 weeks, I have been working with one of those customers who purchased a new Dimension 4700 in Feb. 2004. This system had a hard drive failure about a 3 weeks ago, and when the customer spent nearly 1 hour on the phone with an over seas support person, they were told that it was a ‘software problem’ and that Dell could not assist the customer any longer with the problem. The customer was advised to reinstall Windows.

    Of course I got a call. I verified the HD was bad using Dell’s own diagnostics, and spent nearly 45 mintues using Dell’s support chat to try and get the HD replaced. I ended up being asked to reinstall Windows – I gave up on Chat.

    I then called, and after 20 minutes on hold, got a technician that I was able to barely understand. He authorized the HD replacement and sent it on it’s way.

    When I received the HD I started the install process, only to find that the customer never received their Resource CD. So, I had no network drivers avaliable to get the NIC up and running.

    I tried the support chat again (not sure why) and found yet another technican that couldn’t adequatly understand the English language. I was told that they would send the CD ‘When it was needed’. I told the rep that I needed it now. Again, they would send it ‘when it was needed’. We repeated that exercise in futility for a few more times, and I was directed to a website where I could download the drivers. Again I tried to say that I needed the Resource CD, and again – they would send it ‘when it was needed’. I ended the chat. . .

    Now I try the phone support option – it worked last time. I called 5 times, each time ending up somehow in the Axim support queue even though I was responding correctly to the ‘voice activated’ prompts every time. The 5th call, I decided to wait (15 minutes) to talk to an Axim support representative, and get transfered to the Dimension support queue. I continued to wait in the Dimension support queue for another 20 minutes, while I listened to the recorded messages that tell me to make sure I have my monitor plugged in, and to restart my computer – or visit their worthless support website.

    Finally I got a representative on the phone and requested the Restore CD. Unbelievably – my request was granted (call time is now: 45 minutes) and I was asked to hold while the ‘dispatch number’ was generated.

    In the end – I got the CD (That should have shipped with the computer in the first place).

    Dell managed to save about 25 cents by not sending this customer the resource CD, but in the end, they will lose hundreds of customers. I will never recommend that a non-business customer purchase from Dell. If their business support doesn’t continue to improve I’ll never recommend business customers either.

    Personally – I have owned 3 Dell computers, 2 Axim’s and purchased many other accessories from them. I have worked for a K12 school district where I purchased over 500 Dell computers over a 2 year period. I have recommended (and as a result sold for Dell) many computers to my support customers, family, and friends – all of which I will cease to do until things change.

    Thier product is slipping in the face of fierce competition, and their ability to listen to the customer has all but disappeared. Support is virtually non-existent for non-techie consumers. Dell’s stock value is slipping (I have liquidated all my shares) and I’m afraid things just don’t look good.

    Mr. Dell – if you are reading this, and you see some strange scraggly homeless man on the streets of Round Rock with a sign saying ‘the end is near’ don’t mistake what his message is intended to mean. His message is not meant for sinners – it’s meant for Dell’s management, and more specifically you Mr. Dell.

    Failure to regain sight of what made Dell the huge success that it has been, will lead to Dell becoming the Hewlett Packard of the 21st Century.

    And that my friend would be a terrible fate for such a successful college drop out.

    Good luck –


  • Dan

    The only way to get decent support for a computer system is to buy it locally from a business that custom builds PCs. When you need support, you will more than likely be talking to the person who actually BUILT your computer and installed the software on it. This person will have far more knowledge of the computer than someone 3000 miles away who does not speak English very well. Besides this, the computer will more than likely not contain proprietary parts and will not be loaded down with useless software that just eats up disk space and memory and eventually causes problems. MOST OF ALL, THIS COMPANY WILL PROBABLY STEER YOU TO AN AMD BASED SYSTEM WHICH IS TECHNOLOGICALLY SUPERIOR TO THE INTEL BASED SYSTEMS THAT DELL SELLS.

  • Jodie Horchak

    I had a similar experience. I called customer service (in India I guess) and got bounced all around. They have a script and if you deviate from that script they dont know what to do and they just pass you along. I spend hours and hours and hours. Finally I called Texas, and my issue was resolved but it took 2 MONTHS. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE.

  • Eleanor Blake

    I have just found Dell Hell. My father has finally asked to enter the computer age and asked thatI help him get his first computer. Having been a Dell owner for quite some time, I went online and ordered a Dimension 3000. Just your basic, nothing fancy PC. I ordered it on November 15th. The confirmation said he should receive it in 4-7 business days. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, I didn’t expect to see it quite that quickly and I didn’t check until the 29th of Nov. On the 29th, I spoke to a woman of obvious foreign extraction with an impossibly American name and she told me that the computer was shipped on the 20th and that he should expect to see it in 2-3 days. On Dec 5th, I had my son call Dell. At the risk of sounding sexist, sometimes people resond to a male voice differently that a female one. But not in this time. He was told 2-3 days. I called on the 6th and spoke to “Christine” I asked to connected to a supervisor and she very happily put me on hold. 20 minutes later, I had to hang up. Yesterday, Dec 12th, I again got back on the Dell merry-go-round. Another woman with an equally improbable name with a excruciating accent (by the way super bonus points for even trying the English language. I am sure I would be worse-sounding if I was trying to speak in their native tongue), told me she would try to track the order. She couldn’t find anything other than it was “in transit” and she gave me the Dell Shipmant Center 800 number. I called and of course they were closed. The Dell rep also suggested I try tracking the package through USPS. I called them and a nice guy who spoke and is American took my info and started their tracking investigation. Today, I again called the Dell shipment Center and the woman I got said she had NO record of the order number and to call Dell. I called Dell, they said the order number shows it is “in transit” and gave me a partial tracking number and advised me to call the Dell Ship Center. (Do you detect a theme???) I called the Dell Ship Center and spoke to another woman who transferred me to her “supervisor”. That one took my info and promised to try to track the package through all her means and to call me back with any info. I am NOT holding my breath.


  • Mr. Crandall

    Bought E-510 Nov. 2005 via phone order. Most bizzare consumer experience I’ve ever had. After being cut-off three times I finally placed an order after the third rep. I talked to, and was cut off from, called me back. Now I wish she hadn’t and I’d gone to someone else for my PC needs. I gave nothing more than my SS# to them, they supposedly ran a credit check on me, approved it and the PC was shipped the same day. I gave no credit card # or anything else allowing them to directly bill me. The unit showed up and worked fine for about a week then all Dellhell broke loose. The CD/RW drive has major problems and seems to be destroying all CDs I try in it. I talked to a tech name “Daniel” for two hours and, after adamantly stating that it was a software problem, referred me to a help-line wanting my credit card#. It’s a warranty machine! At that point I gave up for the day. I’m going to try tech support again but after reading all the other blocs it’s obvious what I’m in for. Thank God I haven’t paid them a dime for this lemon and they don’t have my CC#. They might have just “given away” one of their lemons to an ex-customer who now has learned not to buy OEM but to purchase locally from a build master….

  • Erica Roncaglione

    I’ll try not to repeat what everyone else has written. We have been struggling with Dell support for 4 long weeks. This is my business computer which really leaves us up a creek. No one at Dell seems to know how to fix it. And they are definitely not willing to send a tech out to do the job or send us a new cpu. Heavens no, that might actually cost them a little something and earn them a loyal customer!! How do you run a business without a computer when all your business and banking data is on that computer? Dell doesn’t seem to care. They’ve left us on hold for a hour, transferred us from one rep to another up to 8 times per call, cut us off, told us they would call us back (HA!HA!), and told us to pay an independent tech to fix it even though it is still under the extended warranty that I paid for. I wish I had Mr. George’s e-mail address so I could give him an earful, so to speak. Personally, I would like to start a class action suit against Dell. I have seen so many complaints posted on the internet, but I don’t know how I could contact these people. If you know of a way, please let me know. It’s sad when such a promising company starts to go down to such an extreme, just so they can save a few dollars. Is it really worth it when they completely lose their reputation and customer loyalty in the process?

  • Anastasia Ellis

    Dear Mr. Jarvis:

    I just got off the phone with your folks in India for the I don’t know how many times this year call about my son’s Pocket DJ. The thing broke about 3 months after I bought it for him in 2004. He is now on his FOURTH REFURBISHED POCKET DJ.

    Dear Mr. Jarvis. I am so very very weary of these Sunday afternoon dealings with Dell in which I have to spend hours hooking up with the right technical support person who never believes my son and I know what we are talking about. They make us go over the same exact tests we just performed ourselves, we argue for an hour over sending another refurbished DJ (duh, I just came to find out today they have no authority to send a new one) and for cripes sake I am not going through this anymore.

    Do you not think four times is enough? My son is 17 years old. He is fastidious with his belongings and I know he takes care of his DJ. You are sending us someone else’s broken down piece of junk and enough is enough. I cannot tell you the ugly feelings I have about your company from this experience and will never recommend to anyone to use your products (including my laptop).

    I would like to know how this can be resolved because I will not accept another refurbished DJ. I am NOT going through this every two months for years to come and I do not think you would find this acceptable either.

    My Case Number is 119888210.

    Thank you. Anastasia Ellis

  • I purchased a Dimension E310 online at the end of November. I received my order within a week, which was nice, but that’s where my positive experience ended.

    I unpacked and set the system up, and right after starting the system for the first time, began to get sporadic Windows Stop Errors (Blue Screen of Death). To get to the point, the obscure stop errors kept occurring, and I didn’t want to take the time to go through the process of systematically narrowing down what the problem could be (bad memory? driver conflict?, etc.). It felt like I had just bought a new car that kept sporadically stalling. Sure, I could take it to a mechanic and have them try to resolve the issue, but I shouldn’t have to. I called up DELL and told them I wanted to send the system back, and they inquired as to why, so I explained what had been transpiring. I was then asked if I had dealt with technical support and I told her that I had not. I told her that I was somewhat familiar with the problem that was occurring and that the problem could be an array of different things, and that I didn’t want to take the time to deal with Technical Support (hey, I’ve heard the stories about their support before, and quite frankly I didn’t want to sit there while someone walkes me through the same basic steps that I had already taken to resolve the issue). She said (in a rather rude tone) that if I did not call technical support and have a record of my issue that I would be responsible for the 15% restocking fee and shipping fees to return the system.

    We went back and forth a little bit as it didn’t make sense to me when I was telling her right then and there what problem I was experiencing. It was quite clear that I was supposed to try to have them fix the problem, and have a record of that before they would cover the restocking (and shipping?) fees, as if I’m not credible or my satisfaction as a consumer doesn’t matter (despite their 21 Day TOTAL Satisfaction policy, where it even says if the item is defective, I shouldn’t be liable for the restocking fee). But hey, that’s Customer Loyalty for ya.

    Summary: I order from Dell, receive defective product, decide to return product, am given grief upon trying to return order, return order, remain disappointed and am out money.

    My blog post on the whole debacle.. Dude, I got a DELL! Then I sent it back….

  • Mike Reid

    I was a buyer and Customer Services manager for a 3000plus organisation that switched to Dell two years ago for strategic and economic reasons (alignment of a standard desktop globally). I am no small thinker as Joshua says, I am looking from a perspective of purchasing 1000 plus machines from Dell yearly and quite frankly the quality of service and the product is appalling:

    1) Account mangement structures constantly changing with a focus on box shifting not service
    2) Outsourced scripted Helpdesks with poor command of English and little understanding of customers aptitudes
    3) Poor quality: substandard motherboards and harddrives
    4) Acknowledgement of above only after putting on pressure after forming a User group of three similar companies experiencing the same problems
    5) No proactive approach to supplying business with replacement parts, meaning my internal customers are equally pissed off about reactive management of issues

    Oh and in contradiction of Joshuas statement when HP shipped out a batch of PCs with faulty PSUs they at least sent the replacements out prior to them failing

    Dell was the worst mistake we made as a business. The Total Cost of Ownership has increased the real costs passed the economic benefit of purchasing their kit in the first place.

  • Pam

    I ordered a new computer from DELL on Sunday night, by the time I had called on Monday with a question, they had “lost” my order. Even though I had received a confirmation email and my account had been charged for the item. It took me 6 indians and an american who finally straightened out the mess! At least I THINK we have it straightened out! I should be receiving my computer next week. I am saying a prayer that I never have problems with it. The customer service is horrible, but I still like the product! I am going to email DELL as well. What a pity….

  • Dave L

    The saga continues…boutht my new Dell Dimension E310 with Pentium 4, 1Gb RAM, added SBC Yahoo DSL (big mistake!!), got explorer.exe hard errors, blue screen of death STOP on Windows start, etc., etc., etc. Talked to software, they said hardware maybe? talked to hardware, they said definitely software. After eight hours and many phone calls to nice Indian people reading scripts to me, finally got a person to say “we’ll send you a new hard drive, not refurbished, and replacement memory”. Nice guy from BankTech shows up with 512Mb memory, no drive, etc. In the interim, I have discovered that blue screen of death is directly related to use of SBC Yahoo DSL desktop software….Eight hours of work and phone calls, listening to scripts, missing every second or third syllable due to lousy phone connection….I don’t know how many phone calls and how many people I talked to… Obviously, Dell SUX, SBC Yahoo DSL SUX, but if I bought from HP or Gateway, would the experience been any better? Probably not, alas.

  • T. Canis

    Oh, Jeff I so agree with you!! I had a horrible time with tech and customer support from Dell. I ordered a new graphics card and after hours on the phone they sent me another graphics card( same one) and after more than 5 hours on the phone with tec support they told me that me computer was corrupted, so I called back dell sales and they told me “oops” we sent you the wrong graphic card. so I got I hope is the right card but now the are unsure if the can give me my money back on the wrong card that I had already paid for as I had already paid again for the right card. I have asked several times to speak to a manager and was told that this was not possible. I have made many attempts to contact the CEO Kevin Rollins and he aparently is just raking in his money and care not at all about the customer getting srewed, I would advise any one reading this NOT!!! to buy a Dell anything.

  • John

    I couldn’t even get a reply from Dell when I asked for further information on one of their products that I wanted to buy.
    I didn’t buy the product because I thought it would be safe to assume that I wouldn’t get a reply after I bought, if I had problems.

  • ChefJester

    I am currently in Dell Hell, On Nov 23 I purchased a dell desktop and add a 3.5 in floppy to it as well as purchased additional software ans upgraded to a flat panel monitor. Well the computer came with NO Monitor sent only after calling dell a week later to find out where it was. It was on the shipping invoice. When going to set up the computer I noticed the the software was no installed or included nor was the 3.5 floppy drive. When speaking to custome serveice (theres a laugh) I was told that I had not purchased the additions (so Now I am a Liar) and that there was nothing that they could do for me unlessw I wanted to add them and pay for them again. I finaly got the idiot on the other end of the line to find a copy of the order and see that I had actualy purchased them as I had originaly stated. Now how are we going to get these items installed? This is where hell begins in their warrinty it states that they will have someone come out and take care of the problem. I call every day hoping that I will annoy them enough and as much as they are annoying me to try and get this problem solved so far no luck the parts and software have supposed ly been shipped but nothing has come as of yet 3 weeks and counting. And when and if they do get here the software i can handle but Im not taking a chance at voiding my warrinty to install parts that I already paid them to. Im a chef not a computer tech. Does anybody know how to find Michael Dell’s personal phone number? I bet a few angry calls may get the ball rolling.

  • Stephen Abner

    i bought a new dell xps 7 or 8 months ago. had it only one month the hard drive goes bad. called tech suppoort they sent me a new one so i could install it myself they charged me around $240.00 for the hard drive. it was refurbised not new. they said they would give me credit to my dell preferred account when i sent the old one back in but they never did. their interst is so high i will never get it paid off. the intrest they are charging me is 30.56%. the computer was $1497.00 i still owe about that much on it. been paying for it for about 7 or 8 months now. this is my first dell pc. i always had good luck out of hp and good tech support.

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  • phillips

    hi i am convinced ive been slammed i just don’t know why?
    my cell phone home phone and internet access have been hijacked. i fear id fraud. but have not yet rec’d inproper billing.
    but in the past few months wehave hurricanes auto accidents
    and my poor sick old mother has run out off money. i looked at her pharmasy bills last knight . now’ i suspect possible medicare fraud. my mind is reeling and i don’t know were to turn
    ps i cancelled 4 credit cards also
    also purchased 2 computers from dell for christmas and they arived limited accsess with config to require network access to
    surf the net iff this is what big business big brother and civil
    rights has come too i know i need to say my pray because
    the end is near !

  • My father bought a Dell Notebook, he received a notebook he did not ask for. My poor dad, he is disabled and takes numerous tablets, Dell sales people are CON artists, they conned us out of our money…the thing does not even work cos it was sent out to us faulty. Now does anyone know Mr Michael Dell’ phone number so that I can get Mr Tony Blair to call him personally!!

  • G. Idea

    Me, too, have had some terrible experiences with Dell Customer “Support”.


    The situation in Europe is a little bit different than in the US, but generally this should work. It rests on the following assumption:

    1. The general Customer Support personnel is call center cattle, not too savvy about (English) language and your specific system
    2. They read through scripted cue cards. If you deviate from that: transfer hell!
    3. If you follow the successful cue card “path”, at the end they will possibly “validate” whatever service you want from them. Obviously, not every possible defect can be solved that way, but maybe you can get a technician/exchange part on your way.
    4. If you need to send your computer in and you follow the right “path”, the technician will not examine the machine in detail. He will simply exchange the parts declared as faulty by CS and send the machine back to you.
    5. Somebody collects all the information of those cue cards on a website.

    Here are some “hints”

    CS: “Please unscrew the screw bla bla bla bla and bla”
    You: “I am totally unable to do this because of [medical condition]”
    This helped in one case, but maybe the operator was just being nice. Needs to be

    This (rather stupid) testing tool responds with a number of codes to possible hardware issues. Loading the tool can be a major headache. Somebody should post the codes, so you can simply state the correct answers to the CS and get to the next “level” on their cue card game.

    3. 3Rd PARTY RAID
    If they are near you, you might want to pay a visit to your 3rd party technician company. 1st of all, you might get a technical savvy person not just a replacement clown. Tell them about your support issue, that CS told you to go there, tell them your case number (can be any number) and something that looks like a printout from an official DELL website. You’d be amazed of the wonders that a helpful person can do to your computer. They might even have replacement parts around! Good acting skills required, but worked in one case.

    etc, etc. Moral: As DELL seems to adopt old communist food distribution schemes, maybe the consumer should adapt to similar ways to fool that system.

    After reading this page, I will never, ever buy a DELL again (I thought, it was a local problem, but…!!)

  • Almost seven years ago I built and have managed an online safety portal at In 2005 I launched an offshoot service company called offering network security products, installation, upgrades and PC support to home users and small business. What we do is what Dell and others seem unable to do – Service the customer. What I have discovered is that people ARE willing to pay for quality service. But if they do pay for it, you must deliver it.

    I agree with comments made here that the pressures to achieve certain price points require sacrifices in quality and/or customer support. It is not unique to Dell. I have had problems with most major brands. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to own a Compaq. I’ve always liked every Toshiba I’ve owned. I’ve had better than average luck with Dell Latitudes (the business grade laptops) and horrible luck with Inspirons (the consumer grade of the same laptop). It is almost universally true that you get what you pay for. Regardless of brand, the thing to watch for, and stay away from, are products targeted at the low end consumer market, unless you are a low end consumer. Then you must realize and accept the trade-offs, roll the dice and take your chances. Most will win. Some will not.

    But I still had to laugh at the Dell employee who posted here his remarks that Dell will still support the customer in grand style if he will pay more for the “Gold” service. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, IF they delivered on the promise. Evidence would indicate that here too Dell has dropped the ball.

    I am now making a fortune on providing customers service that they can get nowhere else. Live, one on one, CARING support. And so, Mr. Dell, I say to you please keep doing what you’re doing. I will leave MY customers smiling as I laugh all the way to the bank.

    Happy New Year!

    Mark Brasche
    Founder & CEO

    P.S. Why won’t a moderator strip those annoying off-topic posts to sell cheap cell phones? Give me a break!

  • Greg Loew

    Adding to the chorus:

    At this point, Dell thinks of us as cattle. The inspirons are ‘throw away’ PCs designed to last just past the warranty period. I back up my statement with my Inspiron 5100 and the famous motherboard with detaching components (yes, the machine shuts down if I gently raise one corner). Oh yeah, the forums are full of people with this problem. My daughter’s new Inspiron 1150 has a bad wireless NIC and suspect battery after 9 months (again mirrored by many on the forums). My new Inspiron 9300 (yes I WAS a Dell man!!) had to have new memory after 6 months – (a problem again echoed by forum users) – and taking over 12 calls to fix – because I couldn’t get them to move past their dumb scripts which had me trying to restore windows. I also had to fix an ‘out of the box’ keyboard driver myself – the techs were clueless (glad I knew to update a driver and didn’t follow them on ‘repairing windows’).

    On the other hand, I had good luck with a Latitude purchased by my company and with my son’s 8400 desktop. Some of their stuff still has reasonable quality. The problem for future purchases is that we feel like we’re gonna be rolling the dice. So Dell is REALLY shooting themselves in the foot by selling junk.

    What we see is a company that is working on razor thin consumer-ware margins, especially for their bargain lines. If they took the time to validate the design and quality, they would cost more – and wouldn’t be bargain basement. We have been voting for this approach with our wallets. But as we realize that our time is money, and these cheap systems end up costing far more in time and trouble, we can stop buying them.

    Thank goodness for these blogs – because as educated consumers, we will ‘vote’ for better, maybe higher priced systems. I am now voting for IBM / Lenovo, like the guy above.. My T-series has been bulletproof (echoed by forums) !! Don’t know that they’ll be the best for evermore – and I won’t recommend them forever, but they are best for now. $100 more up front versus $1000’s in time later is an easy choice!

    Dell is making poor choices by selling sub-par, quick-to-market, easy-to-package junk to people who they think won’t know better. Makes the term ‘business ethics’ an oxymoron. The only way to change this is for us to know better – by writing it here and by spreading the word. It starts here and proceeds to friends and associates. Don’t be ashamed to let your friends learn from your mistakes!

  • Menie_W

    WOW!!! So glad to know it’s not just me! I bought a Dell November 2004. I was so excited to get it – then upon opening the product realized that it was missing the “FREE” cd burner and the “FREE” memory upgrade. That’s where my problem began. I called and explained I would just send the computer back to which I was told – “that’s not possible ma’am, it would be much to difficult – let’s see what we can do to “fix” the problem.”
    I was promised a gift certificate which would arrive by mail 6-8 weeks from my phone call. Still waiting on that darn thing!!:) I did call about it and they offered me an online coupon, which I tried to use, but don’t know you that you have to spend ABOVE the amount given for it to be used? Amazing, huh?! Besides that – I was told it expired 6 months from the time issued – tried to use it 4 months in – wouldn’t work. IMAGINE THAT?!

    I used a coupon promising $99 “FREE” shipping using the rebate form of course. The woman who I ordered from SRT Grace Rabino told me exactly how to do the rebate and send it in. I get a letter explaining that it was not RECEIVED in time for me to get my rebate. The rebate letter said specifically MUST BE POSTMARKED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF COMPUTER – it was postmarked because I took it to the post office myself. It said nothing about “receiving” it within 30 days.

    9 months 13 days after receiving my computer my hard drive crashed. Yes folks – 13 days after my warranty was up! I called customer service which told me after running the test on my computer that no information was able to be salvaged – which meant I lost all the pictures I had taken of my son, now 5 months old, since birth. Not learning my lesson – I ordered a new hard drive to the tune of $128.00 and did you know it was a “refurbished” hard drive, not new! I called and got a return # from Dell, sent it back and asked for my refund. Nothing happened.

    Finally, I reported them to the Better Business Bureau – still didn’t get anywhere. I was contacted by Dell and told that the computer I had ordered was not the computer that I thought I had purchased. See the coupon expired the night I used it, so I got the deal from the next day. Therefore, I didn’t receive the “FREE” cd burner, the “FREE” memory upgrade, the “FREE” shipping and handling. Even though this was the first I had heard of it – the lady sure took my coupon # and took me for a ride! I still haven’t received my $128 back – hoping that the “check is in the mail” as it were…… anyone wondering…….DUDE DON’T BUY A DELL!!!

  • Tammie

    Dell is really..hell… to deal with. A year ago I purchased a Dell. They sent me the wrong monitor. Called and they sent me another monitor just like the first. Called again and they said that I would have to send one of the monitors back before they could send another. Left on hold till lie disconnected. Called back and requested the entire system to be sent back. Recieved UPS return numbers and UPS picked up. Now all of this happened within 8 days. Called in March and account was zeroed out. In October collection agency called where Dell said I owed them $70. Cehcked credit bureau only to find out I had a zero balance and paid on time. Collection agency continued to call and Dell then sent me a bill. No explanation just a bill. Called and they couldn’t tell me why but was on credit report now that it has gone to collections. I sent Dell a check with a very nice letter. Now I have in hand a statement from Dell whereby I have a credit balance in excess of $105. Called Dell and was told that I could only use the credit for their merchandise. WHAT A RIPOFF….NO WONDER HE HAS ALL THE MONEY.

  • R. David Guy

    I purchased 2 Dell desktop computers about 3 years ago and had horrible customer support experiences for one year. Getting fed up with talking to support personnel at Dell in India and experiencing hold or wait times for over an hour, I purchased two Toshiba laptops with local technical support at CompUSA. I used a trick to get to the customer support department at Dell for support issues– just call the phone number listed to buy a new Dell computer and ask to be transferred to a “live person” in customer support. It amazed me that if I called phone number for purchasing a new system, Dell representatives were on the line in less than 10 seconds. Hopefully, one day Dell will realize I am no longer their customer and give me a call to find out why. I am looking forward to taking that calll!

  • Terry A

    Mr. Dell, after my trip to Dell Hell I found this web site. I can now understand why Gateway is a growing company. To make a long story short your policy on returning a lemon laptop sucks. You sell my daughter a piece of crap and when I call to request a refund and this is after you have worked on the laptop twice I am told NO it is not going to happen.I was still being nice at this point and asked to speak to this supervisors supervisor, guess what I am told? I would not have belived this if I did not hear it. The supervisor that I was talking to Stated ” MY supervisor does not take phone calls” I asked who else can I speak to and he stated no one I am the supervisor I asked him does he speak for the CEO of Dell and he stated yes. Does any one know Michael Dell ( screw the public ) address in Austin?

  • Jessica M

    I am glad that there are so many people finally speaking out about dell and what horrible customer satisfaction they have, even though they claim otherwise. I have been dealing with the horrible world of dell hell for the past year and a half and have rarely had a good experience. From being switched back from department to department without any help to being placed on hold on and off for 4 hours I too know how hopeless dealing with them can be. I will never recommend Dell to anyone and probably never will. They simply don’t care most of the time and I wouldn’t want to put anyone I know in the situations I have been put in when contacting Dell. I hope that everyone learns one day and stops buying from them so they can finally see where their company is going, everywhere but up. Keep up the postings up and maybe someone will listen. JUST SAY NO TO DELL!

  • Jessica M

    Just in case anyone wanted it here is Michael Dell’s email address

    [email protected]

    I don’t know if you will receive a reply but you can sure try.

  • Lisa Browning

    Thank God i found this site!!!! .. I thought I was the only one who got screwed over by Dell. But I am slowly finding out that I am not alone and there is a TON of others who are in my same postion. Right now I am sitting here hoping this goes thur , I have had so many problems with this computer. first 4 months it worked fine after my 5th month i had modem problems, hard drive problems, motherboard problems all which had to be replaced not once or twice but three times or more. Finally after the 5th time they sent me a replacement tower, which they PROMISED ME that it was brand new. But after 15 mins of turning it on i got a blue screen and error msgs . Only after fighting with the techs for 6 hours did i find out that it was a REFURISHED computer not a brand new one as they promised me . I have been calling them everyday and fighting with them to fix this piece of crap of a computer they sent me , only to be hung up or told they would call me back only to not call me back or put on hold for hours on end . I honestly dont know what to do .. i was suppose to get a refund but that never happened and now i have no computer either .

    I honestly think if everyone got together and put in a suit against Dell maybe we would finally get what we want .

  • Lisa, you are certainly NOT the only one that has been screwed by Dell. I bought one of their mid-range pcs last summer and have had nothing but problems. These problems were exagerrated due to the quality of the customer service department.

  • hula

    found this after wasting over a day trying to find out why my inspiron 8100 suddenly lost the ability to connect to my isp … and, found my network connections folder emptied …everything else works … did system file check, all seems to be well except suddenly have no LAN icon or access even though the broadband connection is alive and well … cust support said 99 dollars and they would walk me through on what to do … now I am not a novice and not a technorata, however I know a bad bargain when I hear one …suggestions???

  • denice cahoun

    we bought a insprion 1000 laptop and its crap. i called customer service andgit treated so very badly, and noone could help me and they would trasnfer to me to other departments and they were no help. dell puter are crap. they dont make our model and whe we did get it they sent the wrong drivers disc so what help is that to me? i will never buy a dell again . i would rather go to wal-mart and get a hp. ty

  • Shea Durbin

    I can not believe I was so stupid to purchase a Dell!!! My bestfriend begged me not to buy one because she had purchased one a year earlier and it is crap. Her’s kepted giving her a pop-up message then locking up on her after she had it only three months. Now it is so slow and will not stop locking up. She contacted Dell endless amount a times while it was still covered under the warrenty, and they told her it was fixed every time. It was not!!! She finally gave up after a year but she has paid for that computer five time now due to them taking her interest from 22% to 30 something. And it still is not paid for and doesn’t work. I bought one in December and went to pull up a file, it made the loudist noise I have ever heard. Then it started not responding to double clicking and would not shut down. I bought a three year warrenty, I thought I would call have a new one shipped out…. No, they kept me on the phone for six hours trying to find out what happened to it. After four days of talking to techs and hours of doing the exact same steps over, I lost it!!! I told them I was shipping this thing back. I had not even gotten a bill yet. Now they are stating they are going to destroy my credit if I do not pay the bill. Just send me a new system!!! Now I don’t know what to do. Any help someone could give me would be great!

  • Art Verling

    Call the Attorney Generals office in your state and ask them if they could send a letter on your behalf telling Dell to fix it or take it back. At the least you can ask them what you can and cant do.

  • Art Verling

    Wow I just got here looking for a direct phone number to call dell and found this…Yikes.

    I fix computers for a living…..really I really do fix them. Anyway I have been reading many of the problems listed above and I can say many of the problems that I saw were software not hardware. Like the problem with the popups and locking up that Shea Durbin was having. It is not dells fault that you have spyware or a virus. I can tell you from the description that they will never fix it over the phone or over chat. If you don’t have any data of value reload your system with the disk provided by dell. Purchase Norton Antivirus 2006 and load it after you reload your system. I am just testing the Norton A/V 2006 so I can’t tell you if their spyware software works as of yet but it looks promising. As a backup I also use Webroot Spy Sweeper and I can tell you that it does work and it may even clean up your computer without reloading. You may need to sweep it more than once. OH and the free version wont remove the spyware so don’t waste your time. You can also try to download all the updates for Norton and spy sweeper and scan your computer in safe mode. (push F5 while rebooting). This can be a VERY trying task to remove spyware so if you’re not up to it try reloading. By the way as far as I can tell Dell phone support is now gone. Am I right?

  • Never Dell Again

    I ordered the Axim X51V special for $448 from Dell last week. I also ordered the $32 aluminum case and $35 3-in-1 travel kit. When I told Dell CustomerCare that I wanted to return the case (because it was too heavy) and the travel kit, I was told that I would receive a credit of $24 for the case and $26.70 for the travel kit. The reason was that the $20 coupon thatI had used was divided up between the $448 pda system and the accessories. This makes no sense since the $20 coupon was good on any purchases over $200, which the $448 system qualified for. So now that I’m returning the 2 accessories, I’m receiving much less than what I paid for them. Had I known this, I would have ordered the $448 separately and used the coupon just on that. When I threatened to return everything and just place a new order (minus the 2 accessories)so that the $20 discount can be applied to just the system, I was then told that there would be 10% re-stocking charge, even though I receive the order 3 days ago. I’ll never order from DELL again even though I’ve been a DELL customer for more years than I can remember! I wasted too much time on the phone and was bounced around from one person to the next. The service reps acted like they would try to help but they were useless. There is deception going on in Dell’s sales and service tactics.

    Can someone please give me the address of Michael Dell or someone in power so that I can send him a letter about the poor customer service at his company? Maybe I’m just wasting my time. I’ll just tell all my family and friends NOT to buy Dell.

  • Benzy1961

    I’ve been in Dell Hell for about two months now. I have, or actually had, a Dell Inspiron that I sent to the repair depot in Memphis for repair. This was after many, many hours of waiting on hold to speak to several barely-English-speaking Indians in the Dell “support” organization. This is a nearly new machine that first stopped charging the battery, and then shortly thereafter would just shut down when I used the AC adapter.
    The paperwork was clear as to how the item was to be shipped. It also stated that the machine should be returned to me in 5-7 days.
    Well, many more than 7 days later, I have no machine, and I have been on hold for hours and hours trying to find out what the status of the machine is. I have been totally unable to reach anyone, with the exception of one time that I actually heard someone on the other end, but he couldn’t hear me. This was after 2.5 hours on hold. I have called at all hours of the day and night. I set my alarm to get up at midnight on a work night only to spend 2 hours listening to the obnoxious hold lady. I gave up because I had to get to work that day.
    Dell is absolutely the worst with respect to customer support! I have also sent e-mails via their website, and received nothing more than the automated response telling me that they value me as a customer, and that they will respond within 24 hours. I don’t think anyone reads those at all.
    I will never buy from Dell as long as I live. Next time this machine fails, (if I ever get it back), I’ll toss it in a garbage can before I spend even another minute of frustration with the Dell organization.
    What happened to this formerly proud American organization? They’re an absolute joke.
    Wake up Michael Dell before it’s too late!!!

  • Maybe our problem seems small compared to some of the above but then Dell doesn’t seem to want to deal even with the simpler problems. We asked for advice about our Dell printer because after using it only a few times the printing appears faded. We followed all the procedures from the manual with no change in the quality of the print. When we contacted Dell Service, after providing them with all the relevant order no. etc ; they then wrote back to us to say they can’t respond to us because we don’t live in the country in which the computer was purchased. Our Dell laptop and printer were purchased in the UK but we travel (hence the laptop) and are currently in Turkey. When we tried to get help in Turkey- still not possible. We can’t understand it. We have been travelling around the globe (by boat) and other companies give service wherever you are. Why did we give away our old Hyperdata laptop and Canon printer? After eight years still going strong!

  • Sophal Lee

    I have owned six Dell desktops and one laptop for the last 15 years. As an I.T person, friends and relatives have generally come to me for advices when choosing/bying computers. Many of them purchased Dell systems per my advice. Dell had been good until about two years ago when I went through with them about my one year old laptop (at the time). I could go on with two pages story about what happend then, but I’m going to cut it short by saying this laptop is now useless. I thought then I was never going to own Dell again. Unfortunately, I seemed to forget what had happened between me and Dell/Hell (may be I’m getting too old to remember). Several weeks ago, unfortunately, I decided to purchase Dell desktop E310 for the price after roaming on Dell website. I received the system a week later. I use my headset to communicate online with my friends in south-east Asia. It worked fine with my other two Dell (older) computers, but with this new E310, I was only able to get the sound from the left side. I called Dell for advice. They told me to check the sound settings which I did set/test everything already. I couldn’t add another sound card because there are only 2 PCI slots which both of them are in use, one for Dell’s modem and the other one for the wireless network card. Then, to make it worse, the computer froze on me every time I closed or reopened the applications. I called Dell to return the computer. The returning department gave me a big hastle. One of them her name was Mitchell. She even hung up on me because it was almost the closing time (7:00PM pacific time). They also told me that I had to pay the 15% restocking plus the shipping (back) fee. At first, I was going to exchange with a more expensive machine, but with this hastle Dell/Hell gave me , I will never again purchase Dell products. This time it will retain in my long term memory. Shame on you, Mr. Dell. Not only you just lost a loyal customer like myself, but you will also lose your services to all my other relatives and friends as well.

  • Ian Young

    Against the advice of this blog (and many others) I just purchased my first Dell. To some, it seems like I am putting my head in the noose and hoping the chair beneath my feet does not break. I assure you my thinking is slightly more calculated than that.

    I have had some bad experiences with computers in the past (forget dell, eMachines, compaq and HP are the devil) and, upon deciding to purchase this computer I wondered, “how bad could it be?” Undoubtedly, these words sound ominous to many of Mr. Jarvis’ loyal readers: those who have endured “Dell hell”. However, my feeling is, at worst, I will be in a computer situation similar to the one I am in currently.

    I have had machines that would freeze on you sooner than it would play solitaire. One computer that I owned had a possessed floppy drive that would inexplicably start trying to read my “A:” drive at random moments throughout the day. BUT, I have always been able to restore them to working order. Than again, I am one of the lucky ones. Any software difficulties are quickly remedied by any one of my computer saavy friends. Other than that, I warranty-up to replace defective parts.

    In the end, my greatest concern is price. And, even those here who have no shortage of negative things to say about Dell, cannot seem to disprove the notion that Dell, of every major computer company, offers the lowest price. As mentioned earlier, I have paid top dollar for the privilege of being screwed over by almost every other major computer company you can name (excluding Apple) and would find it almost a relief not to feel as if I put a second mortgage on my house for an exceptionally large paperweight.

    Perhaps my opinion is a tad defeatest, even nihilistic, but it is the truth. I believe that, wherever you go, there are going to be people getting cheated out of their hard earned dollars by multi-national corporations. It is a Twenty-First Century phenomenon and, I think, people are just going to have to get used to it.

    Regardless, I appreciate what Mr. Jarvis is trying to do here (on his blog). In creating a body of consumers, determined to hold a faceless company accountable for its actions, we understand that we not entirely powerless. I think a quote, often attributed to Voltaire, says it best:

    “I disagree with what you have to say but will fight to the death to protect your right to say it.”

    P.S. I dont know if this has been said, but isnt it a little strange that a preponderance of the complaints against Dell are from laptop users? I wonder if unreliability is attributable to Dell or if it’s just the nature of the beast…so to speak.

  • Sophal Lee

    About a year ago, I did assist one of my friend’s computer dealing with HP’s customer service. They are 100 times better than Dell. I’m going with HP for the customer service over a price and the defective product Dell has offered. Good bye Dell. You lose me, my relatives and my friends, and sooner or later you will lose everyone, thus your business.

  • Mike Wilkinson

    Hi Jeff –

    Just this morning I sent out the following to about 30 of my friends. Hope you can use it because Dell sucks.

    This e-mail is being sent to encourage everyone to boycott Dell computers. I know they are seen as the best of the PCs, but let me tell you a couple of things about them.

    Our daughter, Anne, just left this past Tuesday to spend the spring semester of her junior year in college studying in Paris. Last Saturday, three days before she left, the screen on her Dell laptop, which was purchased last May, went out. Frantic phone calls resulted in her (actually me) having to arrange for it to be picked up by DHL to go in for repairs.When both Anne and I tried to arrange for the computer to be sent directly from the factory to Paris we were rebuffed. The official Dell argument was some bullshit about import-export laws preventing them from shipping it overseas.

    Join me in boycotting Dell and spread the word.

  • 4 Days ago I purchased my first DELL notebook, it arrived with a bad hardrive, acccording to Tech Support. After switching the “Bad” hardrive for the replacement they sent, the problem continued. Now, is the RAM (per Tech Support) so they are shipping a replacement Today.
    After reading this blog I realize how true it is what this blog states, they did not only lost one customer, but my company will NOT buy a DELL Ever Again.
    I purchased this one to give it a try, since some employees are not used to Apple Computers and feel more comfortable usind Windows. I relized, how much time we’ve spend on trying to make this DELL laptop work (with a Tech Support Online Chat, and over the phone) Hey! if it gave us trouble from the arrival, I don’t want to know what will be next.
    I will NEVER EVER buy a DELL again, and I will suggest to ALL my friends and Friends of my friends, and anyone that comes accross. As far as I know, by loosing me as a client, they lost 28 clients in one day, and more to come.

  • Michelle

    Mike Wilkinson, you dumbshit. Any idiot knows that product cannot be shipped overseas due to export compliance laws that the federal government mandates for technology purchases. Product purchased in Europe can be shipped within Europe and in the Mideast can be shipped in the Mideast, etc.. That is why Dell maintains 7 manufacturing facilities; To comply with export and expedite product. Quit whining about your daughter’s computer and THINK before you speak. Send it to your home and FEDEX it to your daughter. Noone follows your boycott, they just know that Dell did not become a multibillion dollar company by screwing customers. They continue to grow in the double digits.

  • Thank you for this AWESOME & informative website!
    My 3 yr. complete care warranty expired on 1/16/06. However, I have sent my laptop to Dell for repair 2 times in the last 2 weeks for warranty repairs & they returned it to me twice without completing the repairs. One of the complaints is that they sent me a defective power supply, when wires became exposed on the original one. The one they sent me works intermittently. I reported it to them several times & I mailed it in twice, only to have it mailed back. I was assured that any problems that were reported during the warranty period that were not resolved, would still be covered when the warranty expired.

    I posted this on Craigslist Los Angeles, last night:
    To Dell Customer NoService

    Reply to: [email protected]
    Date: 2006-01-18, 10:31PM PST

    I’m not even going to discuss the literally dozens of calls I’ve made to Dell trying to get warranty assistance, only to be disconnected after waiting on hold for up to 2 hours, or didn’t get disconnected, but had to attempt to communicate with someone in India who was impossible to understand. “Thees ees Bill. Me ayy pleeeze knew yod coostamer noombeer?” And if that’s not tortuous enough, top it off with a 1-second delay between callers, so when the person you can’t understand answers your question, the first second of his answer is cut off, so you have to ask him to repeat his answer, but he has to ask you to repeat your question, because the first second of your question was cut off. Suffice it to say, I have 113 Dell Customer NoService stories. This is just the most current.
    6:02pm Was directed to business sales accidentally, must call back.
    6:06pm Was directed to business sales accidentally, must call back.
    6:35pm Due to heavy call volume, blah blah. Basically told me I picked a bad time to call & I should have called earlier when they supposedly had more help.
    6:39pm If you really need help, go online & chat live to a representative.
    6:40pm Automation transferred me somewhere & all I hear is dead air
    6:55 While I’m waiting on the phone, I decide to go online. In order to get help, I have to register. I hit Submit & receive a msg. that I’m 59th in line.
    7:10 Still waiting online, but decide to hang up the telephone, since there have been no sounds of life since 6:40pm.
    7:22pm Online, I am connected to Wasi. Below is a cut-and-paste of the entire session:
    7:05:45 PM
    System Connecting to server. Please wait…
    7:05:45 PM
    System Thank you for using Dell Chat, a representative will be with you soon.
    7:05:45 PM
    System Initial Question/Comment: I’ve sent my laptop in twice in the past 2 wks & both times it was returned to me unrepaired. I can’t get through to customer se
    7:22:38 PM
    System You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
    7:22:38 PM
    System Connected with Wasi_01112746
    7:22:53 PM
    Wasi_01112746 Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Hardware Warranty Support Chat. My name is Wasi. Please allow me a moment to review your question.
    7:22:55 PM
    You hello
    7:23:02 PM
    Wasi_01112746 May I have the initial shipping address and the phone number So that I can pull up your account details .
    7:23:37 PM
    You (I have removed the information I gave him, for privacy reasons)
    7:24:09 PM
    Wasi_01112746 Thank you for the information .
    7:25:09 PM
    Wasi_01112746 Please contact the out of warranty department at 1-800-288-4410 and they will help you with the details.

    Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Support online Chat, have a great day!
    7:25:17 PM
    System You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by…
    7:25:18 PM
    System Wasi_01112746 has left this session!
    If anyone heard a loud scream at 7:25pm, 10:25pm on the east coast, it was me!
    7:28pm Re-calling Dell by phone.
    7:43pm Geo? Joe? Answered from India. When I asked him twice to repeat his name, he hung up on me.
    7:43pm Re-called.
    8:01pm Ringing to an agent. I heard one ring, then silence.
    8:01pm Re-calling Dell.
    8:17pm Monica in India answered. Her voice is tuning in and out & I’m having to ask her to repeat everything repeatedly, and I so don’t want to piss her off. She wants my Case number. I have my Service Tag no., my Express Code no., my Account no., Tracking no. & DPS no. But I don’t know where to find the Case no. “Doo yoo hev ee Dee Pee Ess noomber” But it sounded more like, “Doo oo v e Dee e ber?” I found the DPS number & gave it to her & she said to put her on speakerphone while she checked my records. I explained SWEETLY to her that I’d been on hold almost 1 1/2 hours & was disconnected from internet chat. I asked meekly if I could have her employee number. It took another 2 minutes for her to tell me her ID would be in the file that’s assigned to the current case number. OK, I said, not daring to ask for the case number.
    8:48pm I hear these 2 tones, followed by music, then, “If you’re trying to make a call, please hang up and try again.” I can’t even scream. Dell sucked out my last erg of energy. Even if I’d been able to get something resolved, 6:02 to 8:48 is ridiculous. But I got nothing accomplished. I couldn’t even surf the net while I was waiting, for fear of missing my turn & being propelled back to the end of the “que” line. Next time, I’ll tell you about my adventure when I asked them to replace my defective power supply. You’ll never guess how much they charged my Visa for this item covered under warranty, how many they sent out, how long it took to send them out, and where they were sent. And they blamed it on Hurricane KATRINA!

  • L Pfeiffer

    After my experience today with Dell’s tech support, I will never again buy or reccomend anything sold by Dell.

  • Rob

    I work for a UK based company, with about 15 employees who have standardised on Dell over the last few years. One PE1400 server has run almost 24/7 (excepting planned shutdwons for software reconfiguration) for over 4 years. We have notebooks and Optiplex desktops. Delivery times have been very fast. Only once have I had a hardware problem, initially thought by me to be a hard disk, but proven to be the motherboard when Dell painlessly took it back to their labs and put it through it’s paces.

    My rose tinted spectacles have changed in the last couple of months due to our new PE2800 server. This was all singing and dancing with 2 ultramodern dual cored Xeon processors. It was to run the Dell supplied OEM Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Premium software. Guess what, unless I disable some of the processor capabilities, it won’t run due to “too many processors” messages. Great. We’ve spent more than we needed on hardware as a leser spec would have been appropriate. Dell’s tech support response to all this “go away we can’t help you need to wait for M$ to provide a fix”. Sorry Mr Dell, but you sold me the hardware and software all as one package. It’s your reponsibility to ensure it is compatible otherwise it’s not fit for purpose.

    Oh and by the way the PE2800 is marketed as being expandable. But there are no standard molex type connectors in the case (every thing being so neatly designed for Dell’s propeiatary slot in and out fittings), so you can’t power any legacy hardware without buying Dell adaptors. Nice, but maybe your tech support people should know what part number those adaptors are. It took weeks of fishing around on the net before someone, non Dell, could point me in the right direction.

  • divinig

    Thanks Jeff, I can see you are not the only one. Also there is something in

  • Paul

    I have purchased laptops from three vendors now, Toshiba, IBM, Dell. Roughly the top three or so at one time or another. All vendor laptops will have issues if you actually travel with it. This is not to say that some will find they will not have any problems, it is just that the norm is to expect a problem as computer systems were never truly made to be that portable and take that kind of abuse regardless of what the vendors state in their stress testing. This may change but at this time it appears that the majority of laptops, regardless of the grade or type you buy are all vulnerable.

    What is more important is whether the company stands behind the product and fixes it. I have found that all of them are frustrating at times but usually will fix it or replace the part if you are persistent enough. No company likes to hand out a free item without at least trying their cheaper alternative solutions. The big three, (Lenova i suppose now, although i will not buy a product that the Chinese government owns an interest in, that is another story) have all in the past done that to some degree or another.

    The newer companies emerging and as Apple regrows (if even possible) it’s market share, they will all suffer the same problem of customer service issue. As they sell more, so do their problems and defects mount up. Alienware was a company we looked at, and it appears they almost never receive any good accolades of any kind for their support as they are now branching out into servers and are becoming more mainstream. So i am not sure how this will play out. These are just a few examples of the companies that are just now looking to grow or regrow in Apples case, their market share.

  • tom martin

    dear dell thanks for nothing i have contacted your offic e several times i now have a 1600$ lemon i am paying by your dell credit but i am sending your system back and credit rating be damned! never will buy a dell again

  • Chris TR

    Been a Dell customer for about 8 years now, owning a total of 3 desktop machines and 1 laptop with no hardware problems. I was in the market for a PDA and shopped around to try & do my homework, and being a happy Dell customer I layed my eyes on the Axim X51 which had most of the features I was looking for so I went for it. On a Monday I placed my order online, and with no fault to Dell, my bank declined my credit card because they called it a suspicous online transaction because I have never made an online purchase with that credit card before. It was squared up with them and I returned the call of the rep with a name I could not pronounce and left him a voicemail the same day with no response. Called the next morning & left another voicemail. That evening, still no response, I called back and spoke to an agent who said he is not in and does not know when he will be back, so he said he would take care of it and get the order off to production after he authorized the mastercard. he said he would send a confirmation which I never received. The next evening (day 3), still no confirmation, I called again and spoke to another person and gave my verbal order # that he gave me and he said that there was no order placed, she was only showing a confirmed cancellation on an the order. The promo on the Axim was for $404 + free shipping, and he advised me that I was not eligible for the free shipping anymore because the promo ended 2 days ago. After arguing and escelating it to a supervisor they offered me the free shipping, so I proceeded. 12 days later I received my
    new PDA and for the moment I was happy until the desktop cradle did not work. I called tech support and they could only offer me a refurbished cradle but would still have the same warranty as a new one, i hesitantly accepted it. 5 days after I received the unit, the PDA would not power on. I removed & reinstalled the battery, no luck, soft reset, no luck, hard reset, no luck so it was time to call tech support who ran me through all the same things I just did and he confirmed that I have a dead unit, and because the unit was less than a week old they are sending me an entire new order, the kicker is I have to wait for ground shipping from deep south of USA (I live in Canada by the way). I asked about air mail or rush shipping and they said that is not an option, they do not do rush shipping, even though the day after I placed my order I received the software pack by airmail courier. The same day they ordered me a new system I received my “refurbished” cradle with a few scuffs, and obviously used cradle. I called Dell to complain about my overall experience ( i know nothing like the most of you) to be told “We at Dell sincerely apologise for your most troubling concerns” I asked what they are going to do about all my inconveniences and she explained it is Dell’s policy to not compensate for their mistake and the best offer they can do is their apology. Conveniently the following day I received by email a survey, and took the liberty of typing my concerns. The next day I received an email from a rep giving me yet another “sincere” apology and at the bottom there was a link to send an email to the customer service manager if I have any further concerns, and it listed her first name only (Michelle), so I took that opportunity and forwarded her the email. I received a reply not from this Michelle person, but the same person that sent the last reply advising me that it apears my concerns are dealt with and replacement parts are on the way. I did also explain that I was going to spend the next week reconsidering my purchase and she said “dont forget you have only 3 weeks left to ship the item back at your expense and be subject to the 15% restocking fee.

    It sucks how they can take your money, screw around with it, take their time, make mistakes and not care about it. In my line of work, if you make a mistake you must attempt to make that person happy, and you have to throw something in for free then hey, thats what you gotta do to try & get that persons money again.

    Even something as simple as extend the warranty, if the company stands by their product and sell quality merchandise with quality parts, that little extra may not cost them a single dime but would definately put a smile on the customers face.

    ** MR DELL, if you read this, I thank you for 8 years of quality merchandise and about 3 grand of my money that ended in a matter of a few days….

    Oh, and by the way, the canadian organization I work for has recently upgraded 2 call centre’s, and every office and retail outlet with Dell machines and funny enough when they replaced mine, the IT guy seen the Axim on my desk and asked how I liked it, because it was the first day I owned it, I said that I will let him know. Cant wait to see him again.

  • Dan Brewington

    I wanted to buy a Canon digital Rebel EOS (awesome camera by the way) so I called Dell and thought I could get a deal on a notebook. I wound up getting a latitude 510 with the camera. After 10 days with my laptop, I had developed about a 1.5″ vertical line about 1/3 of the way across the screen from the left. I used to work on desktops and I know that stuff happends so I called customer support and the rollercoaster started. I went through the foreign phone loops that always transfer you to the beginning of the phone call. Once I got through to a laptop helpdesk in Urspackisindistan, (I think that’s the place I was transfered to) and the said they didn’t know about the Latitude line. I was told by one person that I should have gotten the 24hr gold or platinum (some precious metal) service if I wanted 24 hour customer support from MCSE’s, because some of the other 24hr helpers were just reading textbooks or inept. I have to say that I don’t usually rant and rave, and the people who tried to help me were nice but undertrained, so I just kept asking questions. I found out that it was a hardware issue so customer service said I had to ship it back for service.
    I am fine with this policy because I opted out of the on-site repair because I travel to many different jobsites for my business, running high end computer networking, security, and A/V wiring in new housing. I bought the camera, which I can’t plug enough- CANON DIGITAL REBEL EOS, and the laptop to photograph wiring layouts, speaker maps, and other work related issues. In the middle of resolving the issue I went on a family vacation where I had to spend more time on the phone. This was frustrating but I understand that We as consumers can’t beat ourselves up about phone loops and time on hold because, unfortunately, it’s just the way it is and if it isn’t fix by the time my kids are grown (now 2yr old and one arriving 2/23/06) I might take on that battle but I just want what I paid for.
    The big problem is the “trained mentallity” of customer support reps to push the blame on you. “You should have gotten the extended warranty” or “…24 hour gold service” or “…on-site repair”. I was even told I should have gotten a better video card even though I only use the computer for storing photos.
    So I am on vacation and the Dell rep says I need to ship the computer back, which is fine with me but I knew that I was within the 21 day return policy and I asked if I could be shipped a replacement. First the rep said I was past the 21 days, fortunately I had my receipt saying it had been 19 days. Then she said I should have gotten the on-site warranty, and I kept explaining I understand the policy but I had the right to return it and I even offered to but the next system and return the old one for a refund when it got here. Finally they said they would ship a new one and I could return the old.
    I was satisfied with the deal and even bought a laser printer through Dell a week later. What I wasn’t happy with was the new laptop had a DVD-RW that would barely read a new cd. If you have dealt with computers at any point of your life, you know that a cd-rom has to be almost shattered before it won’t work in a drive. Luckily I still had the old one and I swapped drives.
    My next problem was that I couldn’t obtain an IP address from a LAN line so I spent hours on the phone getting transferred until I came across a nice “gold” tech whom helped me for a couple hours, until we came to the conclusion that I just had to wipe the system clean and start over. NOTE—I don’t download anything on my laptop, install minimal software, and never open email attchs that I am not sure of even from family, so you can rule out almost all user error.
    I reinstalled wins again and I am back in business until, uh oh, what’s this new line appearing on my screen that looks just like the one on my old laptop. OH CRAP, here we go again. This is the same problem I had before and it is a different computer. It’s not like they could have shipped the same computer back to me because I saw the new and old side by side.
    I haven’t sent this 3 month old computer back yet because I wanted to see if others have had bars going through their screens. Let me know if you do and let me know if I am out of line asking for a different model because this is the same problem I have had with two latitude 510’s. You never know, maybe Mike D. will make it right and I will be the first to say thank you and let others know, I’ll let you know when he doesn’t.

  • jmonroe

    Agree completely. Bought a computer several years from Dell and had a good experience. But not anymore. I am now looking to upgrade and was treated very poorly by Dell Customer Service. There Tech support is even worse. When I had a major computer problem, I was put on hold for more than 45 minutes (not exaggerating, my phone has a timer). Dell never was able to resolve, so I called a local company and was up and running in no time. I’ll never purchase another Dell as long as I live due to how I was treated.

  • Ray

    I guess Dell isn’t listening. I just read today they are hiring another 5000 personel in India for a new call center for a grand total of 15000.

    Surely we can find Americans in need of work to fill these jobs. I am convinced that part of the decline in customer satisfaction is a result of off shoring. I’m not sure if those in some other countries take the same amount pride in their work as Americans.

    It seems to me that Dell produced a much better product before deciding to off shore services and support . Now I guess it’s all about the bottom line and Dell’s inability to manage doing business in America.

  • Dear Mr. Dell
    As i got to know you r quite intrested in investing in india for having a manufacturing compny in India.As per your concern i have prepared a project for your compny.The major problem in india now is elections. I have prepared a full proof plan for automation of election.Am giving you just a little view upon this.That our election proceedure is via papers n pens.Govern ment is investing more time n money for this also.If we can make it online n more securable we can save money n time of govern ment.Like wise i have more 20 giant projects to work in.But due to lack of finance i cannot work on those things.If you can reply or contact me we can do better together.My cell number is09861153459.

  • Joe

    10:46:15 PMSystemWelcome xxxxxxxxxx…
    10:46:15 PMSystemConnecting to server. Please wait…
    10:46:15 PMSystemThank you for using DELL Chat, a representative will be with you soon.
    10:46:15 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: video card
    10:49:24 PMSystemYou are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using DELL Chat
    10:49:24 PMSystemConnected with Hemanth_0178831
    10:49:33 PMHemanth_0178831Thank you for contacting DELL Consumer Hardware Warranty Support Chat. My name is Hemanth.
    10:49:35 PMHemanth_0178831While I review your question, let me inform you that you might get an invitation to participate in a survey at the end of this session. You would be asked to rate our interaction on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being the best. In order to participate in the survey, you must close the chat by hitting the “Exit ” button. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    10:49:35 PMHemanth_0178831May I have the name , e-mail address and telephone number registered with us while I review your query ?
    10:50:17 PMYou xxxxxxxxxxx
    10:50:25 PMYou xxxxxxxxxxxx
    10:50:32 PMYou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    10:50:56 PMHemanth_0178831Hi xxxxxx .
    10:50:59 PMHemanth_0178831Thank You very much for the information.Please give me two minutes while I review your question.
    10:51:41 PMHemanth_0178831Hi xxxxx .
    10:51:49 PMHemanth_0178831How may I help you ?
    10:51:56 PMYouyes
    10:52:23 PMYouOk short story, called a few weeks ago and had basically diagnosed bad video card.
    10:52:36 PMYouafter going thru all the steps
    10:53:01 PMYouJust now had time to take the cae apart some more and prepare to take the video card out
    10:53:11 PMYoucase, not cae
    10:53:34 PMYoufollowing the instruction manual i printed online
    10:54:01 PMYousays to take the four 6.5 mm screws out, then lift the card out
    10:54:33 PMYouThere’s my problem. 4 screws were never installed. Card is loose, floating
    10:54:45 PMHemanth_0178831Ok
    10:54:59 PMYouI’d like to get my 4 screws so I can fix
    10:55:50 PMYoucause once I reseated the vid card all is well. Just needs to be secured/screwed down
    10:56:20 PMHemanth_0178831 xxxxxx , I will not be able to dispatch any part as your laptop is out of contract . I will give you the part number for the screws.
    10:56:46 PMYouBUT you never put the screws in to begin with!
    10:57:34 PMYouI paid for em already. they aren;t there
    10:58:52 PMHemanth_0178831It may be that the screws may have fallen down during usage .
    10:59:27 PMYouNope.
    11:01:00 PMYouAll 4 of them, just fell down? Down where? Out? Come on be serious.
    11:01:31 PMHemanth_0178831I would love to send out the screws to you , however since the system is out of contracts my system will not allow me to create a dispatch.
    11:01:46 PMYouOk get a supervisor
    11:02:12 PMHemanth_0178831The warranty on your laptop was until 04-24-2004.
    11:02:40 PMYouSo what? You failed to properly install the video card?
    11:02:52 PMYouCan I speak with a supervisor?
    11:02:56 PMHemanth_0178831Sure , Kindly be on the line for three to four minutes .
    11:03:18 PMYouThank you
    11:03:36 PMYouCan you give me the part number in the meantime?
    11:03:37 PMSystemYou are being transferred to another Agent. Please stand by…
    11:03:37 PMSystemHemanth_0178831 has left this session!
    11:03:40 PMSystemYou are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using DELL Chat
    11:03:40 PMSystemConnected with SUP_Mohammed_0138028
    11:05:16 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028Hi xxxxxxx My name is Mohammed i am the supervisor
    11:07:02 PMYouHow come you can’t ship me 4 screws that you failed to install when the computer was originally built?
    11:07:27 PMYouwithout charging me? You know its kinda the principle of the thing now
    11:09:15 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028I am sorry xxxxxx your system is out of warranty and we cannot ship it once the system is out of warranty
    11:10:24 PMYougive me the part number then? AND have someone who lives in the US phone me.
    11:13:02 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028 xxxxxx please make a note of the part number 4911U
    11:14:01 PMYougot it. Now as I consider this abysmal service, I need to speak with someone in the US
    11:14:47 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028you will have to call 800-357-3355 to order the parts
    11:15:18 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028this is nu,number for our spare parts sales
    11:15:39 PMYoucan do, but I want to speak with someone higher up than you and who resides in the US.
    11:16:27 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028we do not have personal extension , how ever i will escalate this to my superiors
    11:16:33 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028so they can call you
    11:17:05 PMYouThat is what I am requesting. Someone higher up and inthe US to call me
    11:17:15 PMYou xxx-xxx-xxxx
    11:18:22 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028i am not sure form US I am trying to help you the best possible way by escalating this
    11:19:59 PMYouOk then maybe whatever person you have call me can then provide the info when they call me.
    11:21:03 PMYouI’ll await the phone call. Never thought getting the 4 screws which DELL failed to install would be such a problem. What poor service and quality.
    11:21:18 PMYouDo you know when I might expect a phone call?
    11:24:02 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028you receive a call Friday or on Monday since senior authorities do not work on Saturday and Sunday
    11:24:51 PMYouFriday or Monday wil be fine. Thank you. Do I have a case number or anything in case I never receive that call?
    11:25:28 PMSUP_Mohammed_xxxxxxxxxxx please make a note of the case reference number
    11:27:45 PMYouOk I must say this is an amazingly poor response to such an obvious manufacturing mistake. All over 4 screws DELL left out of the machine when it was built. Good evening. I’ll await a callback
    11:29:18 PMSUP_Mohammed_0138028I understand your frustration , i will definitely escalate it and will ensure you receive a call back

    resolution? Are you kidding?

  • Dell can be a real pain. I’ve written my own article on my blog Atlas-Tuesday – Dell Laptops Suck. My focus as been more on the quality of their equipment, but their support has also fallen into question as well.

  • hanif loonat

    It has been over 3 months now,i first wrote on this page in November last year regarding a Dell laptop i purchaes. I am still waiting for a refund. i have had no formal apology from Dell in any way or form.

    I have resigned myself to buying a Panasonic Toughbook,what a machine,no problesm whatsoever. My question is, will i ever see my money again from dell or are they investing my 700 pounds on training indians in india that cannot understand nor speak english,all they do is put you on hold and get paid for it. A message for Mr Dell,do you have a job for me?

  • I admit I owe money to Dell – no problem. I would like to pay. I would like to write a single check to Dell and have them never call me ever again. They told me over the phone that they “Cannot tell me the payoff amount because the account is in collections”. The also told me to mail the check to DFS in Carol Stream. DFS tells me they can’t talk to me about the account because it’s in collections – so, who’s really running the show there?

  • Shubhanker U

    Mr hanif Loony(Lonat) Indians in India can not only understand the intricacies of English but if you care

    – The creator of Pentium Chip is an Indian, Vinod Dahm.
    – The founder and creator of Hotmail is an Indian, Sabeer Bhatia.

    So is Dell’s quality bad – yes at times. They have to manage a huge number of notebooks and things can’t be perfect. Yes, they should look more at being more concerned about customers. But will Mr. Dell give you a job? Maybe you should ask Vinod Khosla – The co-founder of Sun Microsystems he is an Indian too. Sorry you Mr Hanif Loona? don’t have a job.

  • Originally posted February 8, 2006 at
    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1150 Laptop less than a year ago. Normally I would build my own computer but I needed a laptop so I bought a Dell, I had heard they were a good company, I heard wrong. After about 3 months my computer had trouble seeing the power supply and would drain the battery even while it was plugged in. Although I thought I had a six month warranty I was told it was only 90 days and would have to pay for a new motherboard myself. The motherboard would cost $289.00. Fortunately the problem seemed to disappear then but recently it came back and with a vengeance. I have difficulty keeping my laptop powered for more then a few hours at a time because it cannot see the power supply and drains the battery. When I call tech support or customer service I am bounced around from department to department each time being placed on hold for 15-20 minutes, sometimes being disconnected completely and I would have to repeat the same process. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Dell, I have been treated with ignorance, rudeness, and sometimes ignored to the point that I would hang up in frustration. Yesterday I reluctantly placed an order for a new motherboard which will cost me $307.00 by the time it is shipped to me. I have a serious concern however that this motherboard will fail the same as my current motherboard. To you people out there who say you have a Dell and like them and have never had a problem with them, well good for you, I hope your luck continues but please remember your luck with this company offers no consolation to the thousands of people this company has ripped off.
    February 9, 2006 (Update)
    I was originally promised to have my new motherboard delivered to me on or before February 13, 2006. When I checked the order status page on Dell’s website last night they were stating it would not ship until February 16th and I would not receive the board until the 21st or after. I called Dell today to find out why and to my surprise they had CANCELLED the order without my knowledge. I spent over an hour talking to them on the telephone working this out. I found out the order was cancelled because it was forwarded to the wrong warehouse, I still do not understand this, why couldn’t they just correct the mistake internally and send the order to the right warehouse? Why didn’t they bother to call and tell me? And why do they have to be so difficult to do business with? Although they agreed to place a new order for the board and ship it to me next day at no extra charge they had already charged my account for $307.00 and now they were charging me for another $307.00 before crediting me back the original amount. What is wrong with this picture here?

  • Todd Mehlman

    I have had nothing but aggravation with dell. Their idea of support is testing your endurance with an automated voice system that connects you to the wrong people..

  • Bethany Tedder

    I had a Dell, in fact, I had two of them. The laptop I sold to a pawn shop and good riddence. Poor fool who probably paid too much for it. The other one I sold as well. I tell you the customer support is a joke. They have the stupidiest people in captivity down there attempting to help someone. I usually gave up and eventually fixed the problem myself. And I have no mechanical ability that I can tell. I just happen to be able to work on a computer. And it is a good thing because Dell tech support sure didn’t know any more than I did about a computer when I got my first one in 2000.

  • Vijay Raghavendiran

    Not so dear Mr. Dell,

    While a graduate student in Texas A&M, I was looking at your firm as a dream concern to work for. Those were the days when your stock price was at an alllll time high of $45. And as the saying goes, be careful what you are wishing for, as it might come true.

    And it came…the offer letter from Dell. I was flattered, went to cloud 9. I accepted the wonderful offer, and readied to file for my H1B visa, because my hiring manager Craig and my HR Jennifer wanted me “rightaway”. Not wanting to loose an inch of ground, I was ready for accepting to commute everyday between Austin and College Station for my last 2 months of graduate school.

    And then the bad news came…before I could get a list of documents required for my H1B filing from Dell lawyers (who took a cool 10 days and didnt give me any information), the H1B quota of 65,000 got filled for that year. Now, do I blame Mr. Bush or you for this? Ofcourse, you had nothing to do with this, so I totally cursed President Bush for his policies. Oh well, Dell is ofcourse one of the best companies to work for who take really good care of their employees. Well, prospective employees? Almost an employee…lets see about that.

    When I enquired the next step and asked if Dell can wait 9 weeks, yes, 9 weeks within which I would get a work permit for 1 year through my student visa. To my shock, the immmmediate response I got was that Dell would withdraw their offer as they would need someone “right away”. My world just came down.

    I picked myself up in a couple of days and maintained a polite face and tone to Craig & Jennifer, hoping that something would work out. My job search went on well, and 2 months later, I received my work permit and immediately called Dell to mention that I was ready to work. I got an offer letter pronto, with my sign on bonus increased by a whopping $2,000 (no, I did not miss a zero there) for the trauma I had undergone. I got call after call from 3 Managers and Sr. Managers convincing me that they “always wanted to hire me”, except the visa was a barrier.

    Guess what, 1 hour before Dell made an offer, I received an equally competing offer from another reputed Fortune 100 concern, which I gladly negotiated using Dell’s offer and later on accepted. IF this is the way they treat their people, I am not sure what motivation there would be for anyone who works there. And if there isnt a motivation, the only thing that comes out of such workplaces would be junk. Well, thats my theory, but that what comes out there is junk is proven.

    End of Chapter 1.

    Begin Chapter 2.

    Well, I am an avid photographer now, and saw a Canon 20D at Dell for $1199 for 2 days, called up and received a quote…decided the timing was not appropriate and dropped it there.

    Two weeks later, I decide to check if I can get the same camera for the same price, and to my disbelief, a sales guy said he would be able to. Well, just for information, the price Dell sells it is at $1440. I asked him to go ahead and complete the deal for me and he put me on hold for a minute. 1 minute. 2 minutes…3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 30, 35, 45 minutes. At some infinite point of time, the call got rerouted to the sales queue again. Not wanting to miss the incredible price on the camera, I went through the queue and specifically said,” Eric from Oregon (the previous sales guy) offered the camera to me at $1199 and I was wanting to complete the deal, he put me on hold and I got lost in the cracks.”

    Pat came the reply, “No sir, the lowest price we can offer in that camera is $1370.” I said, “Well, thats not what I heard, you can call up Eric and ask him, why dont we have a conference now?” The sales guy mentioned that he knew Eric from Oregon and agreed to conference and put me on hold, again. A minute later, he came back and said that Eric would not be able to offer it to me for that price, and the lowest he would be able to offer me was only $1370. Eric had conveniently decided to pass on the message through his buddy instead…why face a customer anyways?

    I was furious already, but politely asked to be connected to a manager, to which John gladly forwarded me to an answering machine. I left a message, and thought I was done. But my heart didnt listen…I wanted to talk to a live person and get an explanation.

    I called back, and this time, I reached the sales queue, explained the entire saga, and got the same response, lowest price is $1370. I requested to be connected to a manager, and the response was, “We do not have a manager on duty here, can you please call up customer service?” I was like…what? You dont have a manager on duty…wonderful. Had no choice, called up sales again, and got routed to a 4th guy.

    This time, it was Mike, lovely music in the Dell wait queue, and then same story, same price, thankfully a manager now. The manager listened to me entirely and patiently, and then said he wont be able to offer it to the price initially mentioned and did not have an explanation to why the other rate was offered to me initially.

    Well, they basically wont stand up to their own word. As simple as that. I was furious, but maintained my calm and politely replied that this is the worst I have ever faced and I will never get anything Dell again. Not even if it is a Canon make sold by Dell, I would pay the premium to buy it from Dell’s competitor.


    End of Chapter 2.

    There better not be a Chapter 3…there wont be. There is no third time charm for Dell. And yes, this is my real name, and you can pick up the offer letter from your HR department.

  • James

    I dont find a problem with dell, i have a dell dimension 2400 2.4ghz celeron proccesor 512mb ram 40gb HDD. It has given me rock solid performance, for what i paid for, i wasnt expecting to play any new games with this so it is not a surprise if it cant. One thing i dont get is why they dont give you a AGP Slot!?!?. You can see on the mobo there is place for one to be soldered, it really ticks me off. But then again i decided to use a PCI graphics card Geforce 6200. And on this cheap machine im a able to play doom 3, half-life 2 the works. :)

  • Patricia Agnew

    My daughter’s laptop (she’s an architecture student) has been a living nightmare. We have had to have the cpu, heat sinc, motherboard and power module all replaced. Last night her hard drive crashed – while she was away…She has been told she is out of warranty (a mere 14 days) and will have to buy a new one. We have had it with Dell. Customer service is a joke, the India based customer support is another incredible source of frustration.

    We have over 20 Dell computers (mix of laptops and pcs) at our office and they have been horrible.

    Warning – Dell customer support after the sale is appalling. Good luck if you buy one.

  • Mark Quinn

    I Have had nothing but trouble with the dell Inspiron 5150 laptop of course.
    Rude, if any customer support.
    Some Larry guy from customer support had my Daughter in tears.[tough guy]
    The woman, who I could hardly understand refused to let me talk to her superior because the P_O_S is out of warranty.
    The Dell forums are edited from most of the complaints so they don’t look bad and get to rip even more people off.
    We have to band together and do something about these heartless frauds. I worked to hard for the small fortune that I paid for that pile of junk.
    I bought it sixteen months ago for my daughter to go to college.
    I can’t afford to buy another computer for her!!!!
    What am I supposed to do now!!!
    I thought that I was buying the best laptop at the time so that I would not have to buy another one.
    HMMMMMMMMM at this rate I will only have to buy three more to get her through school.
    THANKS DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, I have 2 Dell’s at my house, the only reason I spent the money on them, was because they had “special” deals on them.. But, that was NOT worth the hell of customer service I had to go through, I was on the phone for 5 hours, and then another 3 JUST to see why my computer didn’t ship ontime. – This is not even counting the MANY MANY hours I, and my mother was on the phone trying to figure out why the computer randoml crashes (which, I already knew the anewser, but Dell didn’t seem to know, nor care), they transfered me all over hell and creation, and when I FINALLY reached someone who knew how to fix the problem, they wanted me to BUY a new CPU fan for my 4 month old computer… Wow.

    Dells customer service is -Bad- should not even be allowed to treat customers this way, I really hope SOMETHING changes, before more of this crap keeps going on. I am, and have been outraged about their shitty customer service.

    Luckly, I found this website, and I am SO happy! Others out there are sharing this information, and getting Dell known for their shitty ass support.

    I Love you guys! lol,
    Brian Gargery

  • Could you please tell me the addresses you sent your Dell Hell letters to — for CEO prez and Chief Operating Officer?

    I cannot find where to send info and must complain in spite of knowing I won’t be answered.


  • Scott Wechsler


    How right you are. Not only bad customer service, but arrogant. I asked to talk to the boss of the person who wouldn’t help me, and I was told flat out no. Tried letters, etc and got nowhere.

    In the last 2 years I’ve purchased 10 H-P’s. And told everyone I know not to buy DEll and why!

  • Michael Smyth

    I have read quite a few of the foregoing, and it’s like a repeating record, I’ve had all of the same difficulties, reformating, reinstalling, debugging ,disk checking, phonecalls, emails, what is wrong with this Company, they have got whole after sales service all wrong, it seems that they are not listening. I love this one “We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to resolve the situation. ”

    I think if you buy a laptop you expect it to work and work for a reasonable lenght of time and if it doesn’t one should expect THE company to look after you

  • Tim

    Class action suit against Dell for 5150/5160 may be in progress in Houston, Texas. Here’s the name/contact of the attorney.

    Cory Fein
    Caddell & Chapman
    1331 Lamar #1070
    Houston, TX 77010
    [email protected]

    found at

  • Sally

    You are all so correct. I bought a new Dell E510 ($1500.00) and after taking all day to set it up, connect all the hardware, etc, the hard drive literally blew up after 2 hours!!!!!!!! Then I had the pleasure of taking to “John” in India, then “Richard” in India. Could not understand a damn word and I told them to speak s-l-o-w as Americans do not talk as fast and furious as they do. He just never got it. Told me to set up a trouble shoot program and would call me back…guess what? Yes you are right! He never called back. So I called my salesman in Austin Texas and told him that I was shipping this piece of crap back. He said he could get me a “return” authorization if I agreed to buy another one. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GALL????? My company (very very large global company that has thousands and thousands of employees) buys Dell for all employees. I am going to let our corporate office know immediately if they have a contract with Dell, they better run like Hell! No more Dell for me. I am having a local friend who is college educated in computers build me one for less than half the money and is three times what I got from Dell for 1500.00 bucks. Mr. Michael Dell, you are going to go bankrupt!!! What horrid horrid service and hardware. Shame on you. But you keep paying those people in India 6 bucks an hour so you can keep driving your fancy foreign cars. If I were you, I would have a body guard you have made so many people mad. I would be scared to go in public.

  • John Henry

    Check out the National Better Business Bureau’s report on Dell:

    I’ve spent about 5 hours on the phone trying to get a refund for a second monitor Dell sent me—when I only ordered one! Totally maddening!

  • 03/07/2006

    Dell Service Call – Customer Service (not) – what a joke

    Purchased: Dell Inspiron 9110
    Date of Purchase: 07/14/2004
    Invoice #: A50472440
    Customer #: 044766431
    Cost: $2,384.70
    System Service Tag: H7WH851

    This laptop had the motherboard go out from overheating one month after the 12 month warranty. With no help from Dell to get this 13 month young laptop repaired I had to pay $498.00 to have the motherboard replaced by dell. The laptop was gone over two weeks to get repaired. I had to make many calls to Dell to get the unit repaired and returned.

    Repair Invoice: H12655856
    Date of invoice: 08/25/2006
    Case #: 111097666

    February 17th, 2006

    The motherboard goes out again so I called Dell (not an easy feat) to troubleshoot the problem, after many calls and different departments it was determined that the motherboard was out again. The technician couldn’t help me get any goodwill (free repair) or have Dell help in the new motherboard repair, I ask to talk to a manager, but was told they would have to call me back. (This never happen)

    Now we get to the real story – I’m going to call Dell with one last attempt to get Dell to help pay for the second motherboard repair.

    March 7, 2006 – 7:30 AM

    Called Dell phone number 800-822-8965 (Department unknown)
    On hold for a long time
    Talked to Jeremiah
    After answering tons of questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, what’s the issue)
    He informed me I had to be transferred to another department

    I was transferred to another department (800-940-3355)(Sales & Support)
    On hold for a long time
    Talked to Wen
    After answering tons of the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    She informed me I had to be transferred to another department

    I was transferred to another department (Desktop Support)
    On hold for a long time
    Talked to Nicole
    After answering tons of the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    She informed me I had to be transferred to another department she was in the desktop department and I need to be in the laptop department
    Nicole gave me a new case number (126921321)

    I was transferred to another department (Dell Sales Department)
    On hold for a long time
    Talked to Moria
    After answering tons of questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    She informed me I had to be transferred to another department (800-999-3355) (ext7266955), she was in the desktop department and I needed to be in the laptop department

    Length of this call is now 25:14 minutes

    I was transferred to another department (Dell Laptop Department)
    Off hold – 38:30 minutes
    Talked to Brian
    After answering tons of questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    He informed me I had to be transferred to another department (800-999-3355 ext7266955), he was in the laptop department and I need to be in the laptop expired warranty support

    Length of this call is now 40:46 minutes

    I was transferred to another department (Dell Desktop expired warranty support – yes wrong department)
    Off hold – 72:51 minutes
    Talked to Shalini
    After answering the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    She informed me I had to be transferred to another department

    Back on hold: 78:20 minutes

    I was transferred to another department (Dell Desktop expired warranty support – yes wrong department)
    Off hold – 79:46 minutes (yes, only 1:26 minutes, but don’t celebrate)
    Talked to Tom
    He informed me I had to be transferred to another department, he was in the Hardware warranty support laptop warranty department but I needed the expired warranty department
    I have to go back to work (9:00 am)
    Tom gave me the “secret” phone number to get back into Dell faster (800-288-4410) (extension 7260623). (Don’t write down the secret number because I just made up the “secret” part)

    11:20 AM to saga starts again (800-288-441) (ext 7260623)

    On hold at 3:21 minutes

    Talked to Bala (Out of warranty repair department)
    After answering the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    I was informed that I had to be transferred to the out of warranty laptop repair sub department, called relationship division

    I was transferred to another department (Relationship Division)
    Talked to Joel
    After answering the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    At 10:58 minutes
    Joel put me on hold to check on something
    At 11:47 minutes
    Joel informed me I had to pay the $500.00 to get the laptop repaired the second time
    I asked to talk to a manager and he said he could only transfer me to customer care (not a good name for this department)

    At 14:20 minutes
    I talked to Engel
    After answering the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    After explaining all about my issue and asking for help from Dell, he said he will research this and get right back with me
    Back on hold
    At 20:23 minutes
    All I have is a dial tone

    I called back again (I already know the answer to my issue)
    Talked to Mohit – (Customer care)
    After answering the same questions about whom I am (Name, address, service tag #, phone number, email address, what’s the issue)
    Mohot said he will research this issue and get back to me
    On hold at 5:49 minutes
    At 8:26 minutes Mohit was back from his research and he informed me that (yes you guessed) I had to go to another department.
    He sent me to 800-456-3355 (ext7241969)
    (Yes, this was the second phone number I was sent to earlier in my dilemma – first transfer of the day)
    I have now been full circle but Mohot was nice enough to give me another case number (126955848)(not sure what to do with all these case numbers?)

    Start of this transfer 15:03 minutes
    The transfer was answered at 18:13 minutes by Emily (Sales and Support Department)
    Emily ask lots of question about the first motherboard repair and the new issue, I though she might really be interested in my problem (not)
    27:44 minutes into the call I ask to talk to manager and was informed that I had to be transferred to the escalation department
    Emily took my phone number in case we get disconnected
    Emily said she would stay on the line while she transferred me to the escalation department
    Started holding at 29:50 minutes
    At 37:27 minutes Emily came back on the line to check on me (or to see if I had hung up yet)
    Back on hold 39:26 minutes
    Off hold at 49:58 minutes – Emily wants to put me on mute instead of hold (?)
    Back on hold 50:11 minutes
    Off hold 56:27 minutes
    Emily has decided that she can now finish the transfer to the escalation department
    Start of transfer 57:00 minutes
    Answered transfer 58:40 minutes (1:40 minutes a new world record)
    I talked to June and she took all my customer information again (what a drag this is getting to be)
    She seemed interest when she pulled up my record and saw that I had asked for this issue to be escalated on February 17th (case number 110300355)
    She then informed me that I had to be transferred to the Resolution Department
    Back on hold at 65:34 minutes

    Off hold at 83:27 minutes
    Now I was talking to a supervisor – Kevin Holmes
    Kevin had two great choices to resolve my issue
    1. But a new laptop (he said Dell had some great deals right now)
    2. Send in the bad laptop back for repairs at $500.00

    I‘m glad to know that after this long process that Kevin was there to let me know what by option are, something I knew before the first call of the day.

    Dell Support – What a joke!

    Someone should start a class action suit to let Dell know that they can’t put out defective products such as the Dell Inspiron 9100 and then find out it has overheating issue without informing the owners of a way to fix the issue. Dell compounds the owner’s pain by selling the replacement motherboard ($500.00), knowing that the odds are it will not last either. After researching I have found that the higher Inspirons have been dropping like flies. There is no way Dell didn’t know about this issue when I had the original motherboard replaced yet they did nothing in the way of offering a fix or any information on the issue to me. I hope there is another computer manufacturer that backs up their products (the good and the bad) better than Dell.

  • MalcomZ

    The last one was a classic Dell experience, I know, because I worked for them before! I will not go in details how bad Dell Customer Service is and etc, but I just want all bloggers to know, Customer Service cannot be single handedly tied in with failure to get a system fixed, or failure to get warranty for a system out of warranty. All that can be summed up by the failure of Dell to employ Tech Support personnel who is smart enough or responsible enough to think out of their IT little brain that customer service or customer’s experience is the key to any company’s future. You can be a computer whiz fixing an issue within 2 minutes by if you speak or think like Beavis or Butthead, your 2 minutes is worth less than a penny.

    Customer Service from Dell is not good, I definitely agree but other companies struggle as well, reason being you can’t and won’t be able to hire someone who speaks perfect local language (English in this discussion) who would take home a low pay and getting abused by angry customers like us.

    You win some, you lose some. If one can afford higher priced goods, then Dell will certainly not be in the picture already, so if we buy Dell, live with it. At least there’s support. However, a key note to Dell – Please review the people managing your call centres, Customer Care to Tech Support, they are simply lack of the magic touch to delight your customers. I personally have stayed away from the brand and have since switched to clones, I built them myself, just like what Michael did 20 years ago.

  • Well–you got my attention dear man!! I am going through DELL HELL myself and you are so right about the customer service!! IT STINKS!!! I have a 3 year service contract that cost me around $400 and it is totally worthless. My new laptop has a screen that is disappearing every day and I have spent hours on the phone with INDIA FOOLS that don’t understand me and I do not understand them!!! Mr. Dell–I own 4 of your computers and because of your customer service–or might I say LACK of SERVICE–THAT IS IT FOR ME–will never buy another Dell Hell again!!!

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  • ndreak

    It’s amazing to see how much how many different people have to comment on DELL Services … well … this is my story … a little long … but then with DELL … even resolving the simple issue of a letter B takes astounding effort! Here goes …
    Having been in the service industry for some years now, I have learnt that a customer’s expectations are not to be met, they are to be exceeded, something which DELL has fallenvery short of.

    I bought a DELL inspiron in October 2005 after being convinced that it was the hardiest of all systems. What was then priced at RM2,999.00 for just the notebook, worked out to approximately RM4,567.00 after warranties and guarantees which in the past few weeks I have come learn are non-existent, it appears to be only a money-making gimmick very cleverly put together to garner the interest of consumers.

    The notebook was then to arrive two days late because the delivery company and lorry driver were TOO BUSY. Seeing that it was the fasting month and I was only available from 7pm onwards, I let the matter slide not wanting to complain over something I had not even received yet.

    Then, approximately on Thursday, March 2, I called in to say that on my notebook of less than 12 months – the letter B had fallen off.

    Three times I was very suspiciously asked by the girl “How it fell off?” and three times “I repeated my answer, “I was typing and it fell off.” What irked me was that her tone seemed to accentuate that I deliberately pulled the letter B of my laptop. Now, why she thought I would spend RM4K++ on a notebook and then sit down and pull the keys out one by one, is simply beyond me.

    As the notebook is covered by the so called NEXT BUSINESS DAY ON SITE (which is also another money making gimmick by the way), I was assured that a so called DELL Engineer would attend to the matter. I was given a time frame of 2.00pm to 5.00pm to have the matter fixed. The so called Dell engineer then called my mobile at 5.50pm saying I was not around when he arrived. Apparently, it seems as I learnt, punctuality doesn’t matter and one is supposed to sit and wait and not do anything else until DELL chooses to show up.

    I was told that the keyboard can only be fixed on Monday, 6 March to which I said I would need a time. His response was that he could not give me a time till he referred the matter back to Dell and could only call me to fix a time on Monday itself. This concerned me greatly as I shuttle very often between my home and main office in KL and Penang.

    So, I called the TOLL FREE number on Saturday, March 4. The so called tech support agent whose name was TOH repeated like a parrot and with very little manners that because he is from technical support who could do very little to help me other than assisting me in highlighting the matter. See, I wouldn’t have minded that response at all had I not PAID for three years phone support!

    Seeing there was little I could do, I let the matter go and was eventually called by Stan Lee another so called DELL engineer on Monday, March 6 to say he would gladly come to my apartment in Penang to fix it. Again, I would have appreciated the response except that I was already on my way back to KL! So, I told him not to worry as instead of shipping one keyboard between KL and Penang, leave it in Penang and as soon as I get back to Penang, I’ll call him to have the matter resolved. He very politely smsed me his mobile number and I thought at last, someone in DELL with a sense of service.

    So, I called Stan Lee today, repeatedly but his mobile was unreachable. And what amazes me even more is that through the two weeks, at least once in every two to three days I would get a call from a DELL SERVICE person asking me, “It’s been a long time since we’re holding the part for you. When would you like us to fix it?” And every time my response was the same, WHEN I GET BACK TO PENANG. So when I finally get back to Penang and call for the part to be fixed, the person is not reachable.

    But then no worries at all because I have the toll free number with me. I call and speak to a very chirpy chap called Ming who says its not a problem, he’ll log it in again and the DELL Engineer will show up tomorrow. It’s 1.26am as I write this, I still have not been given a time by DELL as to what time the DELL Engineer will show up. So, here’s to another day of waiting.

    Now, what irks me even more is that on top of all of this, I was contacted by a Michelle who apparently after receiving my previous email thought she could still salvage the DELL name in my books. She called on Monday, March 6 to say that in compensation for all the FRUSTRATION I had to go through, DELL would be very willing to recompensate me with a thumb drive. Seeing that I already owned a DELL thumbdrive, I said I would prefer to have a refund of my guarantees and warranties that I had paid for from October 2005 to March 06. To which she asked if she could know how much and my question even at that point was, DELL’s website boasts of personalising your shopping when you’re choosing a purchase but its own staff doesn’t have a clue as to how much things costs?

    Hence, the matter dragged on. When I called Ming today and asked if I could speak to Michelle as the matter had not yet been resolved, I was told that she would call me back. Which she did. And I was told that my refund was approved. BUT as it is not DELL’s policy or within their guidelines to recompensate their customers, I would only receive a refund of three months, ie an astounding figure of RM63.70. Another question, where are these policies and guidelines when a customer makes a purchase, is given a promise which is then eventually not fulfilled?

    Seeing I was adamant in not accepting a 3 month refund, I was then given the privilege of talking to yet another DELL person, Irene who is apparently Michelle’s manager.

    Irene then told me that the three month refund is THE BEST THAT THEY CAN DO. To which she also tells me that the warranty DELL has is just like buying a car. It comes with warranty and whether you use it or not, it is still paid in full. My response is only this. When you buy a car with warranty, they DO NOT charge you extra for promises they do not keep. I have apparently been given until later today or some time till Friday I think to reconsider receiving RM63.70 from DELL after paying for a system that costs RM4, 567.00 and not receiving a single positive response to any of the warranties I have paid for.

    Hence, as I told Irene. The matter is considered and closed. This notebook is the last DELL purchase I will ever choose to make or recommend to anyone who is even considering buying any DELL item.

    A note to DELL though, you did not lose one customer today. You lost a customer who was looking forward to purchasing more DELL systems upon the expansion of their office/manpower.

    And very lastly, there is never such a thing as an angry customer, only a mishandled one.

  • Kelli A Henry

    Ordered a Dell computer in November of 2005. After 3 weeks, I had still not recieved. Tracking indicated my shipment was in Texas. I live in Virginia. Cancelled order and canceled account with Dell Financial Services.
    Promptly recieved a bill from Dell for the entire order. $900+. Called Financial Services, they indicated I needed to call Customer Care. Called Customer Care. Credited account (or so I thought). Next month (Jan. 06), recieved bill from Dell. Repeated above process. Credited account (first credit was only for CPU, monitor still on bill). Numerous phone calls made to my house (even on Sunday and as early as 8:30am) from Dell Financial. Account delinquent, please remit payment. Went over entire story again. Was directed to call Customer Care. Not open on weekends. Contacted during the week. Supervisor will call you back. No word, so I call again. Supervisor called you. Really, when? Well she didn’t leave a message. Then how would I know she called? This goes on for a few more weeks. Early March 2006 (the 6th, I believe) contact made again with Customer Care. All taken care of…. (Imagine my being leary at that statement). And then yesterday, March 23, 2006. I receive a call from a company called Encore. This is a collection agency calling in attempt to retreive a balance owed to Dell by me for $89.00. HUH? Spoke with Lanisha, an Encore agent, who got the full story. She’ll call me back. Today, March 24, 2006 I recieve in the mail a collection notice from Encore. Ok, guess it’s back to Customer Care. Oh that balance was credited as of March 6, 2006. Really? Then why am I getting calls and letters from Encore. Transferred, Dell Collections Dept. Voice mail. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
    Ok, no computer, numerous phone calls, collections calls at 8:30am on Sundays and now we’ll go screw up your credit for a product you didn’t recieve. Is there a supervisor I can speak with….no, I didn’t think so…. HELP!!!!!

  • velimir

    I asked for help dell help desk, and I spend about 45 minutes giving my personal info from one to another customer service representative,
    not only that I did not get an answer, but olso I find out that I will never call them again.

  • Jardy

    I had to reinstall the XP Professional CD for factory settings and I found out although the CD I paid for and came with my notebook says “XP Professional” on the the label, the contents is “Windows XP Home” and I cannot install the CD because my notebook is an XP Professional. The “Product Key” from the back of my notebook when I tried to enter it just to see if it will work on the wrong content CD but it doesn’t even work. I contacted different Dell departments and I have been passed around and others hang up on me because I had an expired “Service Tag” and expired “Express Service Code”. Their representatives refused to give me an answer why the contents of the CD they sent me says XP Home when I paid for XP Professional. For me to have an answer, I was asked to either purchase another “Service Tag” and “Express Service Code”, pay for on-call service, or purchase the CD somewhere else becuase they no longer carry the CD. My point is why the hell I should paid for something I should of received and already paid for? They are so awful that I compalint to the Better Business Beraue (BBB) that I deserve to have the right XP Professional CD that has the correct content that says XP Professional. One guy representatives I spoke with insist I was installing the CD wrong, I do not know what I was doing, and that he will put on his notes that I received the correct CD (basically, he is staing am ignorant and a liar). I informed him I am knowledgeable to what I am experiencing and talking about becuase my profession is in the Information Technology but he still insists that “I am at fault”. I was so humiliated, degraded, and disrespected!


  • Jeff,

    Thanks for speaking for all of us. As a matter of fact while I’m writing to this blog, I’m on hold with Dell Customer Services. It’s my second day, with a “total hold time” of 3:42h, nine transfers between departments and talking to 10 people giving the same information OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    I guess the nature of the problem (hardware in my case) it’s not important anymore, what is important is that DELL OFFERS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE COMPUTER INDUSTRY!

    WHY DELL? This was a great company, with great products and professiona support, why isn’t the customer important anymore?

  • Karrie

    Does anyone know how to directly contact Michael Dell. I can’t seem to get anybody to give out that info. I wonder why??

  • I couldn’t read all the messages here but I have an inspiron 1150 that had the motherboard replaced, warranty ran out a month later and now nothing works. From what I’ve read, this particular model (though it sounds like Dell is dropping the ball quite a bit)is nothing but problems. Anyone with similiar issues, go to
    and request someone pick up a class action for this model. That’s far too much money to spend for six months worth of use…

  • Tog

    There may be a class action lawsuit in the works for Inspirons:

    I submitted my information regarding my problem with a short on the motherboard (happened twice) I encourage everyone else to visit the site and submit your problems with Inspirons.

    We can hold Dell responsible.

  • J Phillips

    As an IT professional, the problems that I run into consistently are as follows:
    a) It is difficult to get parts for older Dell models…old meaning > 9 months.
    b) Customer support is horrible.

    Other than that, I think they have a decent product.

    I have spent probably the equivilent of 2 weeks, 24/7 on overseas tech support calls with Dell. What I have found is that the call center’s staff are unable to stray away from the canned responses that they have provided for them. When I call, I have a very specific question for them, which only 3 times has been resolved… when the call is escalated and only after spending twenty minutes convincing the staff that I have already tried everything else.

    The biggest problem I have is frequent disconnects from both the online chat and phone conversations. If I were a betting man I would bet that the call center folks have a log that tracks their successful resolution of calls as I am “inadvertantly” hung up on all of the time.

  • j. randolph

    Fellow sufferers: I, unfortunately, never even got to touch the notebook I tried to buy from Dell, but I did see the box in the hands of the ups man, when I refused the delivery, because the delberts at Dell tried to charge me the full ride rather than the advertised “enticement” price. I took the bait on an Inspiron b130 notebook, advertised at $499, regularly priced at $899, with all the features and old emailing, freecellplaying character like me needed. I made one mistake by “buying it over the phone.” Evidently, although it wasn’t indicated anywhere in the advertisement, or mentioned by the salesperson, only online buyers are entitled to the “savings” offered in the ad. So, I concluded the transaction, with plenty of “thank you very much for buying Dells” from my salesperson, and went fishing at a remote, non-wired location. Upon returning, I checked my emailed invoice, and doggone, they had rung me up for $899, plus tax, title and license. Kaabaam!…the emailing, chatting, spewing, spitting, hissing starts. The blood pressure goes through the roof. They tried to placate me with free printers, $50 coupons, 15% off teasers, but never did they offer to sell me, at the price I wanted, the machine that I had ordered. They said that, oh no, that price was for a lesser-equipped machine, which was nowhere to be found in the ad, which I was holding in my mitt. Get this, there were only three items in this ad, the notebook with the cofiguration I needed, a desktop, and a printer…how could you confuse this machine with a cheaper one?…I talked and chatted with the indian supports folks, and they are difficult to understand, and not any help at all, with their “this is all I can do for you” spiels. The only “satisfaction” I got, was after some terse exchanges by email with my original salesperson, he did shoot back that he “guessed he hadn’t done his job very well”, after I had him read the advertisement that led me to this circus in the first place. So, Toshiba, get ready for me….Ima, comin’ home with the cash…and if your gonna…., at least, kiss me first…

  • Joel

    On this morning, April 8th 2006, at 9:23 am I was awakened by a call…that call, on this Saturday morning, was from DELL Financial Services. Who I have had an account with, in excellent status, for the last 5 YEARS! They non-English speaking gentleman on the end of the phone asked me politely where my payment for $68 was on my account. Still half awake I jumped up out of bed in disbelief and repeated his question to me in an effort to clarify what he was calling me for. The rage that then followed comes from 5 YEARS of being a dedicated customer to DELL. I asked him, “sir, have I ever had a late payment with your company?” his response was, “no”. I then asked, “Sir, what is my credit status with your company?” his response, “excellent”. This just threw gas onto the flames. I began to ask him what the purpose was for him calling me for $68. Is DELL in this bad of shape that now they have to outsource these types of phone calls in India. To make sure they get that missing $50-60 from everyone. I admitted to the gentleman that I made a mistake on my previous payment and I had compensated for that with this months payment. All my payments for the last 3 yrs have been made on line and I informed him that I had already made a payment to his pathetic company. I then said that I would never purchase a single thing from his company since they now have the nerve to wake, even their excellent consumers, out of bed to ask for money.
    A little background on my purchasing influence with people for DELL over the last 5 YEARS: I have purchased over $20,000 (US) dollars worth of workstations, laptops and servers from DELL. I work as an IT consultant and recommend all my clients buy through DELL, and since I have a large account with DELL, I make the purchases for my clients. After this morning DELL will never receive another penny from me.

    I think I will go out and get a new Apple laptop, install Boot Camp, and run XP on it.

  • Paul Stephen

    I ordered a set of Logitech headphones from Dell. Sound doesn’t come out one of the headphones.

    Repeated emails to Dell Canada’s “Customer Care” results in absolutely no replies.

    Live and learn I guess. Fortunately I just lost $39.

  • mark wheeler

    I received the Dell Dimension E510 four days ago and thus far I’ve spent almost five hours on their customer service Chat Line and phone line. It took three hours to discover that the monitor remained blank because the video card wasn’t functioning correctly. It took two hours to get them to understand that reseating the video card each time I turned on the computer was not consistently effective or convenient. The third Dell representative assured me that the problem would not recur. When it did and I pressed the issue with the fourth Dell representative he said he would send me his Email address so that if the problem continued, I could Email him directly, avoid the painfully slow customer service line interrogation and he’d send me a new video card. My current situation is a blank monitor and no Email. Their representatives are obsequiously friendly but they just don’t get it.

  • Me

    Michaels e-mail is [email protected] also if you get a chance check out the employees get shafted just like the customers – trust me I know, I was fired for sending myself an inappropriate e-mail – figure that one out – I’m still trying.

  • Sara stanton




    [email protected]

  • Well 9 months have passed, but it seems not much has changed.

    I’m currently “engaging” with Dell (in the one-way manner customers usually must with Dell) regarding their hopelessly bungled upgrade to Windows Mobile v5 on the Axim X50/X50v series of PDAs.

    This upgrade CD, charged at a nominal fee of about US$40, was announced nearly a year ago for release in Q3-2005. It eventually materialised in late-October05, and X50/X50v owners are STILL (May 4 2006) waiting for an update to fix a slew of major debilitating bugs in the initial release. Thier official line is “retrograde to PocketPC 2003SE, and we’ll let you know when a fixed Windows Mobile v5 ROM update is ready”.

    How they could have released it at all is absolutely beyond comprehension – several of the bugs are obvious the first time you switch it on and use it for 15 minutes, not to mention waking up the next morning to a dead flat battery (theoretically switched off all night). Can the need to be first to market be so overwhelming as to somehow justify such glaringly irrational self-sabotage to their own company and its reputation? Has no one in Dell learned any lesson from history?

    Coincidentally(?), they released the X51/X51v range in September 2005 which does in practise run WMv5 (bundled out-of-the-box) quite well!

    If they’d had the guts to say “hey, we made a mistake, WMv5 just isn’t gonna run well on the X50/X50v range, so here’s your WMv5 Upgrade CD money back, or a healthy discount on an upgrade to the X51 range, an awful lot of people would have saved themselved an awful lot of time and frustration trying to get WMv5 working better on their Axim. Lord knows (but I wonder if Dell now does?) how many threw their hands up in the air and went elsewhere, but 2nd-hand X50/X50v prices on eBay would suggest lots! :-(

    To the credit of mostly rank-amateur but highly loyal and dedicated (and seemingly time-rich) geeks in forums, they’ve found (or even WRITTEN THEIR OWN) fixes, hacks, patches and work-arounds for many of the problems that are truly Dell’s responsibility alone. No thanks at all to Dell, the X50/X50v now runs WMv5 barely adequately.

    Judging from many Axim forum posts, Dell’s tech-support & customer service on this issue has been downright evasive and even deceptive.

    The gobsmacking shocker here is that Dell are STILL offering for sale the WMv5 upgrade CD for the X50/X50v! Are they just collectively stupid (an inconceivable notion for any group of money-incentivated people, I know…), or have Dell marketing staff taken the damage-management staff out the back and shot them for the sake of a bit of extra revenue? More likely just avoiding admiting in any public way that this upgrade was a mistake… [slaps forehead in disbelief]

    Oh yes, I have history too…

    Late last year I purchased a few Dell 17” LCD monitors. One of them had to be replaced THREE TIMES until a replacement arrived that lasted more than a couple of days. The person on the end of the phone at one of their sub-contracted spare parts warehouses said to me “you’re lucky, I know one woman who went through 7!”.

    A couple of years ago, a Dell blade server at one of my client’s offices literally went up in smoke. An internal 5volt voltage regulator had been manufactured with a sub-standard coil, and suddenly after several months or operation it was delivering somewhat more than 5 volts (though not for very long!). Getting the components that had immediately failed to be replaced under warranty was quick and easy as expected.

    But who wants a server (let alone a business-critical server) where half the (unreplaced) components (3 RAID hard drives, 1 of 2 CPUs, etc) have been exposed to a supply voltage that smoked the other half of the server? Any electronics engineer [turned IT geek – i wave] will tell you this is a recipe for instability at best and likely failure sooner or later.

    What about the PS/2 KVM switcher and USB modem also plugged in that are powered from that same 5volt supply and were also dead at dawn? I had to fight tooth and nail for weeks to get it all replaced. Despite my client’s details clearly being on Dell’s records, and Dell claiming they contacted all known affected customers months before this failure happened, we were not contacted.

    I’ve beaten my head against Dell’s customer service and tech-support circus for years, and been vocal with them in my dissatisfaction. I’m tired of calling Dell to place an order and forced to be put through to my assigned “business manager” (because the client is considered in their medium-range company size) only to be put through to their voicemail because they’re in-training/sick/on-holidays/out-to-lunch/whatever. WHO CARES which call-centre chook I speak to about basic sales questions and ordering?!?

    And don’t get me started on overseas call centres filled with “obsequiously friendly” (thankyou Mr 2 Posts above, brilliant term!) but unintelligibly accented staff with absolutely no local knowledge (there ARE times where it helps, like when you’re trying to locate spare parts from several warehouses sprinkled across the country and having to ask your customer “is city-X [actually no-where] near city-Y?”) on often echoy, staticy, long-distance-time-lagged phone lines…

    Until my two recent experiences, my opinion of Dell and advice to my clients has been “usually decent products, just hope you don’t need to deal with tech-support/customer-service.”

    Your point is spot on, Jeff – if there is such loyalty out there despite the shabby treatment from Dell, imagine what they could do, and how customers might feel, if they were actually a bit human in their approach to us?

    We live in hope, but for myself at least having very recently gained some sense of the scope of this problem (in other Dell products) and public sentiment (thanks to sites like yours), no longer in blind hope. There will always be vendors who will take this opportunity and offer better. Problem is , Dell are far from unique amongst the major IT vendors in thier dysfunctional approach to customers, PR & lowest-price-at-all-costs strategy. Maybe Dell could see this as an oppotunity – as Michael Dell himself, as spelled out in his own book as being so expert in exploiting – and rise above this morass – by listening…


  • I am a paralegal with the law firm of David P. Meyer & Associates Co., LPA. Our firm has been researching a potential class action case against Dell, Inc. regarding an alleged defect resulting in overheating of laptop computers during normal use. If you are experiencing this problem, and are willing to assist with our investigation, please contact me at 1-866-827-6537 or and fill out a form so that our firm can evaluate your situation.

  • Colita Madere

    I purchased my Dell in Spring or Summer of 2004. Well some where during the first few months of 2005 I believe in Feb. or so, my computer would not boot

  • Colita Madere

    to continue my last blog: I called the Customer Service Department and went through the trouble shooting process that took days to complete to find that a technician had to come to my home to fix the problem. Well low and behold it is Spring of 2006 and wouldn’t you know my computer will not boot Harddrive is gone again. Stayed on the phone with someone from Customer Service trouble shooting my computer for over an hour to find that I have to be responsible for fixing the computer at my expense because my warranty expired June of 2005, so I asked does this mean that when you replaced my harddrive before the warranty of the new harddrive became retroactive from the original date I pu

  • Colita Madere

    as you can see I am having trouble working on this laptop because I can not complete a simple blog about Dell: purchased my computer. I called the long distance number for what I thought was Dell Corporate to get an Operator who assured me that Customer Care could help me by taking a formal complaint, whom in turn transfered me to warranty repair who could not help me and had to transfer me to spare parts who could not help me because they were going to do me this grand favor of selling me a new harddrive at a discounted price, when I refused and asked to be transfered back to the Corporate Office and not the trouble shooting department, I was placed on hold for a few minutes the gentleman came back to the phone and said he will transfer me now. I asked where I was being transfered to and he said to the Corporate Office what a lie, I ended up back at the trouble shooting place in India! I hung up after being on that call for over 45 minutes. Another long distance call to the same number got another operator was transfered to Customer Care again and was able to file a formal complaint this time. That call took over 25 minutes. Someone called back a day later to acknowledge that they received my complaint and that they were offering a resolution to my problem they would send me a harddrive at no cost but I had to pay to have someone put it in. Well let’s see am i the stupid one? A harddrive is relatively inexpensive it’s the other stuff the technician does to get the unit working that is costly. This is why you won’t send a technician out to my home to fix the computer. Well that call took over 11minutes. Today I received a call from someone in customer care who offered me the same thing(to send me a new harddrive, but I have to hire someone at my expense to install it). I requested to speak with someone higher than her and was told that she was the highest at her level. I then requested to speak to Michael Dells Office and was told that I could not speak to them. She stated to me that she offered me a resolution and I refused it. Oh by the way I forgot to add that I think my father financed this wonderful computer for 24 months and he recently made his final payment so it ended up costing him more than the original $2400.00 because we built my computer with many extras. Let the truth be told I worked for Oreck Vacuum for many years in the Customer Service Department and we were to handle as many calls as we could without going to David Oreck himself but believe one thing if it escalated to his office I assure you he delt with it personally. Although he may not have the best product going on the market, his ability to make his feel like they are someone who supports his life style goes a long way and there fore even though they may have problems from time to time they remain loyal because of thepersonal touch even if his assistant types all the letters and makes the calls the customer feel like their complaint went some where. I know all of the top execs know each other, so therefore Mike I suggest that you give Mr. Oreck a call and get some pointers on how to keep loyal customers.

  • This is regarding the new xps systems. My complaint is that you advertise xps generation systems “earth fire wind” to be inovative in technology. I thought this was contradicting your whole business model “Not to be innovative, but to buy your products off other companies.” Is dell trying to take on gateway, or what? Another complaint is regarding outrageous deals. It would be very nice to have those back. Those great/unbeleivable deals beating any competitor by a longshot! Any how please try and get those outrageous deals back! Good Luck.

  • Gordon Orme

    ThanK you for bringing clear concise publicity to what is evidently DELL’s pervasive and appauling customer-neglect under the guise of customer service.

    I have mail-ordered ink cartridges from DELL many times. The last time however, they mistakenly sent the wrong model cartridges.

    I am writing this having spent one hour and forty eight minutes, over four days, speaking to several people, mostly in the Phillipes and India. I finally called a “customer Service number” taken from my Dell printer manual, which turned out to be in Canada; the seemingly helpful and articulate young lady there named Rochada transferred my call to someone based in guess where….. The Phillipines, who then managed to cut me off after I had given only my name, they never called back. Obvioulsy the right approach would be for them to say: “I’m sorry for the mistake sir, we will pick-up the wrong cartrdges and ship the right one’s to you today” Is it too much to expect, after all, I paid them up-front two weeks ago and don’t have the cartridges I need and have paid for. Frankly, to sum up in the appropriate Venacular; DELL AFTER SALES SERVICE SUCKS!!

    Perhaps I’ll just make the 60 mile round trip and trade these cartridges with Cartrideg World. It’s worth it to not have to ever deal with DELL again!!

  • Jana

    Whoa…I reached this blog while I was searching for info on a dead CMOS battery on my old Thinkpad, and I must say it is an eye-opener. I, too, have noticed the declining quality of customer service for almost all computer manufacturers, but I still held ‘hope’ that there were a few good companies that still offered good service if you found the right one. I see now that sadly, that is not the case. I have a Dell Optiplex 270 that has worked pretty well over the last two years and I still have one more year on the warranty, but I see now that it is to your advantage as a consumer to know enough about computers to pick the right model (or build one yourself), sigh. Thanks for the education people, I will will be more on guard for now on…

  • Michele Smith

    I am appalled at the hideous service from dell, as a result I have missed three deadlines and have already been on the phone for an hour and have been disconnected during three transfers. You may wonder why so many transfers might occur when all I wanted was a replacement charger under warrantee. . . . looking for the part under warrantee, the charger which went dead, I called customer service. The woman from India had no idea what a charger might be and seemed absolutely unaware, untrained on how to handle my needs. After waiting five business days i received . . . (drum roll) . . . a portable surge protector. Yes. Three missed deadlines and missing material from my presentation tonight. I LOOK LESS PROFESSIONAL BECAUSE DELL COULD NOT DELIVER. To me this says it all.

  • Theresa

    I purchased a Dell Dimension 4700 two years ago and have had two unexplained sudden hard drive crashes. I had the poor misfortune of having to contact Dell Customer Service. I experienced a lot of the same things mentioned here. I also was repeatedly called “Sir”. I have a rather deep voice so that was nothing new to me however the rude way each rep continued to talk over me when I informed them that I am a maam really blew me away. It sounds trivial but it is very aggravating to be addressed in a certain way after you have attempted to correct the error.
    I needed assistanced so I continued speaking to the reps and ended up paying $39 this last time only to be told that I needed to purchase a hard drive from Dell at $99 for an 80M drive or $73.95 for a 160M drive. The rep and I got into a long discussion about why he could not simply sell me the 80M which is what I originally had for the lower price rather than push some substandard drive on me emphasizing the fact that it was cheaper. Anyway, I ended up going to a local electronics store and purchasing a 300G drive for 89.99 and installing it myself through trial and error. Needless to say when I called back for assistance, as I was instructed to do when I paid my $39, I received voicemail and have not received a call back yet. The ironic thing is that I used to work for a third party service organization in the early 90’s that provided service for Dell(pc’s have changed so much since then otherwise I would have never called them in the first place). We provided good, prompt, courteous customer service so what happened.

  • James W.

    I wish I had read this BEFORE I bought my Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop. Have had the system for about 40 days and during that time have spent many hours on the phone with Dell Support trying to resolve problems. The absolute last straw was when the moron in India took me through a long process that made my system permenantly unusable (Stop code 7B). At this point they informed me that there was nothing further they could do for me and I would have to “Buy” expert technical help from Dell On Call to try to recover my system/data. I paid the $99 for “expert” assistance and am still left with no system and lost data.

    I had believed that Dell was the reliable/dependable source for PCs I am no longer a believer. In fact I am not sure who to turn to now.

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  • After reading most of the reponses here, I still believe that my experience with dell is one of the worst because I made it to their “Resolution Expert Center” which is specifically dealing with bad customer services. I was only only less than 1% of its customers make it there. Please check out my expeirence here and please don’t ever consider buying a dell computer again:

  • Anonymous


    I am seriously considering returning my Dell Laptop E1505 because of the customer service experience I just received. I also won’t bore you with my details, but I have never spoken to such mean, uncooperative, managers! This is the Dell Anadalusa Alabama Call Center and the manager’s name was ‘Alex’ and the senior supervisor’s name was Jeremey Badge #347123. When I told them what they were saying was contradicting what was on their website they said “I don’t care what the website says.” The senior supervisor had even nicer words: “I am as high as you can get” and “I’ll give you three options – no more, no less.”

    Excuse me, I didn’t pay $1000 for this arrogance. Do NOT buy a Dell – Their product quality, BUT especially their customer service is TERRIBLE.

  • Chris P.

    We purchased a Dell Insperion 9100 a little over two years ago. I first enjoyed using it and actually recommended a friend to purchase one. What a mistake. The sound no longer works. Also the keys are now sticking (adding extra letters and no nothing was spilled on it!). And for my friend, he has had to replace the battery twice. Support was pretty much non-exsistant. I love staying up and speaking to sombody in India for hours. A service tech came out to the house to reprogram our tv and advised me that he was also a service tech for Dell, and that he has several that have been in the same boat and he had to replace the motherboard at 500.00 bucks a pop. I was recently asked if I would recommend a dell….No I would not and I did not. Anybody think of a class action suite against Dell yet?

  • Well here it is………..I used to work for DELL. Did some great things in Austin to help the company but now run a technology service company in another state and do not understand why DELL has continued to go down hill with certain product lines. How can you have such great potential and really blow it?! (They laid off our group thats why.) Well my old boss (at DELL) who was much younger than me could only see email, buzz words, protocall and his stock. I really worked hard, did some great things and was glad when the layoffs hit back in 2000. I knew the layoffs were coming and looked forward to the big day of rest. It was great to be able to move from crazy Austin to beautiful Hot Springs Village and start my own company but I am starting to think the DELL VAR thing is not good for us. Yes we became a DELL VAR and after the last few months of E310 and E150 nightmares I think Michael needs to find design teams that can think and not sleep. You could find better systems being made by trade school nerds meeting at the local skate park than what we have installed lately for customers. Come on Michael, I left a good IT job at Baylor Medical in Houston to go to Austin (1998) and help bail out the data center mess in Austin so you could get numbers to Wall Street faster. (Oh I forgot…DELL used Compaq and Tandem back then to run things too.) Numbers got crunched faster, production was up and quality has dropped ever since on the low end products. If you cant make the low end stuff good then dont! Your wasting everbodys money…Oh I forgot not yours. Oh yea thanks for the award I got for great service….I just wish I could give you one back in return now but I cannot see that happening. Turn the quality around and quit trying to boost quantity for Wall Street. People are more important than numbers and people buy your products. Quit trying to please Wall Street and please the consumer and maybe you will be the first computer technology company besdies IBM to do the right thing.

  • Well here it is………..I used to work for DELL. Did some great things in Austin to help the company but now run a technology service company in another state and do not understand why DELL has continued to go down hill with certain product lines. How can you have such great potential and really blow it?! (They laid off our group thats why.) Well my old boss (at DELL) who was much younger than me could only see email, buzz words, protocall and his stock. I really worked hard, did some great things and was glad when the layoffs hit back in 2000. I knew the layoffs were coming and looked forward to the big day of rest. It was great to be able to move from crazy Austin to beautiful Hot Springs Village and start my own company but I am starting to think the DELL VAR thing is not good for us. Yes we became a DELL VAR and after the last few months of E310 and E150 nightmares I think Michael needs to find design teams that can think and not sleep. You could find better systems being made by trade school nerds meeting at the local skate park than what we have installed lately for customers. Come on Michael, I left a good IT job at Baylor Medical in Houston to go to Austin (1998) and help bail out the data center mess in Austin so you could get numbers to Wall Street faster. (Oh I forgot…DELL used Compaq and Tandem back then to run things too.) Numbers got crunched faster, production was up and quality has dropped ever since on the low end products. If you cant make the low end stuff good then dont! Your wasting everbodys money…Oh I forgot not yours. Oh yea thanks for the award I got for great service….I just wish I could give you one back in return now but I cannot see that happening. Turn the quality around and quit trying to boost quantity for Wall Street. People are more important than numbers and people buy your products. Quit trying to please Wall Street and please the consumer and maybe you will be the first computer technology company besdies IBM to do the right thing.

  • Well here it is………..I used to work for DELL. Did some great things in Austin to help the company but now run a technology service company in another state and do not understand why DELL has continued to go down hill with certain product lines. How can you have such great potential and really blow it?! (They laid off our group thats why.) Well my old boss (at DELL) who was much younger than me could only see email, buzz words, protocall and his stock. I really worked hard, did some great things and was glad when the layoffs hit back in 2000. I knew the layoffs were coming and looked forward to the big day of rest. It was great to be able to move from crazy Austin to beautiful Hot Springs Village and start my own company but I am starting to think the DELL VAR thing is not good for us. Yes we became a DELL VAR and after the last few months of E310 and E150 nightmares I think Michael needs to find design teams that can think and not sleep. You could find better systems being made by trade school nerds meeting at the local skate park than what we have installed lately for customers. Come on Michael, I left a good IT job at Baylor Medical in Houston to go to Austin (1998) and help bail out the data center mess in Austin so you could get numbers to Wall Street faster. (Oh I forgot…DELL used Compaq and Tandem back then to run things too.) Numbers got crunched faster, production was up and quality has dropped ever since on the low end products. If you cant make the low end stuff good then dont! Your wasting everbodys money…Oh I forgot not yours. Oh yea thanks for the award I got for great service….I just wish I could give you one back in return now but I cannot see that happening. Turn the quality around and quit trying to boost quantity for Wall Street. People are more important than numbers and people buy your products. Quit trying to please Wall Street and please the consumer and maybe you will be the first computer technology company besdies IBM to do the right thing.

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  • Techy Angel

    Dear Mr.Dell,
    I am unhappy to write this but my bitter experience with the purchase of my Dell dimension desktop 4600 series and dell technical support has left me with no choice but to express how bad the standards of dell have fallen. I purchased a dell dimension destop 4600 series and just a month after the warranty period has expired my computer crashed. I called dell support but they said as I am not covered under warranty any more they wouldn’t help me. They wouldn’t allow me to buy extended warranty until I have the system up and running for about 3 months. I googled the problem about my desktop crashing and to my dismay there are so many dell customers with the same problem. This clearly indicates how bad the standards have fallen. I paid so much money just because I believed that it would be worth every penny to buy Dell instead of going for a desktop from a generic company. But my experience with Dell has proved me wrong and now I am quiet hesitant to buy the replacement mother board from Dell as I don’t trust the quality of Dell products any more. Being in the IT industry myself, I have recommended Dell to many people and was impressed with Dell but I have been proven wrong about Dell with my recent personal experience of purchasing a dell desktop that crashed on me because of the so called “fried motherboard” phenomenon. I hardly used my p.c, leave alone it getting fried because of my over usage. Now should I call it bad karma or “poor standard” of dell products.

  • Peter

    Dear Mr. Dell,

    I have to admit I did not read this blog, but after 8 years of Dell promotion, Dell let me down as soon as I had my first guarantee issue.

    Indeed a true Dell hell. Arrogant company.

    No more Dell for me personally. No more Dell here at the office. And also I’ll never recommend Dell to others again, not to my friends, not to my family.

    Dell has professionally killed my enthousiam for them and that’s something I won’t forget. Not ever and as long as I live.

    Congrats Michael ! You’ve excellent people working for ya.

  • Vongos

    I have read this over and over but I also deal with customers on a daily format. As I can see it if you look for negative it can be found, if you look for positive it is hard to find, why because people are lazy and they won’t get off their asses till they have something negative to bitch about. That is the power of the BLOG it gives lazy people something to do BITCH about their Problem. Being in the support industry I deal with people all day, day after day. I fix their issues the best I can; within a boundary my company has set in front of me, because without those boundaries the lazy people of this world will find a way to take advantage of you for their profit. I take about 50 calls a day and it is a very small percent of people that are not satisfied with my help and the resolutions I put in place for them. But a happy customer has no incentive to go to a BLOG to start a chain BLOG as to the great service I provided to them or some other tech provided that saved their BUTT and helped them meet the dead line their Boss told them to meet. Think about it we are in a society that is in a rush and if they cant get it done now they have to blame it on some one. How about taking the ownership that you created the issue and installed the crap program or went to some web page that installed a spy program onto your PC that crashed your PC and the tech you are calling is going to do his best to help you and that may in tell doing many trial and error items that might not work. We try to help the best we can, but also we are trying to save your data, or keep your system working the best they can within your parameters of what your are requesting. Over 85% of the calls I take are because the customer screwed up and does not want to reinstall the program or worse the whole operating system. that means that only 15% is hardware related, and that folks it what the dell warranty covers I have read the warranties and so if all the cry babies out there would learn how to use the PC correctly the Dell tech could spend better quality and time towards fixing the issue that Dell covers hardware and manufacturing issues. Grow up people take the responsibility that you are the problem not your computer manufacture company.

  • John

    You know, my problem is not not with hardware or software crashing…things happen. My problem is when customer service does not follow through on what they promise to do. I own a relatively successful small business and have a couple Dell Inspiron 710 laptops. I had a problem with one of them that requires a replacement of the hard drive – ie my computer is down. On Thursday last week, I was told that a new hard drive with the original software image would absolutely be shipped to me that day for next day delivery on Friday. Great.

    On Friday, however, the hard drive was not delivered. I called Friday night and was informed that the approval for the hard drive was just given and that it would ship on Saturday for Monday delivery. So, getting wise to this, I called on Saturday and was told that it indeed was going out for Monday delivery. So, here we are on Monday, and I called, and IT HADN’T SHIPPED AND won’t ship until Tuesday for Wed afternoon delivery!!! As mentioned, as a small business owner having 1 of my laptops down is catastrophic for me as they are all out in the field, and are essential to generate revenue.

    In my 5 hours of conversation, I was not able to get to anyone who was empowered to do anything to minimize the effects of the situation. I was told that I would get a callback by an “escalation rep” several times and this hasn’t happened, and when I tried to call the corporate offices to talk to Ro Parra, the SVP of the Small Business Group, I was told by the operator that I could not talk to anyone outside the “Customer Service Chain of Command!”

    We all have to deal with problems and issues, but you know, had someone told me on Thursday that I would not get my hard drive until the following Wed, I probably would have followed a very different course of action than I did – ie I probably would have reformatted the hard drive, loaded the program software manually and then restored all the other files, but given the answers that I got, I elected to trust Dell. In the meantime, I have lost much good faith with several customers along with some revenue, spent countless hours on the phone and still do not have resolution.

    I find this whole situation enlightening of Dell being very arrogant and find it hard to believe that I cannot get in touch with anyone who actually cares about trying to help remedy my situation, and who is empowered to go beyond the script to do the right thing. I WILL NOT purchase any more Dells for my growing business and will strongly recommend other products to others.

    All I want is competent people who will do their best to help my situation, give me accurate information, and be empowered to do the right thing. Its obvious that Dell does not fit these parameters.

  • Michael


    I just finished my Dell hell experience this very moment when I received a call from Dell’s customer service department telling me that my credit card was credited for the amount of my purchase. Now customer service does something to help me out, duh, we all know when something is credited back on our statements if you pay your bills online like most of us do. I made my choice of Dell since I had heard they had great customer service, that was a joke, by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

    The ordering process took hours, the laptop arrives and it can’t connect to the internet. I call tech support, the person gave me a service # and asks for my phone # so if we get disconnected he can call me back. Three hours into him talking me through all types of things we lose our connection. I did not receive a call back.

    The next day I had enough with Dell and called to have them come and pick up the defect. There was no record of my call and the service # the tech person had given me was useless. I did not feel I should have to pay for return shipping on a peice of equipment that didn’t work, but finally after speaking to numerous people I realized I had wasted enough time, and bite it and paid for return shipping. It cost $17.80, I paid them 59.00 to have it shipped to me in 2 days and it only cost me $17.80 to have it returned in 2 days.

    It was one of those experiences that everyone in my office heard me on the phone talking and getting more and more frustrated, I am sure that not only I will never by a Dell but no one I know will ever buy one.

    Dell is bound to failure, since they lack the key to success loyal customers.

  • Joy

    Being the latest victim of Dell Computer, I want to share my story: I purchased a laptop Inspiron 1705, 100gb. What I got was an Inspiron 1705 with 62gb with 53gb available. Additionally, I have broadband with Verizon which requires the standard PC card for internet access. What I got was no internet access because Dell decided to change the size of the PC slot without notification. I am in the New Orleans area devestated by levee breaches after hurrican Katrina and we still do not have phone service, thus the need for broadband service.

    I am exhausted from trying to explain my situation to the India technical support, they did not understand my problem and I did not understand the scrip the first technician was trying to read, nor did I understand her supervisor. The next step was an email to technical support online, after 5 days I still do not have a response. I am outside the 21 days they allow for return and feel like I have been ripped off. This system cost me $2200
    a sum of money I cannot afford to thow at Dell to help their bottom line, especially as we go through the restoration of our home, however we sorely needed the computer.

    Dell is up there at the top of list along with the Louisiana Core of Engineers.

  • happy_willis

    I bought a DELL with a RAID hard drive. Within about 3 weeks of purchase, the drives failed (both). The tech came and replaced them but both were empty, unformatted and no software installed… and the PC was not recognizing them… and I was on my own. I phoned customer support, got a guy who knew what to do (from Tenessee)… but then he realized I didn’t have the right CD-ROM, so he said it would be mailed to me, and we agreed on a time to re-contact (I got his direct line). Well he never did recontact me, and I tried to get someone, anyone who could help. I kept getting bounced from one India tech support person to another (I was repeatedly told I was “on the wrong line” for my model of Dell and kept getting transferred with the l-o–o-o-o-ng wait). AND then I got disconnected. In a fit of exasperation I stumbled through the re-installation on my own. And within about 14months of that, another one of the drives failed, and I had to swap it out on my own.

    I agree, (a) Don’t buy DELL and (b) I will share this experience to any prospective PC purchaser.

  • WOW!! I knew Dell was getting worse, and I knew they were having problems, but I never expected a problem like the one I just encountered. I am a Dell VAR, and I move a moderate amount of product through to my clients. That is, until today. I simply can’t afford the time to continue to fix their problems and deal with their incompetence any longer. In June I bought a new D820 laptop for a client. This is not some cheap laptop, but a system that cost me over $2,000. Out of the box it did not work correctly. After contacting Dell Gold Support both by phone and through their on-line chat, they wanted to start sending me parts and have me fix the laptop. After spending many hours with the techs, and finally getting a supervisor, they agreed to send a replacement laptop. The new laptop was received and upon examination I found that it was configured incorrectly. After spending several more hours with Gold Tech Support, I was told to take parts from the old laptop and put them in the new one; specifically, the hard drive which I just finished programming for the client. I’ve invested over 20 hours just fixing Dell’s problems, and after calling Customer Care and again speaking with a supervisor, they offered to compensate me in the amount of $100 for over 20 hours of my time. Then they hung-up on me. I called again and got some guy in India, who wants to start the entire process over again. After providing the ticket number and asking for his supervisor, he says no problem, and he hangs-up. I have been in the IT business for over 20 years. I am a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), I’m certified on MS Exchange and everything from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003, I have an excellent customer base that covers Long Island and Manhattan, and customer service is my primary focus. I have never, in 20 years, encountered a company as frustrating as Dell; a company that has a complete lack of respect for its clients, or a company that hires complete fools to interact with the public. Aside from being the president of my company I am also on the board of education and the chairperson for the technology committee for the 3rd largest non-city school district in New York. Dell can not be the only player on the block, and I will find the alternatives and find a way to work with them. I have been insulted by Dell; by their lack of respect, their lack of concern for my time, and by their lack of quality customer support, both technical and non-technical, and I can not in good conscience continue to do business with this type of company. If anyone reading this is aware of real, viable brand name alternatives to the Dell product line, I would appreciate an email. We sell all types of systems; laptops, workstations, desktops, servers, and storage units (NAS), and I would welcome any information and direction that you can provide. Please send any guidance directly to me at [email protected]. Thank you very much for your help.

  • I was an ardent supporter or DELL until recently. My family and business have spent close to $25,000 on DELL machines over the last two years.

    I purchased an XPS 1710 Notebook from DELL earlier this summer. The agreed-upon price with the DELL Kiosk representative was $2,500-something (after taxes). My fatal mistake was that I didn’t get that in writing. I did that out of trust for the company because I was very satisfied with DELL products and services in the past.

    To my horror, when I received my DELL Preferred Account Statement, the systems cost northwards of $2,900.

    To make a long story short, after spending tens of hours on the phone with customer service and verbally threatened by an Indian lady (for no apparent reason, I was very polite when talking to her), the pricing error was not resolved. Nobody would help me. I ended up paying $350 more than quoted price and feeling like a complete idiot.

    Now, it seems like DELL doesn’t just have lousy post-Sales Customer Care, the Sales people would LIE THROUGHT THEIR TEETH to get a sale.

    I will not touch a DELL for the forseeable future (until some drastic improvements in Customer Care have been implemented). Like Mr. Jarvis, I will be buying and encouraging friends/family to purchase Apple products from now onwards.

  • Steve Stephens

    Dear Mr. Jarvis,

    It is said to me, that you think a corporate professional like Mike Dell would give a rats shit about your gay displessure with his company. Stop bitching and find something to do.

  • I bought a new Dell three years ago today and it arrived via UPS at 5:30 PM. At 4AM the following morning I was awoke by my smoke detector, went downstairs and found my computer desk ablaze. I screamed up at my sons and called the fire dept. Within 2 minutes our house was consumed and burnt to the ground. My youngest son’s room was above the computer room and when I yelled, his room was so full of smoke, he got disoriented and if not for the quick thining of my oldest son, he would surely have perished.
    We contacted Dell and it took three weeks before they fionally sent someone out to the house. They were rude and disrespectful the whole time they were there, lamenting about how long this whole investigation took and how they missed their flight home. I was like..I’m sorry for the inconvenience..what about MY inconvenince?
    The fire investigators never proved inconclusively the cause of the fire, but all agreed it started on the computer desk. Dell ignored all my letters and pleas, and when I refused to pay for the computer that resided in my house for less than 11 hours, they ended up sueing me, ruining my credit, making it impossible for me to get student loans for my sons.
    I made every atempt to try and resolve things with them, even offering to pay for their frickin computer if they would give me response.
    I went to seven attorneys, who all cowered and refused to take on a giant such as Dell.
    I would be willing to do anything to help anyone else brings these bastards down.

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  • David

    There are a lot of stories about bad service – and in fact, statistically, people who have bad customer experiences are likely to tell 22 people about it, where people with good experiences tell roughly 3 people.

    Every year that PC Magazine has done customer satisfaction surveys, Apple and IBM are on the top, whereas Dell is way towards the bottom. I’ve had nothing but good customer service from Apple, and at work HP. Sun service (admittedly not a PC manufacturer) has aways been listed as good, as has Cisco (again, not a PC manufacturer).

    If you want an interesting read, read Tom Peters on customer service. More power to the customer! It’s the customer who’s most important, not “increasing shareholder value.”

    Also – making the customer happy is a *lot* easier if you make the *employees* happy. A grumpy, part-time, no benefits, minimum wage customer service person who doesn’t make enough to feed her family isn’t good for business.

  • David

    Some of the apologists are suggesting that it’s the customer’s fault – out of warranty equipment, “not our equipment”, and the rest of it.

    Truly, the only thing that matters at the time is: the customer called YOU. How do you make them HAPPY? That’s all that matters – not getting rid of them – they’ll tell all their friends. If you make them happy and wow them – they’ll also tell their friends and be your best assets….

    Any way – I wanted to relate a positive experience I had. I called Microsoft support for a product that was made by a company they bought (I lost the license keys – sigh). It also required *two* licenses – the product was Connectix Virtual PC for Macintosh with Windows 2000. Every tech was courteous (though it took some repeated explaining about why my “Microsoft” product didn’t SAY “Microsoft” on it….) I talked with someone in the States to get my VirtualPC license again – then only later discovered that my Windows 2000 required yet another license. Then I talked with an Indian tech – which tried mightly, but couldn’t truly understand the fact that my “Microsoft” product said Connectix all over it. Then I was transferred to an American (or Canadian?) tech who seemed to be the next tier up – and the problem was solved quickly and courteously.

    Here I was, with a product that didn’t even say Microsoft, it was several releases out of date, with lost keys – all the making of a bad experience – and Microsoft never really dropped the ball.

    If only all customer service experiences were as positive – or MORE SO! This isn’t just about Dell, but about remembering that it’s all about the *customer* and the customer experience.

  • MIKE


    Email;[email protected]

    XBOX 360 $200USD

    PS3 $180UD

    Sony VAIO A140 – Pentium M 1.5 GHz – 15.4″ TFT
    Specs: Intel Pentium M (1.5 GHz), 512 MB DDR SDRAM, 7.3 lbs, 15.4 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows XP Professional for $450usd

    Sony VAIO A230B – Pentium M 725 1.6 GHz – 15″ TFT
    Specs: Intel Pentium M (1.6 GHz), 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 7.1 lbs, 15 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows XP Professional for $540usd.

    Sony VAIO A230B – Pentium M 715 1.5 GHz – 15″ TFT
    Specs: Intel Pentium M (1.5 GHz), 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 7.1 lbs 15 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows XP Professional for $460usd.

    Sharp Actius MC24 (PCMC24) PC Notebook
    AMD Athlon XP-M 1.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive, 12.1 in. XGA TFT LCD, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 5.0, for 400usd.

    Sharp Actius MM20P (PC-MM20P) PC Notebook
    Transmeta Efficeon TM8600 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, 10.4 in. XGA TFT LCD, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2 lb., 1 x. for $600usd.

    Toshiba Satellite M55-S329 (PSM50U05X01V) PC Notebook
    Intel Pentium M 1.86 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 100 GB hard drive, 14 in. WXGA TFT Active Matrix, Dual Layer DVD±RW, Microsoft Windows XP H for $560usd.

    Toshiba Satellite M55-S139 (PSM53U00K008) PC Notebook
    Intel Celeron M 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, 14 in. WXGA TFT Active Matrix, Dual Layer DVD±RW, Microsoft Windows XP Home for $450usd.

    Toshiba Satellite M55-S325 (PSM50U01Z00W) PC Notebook
    Intel Pentium M 1.73 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 100 GB hard drive, 14 in. WXGA TFT Active Matrix, DVD±RW, Microsoft Windows XP Professional for $460usd.

    Panasonic Toughbook 51 (CF51JFDDCBM) PC Notebook
    Intel Pentium M 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, 15 in. TFT Active Matrix LCD, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, Microsoft Windows XP Professional for $700usd.

    Panasonic Toughbook CF-73 (CF73XCVTSBM) PC Notebook
    Intel Pentium M 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, 13.3 in. XGA TFT LCD, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, for $750usd.

    TELEVISION Panasonic TH-42PD50U Television…..$500USD Panasonic TH-42PX50U Television…..$900USD Panasonic TH-50PX50U Television…..$1000USD Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY Television….$400USD Panasonic TH-42PD25U/P Television…$300USD Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK Television….$400USD Panasonic TH-65PHD7UY Television….$2000USD Pioneer PDP-5050HD Television…….$900USD Panasonic TH-37PX50U Television….$400USD Panasonic TH-42PX500U Television…$700USD Sony KLV-32M1 Television………$300USD Sony PFM-42V1/S Television………$400USD Sony KDE-61XBR950 Television……$3000USD Sony KDE-42XBR950 Television……$900USD Sony PFM-42X1/S Television…….$400USD Sony KDE-42XS955 Television……$450USD Sony FWD-50PX1/S Television…..$1000USD Samsung HP-R4252 Television……..$410USD Samsung LN-R328W – LCD TV – 32….$400usd Samsung LN-R408D – LCD TV – 40….$700usd Samsung LT-P326W – LCD TV – 32….$550usd Samsung LTM 225W – LCD TV – 22….$400usd Samsung PPM63H3-plasma panel 63…$1000usd Samsung HP-P5071 50-inch 1366X768 HD Plasma TV Ref…..$600usd Samsung HPP5031 – plasma panel – 50…$800usd Pioneer PDP-5050HD Television…….$800USD Sharp 32″ Aquos HD-Ready LCD TV….$400usd. and many more…………… LAPTOPS Dell Latitude C640 1.8GHz P4 Laptop w/CD-RW……$350USD Dell Inspiron XPS M140 Notebook Computer for Home…..$480USD Sony VAIO FS540P – Pentium M 730 1.6 GHz – 15.4″ TFT…$460USD Sony Intel Pentium M 100GB Notebook Computer with DVD+/-R/RW Drive…$450USD ThinkPad G40 2389 – C 2.5 GHz – 14.1″ TFT IBM…..$420USD Panasonic Toughbook 18 Touchscre……$400USD HP Compaq Business Notebook nc8230 – Pentium M 760 2 GHz – 15.4″ TFT…$800USD HP Compaq Mobile Workstation nw8240 – Pentium M 760 2 GHz – 15.4″ TFT…$650USD and many more………….. OFFICE EQUIPMENT PLV-80 16:9 Widescreen WXGA Home Theater Multimedia Projector….$7,000usd magicolor 2430DL Color Laser Printer (20 PPM, 2400×600 DPI, Color, 32MB, PC/Mac)…$140usd Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV – film scanner (35 mm)…..$100usd EP7120 DLP Projector (1024×768, 1600:1)……$300usd Optoma H 31 – DLP projector……$300usd 110” Velvet Wrapped Luxurious Sensation Series DT1100 HDTV Fixed Projection Screen…$300usd PowerLite Home 10+ Ultra-Portable Multimedia Projector…..$400usd ScreenPlay 4805 Projector by InFocus………$450usd Panasonic PT LB30NT – LCD projector……..$700usd PIXMA MP950 PHOTO MLTFUNC AIO 22/29PPM P/C/S…….$140usd Elite Screens VMAX120UWH 121in 16:9 Electric Projector…..$140usd Da-Lite Cinema Contour 144 x 192-in Pearlescent…….$400usd MP610 DLP Projector (800×600, 2000 Lumens, 2000:1)…..$250usd. And many more of your choice …





  • kalpesh bhandari

    1 and only thing do not buy dell prodect ever bze there coustumer service is very very poor they promice to take care of it right away but belive it ont it ben 23 days it not been taken care yet they do all kind of talking but dont solve the problem and if Michael Dell if u r reding this do liik hou poor is ur coustmer service is the ticket number for your information is first one is 136888380 and dispach number is 074360124 no teck ever shod up to work opened new case number is 136888380 and dispach number is 074865863 no one showed up then i call up the teck support they put me on hold for 2 hours and open up a new case and case number is 136888380 and dispach number is 0748568965 i dont what is happning 1 problem three time no teck to take care of it so this very bad service

  • Bhar

    Dell 5160 1.1 yr harddrive crashes, 1.5 yr the power doesn’t charge anymore.. Dell sucks!! I am not buying Dell again

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  • hasta la vista Dell!
    I was going to buy myself a dell laptop, but after a second thought, i think i spend a bit more and buy a mac.
    cheers from Chile

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  • Hello Hanif

    I am going to get you.

    You know.


  • wow

    This entry is almost a year old and people are still posting on it O_O

  • I have a DELL Demension 8200 and get a “Previous Fan failure” Alert on boot up.

    DELL’s website says check the “fans”. Computer F2 says it is CPUO Fan Failure.

    What do I do.


  • Shari

    Well, I am just one more in your hundreds of readers having similar nightmare issues with Dell. Ironically, your blog was written almost one year ago. Too bad I didn’t read it before I wasted the time, money and aggravation I have with Dell. I cannot believe I have actually found myself in *tears* over the stress of this bad laptop and getting Dell to take it back. Michael Dell has obviously gone the way of so many greedy capitalists before him. Too bad, he is ruining a great company but has probably made so much $$$ he doesn’t care now. Well, it is good to vent somewhere that others will agree! Thanks.

  • Chris D.

    Every computer will have a mechanical failure eventually. Hard drives spin at thousands of RPMs, and like the too-rapidly beating hearts of hummingbirds, they just burn themselves out. No one likes it when a computer component fails, but it’s crucial to our assesment of the quality of a computer company that we don’t give too much weight to isolated stories of failed components. The real measure is in HOW THE COMPANY HANDLES THE ISSUE. My Apple Powerbook hard drive died after two years of service. Sooner than I would have liked, but whatever; I keep a back-up (like all of you do, right?). Apple promptly replaced the drive as promised in their extended warranty agreement. My brother in law had a Dell notebook computer whose drive failed (also within two years). His computer came back from repair with NO drive installed at all. It took Dell weeks to finally determine that his old drive was hopelessly lost and to replace it with a new one.

    This has been my experience. Apple provided great service. Dell screwed up. But, as I said, don’t just believe individual anecdotal evidence. Apple has been number one in customer satisfaction year after year. Dell has been getting worse and worse:,10801,103959,00.html

  • All of the above.

    The only original part of my Inspiron 5150 is the screen and case. Every other component failed including the customer service operator in an English language course.

    Goodbye DELL, Goodbye my 5150 with a dash of lemon.

    Hello Apple. My new friend.

  • achulxp

    yaa .. dell is SUCKS !!

    i have death inspiron 5150 on ma room … n want to put it on garbage

    good bye dell

  • OJ Stevenson

    Wow…I cannot believe the experiences everyone has had with Dell.But let me say this..if you had worked in the plant as i have and seen the way that production numbers rule ALL and witnessed the shortcuts taken to get these numbers.YOU WOULD NOT BUY a DELL!!! Also it was THE MOST RACIST environment i have worked in,in my 36 years of existence!!! A supervisor had a crush on my girlfriend and when he realised that her boyfriend was a 6 foot 6 black man…We were both “let go” and i was told it was because The supervisor felt unsafe working around me!!! lol Then be professional little Dude!!! And GO HOME TO YOUR WIFE AND KIDS!!! Anyway i will never respect anyone in Tennessee at a Dell Plant!!! Its Modern day Slavery! And if you dont Go with the program Youre screwed! I have purchased 4 computers since and never NEVER owned a dell!!! I recommend that if you are reading this…You do the same
    Mr Dell i dont know about the other Dell facilities but the reason the one in Lebanon Tennessee is a Failure is because of a totally biased and incompetent Managemnent and Hireing(spherion) team…Oh well i guess we live and we learn.

    Any questions…I can be reached at [email protected]

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  • Marvelous article! If you want to really hear some Dell Hell stories, just walk across any college university. I’m pretty sure there are PLENTY of students that will share in on stories of how their laptop’s hard-drives crashed within a year, displays stopped working within a year, and other misc. problems.

  • ezetarget

    Personally I would not get a Dell. Why? Because they are just so commercially although the company I work for has about 400 and about 25 Dell servers. I am Desktop support and part of my job is to set the Dell computers up for new users. We have had no problems whatsoever as far as having to send some back except for a few of the gx270’s that had some chip problems and bad powersupplies and luckily we really only had a few of them.
    I do agree that Dell has some bad support for home users as I have friends that have purchased some and they said they talked to them on the phone and it took hours.

    To me I believe it may have something to do with the users not having enough knowledge about computers and since they can’t tell the diffrence between software or hardware issues then it can be pretty frustating on both sides.

    For my expample I did have some gx270’s and I had to get a power supply sent back and replaced plus one motherboard. I talked to Dell support and was of course disconnected while waiting on something from the guy giving me some support (of course Dell support does not care whether you are a certified computer tech or not so you still have to go thru their routine checklist). I called back and the next guy I got was extremely helpful and just got me the part.
    Then on the motherboard I filled out something online and was disconnected (I disconnected it) and I called thereafter and the guy was very, very helpful but the guy online sucked so bad and asked rediculous questions that I just got annoyed played me like I did not know what I was talking about.
    I saved that online one maybe I will post that as it gets sent to you by email. Great idea for everyone to do that too.

    Anyhow I setup computers for a living with all types of programs and ensure they work properly no matter who made the program. Wish I could agree with you guys as too many of these REAL LIFE SITUATIONS sound bad to be in and I know I would be angry.


  • Mitch Shanlney

    I bought a NEW E1705.
    There is supposed to be 3 LEDS (Power, Hard Drive and Battery) on the little circuit board under the rt hinge cover as part of the palm rest.
    I have been trying to explain to your monekys for 3 weeks. I’m DONE.
    There is a plastic bump instead of the middle hard drive LED. FACTORY DEFECT.

    I have worked in the IT field from almost 20 years. I am compaq certified and have done warranty repair work for compaq.

    THIS IS REDICULOUS to put your customers thorugh this kind of BS. I have wasted hours on e-mails and phone calls just to get the machine fixed. and it’s bran NEW.

    I bought 2 laptops fully loaded ajnd 24″ display. I am VERY UNHAPPY in how this is being handled, not only by your monkeys in India but also by your warranty provider Bantech. He even spent an hour on the phone trying to explain to India what the problem is.

  • Alfreda Mitchell

    Mr. Dell,

    I am hopeing this email reaches you. I have a small home business, i do not have a lot of money. I purchased a computer and all in one printe/fax/scanner/poto-copier., I thought. I made contact with the dell “tech- support” a month ago once i got my first client to set up my fax machine, i was on the phone with him for 45min- he then told me to contact my local phone company to get a fax number- i did that- i called back again and was told to read my manual and hung up on-called back again this time talked to sales-i was then informed that i did not have a fax machine- i have a 924 all in one which does not have that feature- i am furious with dells sales- customer service- tech dept and the so -called management – which told me that i should have called when i received my computer and printer to verify that they shipped me the right system. he (Alex)also informed me that i would be waisting my time reporting this because they will not change anything because it is pass 21 days. he also said that he was the only manager that i could speak to and no one was higher than he was in management. he laughed at me and told me to just deal with it. purchasing a computer is an investment- i want my money back or the home business system and fax/printer/scanner/photocopier that i requested. you are loosing customers because of poor sales and service or maybe that does not matter anymore

    Alfreda Mitchell

  • sam

    they suck at customer service

  • Bob

    Hahaha thanks for cheering up my day. I laughed my arse off all through your post. a) Dell isn’t going to care what some raving noob writes on a webpage. Just because it is a blog doesnt mean your opinion counts anymore than shouting it on the street. b) Most of the problems people have are because they are computer illiterate and cause them themselves. I mean complaining about having to put a fan in a machine, thats an everyday task, what is the problem? Dell markets to noobs it is bound to have a high level of disatisfaction because they cause more problems and dont understand what they are doing. Then they blame Dell for it. The only reason apple get away with it is because they are so restrictive. If you want to do anything even slightly out of the ordinary that they havent planned for you to do then you are screwed. This is why IT professionals dont use them. So Dell have lost a customer in you? Great. They have actually saved a great deal of time, money and effort in supporting you with daft things like fitting a fan.

  • Bob

    plus I bet when you’re brakes need replacing rather than take your car to a mechanic you bitch and whine about how rubbish gm or ford or whoever are!?

  • Cheryl

    Question to readers:
    Has anyone experienced Dell arbitrarily raising their Dell Preferred Service (DFS) interest rates, with no logical reason given, as I did? I always paid for online purchases using DFS on-time when ordering anything through Dell, have a very good credit rating, etc. I received an initial good interest rate, then after a period of time — they substantially raised it. I’ve never used DFS to pay online again. Thanks, comments welcome. Have a nice day!

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  • ezetarget

    To me I believe it may have something to do with the users not having enough knowledge about computers and since they can’t tell the diffrence between software or hardware issues then it can be pretty frustating on both sides.

    Besides the above I believe for sure that Dell is hiring some guys that do not know anything about troubleshooting and they are just like the users they are talking to.


  • ezetarget

    Oh yea. And I only say the above as I normally resolve issues over phone within 20 mins but normally a lot less.

    I mean if you explain something over the phone that you have this issues why don’t the support guys at Dell know what to say without referring to some script?

    I asked one guy once at Dell “Are you reading?” and he said “no I already know what to say” He really cracked me up.



    [email protected]


  • mavis drake

    I don’t understand all the hype over Dell – MDG Computers in Canada is taking on Mr. Dell on all fronts.

    I can honestly say that I am proud to buy Canadian and not supporting a multi-billion dollar man.

  • myexperiencewithdell

    I have always heard the Dell horror stories and never experienced any problems after purchasing 5 computers in the last 2 years.

    Until September 1st , 2006.

    I purchased a Canon PowerShot and within a week they lowered the price from $499 to $339.

    I called and requested either a price match or a return authorization.

    Well, it’s clear to me that Dell has incented their agents never to give a credit. And worse their India based agents follow these incentives to the letter.

    Don’t want to bore anyone with the discussions – total waste of someone bandwidth and storage.

    Net-net is I wasted several hours being told that the credit was applied, confirming the credit in process only to find out today that they can’t, so I got an RMA and purchased the same product from Amazon.

    Dell has lost my personal business, my companies business, my friends business and anyone with ear shot.

    Nice job Dell!! You get an A.

    If I was Michael I’d change my last name to get as far away from this company as possible.

  • Okay, I’ve had the same nightmare with DELL that everyone else has had over the past month. Having been angered by other circumstances in my life today I decided that I would take it out on DELL. They’re rather clever…DELL that is….not listing email addresses on their website. So I tried two solutions: wrote a letter to every Director on the Board of Directors at DELL and sent them on Certified Mail to Round Rock, TX. Okay, yes I was pretty angry but I feel better that they’re getting aggravated by my little problem.

    Secondly I decided to use the function on their Customer Service portions of their website labeled “Unresolved Customer Service Issues”…here’s the link:

    Would you believe that I got a phone call back within two hours of writing this email and my problem was resolved? (Monday to Friday, business hours only for responses) Okay, here’s what happened. Due to this blog and other blogs DELL has responded to the customer service issues. I researched that Richard “Dick” Hunter was hired to assist in the DELL problems with customer service. He formed a department called the “Escalation Department” and that’s where the emails from the link above go. A very nice, English speaking, well-educated manager called me back and a four minute conversation later my problem was resolved. I would give this a try if you’re having issues still with DELL.

    Don’t get me wrong….I would never consider buying another DELL computer and I wholeheartedly support this website. Apple here I come!

    P.S. And on a personal note, Jeff Jarvis, congratulations on how well your son is doing – you’ve got quite the over achiever!

  • Ponce Gomez

    This is a little thing I sent in today. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Until I read all of the above. I am not feeling so positive about a successful solution now.

    My HP laptop has always treated me right. Guess it is time to sail another boat.

    To all Concerned:

    I started trying to order a computer on 9/7. I was on the Dell web site ordering the machine I wanted. As I went through the process I ended up on the business side building my machine. I put together what I wanted and tried to complete my order.
    My Dell preferred account would not work. I called and was told “I was on the business side and had to have a business account.” It was getting late so, knowing it would be an arduous process I decided to set up the Dell Business account the following day. I called, repeated my dilemma, and proceeded to create a business account. For some reason they could not approve the business account right away, so I had to assist in filling out some different papers. So we went through this process. The agent got my number and said he was off at 4:00pm and it make take awhile since it was Friday, but if I did not hear from him today he would get back with me next week.

    I waited a week and called back 9/14. Was told by Erik ( Eric Myers x 7958428) the approval did not come through but that he could help me. So I processed my order with Eric. At the end of the process Eric said he would need a credit card, I said sure. I was not paying close attention or I would have noticed the order was $100 more expensive than when I had originally set up the system. After reviewing the order I thought maybe some special had passed and that was why the order was $100 more. So the next morning I called and cancelled my order.

    I then got on the Dell On line site, and started looking for a different laptop (of course this time I chose the Home side to avoid any problems) Found a machine I wanted, used the Dell Preferred Account, completed the transaction, feeling satisfied that the goal of getting a machine was completed. On 9/15 I received an e-mail notification that my order had been Acknowledged and a additional e-mail notification that my order had been Confirmed. I must say I was feeling pretty good then. These e-mails validated to me that the process had worked. I was especially happy when I received a e-mail notification that my machine had shipped. Imagine my disappointment after opening the box and realizing it was the Laptop I had cancelled.

    I immediately called the dell 800 number. I was asked for all my information so the next person would have it and be able to better assist me. So I gave all my important information to the Rep and explained the whole story. I was then transferred to returns. It was after business hours so there was no one to answer my call. Or so the message explained to me. Having faith I assumed/hoped that the Rep had transferred me to the wrong number. I called back, went through the entire process again, but this time I told the Rep, “last time they transferred me It was after business hours and there was no one available to assist me. She assured me there would be someone to help me at the number she transferred me to. Alas it was not to be. Same Recorded Message. I called back, before I went through the process told the Rep what had happened and was told they were probably closed and I should try back tomorrow. I thanked her and decided to do that.

    The next morning (9/20) I started off fresh and sure that I could resolve the confusion of the previous weeks. On the first call I went through the normal process. I was getting rather good at it by then. The Rep thanked me and transferred me to the next minion. This one went through the same process. This confused me as the previous Rep had told me I was giving her all this information so it would facilitate me through the process. Apparently this was not the case. as I had been transferred to the Home side and would need to deal with the Business side to set up the Return arrangements. Again I had to go through the entire process. At this point the Rep said she would have to contact them (the mysterious “them”) and find out what she could do for me on the return. I waited on hold as she attempted to contact “them”. When she came back she said they were still busy, and would keep trying, I said “PLEASE.” The next time she came back with the best news I could have hoped for “She had someone on the other line that could help me.” After going through the normal exit spiel she connected me to Elizabeth (Elizabeth Agent ID# 0146183). Of course I went through the whole process again. Elizabeth said she could take care of my problem. She explained how the process would work and I was issued a RMA #.

    After finishing I asked Elizabeth to have someone contact concerning my disappointment with the whole process. She said Nicole (?) would call me back, but also mentioned Julies name.

    Today is Friday 9/22 still no contact. (besides a form)

    I was approved for a preferred account for $5000 why Home purchase and not for business purchases? Both are tethered to the same customer number!!!

    I have been a Dell Customer/Advocate since 2001.
    I have purchased 4 Desk Tops 4 Laptops, Printer, Camera, and not really sure what else.

    Although none of these purchases in themselves add up to much, I would expect over the life course of my lifetime my purchase could become a decent amount.

    I am a very busy man. I would estimate my investment in this single purchase at 8 to 10 hours. When I look at my income, this is at the very least a $300 investment of my time.
    I tell you this in hopes it will help increase the value of this letter, because I invested the time to write it.

    I want to continue to do business with you, but if you continue to make me invest so much of my time for purchases it becomes more cost effective for me to walk into Best Buy for my next machine.

    Ponce Gomez

    On a side note, the second machine I ordered has not been delivered because the address is missing the apartment number. Even though the last machine went to the same apartment and it is in my account profile.


    To Whom it may concern:

    September 23, 2006

    Customer number 64942497
    Case number 140240338
    Case number 143350859

    I recently purchased extended memory for my computer on January 9, 2006 order number 765468139. The first time I placed my order I never received it so I called again to let you know and you went and sent another order out. Okay I finally received the memory and did only pay for one order.

    From the moment that I installed the memory I was getting error codes on my computer. At first they were minor and did not hold me up to much. I did email the error codes to Dell and they told me it was a driver problem to reload the drivers. I did do that and still had a problem. I kept notifying Dell of the errors and they kept telling me now it was a Microsoft error. All this time you are talking months went by. This is my home computer and does not get used on a daily basis. Only on an as needed basis. At this point my computer was basically useless. It would not book at all. I had to call the geek squad for a repair. As you can see no help from Dell at all.

    Well it turned out that the problems are Dell sold me the wrong memory stick. It was for a 2100 machine not mine. Do your reps know what they are doing? It is sad to think that a company like Dell can do this to an average customer. I had to pay over 200.00 for a repair that was your mistake from the beginning. I charged this but can get a bill if needed for you to see.

    Then we proceeded to call Dell and spoke to Henry to put in a RMA for receiving the incorrect part. Case number is above. Henry told me at that point that Dell had sold me the wrong memory. He knew this right away. It was not for my machine which is a 4400 model. Henry could not give me any kind of refund because too much time had passed.

    The next day I called customer service and they gave me a new case number (above). They told me it was my problem and would not reimburse me. Which I still have not received!!!! He said I could get 20 percent off the new price for the correct stick. I still have to absorb the wrong memory stick cost and the repair of 200.00.

    I understand that the time had passed and I missed the 90 day window but this was your mistake from the beginning. Why could they not RMA the memory and send me out the new one? I deal with your company all the time. My wife works for a large company that orders from you all the time. NEMF account number 14484. You can check if you want. I would appreciate some kind of compensation for all of this. The repair from the Geek squad was not warranted.

    I now have paid 183.00 for a memory stick. WAY TOO MUCH!


    William Brownlee
    7 Greenlawn Dr CERTIFIED MAIL
    Lodi NJ 07644

  • Good Article Jeff! Even i m thinking to switch to some other brand like Apple as the services r not better of Dell.

  • B. J. Arey

    I fell into Dell Hell and didn’t purchase anything from Dell, therefore, I owe them no money. This has not prevented Dell Financial from calling my phone number 1000+ in ten months. I’m not the person they’re looking for. Explaining this to Dell Financial occassionally slows the calls for one day.
    Since I’m on the Missouri No Call List I’ve reported them to the State Attorney General. It will be many more months before this is resolved. Pray for my sanity!

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  • Kathy

    I have been in Dell Hell. I have 2 Dells, a desktop and a laptop. I will never buy another. The customer service is horrendous. I don’t even want to go into it. My next computer will probably be an Apple and I will celebrate the day my Dells are out of my house.

  • Frank

    Another Dell Hell Experience. I wish I would have read this blog before I made the purchase. Here is a copy of the email I sent to (but probably will not get to to) Michael Dell.

    Don’t know if you’ll get this but I just bought about 4 grand of computers from you and the entire process from start to present was just the worst experience I have ever had with any purchase, on or off-line anywhere in the world. Customer service is a joke. Contacting Dell is even a bigger joke. You get the Dell Supportless run-a-round or the email will not send because your missing some data that only Dell knows what it’s supposed to be. And if an email does go through, you only receieve an automatic reponse saying someone woill contact you in 6 hours. That was 2 days ago.
    Order numbers are so confusing with the canceling and reordering you put me through, you’ll have to figure them out yourselves.

    There were several problems with my order including a so called Customer Service Rep named Jonathan Blackmore who not only screwed up my order, but also totally ignored me when I complained to him about my order problems. He couldn’t even get my address right and I spelled it out 2 times. It’s a wonder I received anything at all. This guy needs to be fired. He certainly has no idea what customer service means. A list of complaints and problems follow:

    1. E1505 does not work. The Screen is completely black and the small RED light with a lightening bolt on it displays. This may only be a bad battery, but since Dell uses different batteries I could not check it. This doesn’t work when using the power adaptor either. NEED TO RETURN or Exchange this.

    2. None of the 3 extra optical mice were in the order. They somehow got dropped because of the lousy way Dell plays games with it’s customers concerning personal, business and discounts.

    3. None of the Windows backup media came with the unit. I specifically requested these several times during the order and always was told yes, yes, I have them. But they were not there for either of the laptops or any of the 3 desktops.

    4. 1 of the table tops (D-view) for the laptops was not included. I did get 2 of the D/Port Replicators though.

    5. 1 of the wireless transmitters for the wireless mouse and keyboard for the laptop port replicators was missing.

    6. Both of the Wireless LANs were missing (or at least I think they are – they may be inside), but I was expecting PCMCIA cards.

    7. 1 of the desktop flat screens is going bad. Dims when it gets hot.

    8. 1 of the desktop flat screen monitors had 3 scuff marks on it (UNDER THE PROTECTIVE COVER). I was able to clean by washing it with a soft wet paper towel and abate this problem

    9. Absolutely NO TRIAL SOFTWARE SHOULD BE SETUP ON THESE COMPUTERS, unless they are specifically requested. Put them on a disk so you do NOT compromise our computers. In other words, don’t screw your customers just so you can make a few extra dollars.

    All of the missing item are a direct result of the awful way Dell handles their shopping cart. Who are you trying to screw? The businesses or the individuals who trust you enough to buy your stuff? Why the 2 carts? You started this off bad and it went downhill from there. I should have been able to play with the items I wanted, checking and double checking without any problem before purchasing. This was by far the very worst purchasing experience I have had yet.

    I do like the way Dell setup the recovery on the desktops though. It’s a shame we have to go through Dell Hell, especially considering all the trouble someone went through to set these things up.

  • George Binkley

    I love my Dell and the service has been great, but I must agree with the that trying to talk to someone who speaks understandable English is almost impossible. I know the agents trying to assist are trying and probably very knowledgeable, but I just cannot understand most of them; this becomes very frustrating and time consuming. I really do hate to complain and it is not the agents fault, but I do believe Dell should hire personel that the customer can understand. I do know that the next time I purchase a computer I will check to see what type of customer support is available. Thank you.

  • This says something about the whole thing, doesn’t it?

    Dell Inspiron 1100, 1150, 5100 and 5160 Defective Notebook Class Action

    And no, I’m not affiliated with them, and yes, I’ll probably join the class (I have two of these things, and they’ve both had the motherboard problem).

  • David Palmer

    Well I did not see your blog till today, It came up in a search for a potential fault on a dell power. I can’t blame Dell as it is on a Dell server I got on ebay and it actually works, it just makes this clicking noise when the server is off.

    I have been using Dell for many years, last week I finally turned off a server that has been running for 7 years 24/7. I had one fault during that time which was a SCSI terminator became loose.

    I have racks full of servers and thousands of workstations, I don’t even take the 4 hour service on the racks as our systems are so reliable.

    Dell do make gaming systems called XPS or something, I have never used them but a neighbour had one and it certainly had some grunt.

    I applaud you for trying to raise your concerns to the boss and hope that in some way your blog has helped improve service at Dell.

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  • Uw online verzekeringsmakelaar Eerst Europa Doelstellingen: De Ci2i Verzekering (Ci2i) zal het nummer een gebrandmerkte pan Europese commoditized online verzekeringsmakelaar door 2010 zijn.

  • James ARNOLD

    I placed an order with Dell last Wednesday. Credit card purchase was approved but for some reason I never got the confirmation that the computer shipped. (It’s for a friend in another state.) I called Dell on Friday night. It seems they were confused about the difference between the billing and mailing addresses, something that most online sales sites, and my credit card, handle with ease. The long night of chatroom-format customer “service” and telephone calls to a series of live albeit uninformed people ended with success: Order approved, shipment confirmed….or so I thought.

    I just checked the order status online today. It reported that the orders were cancelled. Again the calls, the online chat, and all confirmed: I was back at square one. Then I stepped back and realized: Why was I fighting so darn hard to buy a computer from a company that offered such crappy service when it should be TRYING to SELL to me?

    Heck, after reading this blog, it seems I was lucky.

    Mr. Dell and Co. – Thanks for working so hard to encourage me to buy from your competitors!

    Jim Arnold

  • Bertie Harte

    Great blog, made me smile.
    I bought an inspiron 5150 in Oct 2004, cost me 2000 euro. Had no problems with it until last year, (when it was out of cover). Cost me over 600 Euro for an new MOBO and AC charger, thanks to the overheating issue. Installed 18K fan whic thankfully kept it working until Aug 2006 when my stupid win XP decided to install all the MS updates from black tuesday, thereby shutting down 18K fan and allowing my MOBO to bake, one week before my uni final essay was due, got a new MOBO, another 540 euro and this one has no gone belly up, for no apparant reason, think it’s the DC jack but couldn’t be bothered repairing it, so now I’m awaiting delivery of a shiny new imac.
    Thanks Dell.

    • Mags

      Hi Bertie, I had the same issue with my inspiron, but resolved it by simply not looking at internet porn alone in my bedroom ! I believe there is a warning that comes with this model , stating not to place the laptop directly onto bare skin as overheating may occur ? Perhaps this is the reason for your problems?

  • Jeff,

    I will complete your quick analysis of DELL…

    1- No perspective to enlarge product spectrum due to lack of leading technologies in: PDA (Axims), LCD TV, MP3 player (Digital Jukebox), printers. OEM agreements have their own limits and, evidently, they have lower cost than DELL which lead to an additional problematic competition like Lexmark (for DELL printers), EMC (for SAN), APC (UPS), Philips/Samsung (LCD Monitor), etc.

    2- No long term investment where made during the last 5 years as the Corporation focused on “producing” a financial performance (quarterly basis). Externally, Customer Service is one visible fact but, internally, you have many others like archaic Back-Office software (Gedis or Bidwatchlite), No clear internal policy for Grey Market from DELL US Business Unit in Africa, Middle-East, Asia and Russia (explaining the 32 % market share on this territory), Missing of Service Program for After-Sales support partners in most of the regions…

    The only positive aspect is the AMD chips to desktop (especially Dimension) and server product ranges to consolidate increasing market shares in these critical areas.

    Let’s see !

  • ezetarget

    Hi, once again. Just had to check this are once again. You guys are funny. I have had to deal with Dell quite a few times now since my last post and for some reason I just don’t have your problems.

    As usual I know what to say to the Dell reps and they are very good at what they do. For Example I had almost argued with this one Tech support guy because I thought it was a memory issue. He said it was motherboard or harddrive. To my suprise it was the motherboard. I use online chat with that one.

    I also contacted them today regarding another computer and told him it was a motherboard issue and they said ok. Let me just verify your shipping address. Wow! Too eze.

    If you guys would like to read my conversations that I did online with them I can probably post it…If you don’t believe me.

    I don’t want to make anyone wrong as I know everyone has their issues but I just don’t get to have the problems from Dell.

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  • Spectrum 48k

    When on the phone to dell you cannot get straight answers? then write them a letter. If they refuse to fix. Then say newspaper.

  • Ladyhost

    you can add me to the list of a dissatisfied former Dell customer. I purchased a new laptop 6 months ago and the hard drive crashed. I also purchased an extended warranty. Dell sent me a replacement hard drive with 10 installation software cd’s (without instructions). I spent hours trying to download the software. I called Dell’s Customer Service who assisted me with downloading the software. It took him only 4 hrs! No wonder I could not download it. The software was not compatible to my system; after weeks of going around with Dell, I requested a refund or a replacement system. They agreed to send replacement laptop with eta of 7-10 business days. That was Nov 21, 2006. Today is Dec 9th and I have yet to receive my new laptop. Why did I purchase the “platinum warranty?” I will never purchase another Dell and will not recommend one to my friends.

  • Ambergirl

    I have never before been so disatisfied by a company in my life. I have been dealing with Dell customer service, Financial Offices, and some woman from corporate that pretty much called me a liar in reagards to my problem. I had ordered a Insperion B130 Laptop via the internet mid October. The following day I was contacted by their sales/customer service department for what I thought was a confirmation of the purchase. After dealing with the one and only helpful person I have spoke to during this process, I happily awaited the arrival of my computer. There was a delay on the shipping, which was not a problem for me, and when it arrived it was in perfect shape and great working condition. I have not had a problem with my laptop thus far. However, Dell sent me a duplicate computer to my billing address. I recieved my statement from Dell Financial Services and realized that they had shipped me two computers. Unfortunately the billing cycle ended after the 21 day grace period for returns. Although this has been an error on Dell’s part, I have been through complete hell with this company trying to return the merchandise i never ordered. I have finally made it to the corporate office and have been dealing with a woman by the name of “Cindy” who is not willing to budge on this issue. She insists that I had ordered two computers and that it is my financial responibility to pay the depreciation value and shipping in order to return this second computer. I could understand if I were an owner of a business that this may be a typographical error or someone from my department making an error, but I am a full time employee/student that ordered this laptop for school. I am the only person that has been in contact with Dell regarding the order. I cannot afford to pay depreciation and shipping on something I never even wanted. I have sent e-mails and have called “Cindy” in regards to this matter only now to be ignored. I need advice. What should I do? I’ve contacted a law firm in San Francisco that filed a class action law suit against Dell for fraud and am awaiting a reply. I just need an address, a phone number, anything to help get this matter resolved. If I had the money I would hire a lawyer, but I don ‘t. I purchased this computer through Dell financial services, so at this point I’m backed into a corner there’s nothing I can do. I have two computers on the account that are accruing interest. If I could just get this resolved I would transfer the “true” balance to a different creditor and be done with this company. Any responses please send to: [email protected]

  • Ben Franklin

    I have generally had terrible experiences with Dell technical support (a few exception however). One Dell technical support man actually told me to rip off the lid of my laptop and turn it upside down and put it on again. Thank goodness I can see with my own eyes how stupid his recommendation was. My only question was – is the Dell logo upside down? It wasn’t, but the Dell guy could not figure that out. That cost me a half an hour of my time. And then to top it off, the Dell technical support guy begged me to give him a good recommendation in any support survey. Luckily for him, I never got such a request. Unfortunately for Dell.

  • Chris


    I am just going through my first Dell Hell.

    I havn’t even received my laptop order. It was dispatched over 2 weeks ago and is lost somewhere between Ireland and Delhi.

    I will never, ever use them again.

    If you read this DON’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEM unless you want to speak to a half wit in Mumbai who can’t even talk english.

    The good days of Dell are over – they are dead in the water.

  • Jerry Chyo

    I have a small CPA firm and I used to recommend Dell products to my clients. I also outfitted my office with mostly Dell and HP products. But in recent years Dell has fallen so much in reliability, support and conscience that there is no way in hell I would even consider buying or recommending any Dell product. My Dell color laser printers, which are supposed to have a drum life of 30k pages, need replacing at 14k. My 600M laptop starts having power problems at 13 months and finally craps out at 23 months. Clients that bought Dell products at my recommendation are now turning to me because Dell CS is ignoring any and all problems and refuse to recognize problems, even when the internet is filled with comparable problems by many other users.

    Michael Dell, its obvious you don’t care about your customers. If you did there wouldn’t be so many problems or support issues. Your computers would last longer than 2 years and your consumables would last a lot longer than they actually do.

    I would love to see Dell get slammed by class action lawsuit after class action lawsuit. I know they are expensive, but you are developing so much badwill that I think it is only a matter of time before a higher power looks into your business practices. Its very obvious to me that the customer is last in your eyes.

    I welcome the day that Dell is nothing but a bad memory in the publics past.

    Jerry Chyo

  • I have owned two Dell lap top computers and they have both been crap! This product is highly over rated and not worth a cent of the over inflated price I paid. I will never own another DELL product of any kind! This computer has had two mother boards to burn out! Two months after I purchased it, the hard drive crashed. Six months after I purchased it, the mother board burned up. I was sold a lemon in the door! DELL wants $498 to replace the mother board now. It’s a $50 part for goodness sake! They make products with disposable parts obviously. I’m asking myself why I ever bought the second one now. Who was it that touted this product to be so superior? They need to be sued! When you call, the service is a joke. You gat passed to the next one and the next one and the next one and the next one or just get a repeating recorded message and go nowhere. . When you go thru a dozen people, maybe you will get someone that can answer one question and few speak clear English! DELL will not be getting another cent of my business and I fully intend to tell everyone I can what a piece of crap product(s) they are selling.

  • Jeff

    I will never again buy anything dell because of their customer service I have been a loyal dell customer for four years and spent thousands of dollars with dell NO MORE FUCKING DELL PRODUCTS FOR ME!!! MAYBE THE PEOPLE FROM INDIA WILL REPLACE THE CUSTOMERS YOU LOST HERE!!!

  • Goobersnotch

    Jeff you are a horrible person for trying to spread hate against a company because of one incident. Millions of people still are quite satisfied and happy with their Dells. Just because you made an ass out of yourself when trying to get your money back doesnt mean that you have to organize some selfish grassroots campaign against the company.

  • Pete Nikoloski

    I have been going through Dell-Hell for the past 4 weeks. New desktop-worked for 2h and HD crashed. It took 2 calls and 5 combined hours to try to recover the system.A tech called to schedule an appointment for 1/03/07. Today a different service tech called stating he took over this service call since the previous tech is no longer with the company. One little problem-he couldn’t find the HD in the store and will need to reorder it. Dell’s new mission statement: HERE AT DELL WE STRIVE FOR MORE DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS! I keep my promise in sharing my Dell-Hell experience with every bus. and res. account that I get on daily basis. Thanks Dell for this Hell. I hope there are many more coming in the New 2007 to prove me and thousands more right.

  • Paul

    I have a Dell DJ (MP3 player) purchased a couple of years ago. It’s now just out of warranty and needs a new battery.

    I called Dell and the nice lady, who happened to be in India, ordered one for me. When I reviewed the order I noted it was for the wrong product–a Creative Media Center. I cancelled the order.

    A week later the battery arrived. I called and to their credit Dell acknowledged the error and arranged for pick-up. I hope they will credit my account, we’ll see.

    They also informed me that they no longer support their product (the DJ) that was sold to me just over two years ago. Dell provides no service, no batteries, no information about where one can purchase one.

    I have two Dell computers. They are not bad but also not exceptional. Dell’s customer service however, leaves much to be desired. It’s unwieldy, time consuming and sometimes inadequate. Furthermore I don’t trust them when they sell a product and then abandon support for it without providing reasonable options. I won’t go near their products in the future.

  • Mike

    I purchased a “refurbished” 650 PIII CPXj a couple of years ago from Dell Financial for $435. After a couple of months, the keyboard failed. I purchased a used one on Ebay which worked for a couple of months- and it failed. I then purchased a new keyboard, which has not failed so far. Then one of the RAM chips failed (it had 2 X 128mb). Fine, it still worked with the one 128mb stick. Well, the computer began to lock up and shut down randomly. I then tried switching the RAM to slot B; which worked for a while. While on vacation, it began to shut down again after running for a few minutes. I pulled the RAM and the battery and after reinstalling, it would boot and run normally for a while. Now it will not even start up. I tried a new RAM module from Crucial. The computer booted up once and then failed. Now it will not even go to POST. I have an old IBM Thinkpad that is 10 years old that has never given me any trouble at all. I will never even consider Dell- used or new again. My next notebook will probably be Toshiba or IBM. Even a used computer should work trouble free for a while. I only used it to check email when away from my desktop and while on vacation. It has never been abused or dropped.

  • karen jane

    please can you email me an address for michael dell/his ceo? i wish to send them an email and/or fax with my complaint.thank you

  • Stranger

    Just to counter-act the nay-sayers here. I’ve been hearing bad things about Dell for last few years. When my friend’s college offered her a discounted Dell, she buckled under and bought it. I warned her, but the price was soo good. It was so slow that she literally couldn’t check her hotmail account. So we tried to upgrade the RAM, it finally worked (tech support not involved). But we both knew what a risk it was to buy a Dell and we knew from blogs and talking to friends.

    The company I work for now uses Dell computers. I’m not in IT so I don’t know what kind of problems they may have. Mine has always worked, but based on my independant research I will not buy a Dell. It sounds to me like the quality is low, the cost is low and the customer service is non-existant. You might say I’m buying into the hype, but while shopping for computers I’ve noticed that for the price, Dell’s are below industry standard in most ways. If you want a decent machine, the price is actually higher than it should be. The rampant lack of customer support and the fact that Dell seems to target large business like the one I work for indicates that Dell doesn’t want customers like you and me. It wants customers like my company.

    Moral of the story: Intelligent people do internet research and make judgements. Dell’s strategy of highering people who can’t communicate effectively and aren’t knowledgable about product indicates that they don’t care about their customers. I won’t ever buy a Dell unless my research results change.

    Best of luck, guys, and thanks for posting your comments.

    (PS: I have an e-machine lap top, going on three years, no problems. It’s going to be replaced next year. It’s about time for some more speed and a better graphics card. But I’ve had great experiences with products with AMD cards and the e-machine lap top has been great for me.)

  • Kathy Donchak

    I am currently on a call with DELL trying to a projector purchased from DELL last week- this is excruciating. I just needed a place to post my comments. I was transfered 3 times and 3 times had to explain why I needed to return the item and exhange for another model. I asked why the people talk so slowly and were so difficult to understand, and found out they are in Minila. At this point I am purchasing the projector somewhere else and just returning this one, twenty- five minutes ago I was ready tro spend $800+ dollars and now I just want to get off this phone. Thanks for the forum, hopefully DELL will read our comments!

  • james

    Mr Jeff,
    Dell is a winner, if you can just do 1% of what he did…I will kill myself…
    And guess what ? It has to be someone (actually many) that envies him, It’s just you…you picked up a role to justify your life and that’s it…

  • ED



    FOR IT (APPLE, nothing really to learn, what junk).

    hmmmmmm consumer buy a chinese computer with indian
    teck support and whAT DO YOU expect!!!!!!!!!!!!





    MEANS HIGH QUAlity with local service.

    custom made suit vs chinese rack suit.

    I work for a repair center and %90 OF CONSUMERS TRY


    well you get what you pay for, if you buy a dell you deserve
    the headach

  • Richard DeCoux

    Truer words were never typed. I too went through Dell Hell and just for the record, I had a warranty that extended through 2008 a fact that was confirmed by numerous Dell employees. I spent roughly 70 to 80 hours of personal phone time trying to replace and make functional a hard drive on a desk top that I purchased in 2005.

    By the way, I wrote a lengthy letter to Michael Dell describing my problems. (No response to my letter to date.)

    Though finally satisfied when they sent me a new desk top, the process was exhausting. From start to finish the ordeal took over a month and a half and all of that time I was left with no desk top capability. Two months ago I was seriously considering the purchase of a Dell lap top.

    Fugetaboutit now, Apple here I come.

  • Jonathan Lickiss

    This is a copy of an email I sent to michael dell – I am very dissapointed:

    Hello, Mr Dell – My name is Jonathan Lickiss and I’m 16 years old and from the UK.

    I was just reading an interview that you did with “” back in 2001: see here:

    You mentioned in that interview that you take notice of what customers think and you use them to help you improve your services – so I hope that this can help you.

    My Problem:

    On the 7th November 2006 I bought a superb Dell Latitude D420 from ebay – it was being resold by a dell agent (Lee Shailer) after it was left over from a company order.

    It was still brand new sealed in box and had a 3 year warranty.

    When it arrived on the 11th of November I noticed that the plastic was cracked to the left of the touchpad and that the screen was all blurred on the left hand side of the monitor.

    I simply rang up dell customer care and asked if they would send a replacement – BUT of course when I rang I was not Mr Lickiss but Mr Shailer (the previous owner) on the name of the laptop.

    So I left it and applied for a “change of ownership” to be made and 3 days later I received a confirmation email saying that the laptop ownership had been changed.

    To my disappointment when I rang up dell I saw they still called me Mr Shailer – I corrected them and arranged for the replacement to be sent.

    And of course it was delivered to Mr Shailer and when I reported it not arrived they sent for it to be collected and re-delivered to me but it never did and it got lost.

    It was forwarded to the dell investigations team which took 2 days longer than they promised to process and they deemed it as lost and sent a second replacement.

    It was by this time that I was getting slightly angry and a supervisor at dell named “Sanchya K” PROMISED me that I would defiantly receive the replacement before Christmas. Nothing came. I rang again and she once again PROMISED that I would receive it before New Year and it never came. I reported it once again and that too was deemed lost by the courier company.

    I then rang up and spoke to “Tirupathi Chandra” who apologised and agreed to send a 3rd laptop. This arrived on the 8th of January nearly 2 months since it all began and I had to go through all of Christmas with no computer to work on.

    While all of this had been happening they were saying that I had a good case for Compensation and I tried to apply for some for all of the following reasons:

    1. The original computer was made to a poor standard.

    2. It took 3 go’s before I received a replacement.

    3. It took over 48 days from when I reported it to when I received the replacement – this is 12 TIMES over your 3-5 working day WARRENTY promise.

    4. In that time because the customer care agents never follow anything up and you get through to someone else each time I had over 42 calls to dell, 17 times of which were with supervisors.

    5. I have been hung up on 5 times when trying to peruse issues too far and have been suddenly transferred to departments that I didn’t want to talk to.


    7. My case was forwarded to UK customer relations but they failed to make 3 call backs.

    8. In all of those phone calls I was PROMISED about 30 call backs and I never received a SINGLE one!

    9. The fact that I was inconvenienced because I had to work with no computer for 2 months.

    I have tried to claim compensation and have only been offered 10% which is less than my phone bill has cost! Which has come to £200

    I really have tried everything with dell – everything I could have done I have tried but I keep getting hung up on and getting no responses from my emails to Mr Chandra.

    I hope that I have helped by me sending this email – could you possibly do me the huge favour of possibly getting something moving on my compensation issue as the last thing that I was told by customer relations was that I needed to write to MR DELL asking for full compensation.

    The details are as follows if you wish to look into this matter further which I would be most grateful for:

    1st order number: 339239298

    2nd order number: 339366472

    3rd order number: 339409270

    Customer complaints case number: KMM6502324I57L0KM

    Also please remember that if compensation can be arranged it would have to go back to a different account than the one registered on your systems as that will be Mr Shailers account.

    I have bought a lot from dell over the years and this is the first major blow I have had – YOU MAKE BRILLIANT COMPUTERS MR DELL BUT IF YOU WOULD JUST MOVE CALL CENTRES BACK TO THE UK AND IMPLEMENT SOME MORE DEPARTMENTS AND ROOTS FOR THESE SORTS OF EVENTS TO GO DOWN THEN I THINK YOU COULD MAKE MORE MONEY – some people I know are put off by the fact that you have Indian call centers.

    Please do get back to me about anything I have said; I am willing to provide more advice or details at: [email protected] OR 01933 356718 OR 07891604208.

    Thank-you for providing me with this opportunity to talk to you and I hope once again it may have helped in some way.

    Have a good day.
    Jonathan Lickiss.

  • James

    I have a Dell computer at home and two at work. I have never had a problem and have even had good service from their outsourced customer service line.

    This winter I fell for Dell’s Boxing Day advertisements. They were offering $150 off a Sony hard disk camera. My wife and I had a baby girl on Christmas Eve day and thought this would be a great Christmas gift for our growing family.

    It’s now January 22. Five phone calls later, two of which were with Case Manager Matt (ID 11125), I’ve still not made any progress. They told me on the 6, that my camera would ship on the 12th. They told me on the 12th that it may or may ship on the 18th. On the 18th they told me the third party vendor had cancelled the order and that if they couldn’t fill it they would send me the next model up. Today it’s the 22nd. The vendor has reinstated the order but Dell tells me it may or may not ship on February 13th.

    They have not been willing to tell me how many are on back order or where I am in the queue. Matt agrees that the service is lousy but he says it’s company policy that they can’t do anything for me to remedy this. Wow.

    Dell advertised a great deal. Now I’ve missed the Boxing Day sales everywhere else and they’ve got my hands tied. I wait or I lose the discount. Next time I buy at Best Buy, Future Shop, or Wal-Mart.

    In the meantime, read the fine print before you trust a Dell ad.

    James Bosma

  • Larry

    I am the owner of a dell 600m just ran out of warranty by 10 days, low an behold defrag won’t work, c drive won’t chkdsk /f c: dirty well guess what it’s not software it’s the hard drive over heating, it got so hot that when it cooled it cracked the plastic case, I was lucky it could have burnt the house down! there was no batterie in the computer it was running on ac power, Dell’s answer oh well the warranty is up!

    Larry Pierce

  • On Dec. 29th, I decided to return the DELL E207. Dell receieved my E207 monitor on January 4th, 2007. I still have not received my refund. I am stuck in DELL HELL. I will never buy another DELL product again.

    The Customer Service Tech Reps in India and British Columbia are clueless. They are no emotion and its sounds like every statement that comes out of their mouths comes from a book.

    They could not ship my check for the refund/credit via UPS or Fed-Ex. They cannot give me a tracking number for the check. They keep saying it will be another 5-7 days to get the check. It has now been 23 days since DELL has received my Monitor in Mint condion. DELL claims they tried to credit my PayPal account. I called PayPal myself and they have no records of DELL attempting to credit my account. DELL claims to have shipped me a check, but it still have not arrived.

    DELL HELL sucks. I recommend every DELL customer and future DELL customer to stay away from DELL. I won’t get bit again from this blood thirsty poor customer service company.



  • Eden

    this is the letter I wrote to dell but received no response:

    Dear Mr. Dell,

    Around September 2006, a vertical line developed on my Dell 9300 Inspiron laptop screen. The lines are popping up one at a time making the screen very difficult to use. I called Dell technical support and they walked me through the steps of connecting it to an external monitor to see if it was a LCD problem or a driver problem. No lines appeared when I connected it to an external monitor. Because the warranty had expired on this computer, the tech specialist informed me that I would have to replace the monitor at a cost of $500. That is unacceptable, in my view, for something that should work for years, not months. I bought a Dell expecting quality and not a computer rampant with defects. I then did some research on the Internet to see if anyone else was having this same problem. It was not surprising to see that many other people with the exact same model monitor purchased at about the exact same time period of April-July 2005 was having this same problem. The problem would occur approximately 18 months after purchase. There is currently a website specifically for this issue:, forums on devshed, and several issues found in dell’s customer support forums that are recording the same issue to make the problem known to Dell. I have addressed my issues to them under the unresolved category on their website. Once I discovered that the screen was defective, I called Dell support again in December 2006 to state my case. The first person I talked to said that there was nothing that they could do and that they were not aware of a wide spread problem with these computer monitors. I then asked to speak to a manager and basically got the same scripted response that Dell has not recognized the defect with the monitor and that there was nothing that they could do for me. I was hung up on several times, and they did offer me a $100 discount off of a $500 screen. Again, I told them that their offer was unacceptable. The manager’s response to the many postings of this problem on the web was that they get many complaints about computers but that does not mean that it is Dell’s fault or responsibility to repair computers that are out of warranty. I advised the manager that my next step would be to contact my mother’s associates (she is a journalist) and he refused to admit that this issue was a defect. I contacted two reporters, one from the Washington Post, and one from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I was advised to send this certified letter directly to you stating this issue and to demand a replacement monitor free of charge before making this issue public. I have multiple Dell computers bought for home use and work. I would like to continue to support of Dell and its products with an acceptable resolution of this problem/defect with my computer. Please advise me on how Dell plans to resolve problems related to the defective LG Phillips LCD panels (dell part J9662) within FIVE BUSINESS DAYS of receipt of this letter.

    Case #: 152594895
    The managers I talked to were:
    Loverina Vsouza
    Joe Yves (114082)
    Cynthia (5374008)
    Sam (104787)

  • Hiren Patel

    Dell Garbage- Dell Hell Mess

    I got a new Inspiron E1405 in October ‘06 and around November ‘06 the hinges started getting loose on me. I called the customer service and she walked me through tightening the hinges. Another three weeks the hinges come loose again!

    I call the support and the guys wanted to blow me away, so he said that he will send a replacement for the laptop. I waited for a week, but nothing happened!

    I again call the customer service, and they said that nothing has been sent to you and they cannot offer me the replacement and all i will have to do is to send it to the service center for them to fix it. I agreed even though i would have to do without my laptop for a week. The laptop goes to the service center, meanwhile I get a call from the automated center saying that your laptop cannot be fixed and it has been delayed by another week. I promptly give a call back all pissed off and apparently i get the laptop back in couple of days. (name of the rep handling the resolution case was Tushar)

    I checked the work order from the service center and it clearly stated that the technical guy only tightened the hinges and sent me the laptop back. I did mentioned to the other Tushar that if you tighten the hinges in your service center it wont work because i had already done that once, to which he assured that they will take proper care of the matter!!! My foot care would have been better than that!!

    Another three weeks the hinges go loose again, I called back Tushar – no response for 3 days. I was all pissed off again and gave a call and happened to talk to Ivan – another dell resolution guy. He says that you will have to send the laptop to service center. I got agitated and demanded to talk to his supervisor, who happened to talk to be Mr. Andy Oaks Dell Customer Resolution Team Manager, another guy in the pile of useless fellows. After arguing for about an hour or so, he said that I can go to BBB and file a complaint against Dell. But that would not solve this issue. To solve this issue I will have to send the laptop back!!!! I argued why should I send it back to you, it was your mistake that your technician did not fix the laptop when you had it at your service center. And I don’t trust your technical services anymore. To this he said he would give me a gift coupon of $50 if Dell is able to fix the laptop and if not Dell would give me a replacement for my laptop.

    I sent the laptop back. I received the fixed laptop! I did not get any coupons back. And the fix they gave me was to replace the LCD screen (I know this because my previous LCD screen had a light key scratch on the top and the new one does not have it). But now the LCD screen has an inherent defective scratch. You don’t see it on the outside. But when you turn on the laptop a hair like area of the screen has an inbuilt scratch and you notice faded colors from inside the scratch.

    So now I am totally pissed off, all I want is a new laptop, pay me for all the time for which they had the laptop at their service center, pay me for all my phone bills and all the mental stresses I suffered in talking to all those garbage customer care personals.
    I gave them a call on Saturday February 3 and today on February 5 as well as spent an hour talking to Vineet- customer care supervisor in India, asking him to make Andy Oaks give me a call and spare me from the trouble of explaining the whole case again to Dell Hell customer care people.

    I want to ask all of you! Give me the contacts numbers or emails of all the superiors or managers at Dell. I want to talk to Michael Dell and make everyone know about the pathetic state of their customer service as well as the manager who handle this customer care (talk of the courage of Andy Oaks-manager, who threatens me that filing a case will BBB on this issue will not solve this issue and the only way to solve this issue is to deal with bone heads like Andy Oaks and be at their mercy). Also how advisable it is to report this to BBB. I want to make Dell/Andy Oaks/Ivan/Tushar and all those Dell Hell customer reps to pay heavily for this mess!!!

    I appreciate all your help.

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  • Tim Sanderson

    Dear Michael,

    I have two leased Dell computers which I used for my private psychology practice. The Lease expired in July 2006. In March 2006, one of the machines ceased to function, as part of the very expensive lease agreement I contacted the help desk – which I discovered is located in Penang, not Australia, for help. As part of the agreement if a problem cannot be fixed over the phone a technician would be dispatched “the next business day” to fix the problem. The problem could not be fixed, mainly because who ever I spoke to in Penang could not speak English or understand the importance of ‘tax records’ or ‘confidential patient information’ I was offered the services of a technician.

    I am still waiting.

    It is now nearly one year since my machine ceased to function and Dell became in breach of the contract.

    I stopped lease payments in May 2006 and refused to pay another cent until the problem was fixed. Through a great deal of intimidation by Dell which I have resisted we came to an amicable agreement over cost and return of the machines.

    I am still waiting or a technician to come and rescue my data (sensitive and confidential patient data and tax information) from my machine.

    The service provided by your company continues to be appalling.

    Your machines are disappointing and mine does not work at all.

    As you have taken over control of this company again, I trust that you are in a position to fix this problem. No one here in Australia appears to have the necessary competence or willingness to sort this out.

    I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to this appalling situation. I want the data on my hard drive.

    When I have the contents of my hard drive – you can have your machines back, and I shall purchase a computer from a reputable company instead. After which point I expect to hear no more from your company. Oh and by the way, please stop sending me promotional material advertising your computers.

    Yours sincerely

    Tim Sanderson

  • My issues with Dell have been resolved.

    Thank you, Michael and CP! You’ve proved that your do have a great company. I hope things continue to improve.


  • toasteroven

    The fan in the power supply my 8300 desktop has been making a noise like a 747 taking off. To make sure it was the power supply, I took it out and tried one from my HP. Worked great, except that it didn’t physically fit. Gritting my teeth, I call tech support to get a new power supply.

    My mistake.

    “Harry” listened to my story and proceeded to take me through his troubleshooting script. After 20 minutes of nonsense troubleshooting, he asks me about the three LEDs on the back which I report are all green. “OK” he pronounces, “the problem is fixed because the lights are showing no problems.”

    But what about the fan noise? I ask. “Oh. The fan is making a noise?
    We will have to do the troubleshooting again.” Aware of the pathology inherent in arguing with an automaton, I played along while I made soup.

    At the end of his second bout of ‘troubleshooting’.. “Ah. I think there’s something wrong with the fan!” But isn’t sure and puts me on hold for 10 mintues.

    When he comes back he isn’t so certain. It might be the fan on the motherboard. So I repeat the story about switching out the power supplies, to which he concludes “OK, then we will have to trouble shoot the other power supply!”

    What? But it works fine and has nothing to do with the problem on my Dell. “Oh” Please hold…

    10 minutes and another cup of soup.

    “Sir. Your power supply is working fine because the three LEDs are all green. We can not send you another one…”

    “But what about the noise?” I hold up the receiver to the computer and let him listen to it for three full minutes. DRRRRRRRDRRRRRRRRDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    I get back on the phone and he says — “Sounds like your fan isn’t working”

    @(*# DELL

  • Shannon Rciahrds

    How do I get the email address for mr dell and mr george? I too need to write a complaint to them. Their customer service sucks.

  • I have a dell inspiron 5100 with a defective design in the heat sink and it shuts down from time to time. I cleaned it out and all this thick dust came out of it when I opened the inspiron up. What im trying to figure out is… WHy would you create a design in which theres only one fan solely on the bottom of the laptop… That does not make sense. I see that for dell 5150 customers they have filed a class action law suit against dell and have won for their laptops to be changed. What about us 5100’s. Something must be done!…….Where do they get these Dell customer reps…oh yea thats right… Outsourced from India

  • Murat-

    My name is John, and I work at Dell headquarters. It would appear you’re having a bit of an overheating problem. If you’d like to contact me, I’ll see what I can do to help!

    [email protected]
    attn: John

    On a side note, your system’s overheating problem has nothing to do with fan or chassis design. The one-fan design you’re describing here is pretty standard, and not just for Dells. If you look at the teardown diagrams of our competitor’s notebooks, you’ll find that the one-fan design is predominant.

    What you are experiencing here is a malfunction.

    Dell Customer Advocate

  • Jack Toms River NJ

    I’m so lucky that I spent all the money for a 4 yr FULL warranty.$ 300+ but worth it see below. Inspiron 9200 SYSTEM.

    I’ve had way too many repairs on my laptop. From delivery day the Wi-fi never would light. So the Fn+F2 could turn off the wifi card and you wouldn’t know why you can’t connect.

    The LCD screen was replaced because again from delivery day there were 1 inch grey circle in the center of the screen! WHERE is outgoing QC???

    The wi-fi was dropping connections so the wi-fi card was replaced too.
    Couldn’t boot even from CD so system sent back after tech couldn’t fix it at my home. At depot repair they swapped out system board! But they didn’t repair the wi-fi light problem.
    Software problems with Windows galore. Hours on the phone.

    Finally had WiFi part replaced. The tech said the hinges were bad too. So I have to have that replaced.

    I would not take a DELL for FREE after my experiences. The tech support in the states still go from a script as the outsourced late night support. So I’m not impressed as no one at DELL will try to go to the web for help. I have fixed more problems from the web than tech support could ever manage. Some problems are due to services being stopped or shutoff.

    Battery doesn’t last more than 2hrs with CD off and LCD brightness down all the way! I upgraded to 1 gb from 512mb and perf is much improved
    no matter what was said.

    My wi-fi is 20 feet from my laptop and still can’t get full strength on IntelPro sw icon in system tray.

    Gateway No way.

    HP may be a better bet for a laptop. DESKTOP I always build myself and have had best results because I had my choice of the best components. Didn’t have all the “included software” though. Not much of a loss. Can overclock the CPU chip and video card. My desktop is a dream!

    Michael Dell you better do something quick or you’ll be working for HP.

  • Carmen L.

    Hello Mr. Dell,

    I would like to ask a simple question about one of Dell Product. I have a Dell Latitude Cpx, the screen not working. It fated, if you put a light on it you can scrren the window. I brought another screen the same model number, and size, but it also doesn’t work. They say it’s the fl inverter but for some reason they can’t tell where is the fl inverter. I would like to know if you can tell me where is the fl Inverter place at on the screen of the laptop Dell Latitude Cpx? Thank you for helping me?

  • Martin Stein

    Hi Mr. Dell,

    I was a Dell customer for life. I was totally committed and would never look anywhere else for my PC needs. This includes my business of 24 employees, plus my family of 4. I owned only Dells until……….
    A little software window appeared that said Dell Maintenace, you need to fix something. I clicked it and then the fix was taken care of, but it said I needed to re-install office. I was traveling on business and needed it for the meetings and did not have my disks.

    I called Dell support and they said they would do nothing until I paid $50. I calmly said that I would not and you would lose me as a customer forever. Well, that is what happened.

    I just needed to buy a few top of the line laptops and actually wanted to buy Dells. But because of principle, decided to buy HP. I am so happy with my HP products that Dell will surely never see another penny from me. And to think of the $1,000s you lost trying to squeeze $50 out of me.

    M. Stein

  • Dennis

    Dear Michael Dell,

    Dell has gotten a lot of bad press regarding customer service. Now I know why.

    I have always bought Dell. The price was right. Ordering was convenient. And customer service was good. Even though I used to work at HP in the late 1980’s in the PC Group, I was a Dell customer. Not any more.

    In November 2006 I purchased a new system from the Dell Outlet. It was the XPS 410 with Windows XP Pro (order#377016723, service tag BPBXXB1). According to Dell’s FAQ, this is eligible for the Express Upgrade to Microsoft Vista. However, customer service says my system is NOT brand new and is instead refurbished. I’m sorry, but to me the system is brand new. I don’t care whether it was scratched, or returned, or failed final testing and had to be patched. To me it is NEW.

    Here’s the FAQ:

    What do I need to be eligible for a Microsoft Windows Vista upgrade?
    – You must have purchased an eligible Windows Vista Capable1 or Windows Vista Premium Ready1 system with a licensed copy of Windows XP Home, Windows XP Home – Media Center Edition or Windows XP Professional no earlier than October 26, 2006 and no later than March 15, 2007.
    – You must redeem your upgrade online no later than March 31, 2007.
    – You must provide valid credit card information at the time of redemption for payment of the upgrade fee (as applicable) and associated shipping and handling charges.

    What if I did not select the upgrade to Windows Vistaâ„¢ at the time I purchased my system from Dell?
    If the qualifying system was purchased during the program eligibility window, (October 26, 2006 – March 15, 2007), that system is eligible for an Express Upgrade from Dell. Customers will not be allowed to redeem an upgrade after March 31, even if the system was purchased during the eligibility window.

    The policy enforced by Customer Service is inconsistent with the FAQ above. I would think every high-end XPS system would be eligible. I guess not.

    Sorry, but my next PC will be an HP.

  • Angie Garner

    I want Mr. Dell to know that I also will never buy a Dell computer again. My computer is only 3 months old and I already have had problems and the customer service department is horrible. You can not understand them, they do not have a clue, they show no emotion and it sounds like they are reading from a book.
    I have let every person that I know my experiences and for them not to buy a Dell computer. The funny thing is that when I was telling my story of hell many of my friends have experienced the same problems. Go Figure!!!!!
    Never Again!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Marie

    Dear Dell Customers,

    My name is Marie and I work at the Dell Corporate Office in Texas. I have been reading some of the comments posted and want to help with any outstanding issues. Please email me directly at [email protected] with your order number and a brief description of the situation. Thanks and have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: [email protected]
    ATTN: Marie

  • Mohammed

    Hi Readers and Jeff,
    I am pretty new to this website and took ten full days to go through the letters. I am sorry to know that you all have had had had….. terrible problems with Dell systems and customer services. I have also read a few praises about Apple. I just want to say that if you are not pleased with Dell Support it is not that Dell Support is totally incompetent, there are lot many customer perhaps greater than the disappointed ones who are happy with Dell in all aspects. We get to read all the bad points about Dell however there are hardly any of them who have praised. I know Dell quite well however I opted for Apple iMac the 24″ LCD system because of the operating system. And the followin is my story:
    1. I orderd for iMac at Jan.01.07 and I was promised delivery at Jan.04.07 however I received it at eleventh. I wasn’t informed about the delay, only when I called them did they tell reschedule.
    2. The LCD came with two dead pixels. Apple said that they will replace the LCD which I refused as it is brand new (out of the box infact) and decided to live with it as they are quite tiny yet. (If this had to happen with Dell you can claim for a new system exchange of a like model).
    3. Apple iMac 24″ model comes with 1GB RAM however I asked for 2GB RAM upgrade in the system order, guess what, dispite calling them every other day I am yet to receive the upgrade RAM for which I had paid with the system. The saleguy said that the machine is ready however the RAM hasn’t arrived. He promissed that he will upgrade the RAM by the following weekend (that’s Jan. 14.07). I just called the Apple retailer and they said that the salesguy is with a different customer and can’t answer the phone. As though I am a dope. “It’s been the same story, “I mailed my seniors for the RAM and I still didn’t get it”. I wonder if I have to write to Steve Jobs personally, does anybody have his mailing address please ? When I get the RAM upgrade or whatever happens first thing I’ll do is I’ll let you all know.
    3. Talk about Dell Tech. Support ? Listen to this-I called Apple Tech. Support. I am quite good at Microsoft but then I was new to Mac OS X. I had stored a lot of music on iTunes and I just wanted to remove all of them. Selete did not work in iTunes. The Apple Techie said the easiest method to remove the songs is to erase and install the operating system. I told that stupid techie, “you don’t need to reinstall the operating system just to remove the songs from iTunes. Just tell me where the default music folder for iTunes is located and I’ll delete it”. He said I am sure that operating system reinstallation will resolve this issue. I told him that is not how it is in Microsoft, he said “yes sir, Mac. is different from the others”. I JUST HUNG THE PHONE ON HIS FACE. Now can I purchase an iPod, I am looking for a portable MP3 ?


  • Dwight Smith

    Bought a Dell Latitude D600. Soon after, began to experience intermittent problems (blue screen). Through it all, I never doubted Dell’s commitment to quality, just assumed I had a lemon. The problem was random, hard to reproduce. So I decided to replace it with yet another Dell commercial laptop, the Latitude D620. Kept it in pristine condition, even bought the Dell leather carrying case. Suddenly, the on-board speaker failed. Emailed my problem to Dell Tech Support, they NEVER responded. I sent in a angry email, and it was escalated to Dell’s REC (Resolution Expert Center). After going round-and-round with email, Dell’s REC eventually sent a 3rd-party tech to my home to fix it. The tech was a gorilla. He completely disassembled the laptop (on my dining room table) and replaced the motherboard. The audio was fixed, but in reassembling all the parts, the laptop shell had a bulge in the seam where the pieces didn’t fit together. The tech tried to forcibly make it fit, leaving unsightly scratches – and the BULGE. Also, he did something to my VIDEO…I can’t configure it for max resolution like it was before! The video is blurry (like an ancient laptop of the early 90’s). WHAT A STINKING MESS!!! I’ve now got a scratched-up laptop with an unsightly BULGE and lousy video! And my Dell REC rep takes 2 days to respond to my emails (Dell’s idea of ESCALATION). I’ll never buy another Dell product.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for the assistance. will be actioned on the 23rd March 2007 when the Freeparking server is reset. I expect to have the web design completed in the next two weeks.

    Although primarily of interest to Dell european customers complaints, any input is appreciated.


  • I have to say I laughed when I read Mohammads comment 3 prior. Unfortunately, you have such a small bad experience with their techs, compared to the 10 hours of being put on hold by a barely English speaking customer service rep.
    If you think you can so easily switch out systems, I ask you to try it some time. If it takes you less than 3 months, Ill be very disappointed
    Please understand that I’ve been a loyal customer to dell with my personal and business decisions over the past 3 years. Whenever I ordered a computer I was taking care of and in some cases even received the computer by the date it was supposed to be there.
    A year and a half ago I purchased an XPS 1712 notebook for a gaming application and was very impressed. I’m a goober sometimes so I purchased the accidental protection plan. While coming from a business meeting the laptop dropped from my Dell bag and lived no more.
    The most noticeable damage was a crack on the battery under the battery. I called tech support and it was sent to the DEPOT. I was told it would only take 10 business days and twenty days later I received it. It looked new and I was happy to just have my computer back. When I turned it on a spark ignited under my coffee table causing a nice black burn mark. I unplugged the computer and looked underneath to find the exact it cracked, but burnt this time, battery in my machine. After the shock wore off I put an old battery in and started my system. All it said was to install windows so I got out my handy dandy install disk and pressed the ROM drive button and all I hear is a faint “click” “click” noise. I can’t open the bay door. I finally laugh with craze after reading the letter stating that my computer had been extensively tested to ensure the problem was fixed.

    I call tech support and after an hour 1/2 of hearing about support online (the wait is generally longer by the way) I get another English challenged tech guy who schedules another pick up. I start an email relationship with a manager named Lamar who initially refers to me as Mr. Urib (last name is actually Adams) and tells me there is nothing he can do (basically) except offer a $50 coupon. I finally got this after quite a few emails. The computer takes about 8 days this time to get back from repair and I am sure that Dell will have got it right. After all I did send a letter pointing out what to fix.
    The computer still has the same battery, the same ROM drive, and still doesn’t work. They were however nice enough to send a letter telling me the parts were temporarily out of stock and would be sent to me when in stock. No estimated date of arrival by the way. I called tech again and found out that my motherboard and HD was probably bad too. The tech guy offered to request a total system replacement which would take 2-3 business days to authorize, after which would take 5-10 business days to build my new system (with the temporarily out of stock parts), and 3- 5 business days to arrive on my door step.
    I’ve written a letter to Mr. Dell, but do not expect a response after reading your blogs.
    Go with SONY

  • Gil

    I won’t get into any lengthy details, as some have done, because I’d only be re-hashing the same concerns and problems as others have stated.

    What I will say is that my computer business is one where I assist people in purchasing a home computer, get the software and peripherals they want installed, then do training and support.

    I’ve had a rather successful business doing this – since 1994 (officially). I’ve used several computer companies through those years – Dell being the main one from 2001-2006. I would estimate I’ve purchased (in customer’s names) more than $250,000 with Dell alone.

    All this changed in late 2006 when I got tired of the poor quality of products and even worse customer / technical services. Dell seems to have gotten to a point they think the things that got them to number 1 isn’t important any longer.

    I’ve got a degree in the IT field, many certifications and a lot of hours of training and research; yet, I find it more and more difficult dealing with people who cannot fluently speak English and sometimes don’t even understand what is being asked of them.

    My business relies on these big companies to be successful. If a Dell computer isn’t working – customers look at me to fix it. They don’t see it as a Dell problem, rather a problem of my business. Because of this and because of the poor quality of products Dell seems to be content to manufacture – I no longer purchase or recommend this company.

    Since 4th quarter 2006 and into 2007, now into the 2nd quarter, I’m having very good success with other companies – Apple in particular. Its taken a fair amount of training and learning on my part – to sell and support Apple computers, but on those occasions when I’ve had to contact the company – I’ve talked with English speaking and knowledgeable people.

    Apple isn’t the only product – many people don’t want to learn a new OS or navigational differences. I respect that and have been selling computers from Sony and Acer. The few problems I’ve had with the computers have resulted in better tech support than what Dell has diminished to.

    Not only is my business taking money from Dell, but I belong to a rather significant network of IT people around the U.S. This, in addition to word of mouth in not recommending Dell, has made a little bit of difference. I may not even scratch Dell as a company, but I have the satisfaction knowing I am still doing what I set out to do in my company – care for people who want to enjoy computing in their home and business.

    If you really care about the company you built and the vision you’ve had in life AND if you really care about the products and reputation associated with the computers your sell – you should seriously reconsider the direction Dell (the company) has taken in the past 18 months or so. In earlier years, people believed in you and the direction you were taking so many of us in the IT world. Was that all a bunch of ‘bull’ so you can become a wealthy individual or do you care enough to turn the reputation and quality of products around so people can once again believe in you.
    Dell – the name – should still mean something to you!!

  • Kay

    In Febr this year, I bought a new high end computer system from Dell that simply will not work because, as there tech people finally admitted to me after 10 horrible hours on the line with tech support from India, the new Windows Vista is incompatable with the wireless component. After being promised repeatedly that they would refund my money, the last person after two hours on the phone today told me I am SOL. They won’t refund it. I have no remedy. She refused to give me her ID or her name. She just repeated the same line over and over that my only remedy is to work with tech support, who already told me that they do not have the software to make it work.

    Other than filing a lawsuit, do you have any suggestions?

  • I wonder if Dell customer support via Instant Messenger even has human beings responding to customers. After reading this actual transcript of such a support session, you will to:

  • G. Walker

    I am also in Dell hell. I brought an Inspiron B130 just at a year ago. Within six months I had to replace the adapter. Now, the battery is completely dead. Talked to Dell today and they want to charge me nearly $400.00 to fix computer. I bought this thing for $600.00 so why would I want to spend $400.00 to fix it. I am told that they may need to replace the entire motherboard and, of course, they want the money up front instead of examining the machine first and giving me an estimate. I was told that if the work did not need to be done then they will refund my money. Why the heck would I want to trust them?!!!

    The computer shuts down constantly while I am using it. I am sick of this mess and really hate that I spent $600.00 of money that I couldn’t afford of this piece of c**p.

    Tonight I went to Bestbuy and brought a new computer and did not spare the warranty. At least I will have security against buying another lemon.

    It is a shame that Dell has turned out to be such a bad company. They are in the business of robbing people!

    Finally, good riddance to this crappy B130 and to Dell. I will NEVER, NEVER, buy another Dell and I will make sure that I will convince as many people as I possibly can.

  • Dear Jeff Javis,

    i have found your page searching to fix my 1 year old Dell E510 that has expired warranty. i have tried to fix it my self and with technical assistance from dell but what they told me at the end is to seek external repair shop…..why is that because they have no clue and they don’t want to talk about unless you provide your credit card number and then they still don’t fix it……i am so kicking my self for not listening to hundred peopel telling me not to buy dell well now i know……

    If you can can you please tell me how i should go about contacting Dell to have someone listen to my case. Or the only way is to write letters to Micheal Dell and the major share holders of the company.

    *******( no word to describe the level or unsatisfaction with Dell and their support without using curse words)


    Dariusz Winkiewicz

    PS…..Any help on the matter greatly appreciated and also any comment as to what computer to purchase next is also greatly appreciated……Please if you know of any company out there that produces here in USA i would like to know……( I used to think of my self as a calm person…..but after spending few hours on the phone with Dell some people would think otherwise)

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  • Maria

    It’s oddly comforting to hear others have the same inane and unhelpful conversations with Dell that I have had.

    I purchased a new Dell laptop and printer in January and the printer has never functioned properly. I’ve contacted Dell 14 times on the same exact issue. They reinstalled the print driver 14 times (in addition to my own attempts before calling “tech support”).

    They absolutely refuse to listen to my past experiences and give me the same maddening platitudes every time. The last guy got annoyed when I cut him off after 2 hours.

    I’m absolutely disgusted with Dell. I bought this computer because my previous experience with Dell (6.5 years ago) was great. They’ve really gone downhill. I told customer support I’ll never buy anything from Dell again and they don’t even care. Next time I buy local.

  • My experence with dell has been one of the worst in my life. From day one, the modem was bad, it took several weeks to get a replacement because they ship using DSL which requires no signature. Thats whole other story. It was a low end machine but it should have run circules around my old Presario with the same processor. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone with technections that I not only couldn’t understand, They could not resolve any problems. There were a few that were laughing in the backgouund speaking to someone next to them in another language. After several months the hard drive crashed. They offered to send someone out to replace it. I said “NO” . I don’t want your machine. Please take it back. Long story short—I got nothing from dell, no refund no feedback. In fact the last C\S representative hung up on me. I kept the monitor, mouse and keyboard. I’m going to give them away so I wont be reminded of the experience. I must confess however that I smashed the computer to pieces with a sledge hammer. To my amazement I felt a great since of relief…………..

  • Beatrice Hymiak

    If you live in New York and have Dell Complaints contact:
    Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo
    Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection
    120 Broadway 3rd floor
    New York, NY 10271-0332

    Also online forms at Attorney General New York State.
    He is looking into Dells support service.

  • R Maheu

    I most recently bought another dell desktop. This is my 5th Dell computer. The last one I bought has a delay in everything that I do with it and it became such a headache that I ordered a new one, a Dimension E520. Well at first it seemed ok but then it started to shut down due to all these errors and then it would not connect to the internet and so on. I finally ended up calling the Dell help center in India. The first time they were able to direct me to get my pc running again. The next day the same things happen again. I ended up calling India again after a long time on the phone the problem could not be fixed and the guy wanted me to take my pc apart. I told him no way and that I would call Canada to speak with a customer service rep there. After over an hour on the phone I finally got through and told this woman my problem. She said I had no choice but to take it apart at which again I said no way and asked for her supervisor. After another 45 minutes or so I got this guy (Paul) who said he was a supervisor. He would not give me his last name but after telling him the same story as the last person he stated that was my only option was to take it apart which I refused. This pc was only 2 weeks old and I asked about the next day service that Dell offered and he said take it apart or Dell would do nothing, bottom line. Well that was a joke, so I ended this call by saying (1) I own 5 Dell’s and this would be my last, (2) I work in GM so I would make sure everybody I come in contact with hears about the way Dell supports there product and finally (3) that he was no way near the top of the food chain at Dell and I would go all the way to the top in needed, and then I hung up. As it turns out a good friend of mine lives next door to one of Dell’s top manager’s in Canada. And she did indeed call him telling him my story. He did tell her which methods to take to get my pc fixed. But rather than waste my time I just gave up and Dell can take their products and go sell them in India as I will never support them again. Lesson learned. Thanks.

  • Wendy

    Here is one for ya, just found out that DHL delivers Dell and they informed me that if i were not home, they would have to try and get a neighbor to sign for it. Of course, they would leave me a note. 3000.00 dollar product with someone i do not even know their first name, let alone their last. Unreal. The worst part, i called Dell, asked to speak to a supervisor and got hung up on. So, before you purchase anything, make sure you know what company is going to deliver your product and what their policy is.

    This is very, very scary my friend. I still have not found an e-mail to get my complaint through.

    I am having doubts i will ever use them again and I WILL BE HEARD.

    • dannyvice

      Really? You’re only “doubting” whether you would use these guys again?

      You really are begging for abuse, aren’t you?

  • J. Peters

    Dell is not really one of the best. My dell is 3 years old. A dimension 3000.
    Prior to the end of the 3 month warranty. I purchased a 4 year warranty.
    With that warraty they deducted from the 4 years the 3 months they provided for free. I ended up paying for those 3 months that were supposed to be free. This warranty included in home repair. Later, maybe a year I had problems with the ethernet card connecting to the network. called them and just happened to get India. Was I in for a big surprise. I spent $ 450.00 for the extended warranty. After 2 to 3 hours of communicating with a rep after a 30 minute wait, they disconnected. I called again with another long wait for connection and guess what? After talking for just a few minutes a disconnect. As the usual circumstances during my lack of bi lingual and broken language, I explaind in a polite way that I had a hearing problem, that rep then talked to me as if I was stupid. I was not deaf but was trying not to say I couldn’t understand them and ask for repeats several times. I worked for a corporation that is in the top 10 of fortune 500 companies. They do not have Dell, they pick up junk monitors and keyboards and have their own system and repair people. Lots of junk but a very high and sophisticated setup. When the monitor goes bad, they throw it away and bring in some more junk. The internal system is probably one of the best in the world. They can figure their costs in minutes for each hour of the day their costs and then can borrower that power for other facilities and their programs. If their system went down for one hour a one facility the cost was more than 5 million in loss.
    Getting bsack to the rep, I got alittle disgusted with the guy, that I sent a e-mail to Michael Dell and within a half hour I got a call from India and they told me that they will handle things in India. They had somehow intercepted that message. I got no answer to my problem , now when my ethernet lite comes on I just leave my computer on almost all the time. It is now better and will come up quicker when I have a power failure from the power company.
    I also was told that they ( India ) was the only one that could authorize sending a repair person to my house to fix it but they would have to fix it their first. You got it, no repairman. Their efforts really messed the computer up as lots of things changed. I have to sign on, they took me off dsl and put me on dial up, which I had to fix with my server. The rep also told me that everthing he told me was in the book on my computer. He didn’t understand that that is what he is paid to do and not try and humilate me about the manual. I still have problems off and on and now they actually want me to purchase programs to fix my computer which includes protection which I already have and would cause me more problems, and other software that I already have and don’t need. They must think I am a sucker. I’ll just buy new. Maybe H.P. or have one built locally. A better way to go.
    At the present time I’m trying to get audio and video through a Karaoke player into the computer so I can record and copy to a disc. This is for a record for my grandkids after I’m gone so they will know how I sang music as I’m not that bad but was good when I was young, just wasn’t on the front burner. Military obligation and family were first.Any good idea’s, I have Audacity program and learning it somewhat. Good luck to all the winners of Dell however long that lasts. This is my second Dell.

  • G. Manish



    Wait and Watch !

    I am not biased towards towards dell , all i am saying this is because of some facts. The outcome of the changes made at DELL which might have hurt its profits in last 2-3 years were expected. What is intersting is the LONG TERM PLANNING. Now since the man himself Mr. DELL is in charge , watch out H-P. Its not easy to stay up there for long as Dell did in last 10 years.

    • dannyvice

      Give me a break. Why don’t you take a look up and down this comment board before blathering such stupidity.

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  • V Jameson

    Dell is def from hell…….I have, since March 1st, being billed for a computer which was returned. I have called, written and did all I could. I would like to speak to Mr. Dell personally to tell him just what I think of his company. I have tried talking to his employees none of which understand English or I couldn’t understand them. ONe didn’t even know what a tracking number from ups was.

  • Hi to all. I have experienced a company that is really bad and I now know how you guys feel and I am sorry for not really understanding. CDW and HP do not mix. These are the only companies that I have a problem with.
    The problems that I have experienced with CDW and HP are worse then most of the post here though.
    Never buy from CDW with product being shipped from manufacturer HP. Yikes what a nightmare and still have not gotten a return/exchange for my company after a 7 day talk about 3 hours a day.
    You truly get transferrred from person to person atleast 5-6 times per call.

    As for Dell, well Dell has always been heaven sent to me. We have 300 or so computers now and all are Dell. They are just awesome on support for me.

  • Cindy

    Dell’s customer service is a joke. I spent almost an hour ‘chating LIVE’ with a customer service and his or her manager. They were absolutely useless. They took my gift card fund and cancelled my order. What kind of service is this? I am so upset now!!!!!!!!

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  • Not used to it


    many a times it happens that we ignore many things and follow the person infront of us like a shepherd rahter than analysing it. here i have seen many people trying to speak out their problems or bad experiences with dell.before saying my word i would like to say i am not taking the side of anyone.

    As the saying goes every story has three versions. 1. My version of the story 2. Your version of the story 3. The Truth. so i suugest folks to kindly go through all these version then come to a conclusion about any thing be it DELL. HP or APPLE.

    These kind of problems arise many a times due to our sole negligence. we order/ buy the products without even veryfying its credibility. i mean without reading its pro’s & cons. This has been the major cause for many problems. Folks its Your hard earned money that you are paying up to buy something. before thinking of spending it kindly check the details thoroughly.
    Next time whenever you speak to tech support Guy try to converse in a friendly and see how that guy solves your problem. (I am saying it by my own experience, the more friendly we are the more helpful he will be and if we try to be commanding or angry then its our own loss. guys its human psychology)

    As for DELL i have been using their products for the past many years. even my company is using hundreds of it for the past many years but we have rarely or never faced any problems. the reason is periodic mantainence. be it any product, the life expectancy increases by good usage and periodic maintainance. which i have seen many people never doing it. (one of the major reasons for trouble shooting)

    I felt like telling this to all so i am saying it and i apologize if anyone feels offended or hurt by these words.

  • L

    DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST EVER. I have just spent days dealing with them and not only did they not fix my problems –THEY LIE TO CUSTOMERS, WASTE THEIR TIME, AND TRY TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF CUSTOMERS.


  • jeff horton

    i am trying to purchase a dell computer and have had just one problem after the other and haven’t even received my computer yet. Can you please get me in touch with some one at Dell that really does care and have some pull. i have only talked to one person in the many phone calls that i have made that can clearly speak english. just frustrating and every one of them that i have called “is the one in charge and the one i need to speak to. Is Michael Dell’s email really if not, can some one please help me asap regarding a correct email address that will actually help me. thank you so much. jeff horton

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  • I have never had any problems with Dell hardware, but I have been trying to get a credit for a canceled order now for 2 weeks. Everyone claims to be helping me, and claims that it will take 24 to 72 hours, and then 4 days later nothing has happened. I have contacted dell customer service, their order department, their financing department, and apparently there is some long exhausting “process” which always needs to be initiated in order to give me back my money. Seems no one is able to press the enter button anywhere in dell.. or perhaps their computers have gone down.

  • marc quinlan

    Dell is the worst- offer 6 months interest free if I purchased an Inspiron w/ a Dellcare package and then only give me 3 months interest free. After talking to 11 reps in Customer service and Dell finance they insist I did not purchase the required items. All they had to do is look at the order and my receipt. Thankfully the computer had not delivered yet and I refused delivery from DHL. I am sure I will be dunned by their finance dept. even though I never got the computer. “Dell Hell” is a real place – between their customer service reps, supervisors and their finance department no one has a clue. The NY Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Dell for just such practices. If you have similar experiences you can file a claim with them – even if you are not from NY.

  • Falcon

    Dell is the worst! I recommend Dell with the following warning, “Yes by all means get a Dell, just don’t plan on plugging it in and you should be fine.” I order many servers, and PC’s, listen if you like to tinker and fix then by all means, if you like to focus on getting other work done then go with another company. Companies like Dell, outsource to manufactures (OEM’s) like Foxconn or Mitec (In Dells case…), many times these companies like to rush design time and production testing… Notice the A01 on Dells hardware, that is a revision number, usually people with quality equipment go back to fix things a few more times after computer modeling there boards… Dell doesn’t care; they just want to rush products to market. If you want a good PC you have to pay for it… Spend your efforts with companies that take into account design time on there components. You get what you pay for, as for me, I use IBM for servers, due to the 100% support for Linux compatibility on components, and awesome management features, like a dedicated separate baseboard management controller and predictive failure analysis. No to mention the great cabinet design for easy access to components and great planning for fans and cooling… MPC for desktops, they offer genuine Intel mobo’s, decent PS, good hard drives, and great support. Most of there Netframe servers offer great layouts and superior reliability, management features are a little sparse but I would give that up any day for quality. So far both have 100% runtime in almost 2 straight years of operations with little preventative maintenance. When you oversee as many servers as I do (rack full’s), that is saying a lot. IBM and MPC uses OEM manufactures that produce quility conponents, IBM offers manny conponents designed in house… Who would you go with?

  • Dell is a fucking shit hole to work in and it’s products r mere crap packaged beutifully with so hyped brand…. Dell absolutely has no ethics. Hope there deeds bite them in the ass as early as possible and all the sufferers laugh at DELL… FUCKING …Sons of a bitches… who believe in Dell..

  • Did i forget to mention i was an ex-employee of Dell and exactly know what crap Dell sells… hope the people in America find it…m glad to have left the insane and greedy world of Dell…. It’s all fuckin shit and full of fraud around the support, warranty…it is all manipuation in the face of service

  • David

    The details of my Problems with DELL are listed here. I have filed a claim with the BBB also.

  • Sobee

    I have a 3 year old Dell laptop, and athough I had issues with the motherboard and screen, Dell came within 24 hours (Dell Gold Tech support and NBD service) and attended to the matters. O have had 3 desktops also, all of whch have been superior to other colleagues’ units, in a lrage part due to Dell support. I have indeed heard not only from bloggers but from IT folks that Dell has truly slipped. But I also heard Mr. Dell is back in it and things will be different now. Sure, I will believe it when I see it but I believe it will come soon. In the meantime, others are also getting better in terms of quality, so there are indeed other choices. I agree that to survive Dell must try to lead andnot follow, and tech support will win peple back.

  • Ildarad0


    First off all this is one of the thousands letters to DELL and as all others this one will be ignored by DELL.
    However we consumers should not stop from trying to protect ourself form being DELL’d
    I had laptop, Desk top, and TV from DELL. I recently moved from one place to another and movers cracked bezel on my 30″ DELL W3000 LCD TV. so i called DELL to replace a bezel. After talking to 3 different people from the support guy up to the Supervisor. I’ve tolled that the only why i can replace my bezel (frame) is to buy a new 30″ TV from Dell for $1300 dollars!!!! are you insane?
    TV works fine all what i need to by a frame replacement. so all what i did i got very nice SONY label/sticker and covered broken part of the TV. So now i do not have DELL TV any more it is just SONY.
    LAPTOP was overheating as every single DELL laptop which was made. Laptops from DELL suck. I returned my Laptop back to DELL and got HP which is grate.
    Desk top is still alive and will be replaced by HP as well, as soon as I’ll need an upgrade.
    thank you to all for your adds.

  • Tyler Coan

    I’m going through “Dell Hell” right now. About a month ago, I ordered a latitiude D620 for my wife. Well, as it turns out, they discontinued the D620 and sent me an e-mail telling me my order has been cancelled because they can’t get parts for it anymore. That’s not the problem. I ordered another laptop, a D630, and it went through fine. Yesterday, I looked at my credit card history, and they charged my credit card twice. Apparently, they shipped me 2 laptops because the first one never got cancelled like they said it did. Now my credit card is maxed out, and dell won’t refund me til they get there laptop back. The dell lady I talked to guessed it would take about 3 weeks to credit my card. I asked if Dell was going to pay for the interest, and she said “probably not, but I can put a credit on your account for the interest.” “Great,” I think to myself, “so they can charge me for that too and recieve even more crappy service.” Michael Dell, if you’re reading this in your fancy office somewhere, please e-mail me. I’d be more than willing to share my experience with you. tylercoan|at|gmail dot com. Until I get better service, all my future computers will be HP’s.

  • Jeff Chomyn

    We had enjoyed our home computer for about 2 years that we puchased through a Dell Open box dealer in Markham.
    We’ve had no issues with the machine and good performance.

    We purchased a laptop from the same dealer for my son who was going off to school and other than a hard drive failure after a year it too has had good perfomance.
    The dealer replaced the drive in short order and my sone was back in business.

    I liked the quality of the machine and the sevice we have experienced.

    On August 12 2007 I placed a NEW online order for laptop for my daughter who was going off to school. The machine was a 1520 with one “difficult” item – the paint – it was to be a “pink” Inspiron.

    On August 13th I discovered through the confirmation emails that the delivery was to be the 14th of Septmber to our home. Since her school started September 1st and was 4 hours drive away this presented a problem.

    1. I called customer service THE NEXT DAY to confirm the delivery delay – and they admitted the issue with paint plus the demand Dell has had for these systems in that colour.



    2. After stewing for a while we decided to “re-direct” the delivery to Grandmas house close to Megans University ratherthan our home so she could pick it up.
    I called Customer service again and after a 20 minute wait they indicated that I could not re-direct the machine since the “account” the order was put on was identified with my wife Jane and not me –

    This was vexing since I placed the order online. Apparently, sales put this new order on an existing file in your system that had my wifes name on it due to a previous purchase – they did this without my authorization or approval !

    In addition I found out my credit card information was linked to my Daughters name and not mine – She does not even have a credit card ! So it would be unlikley that a charge would go through !

    Again customer service indicated they could not help me fix the Name associated with the credit card due to the “pivacy” issue for this account – an issue Dell created !!!

    Customer service told me my wife would have to call customer service to allow me access to the account to modify this order that I had put in ! – As she was in another city as home this might take some time. I then asked if they could call her and get her approval so I could modify my own order. After much time on hold they did this and got back to me.

    I also indicated I needed to add an EPP number to this order since SNC-Lavalin uses Dell and that’s where I work. Customer service indicated that I could use the EPP number but the discount was 4% and not 5% as indicated on the material from Dell that is distributed at SNC-Lavalin. Thanks for another negative experience.

    Customer service then indicated that to change the ship-to address and adjust the order for the EPP number they would have to send me to talk to SALES.

    3. Then while I was talking to sales they indicated that to apply an EPP number to and existing order and to change the ship to address the original order would have to be cancelled and that would add additional delay to the shipping……………………………….I just about lost it at that point – but asked them to go ahead and asked for emal confirmation of the cancellation of the first order and email confirmation of the new order.

    4. August 16th – no emails of the cancellation or re-order had arrived since re-ordering so I phoned customer service again – after a wait time of 30 minutes I go to talk to someone who could not review the spec of the existing order.


    When the customer service person “attempted” to review what was in the order she could only see “some” of the details of the order and could only interpret some of the items since “she was not a technical person” – Why is gods name is a non-technical person working for a computer compney in customer service ????????

    I asked to be transferred to someone who could help revisit the order and confrim the items in it so that the order could be cancelled and re-entered with a different colour to speed up the delivery time. The customer service rep transferred me where I sat on hold for 20 minutes until the line was dropped. WOW !

    5. I called customer service back again the same night and after about 20 minutes they answered and were helpful in cancelling the second order and actually giving me a reference number this time. They also gave me the Sales number and transferred me to the online Sales group (I suspect in India again). This time a gentleman who spoke too quickly to be understood 20 -30% of the time was busy having a personal conversation to his buddy for 10 or 15 seconds before he realized I was on the line – Then he proceeded to begin the new order I needed to make for a “white” 1520. At some point he asked for my EPP number and then informed me that the EPP department was closed (it was not past 9 PM eastern – I had been on the phone or waiting for Dell since 6PM this evening) and that I could not do the order with the EPP on it untill they opened…………I ended the call without an order.

    In summary,

    1. So, Dell has Paint Problems – so did Henry Ford 100 years ago ! – They were solved – where was the R&D?
    2. Paint Problems has resulted in delays – where is production planning ?
    3. Demand for those machines has resulted in Delays – where is the open-ness TO THE CUSTOMER ?
    Why, when ordering online does the potential delivery date NOT show up to allow a customer to make a decision THEN about accepting a particular schedule before committing to a purchase ?
    4. Why does an online order get attached to an existing account due to the address and thus lock the account from the person who made the order if the existing account happens to have a different name but came from the same home address as the new order.
    5.Why can’t Sales people change the “ship to” address without cancelling an order ?
    6. Why can’t a Customer service person add an EPP code and change the existing order rather than Sales ?
    7. Why does anyone who adds an EPP code to an existing order have to CANCEL the current order resulting in additonal delay FOR THE CUSTOMER. ?

    8. Why when I actually got most of this straightened out can’t I place an order including and EPP after 9PM Eastern ?

    The Score:

    After 6 days, 2 orders in , 2 orders cancelled, multiple phone calls, 6 hours of wasted time.

    I’m still asking my self why SNC-Lavalin my employer with emplyees world wide is buying from Dell.

    I’m also asking myself will I try tomorrow or simply go to Future Shop or Best Buy or Staples and get a Toshiba for the same price and perfromance and have it up a running but in a Deep blue colour in 1 hour…….

    Just call me old order 17456044 and 174799090 cancellation 172283998

    Jeffrey J.S. Chomyn P.Eng., B.Sc.

  • I purchased Dell Inspiron E1405 on July 29,2007 on dealslist with indication that order will be processed within 3-5 business days. After receiving my payment, Dell sent me confirmation e-mail stating that August 21,2007 is anticipated arrival date due to delay in production time.

    I contacted the customer service via phone and e-mail requesting them to honor the original promise date. Keep in mind, I’m self employed and need to utilize the laptop on my business trip approaching end of August, 2007. The Customer service representative assured that I will receive it prior to August 21,2007 but cannot guarantee that I will receive it within a week or so.

    Today is August 21,2007 and I received an e-mail stating that order is delayed further until August 28,2007. We all know that August 28, 2007 DOES NOT mean August 28,2007. Now, I’m forced to cancel my order and buy a different laptop. I’m also forced to buy the Airline tickets last minute at peak price.

    I have still not received a response from the “executive resolution team”. Consequently, I will file complaint with Better Business Bureau against DELL. I have no option but continue to contact every consumer advocate group.

    I am very dissapointed in Dell’s customer handling and limited authority. Please utilize other high traffic websites like,, to unite our concerns.

    Thank You.


  • virginia oppenheimer

    I could not even get as far as ordering a computer! I wanted to buy a Latitude 630, phoned to clarify some of my options, and encountered an incredibly rude and uninterested salesman. I wanted to “build” my spec list and then have it held for 24 hours so I could show it to a friend. He would not talk to me unless I was prepared to order a 631 (not what I wanted) and do it right then. He informed me I couldn’t order a 630 because it was a business computer! I will obviously have to find a different company although the Latitude 630 would have suited me well. What kind of business is Michael Dell trying to run?

  • J.Donald

    Back to School good luck
    After having a bad experience 10 years ago I swore off Dell but seeing the back to school ads and my daugther needing one for school, I ordered a laptop begining of July.

    I won’t bore you with the details but after many follow up calls, I found out that the back to school special could only be delivered mid Sept (not sure where they go to school) because of production issues..

    Customer service basicallys offers you a cancellation (oh yeah and you need to send back the hardware they did have in stock that you received right away,like the printer, but of course can’t use without a computer) and of course they are still running back to school ads.

    Called the President but they have so many complaints he has his own call centre team to respond.

    Never again.


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  • Arthur

    I recently purchase a dell inspiron 1420 laptop computer from Malaysia,that manufacture for ASEAN region including the Australia,New Zealand ,USA and Canada,for the inspirion,latitude,vostro and XPS range and the division comprises from non-Christians management in the malaysia office monopolize by one ethnicity due to this reason went a minority and christian like myself,orders a computer from Dell they tend to sent a damage computer on purpose,further more it was arrive a month later,What concern me thru my insider sources confirming,from Dell own engineers and managers that to reduce their overhead cost for their laptops range ,they have opt for the China made OEM Simplo batteries and AUO LCD’s TPR725 and tm315 and longer using the Japanese and Korean brands,as Sony,Hitachi,Toshiba ,NEC,Panasonic-DC224, Samsung and LG.Using unreliable brands tend to make the LCD flickers,batteries explode,overheat,LED don’t work on batteries.From my own investigation uncovering the trued about Dell they try to run me over on the road and I was injured in the eccident.There trying to KILL coz there above law in South East Region coz vast influence in the governments here.Today receiving dead treats from your costumer service manager Reekish in Penang.It’s the same that Christians are being erase from the Iranian society..My Service tag number.9D..R1S,contact number 6016 2885690. and email address [email protected]

  • Hi Micheal Dell,
    I just wanted to appraise you of of what I believe are wrong practices being done by your subsidary in India.
    I placed my first Dell order (for two desktops) and was very dissapointed to find out that it would take a minimum of 4-6 weeks for delivery.
    The problem is that I was not informed at any stage of my purchase-either in the print ad, or online, or even when I placed my order on the phone- that this is the usual delivery times for India! A first time customer (like me) gets to know about the delivery time only after the order is placed and the status is checked using the order number.
    I wrote a couple of mails to the customer service dept but did not even get a reply. Dell’s India website and print advertisements till date do not mention anything about delivery times!!
    I was reading Dells ‘core values’ which I can identify with but which I feel the Dell (at least in India) itself does’nt.

  • Diane Dennis

    I told him not to do it! My son purchased his second Dell computer (because he never had trouble with his first) to start college. Well the wireless was not working on it, he was advised to send it back for repair. That was four weeks ago! Since then I have had too many one sided conversations with customer service people and service techs from all over the world, none of which have been able to help us get this computer back, or even give us a ship date. Oh they say they will look into it but we still don’t know where this laptop is! Yes they say they will get back with you, or put you on hold(one night for 90 minutes!) or hang up on you. They won’t send it back because their policy is not to return laptops in non working condition. They won’t let us return it because it is not in our pocession, but they won’t send it back!!! They are quite hapapy to keep our computer and money! Now my son has learned a lesson and states he will never buy another Dell, and passes this information on to any and all college students he encounters.

  • greggyliwag

    You should know how to use a computer… Patience is a virtue… Computer users also need to pay attention. When you call tech support, you will be given instructions. You’re the customer and you should pay attention to every details. If you’re a hot-headed customer, you’ll end up having a bad experience because you don’t want to listen. All that your thinking of is to fix the computer.. That’s what you call “unrealistic expectation”… PC are machines, it can’t be fix right away just by yelling and nagging at the person who’s trying to help… It’s a give and take relationship between the customer and the tech support… If you want someone to listen, then you should listen too…

  • greggyliwag

    Just to share with you my experience with Dell…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………IT WAS GREAT!

    Just be open….and be cool.

  • Rschuman

    Greggyliway should experience the pain I’ve been through. E1705 Inspiron – about a year old – has had 2 motherboards and 3 drives replaced. Last drive replaced, lasted 3 days. It takes about 6 hours to rebuild a PC and install the OS, patches, and software and to restore any data files that you were lucky to backup before the system takes a dive. Unless the hardware is less then 21 days old, Dell owners are subject to refurbished hardware. Tech support holds the company line by not thinking like a customer. Instead of fixing the problem, they do their best to patch the issue hoping it will go away using spare parts that they have lying around. They have absolutely no regard to their customer’s data that is lost, the aggravation of dealing with and scheduling time for a rep to come out and repair the issue using used parts, or the time you’re down waiting on parts to arrive. I own 7 Dell products and have seen the quality and support degrade over the past 5 years steadily. I can no longer recommend Dell as a reliable supplier of quality products.

  • Pinoy

    buy a book for HOW TO BUILD COMPUTER FOR DUMMIES and start building a CLONEd computer , and be PATIENT and dont RUSH things = PROBLEMS SOLVED , and ps please do take a lot o reasearch on the internet for COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY UPDATE so if you encounter a new Feature on youre computer you dont just RUSH on the phone and DIAL A 1800 number for HELP , geeezz 3rd wolrd countries are much poorer that you guys but they are much more technicaly inclined with regards to their computers, please dont use computers anymore , go back to a pawn shop and buy a TYPE WRITER,

  • Pinoy

    PS: dont buy a BICYCLE if you dont know how to RIDE one beacuse the store wont TEACH YOU how to DO it,


  • anon

    I sent in my dell inspiron E1702 priced at around $2300 to be fixed for a backlighting issue in the lcd but got it returned with scratches, improperly assembled case, screw covers falling off, a flickering screen, an os that now blue screens, and the original issue was not even fixed. I have now spent almost 10 hours on the phone being transfered from one department to another. I am still waiting on a decent offer to resolve the issue.

  • greggyliwag

    Hey, I have been there too. I’ve done all of that also… Here’s the point, computers are just “MACHINES”. They’re built by us humans. If you want to have a good computer that won’t crash, then build one yourself. But just a Disclaimer: make sure that you find the right parts, if not, you’ll end up buying for parts… over and over. And of course, find books on how to build cloned computers, and then name it after your name… If ever, you get successful, building your own computer, just prepair yourself for troubleshooting incase you’re starting to have problems.

  • Talong

    Customer: “I got this problem. You people sent me this install disk, and now my A: drive won’t work.”
    Tech Support: “Your A drive won’t work?”

    Customer: “That’s what I said. You sent me a bad disk, it got stuck in my drive, now it won’t work at all.”

    Tech Support: “Did it not install properly? What kind of error messages did you get?”

    Customer: “I didn’t get any error message. The disk got stuck in the drive and wouldn’t come out. So I got these pliers and tried to get it out. That didn’t work either.”

    Tech Support: “You did what sir?”

    Customer: “I got these pliers, and tried to get the disk out, but it wouldn’t budge. I just ended up cracking the plastic stuff a bit.”

    Tech Support: “I don’t understand sir, did you push the eject button?”

    Customer: “No, so then I got a stick of butter and melted it and used a turkey baster and put the butter in the drive, around the disk, and that got it loose. Then I used the pliers and it came out fine. I can’t believe you would send me a disk that was broken and defective.”

    Tech Support: “Let me get this clear. You put melted butter in your A:drive and used pliers to pull the disk out?” At this point, I put the call on the speaker phone and motioned at the other techs to listen in.

    Tech Support: “Just so I am absolutely clear on this, can you repeat what you just said?”

    Customer: “I said I put butter in my A: drive to get your crappy disk out, then I had to use pliers to pull it out.”

    Tech Support: “Did you push that little button that was sticking out when the disk was in the drive, you know, the thing called the disk eject button?”


    Tech Support: “Sir?”

    Customer: “Yes.”

    Tech Support: “Sir, did you push the eject button?”

    Customer: “No, but you people are going to fix my computer, or I am going to sue you for breaking my computer?”

    Tech Support: “Let me get this straight. You are going to sue our company because you put the disk in the A: drive, didn’t follow the instructions we sent you, didn’t actually seek professional advice, didn’t consult your user’s manual on how to use your computer properly, instead proceeding to pour butter into the drive and physically rip the disk out?”

    Customer: “Ummmm.”

    Tech Support: “Do you really think you stand a chance, since we do record every call and have it on tape?”

    Customer: (now rather humbled) “But you’re supposed to help!”

    Tech Support: “I am sorry sir, but there is nothing we can do for you. Have a nice day.”

  • Talong

    One woman called Dell’s toll-free line to ask how to install the batteries in her laptop. When told that the directions were on the first page of the manual the woman replied angrily, “I just paid $2,000 for this damn thing, and I’m not going to read the book!”

    go here for more:

  • Talong

    No Video!

    Tech Support: Thank you for calling. How may I help you?

    Customer: Yuo know, I’ve been on the phone for hours and no one ever resolved my issue. I have no video on my computer. And I don’t want to troubleshoot. I want a manager or your supervisor!!!

    Tech Support: Oh. I apologize for such inconvenience. Here let me help you.

    Customer: No. You can’t help me. I.NEED.A.SUPERVISOR!!!! NOW!!!

    Tech Support: I understand your situation sir and I know it is frustrating. Here is my supervisor, you can talk to him.

    (After all the excruciating drama and frustration, the supervisor was able to calm the customer down. The supervisor assured that the issue will be resolved in 15 minutes. The customer is now willing to troubleshoot for 15 minutes.)

    Customer: Now what?!

    Tech Support: First, let’s check for lights in your computer. Is there a light infront of the tower?

    Customer: Yes, it’s solid green.

    Tech Support: Well, that’s good. What about a light in the monitor?

    Customer: there’s no light, what so ever.

    Tech Support: Can you please press the power button of the monitor?

    Customer: nothin!

    Tech Support: Hmm. Can you please make sure that the power cable is connected?

    Customer: well, it is connected!!!

    Tech Support: I mean, is the power cable of the monitor connected to the power outlet?

    Customer: I have another power cable in the box. Do I need it?

    Tech Support: Yes, the monitor has its own power cable.

    Customer: Now I see, I thought I have as a spare one.

    Tech Support: Duhh!! Read your manual dumb ass!!!

  • I agree with you talong. I’m also a Dell Tech Support and I received hundreds of calls like the one you post because of customer who doesnt know how to use their common sense. as of this moment, I am talking to a customer who doesnt even know where the “ctrl” or even the “alt” key on his keyboard.

  • Talong

    I guess, it doesn’t matter what brand of computer you are using, if you’re not using a COMMON SENSE, the computer will not function properly.

  • Talong

    By the way kamote, I am a tech support of HP. I guess, computer users never learn.

  • exactly! well of course there are cases that the tech is the problem.

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  • Hardeek Prakshiva

    Hey TALONG yew might bee hurt urself becoz maybee ur an INDIAN yewrself! IT SHOWS IN YEWR NAME!

  • Jimmy Nunley

    I worked for Dell, Inc. Dell’s weakness is not in the quality of it’s products. It makes very good products. The problem is the fact that they do not respond in an appropriate manner when something does go wrong. I can tell you honestly, based on my own experience as a Dell employee, that Dell does not care about customer satisfaction. Customer complaints are routinely blown off. If a sales rep deals with a customer satisfaction issue, they are punished for doing so. Reps are forced to blow off customer complaints if they want to keep their job. The system is set-up to drive volume. Selling as much as possible is the goal. Sure, mistakes will happen, but Dell assumes customers will tolerate it because they are able to sell products at a lower cost. I can honestly tell you that many customers do tolerate it. My included in that I’m sorry to say. Ive never had a positive experience with Dell’s customer service staff. Dell doesn’t care about the long term satisfaction of it’s customers. They don’t care if you are upset and unhappy. They don’t care if you have problems with your new computer. Don’t blame the rep at the other end of the phone when you call into Dell with a problem. Dell treats it’s employee just as bad as it does it’s customers. I used to look up to Michael Dell. I used to admire Dell, Inc. as far as the company was concerned. My image of Dell was destroyed after working for them for just 10 months. It was the worst environment Ive ever worked in. I’ve never been lied to and used to that degree by any other employer and Im not a young kid straight out of college. Ive had other jobs and I hold a Masters in business management. I no longer recommend Dell products and no longer look up to Dell as a company. If I thought Michael Dell really cared and wanted to know about my experience with his company and the many situations that I dealt with while I was employeed there, I would write and tell him. I know that would be a waste of my time so i respond to blogs like this one instead. If you choose to buy from Dell, do so being fully aware that you will not receive an acceptable level of customer service if you have a problem or issue after the sell is complete. If you can service your own computers and you want the cheapest possible option as far as hardware is concerned, you can’t beat Dell. Their prices are the best in the market right now. No-one else even comes close. Just know what your getting so you can make an educated decision.

  • Boy does this sound oh too familiar. I have yet received a response from Mr. Dell, I guess he’s too busy counting his $$, sucked out from us. Neverthess, I can’t believe after a dozen emails to customer service/technical and still haven’t gotten resolution nor repair on my laptop, which I to have experienced a burnt lap, and now a non functioning video card. I to will look forward to purchasing an Apple, my son loves the one I bought him a year ago…yes replacing his dell.

  • Pinoy

    Yeah go ahead and DOnt BUY I.B.M TYpe computers LIke DELL , HP and IBM , because APPLES are for NOOBS like you , yeah pay thousand Bucks for an APPLE and you will miss alot NOOb , incompatible 3d games and Software, and BOy did i forget to mention that OS X operating system is HEll when it Broke , so good luck on youre apple NOOB! and good luck for the TEch support call that you will make in the future for APPLe lets whats youre complaints after you call them , NooB !


  • Pinoy

    HOME computer user needs alot to learn , please GUYS accept the truth THEY’r JUST NOOBS !!

    as i say BUY ” HOW TO USE COMPUTER FOR DUMMIES” i think its only $20 per copy ,

    please guys buy this book, so to save you guys for shame when calling for help ..

    NoooBZ ! you guys dont deserve to OWN a computer , MOrons !


  • Pinoy

    they say WHITE MEN CAN JUMP ,




  • Some bad experiencies to read in Spanish about latinoamerican Dee customers:


  • kool aid

    it doesn’t really matter if you spent much on your computer. in the way technology works, it will wear out no matter what.
    talking about bad experiences are just crap idea. hey, look at the brightside, nothing will happen if you’ll just keep posting about bad experiences. it’s hard to please everybody. if you can’t understand computer technology, don’t use a computer. coz if you just don’t know what is happening, you will end up suing everyone. not a good idea right?… watch your blood pressure. don’t drink too much coffee. don’t be drunk when you call tech support and don’t be a nagger. don’t just nag on everybody coz in the first place they have nothing to do with your damn problem. don’t just ask, learn.

  • Richard

    Hey Pinoy,….the saying is “White men can’t jump!” …which is a lie, ….just like the other lies like, ….”Black men can’t think!,”….. and “Pinoy has a life!”

  • Pinoy


    yeah , you got it right its a lie,

    but i think the u red necks are the call drivers for a lot of call centers around the world for the MOST DUMMEST ISSUE/PROBLEM , like HOW CAN I PRINT A DOCUMENT ? or HOW CAN I TURN ON MY MICROWAVE ? , OR WHERE IS THIS STREET ? yeah you GO figure smart BOY!

    yeah nice try , BUDDY!

  • Brian

    Wow, this was great reading! Thanks Jeff for starting this blog. I bought a Dell Inpsiron laptop in 2001 and it’s the last Dell computer I will ever buy until Michael & Company learn that you can’t skimp on quality and service and survive. My past experiences with Dell’s customer service are in line with all of the others who have visited Dell Hell. What’s so amazing is back when I had purchased my Dell, all the computer magazines were touting Dells’ products and support. In fact, several of the magazines had rated Dell as No. 1 in customer support. I’ll never know how they ever got those ratings. My experiences were excruciatingly painful – as were those of many others I personal knew who had purchased Dell computers at the time. My bad experiences have left me with a very sour taste for Dell products. As the adage goes “once burned twice learned.”

  • Ray

    Having bought a new inspiron and paid for 3 year on site repair Dell are refusing to honour it.
    The screen keeps going and they have made me run diagnostics more than once, promised if it happens again they will send an engineer without hassle but surprise surprise they want to run more diagnostics – 2 hours worth – and will only agree to a return to base to look at it.
    Attempts to complain get told that it will only come back to them anyway so there isn’t any point!
    I have had 2 other dell laptops with, so far, no problem. Seems that if they go wrong they are worse than useless. Will I ever nuy from them again – don’t think so.
    Will have to try the legal approach to get satisfaction!

  • Nithin

    Dell Customer Sucks!!! Especially, their India Support!!! Is this a racist rant? No… I am an Indian myself. Spent almost my whole life in, ironically, the cities where Dell Support are based…
    They wrongly diagnose issues, sent wrong replacement part, do not honor warranty issue, insult on your face.
    And yeah, they don’t have contact to their legal department!!!
    Typical Conversation:
    Can I get the contact details for your legal department?
    Dell Guy: No.We Do not have the information.
    Can you transfer me to your Manager?
    Dell Guy: Sure Sir, Hold on for a moment please.
    Puts you on hold. But is stupid enough to forget to press mute. Mutters… “Sala Ch#$%^&*” (Hindi Bloody SOB).
    If you are lucky you get transfered. Otherwise after holding for 20 – 30 mins. abruptly disconnects and and makes a note that Customer Spoke to Supervisor in the Case History.
    If Lucky a “Manager” comes online…
    Hi This is the Floor Manager Blah… Blah…
    Can I get the contact details for your legal department?
    Dell Guy: No.We Do not have the information.
    Can you transfer me to your Manager?
    I am the highest guy you can speak to. But I can escalate it to our Executive Team. They will call you in 24 hours. (Read 6:00 AM in the morning).
    The Escalation Manager: Hi… We are sorry… Blah Blah…
    We are going to give you $100 store credit for all your troubles. I don’t know why they are facinated with that figure! You can go buy yourself more Dell crap…

    They guys are incompetent buffoons with no authority or command over English. They are totally unprofessional…

    I believe in rebirth and I hope that Micheal Dell is reborn as a Dell Tech Support guy in India…

  • International Depository Receipt

    Great post about Dear Mr. Dell!

  • Aaron

    I will only buy DELL… Sure their indian helpdesk is crap.. but I work in IT and I never have a problem with them.. I “TELL” them whats wrong with the product and they just agree and then I say “I want a new motherboard, RAM, DVD drive / whatever” and they comply.

    We have a lot of business systems here, Poweredge / Lattitude / Precision systems which have either same day 4 hour response / next day and they have always provided a great service. I’m sure that it is probably different for average joe customers who genuinely dont know whats wrong with their PC.

    If you want to be made to feel warm and fuzzy.. then don’t buy a dell, don’t buy anything other than a custom built PC from the local PC shop.

    Not all DELL experiences are bad ;)

  • Ravi

    I am not sure who will benefit from this, but I will go ahead and POST it here about a ‘lousy, helpless customer support’ after having extended warranty;

    When it comes to money, they run after us, but when it comes to support, this is what happens….

    Mr.Dell, if you happen to read this, I wanted to let you know why you are loosing market share…


    10/15/2007 05:11:46PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Please give me 5-7 minutes while I look up some other information on this issue.”
    10/15/2007 05:11:56PM Ravi: “sure np”
    10/15/2007 05:12:02PM Ravi: “I need one more favor”
    10/15/2007 05:15:21PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Thanks for holding.”
    10/15/2007 05:15:30PM Ravi: “no prob”
    10/15/2007 05:15:43PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “You will have to contact our customer care department to better help you with that issue.”
    10/15/2007 05:15:59PM Ravi: “hum…”
    10/15/2007 05:16:00PM Ravi: “meaning ?”
    10/15/2007 05:16:17PM Ravi: “‘coz of additional charge ?”
    10/15/2007 05:16:27PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Yes.”
    10/15/2007 05:16:32PM Ravi: “It is of no use”
    10/15/2007 05:16:36PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “I can provide you with the number.”
    10/15/2007 05:16:43PM Ravi: “as I tried contacting them over phone for more then 1hr +”
    10/15/2007 05:16:48PM Ravi: “no one connects”
    10/15/2007 05:16:51PM Ravi: “and helps properly”
    10/15/2007 05:16:55PM Ravi: “if possible, please cancel that.”
    10/15/2007 05:17:01PM Ravi: “so that I don’t have to pay and talk to any one.”
    10/15/2007 05:17:48PM Ravi: “I don’t want to go through the hasstle of calling and waiting for hrs and hrs just to inform a simple problem that Dell customer care did…”
    10/15/2007 05:18:20PM Ravi: “I don’t see any reason why we took extended warranty in that case altogether…”
    10/15/2007 05:18:58PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “You want me to cancel the replacement ac adapter.”
    10/15/2007 05:19:25PM Ravi: “That is correct”
    10/15/2007 05:19:41PM Ravi: “I thought that was covered under warranty and I will get for free of charge”
    10/15/2007 05:19:55PM Ravi: “now they are charging huge money $83.00”
    10/15/2007 05:20:02PM Ravi: “which I don’t really understand”
    10/15/2007 05:21:04PM Ravi: “Also, my battery has gone bad and I am not sure whether that is covered under extended warranty or not…..”
    10/15/2007 05:24:03PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “How did you come to the conclusion that you are being charged for the replacement ac adapter?”
    10/15/2007 05:24:50PM Ravi: “I checked my account information and it stated that…”
    10/15/2007 05:25:14PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “How did you access your information?”
    10/15/2007 05:25:29PM Ravi: “via my account”
    10/15/2007 05:26:21PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Was it your Dell account that you checked?”
    10/15/2007 05:26:52PM Ravi: “that is correct”
    10/15/2007 05:27:38PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Did you check this online?”
    10/15/2007 05:27:54PM Ravi: “Yes”
    10/15/2007 05:28:54PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “You will have to contact customer care because all parts replaced are covered under warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:29:12PM Ravi: “hum…”
    10/15/2007 05:29:14PM Ravi: “that is wierd”
    10/15/2007 05:29:25PM Ravi: “Can you ask them to call me on my cell ?”
    10/15/2007 05:29:37PM Ravi: “Also, how about my battery ?”
    10/15/2007 05:29:43PM Ravi: “is that covered under warranty ?”
    10/15/2007 05:29:54PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “You will have to contact them.”
    10/15/2007 05:30:11PM Ravi: “hum..”
    10/15/2007 05:30:16PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Battery are only covered under warranty for one year.”
    10/15/2007 05:30:16PM Ravi: “this is really wierd…”
    10/15/2007 05:30:27PM Ravi: “Even for extended warranty ?”
    10/15/2007 05:30:35PM Ravi: “I remember they mentioned that everything is covered ?”
    10/15/2007 05:30:52PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Dell battery only have a year warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:31:38PM Ravi: “that is really wierd….”
    10/15/2007 05:31:50PM Ravi: “I did speak to the customer care person when I took the warranty…”
    10/15/2007 05:32:34PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Okay.”
    10/15/2007 05:33:30PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Dell battery are only covered under a year.”
    10/15/2007 05:33:37PM Ravi: “hum….”
    10/15/2007 05:33:40PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “They do not carry with the warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:33:48PM Ravi: “then what is the purpose of extended warranty ?”
    10/15/2007 05:33:55PM Ravi: “why do we take that ?”
    10/15/2007 05:34:44PM Ravi: “This is really ridiculous and wierd situation…”
    10/15/2007 05:34:50PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Battery are the only part that are not covered under warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:35:51PM Ravi: “they should have informed when we took warranty…”
    10/15/2007 05:36:27PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Everything else is covered under warranty except dell battery.”
    10/15/2007 05:36:57PM Ravi: “This is truely ridiculous”
    10/15/2007 05:37:13PM Ravi: “I don’t know what to do with this situation..”
    10/15/2007 05:37:25PM Ravi: “I am being charged, next you guys don’t cover battery…..”
    10/15/2007 05:37:38PM Ravi: “then why did I take extended warranty – I don’t understand that…”
    10/15/2007 05:38:30PM Ravi: “is there anything that you guys can do ?”
    10/15/2007 05:39:09PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “With an extended warranty you are extending that you are still able to get parts replaced on your system.”
    10/15/2007 05:39:25PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “Batteries only carry a one year warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:39:37PM Agent (CSS_MARQUIZ_167883): “That is for all Dell batteries.”
    10/15/2007 05:40:13PM Ravi: “that was not mentioned when I took extended warranty”
    10/15/2007 05:40:22PM Ravi: “now you are saying that batteries are not included”
    10/15/2007 05:40:35PM Ravi: “next time if I call, if they something else, I don’t know what to do….”
    10/15/2007 05:40:51PM Ravi: “this should have been told or else, why would i take extended warranty ?”
    10/15/2007 05:41:14PM Ravi: “Please check with your manager or someone to help me in this case…”
    10/15/2007 05:41:51PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “Thanks for being patient. My name is Derrick. How can I help you today?”
    10/15/2007 05:42:05PM Ravi: “Derrick, we are in egg-n-chicken condition…”
    10/15/2007 05:42:15PM Ravi: “(1) I have an extended warranty”
    10/15/2007 05:42:33PM Ravi: “(2) I ordered an power cord which is covered under warranty and I am being charged”
    10/15/2007 05:42:44PM Ravi: “and am not sure why?”
    10/15/2007 05:43:20PM Ravi: “(3) My battery has gone bad and it seems it is not covered under warranty and I was not told this at the time I took warranty….”
    10/15/2007 05:43:41PM Ravi: “so, not sure, why things are so messy in here…even with warranty ?”
    10/15/2007 05:44:54PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “I am not sure why you are being charged for the adapter. It should be covered under your warranty. I would suggest contacting customer care to get this resolved in a timely manner.”
    10/15/2007 05:45:50PM Ravi: “I don’t want to waste another couple of hrs just calling customer care and waiting for couple of hrs without any response ( which happened couple of times)”
    10/15/2007 05:46:44PM Ravi: “If possible, you guys help me or else, please cancel that order and reorder without any charge.”
    10/15/2007 05:47:15PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “I wish that I could get it resolved in this department for you, but unfortunately I cant. This department only handles technical issue.”
    10/15/2007 05:48:00PM Ravi: “hum…”
    10/15/2007 05:48:14PM Ravi: “then atleast try to resolve this battery issue…”
    10/15/2007 05:48:42PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “What is the dilemma with the battery?”
    10/15/2007 05:49:13PM Ravi: “If not, then I have wasted yourtime as well as my time just in chatting to know that nothing can be done for customers with extended warranty on systems”
    10/15/2007 05:50:23PM Ravi: “Will the battery covered or not ( if not, why I was not told at that time ?)”
    10/15/2007 05:52:17PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “The information is located at our web site and it also with in the warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:53:14PM Ravi: “Derrick, when I was called to pay for Warranty, this is not they’ve referred”
    10/15/2007 05:53:20PM Ravi: “to check for warranty and pay for that…”
    10/15/2007 05:53:30PM Ravi: “now when I ask this, you are referring to website…”
    10/15/2007 05:54:06PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “Yes, would you like for me to send you a link?”
    10/15/2007 05:54:17PM Ravi: “What is the final thing, do you guys help customers or not ?”
    10/15/2007 05:54:40PM Ravi: “no, I want a simple answer yes or no..please let me know.”
    10/15/2007 05:55:32PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “Yes, we do assist customers within our support area.”
    10/15/2007 05:56:08PM Ravi: “Then what I am suppose to do with the battery coverage ?”
    10/15/2007 05:56:12PM Ravi: “which was not told to us ?”
    10/15/2007 05:56:30PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “Unfortunately Matthew, the one year warranty on your battery has expired and it was not on the list for batteries that have been recalled.”
    10/15/2007 05:57:00PM Ravi: “I don’t know how it works b/w you and customer care…”
    10/15/2007 05:57:11PM Ravi: “but it is not at all helping customers in resolving issues.”
    10/15/2007 05:57:39PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “Batteries are considered a consumable commodity and have a warranty of one year. he best way to describe the warranty of one year for the battery can be related to a remote control battery. The remote controls usually have extended warranties available,”
    but the batteries used in the remote control typically will expire before the life of the actual remote. Therefore, the battery is the only component on your system that has a special one year warranty. All other parts are covered as normal.
    10/15/2007 05:58:49PM Ravi: “This was not explained at that time ?”
    10/15/2007 05:59:33PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “It is located within your system warranty.”
    10/15/2007 05:59:59PM Ravi: “I am talking about Extended warranty and not just the system warranty”
    10/15/2007 06:00:53PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “I am sorry but the extended warranty doesn’t covers this.”
    10/15/2007 06:01:33PM Ravi: “that is what I am asking ? why was this not explained at that time..”
    10/15/2007 06:03:35PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “I am not sure why this was not explained. All of this info can be found on our web site.”
    10/15/2007 06:03:52PM Ravi: “Derrick”
    10/15/2007 06:03:57PM Ravi: “I think this is going nowhere…”
    10/15/2007 06:04:16PM Ravi: “so, what you are saying is you guys are not going to get me new battery and I have to purchase that huh…”
    10/15/2007 06:04:54PM Agent (CSS_Derrick_465189): “If the battery is outside the year mark, correct.”
    10/15/2007 06:05:33PM Ravi: “hum…”
    10/15/2007 06:08:53PM Ravi: “Then there is no point in chatting further…”
    10/15/2007 06:16:30PM Session Ended

  • Pinoy

    Ravi i pitty you boy , but its true that NOTEBOOK BATTERY (not only dell)
    are considered consumables , consider it like an ink cartrige for printers or a watch battery ,

    but for your answer WHY DID THEY NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS,



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  • techitech

    First, my sympathy with those people who went through Dell Hell. Second, I am an engineer but a computer techie too. I DO NOT AGREE with the blogs which speaks low about the tech support guys in India. I am an indo canadian and I can see how ignorant the Americans are about the way world is progressing on the other side. For American they cannot think beyond ther own home and when they thought they created mess in places like Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    The whole point is this, the IT industry is driven only and only by Indians. Well the IT companies cannot afford to pay you Americans that they have to go for cheap labour. But tha cheap labour at least does the work they are assigned and not bitch around like what you are doing.

    Sires, I am in agreement with you that the other side has a thick foreign accent that even been a person of indian origin I have tough time understanding them. The issue we are blogging in about how Dell system have created problems. The basic issue is with the system and not after sales. A few people who have worked with suppliers of Dell mention that they buy quality products. I do not agree to that. We need to understand that Dell started the business of selling computers in consumer market. The reports did mention that Dell has brought a revolution the way consumer uses the computer. The consumer system are worth $350. What can you expect out of a machine worth that money? Also a general opinion is that consumer systems run good for at least 2 years, if treated as machine. Most of the consumers that I have studied overuse the system. They think that computer is human machine and have a notion that their system HAVE to work that way. But they do not realize that they are machines with an end of life. Again there are the oldies who have never used computers and now all of sudden wants to be connected through the systems barely realize what they are doing. Free music sharewares, pronography is daily use for most of us. Will some knowledgeable person dispute the agrument here?

    I also do not agree with the idea that there should not be any levels in services. Has anyone agrued this with airlines industry? Can someone tell me what is the difference in treatment between business class and economy class?

    Well the feel that I get is that there is a genuine issue with the Dell systems and we have to make people aware about it. Also most of us are not even shareholders in Dell shares that we have the right to tell what Micheal Dell should do. It is none of our business to tell them how they should run an organization. The only thing we should do is to focus on spreading the word about the experiences of the worst system rather than making comments against a country, a group of people or an individual. Otherwise, Americans have done that in Iraq, Afghanistan but noone seems to care about them any more as their days of guiding people are gone and it reflects that they are now getting frustrated from within with noone listening to them.

  • Jay A.

    Hey guys try to read BusinessWeek – October 17, 2007, 7:46PM EST

    “In the age of customers empowered by blogs and social media, Dell has leapt from worst to first. ”

    ******by JEFF JARVIS******

    visit this link:

  • pinoy

    yeah ur right techitech what ever … .. .

    BUT the thing is –> ” They think that computer is human machine and have a notion that their system HAVE to work that way. But they do not realize that they are machines with an end of life.”

  • Bob Sterry

    Just add me to the list of victims of hit and run computer capitalism. Average technology, appalling support. If Mr. Dell were Japanese he would have slit his belly long ago for the shame of it.

    Just fyi. Computer in question is a Latitude D620 now off line for coming up to a month, and counting.

  • Hi Ravi
    The charge for the AC adapter that you see is most likely from an in warranty replacement that shows as a charge on your account due to the way we bill warranty replacements. It is a charge, but it is also paid by Dell so all of the billing goes to us. It’s a common mistake customers make when checking their account online.

    On the issue of the battery, I am afraid to tell you it is simply out of warranty. Notebook batteries are consumable items, and our warranty calls them out specifically as being warranted for only 1 year regardless of system warranty.

    Limited warranty lasts for the time periods indicated on your packing slip or invoice, except for the following Dell-branded hardware: Portable computer batteries carry the lesser of either a 1-year limited warranty or the length of the limited warranty for the Dell computer with which the battery is shipped.

    Check here:

    If this is still an issue, please email [email protected] and we can follow up further

  • David Connell

    I placed an order for a new Dell notebook around 4 weeks ago in the UK. Dell initially game me a 4 week delivery estimate which seemed excessive but I figured I could wait that long. They have since revised this to a 9 week wait (from the date of order) which now leaves me wishing I had never ordered from them.

    Now I can understand any company having supply problem, although waiting over 2 months for a notebook is kind of ridiculous. Whats really annoying though is that they wait until almost the day of delivery before telling you of the further delay, by which time they have alredy charged your card. I’d consider cancelling but for the horror stories I’ve read about people trying to get their money back from Dell.

    Oh and did I mention that the price of the notebook has been dropped by about 10% since I placed the order. It’s annoying that I’m paying more than I would if I ordered today. What I don’t understand is why they are so heavily discounting a product where they seem to have major supply problems. Surely they are just increasing demand where they don’t have the supply to match, making the problem worse?

    Basically, if your looking at getting one of Dells snazzy XPS notebooks from Dell UK and haven’t ordered yet I wouldn’t bother unless you willing to wait until next February (or maybe longer!)

  • David Connell

    Maybe I spoke too soon! Dell have actually been extermely helpful today. Once I got past the first few rounds of conversations with cusromer services I’ve actually been very impressed by the level of customer service I’ve received on this issue. Well done Dell!

  • Jesse

    I have an e1505, Never had a problem yet. Ive had it for a year. Great little computer.

  • Omar

    Unfortunately I was such a fool to be an advocate of Dell for so long untill today I spoke to one of the most arrogant persons in Dell who not only was sarcastic in his behaviour but also sound like he was not happy with his job. I would rather have cheerful voice talking to me on the phone than someone telling me that “I cannot help you in your matter although I could if I wanted to”. The guy works in the Dell Outlet in Dublin Ireland and name is Patrick if anyone else gets through to him just in case they should know who the are dealing with. Just for this reason this would be the last Dell laptop I would ever be buying from Dell.

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  • I am not sure I should bore everyone with case details, but seems dell hell is pretty hard to get out of. I wish some customer care organization would look into dell’s malpractices and sue them.

    I had ordered a computer from dell on july 3rd this year and opened a Dell preferred acc with dell finacial services. However I had cancelled the same account the same day and provided an alternate means of payment.

    Dell screwed up big time and shipped the computer 90 days late and charged the cancelled account and not my alternate means of payment.

    I have meticulous record of the case through case numbers and email records and employee id. I have called dell and DFS numerous times.

    They understand and acknowledge the issue but say they can resolve it.

    I wish someone would sue dell from creating so much hell for its customers.

    Does any one know any consumer organizations who can look into this and provide some legal help.

    Screw dell , crappy products, crappy customer care. No wonder it is going down the drain

  • Alli Walton

    DELL HELL… your telling me….customer service is soooooo bad and sooo rude… they told me they didn’t want customers like me!!! As i class myself as a average UK citizen i would suggest this means they don’t want any of us to be customer…..


  • Pinoy

    yeah alli you are right and you should own a type writer instead !!

    a tip for you , NEVER EVER BUY A COMPUTER coz you dont deserve it! :)


  • Richie

    I will never buy Dell again. On hold now 1 hour 8 minutes, nobody is going to answer. I am only calling to make sure that a Dell Preferred Account that was opened with my name misspelled is closed properly, as it has my social on it. If Dell would hire English speaking representatives, my name – a common one – would not have been misspelled and I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    I am so disappointed with Dell. I used to love Dell and would recommend to everyone. Never again.

    I will probably follow the many others, and use my recent Dell Hell experiences as justification to moving to a Mac.

    Ok, back to the hold music…

  • I am writing to teh CEO about my issues and yes I agree there should be some kind of legal action to this as , i am seriously thinking about it . if anyone should join me or even write to your local newspapers , or news stations , even 20/20 special would be great . Over a year now the same issues as above happened to me and it is causing me grief, stress, and slow healing with my recent surgery over this company . even my family is feeling the effects form this and my children told me they dont care if we send it back because they are sick of seeing me this upset. Dell -They messed up by sending me broken printer one after another and then charges me, teling me they did not receive them back, but i had all the tracking numbers ETc from UPS. No call backs were ever returned even from MANAGEMENT .Now late fees and interest charges added up to $389 and I should have been a 0$ balance in fact i think I overpaid them . Now they are ruing my credit . I hope if anyone googles Dell they dind this info . i am so sorry .i ever went with this COMPANY

  • Anthony

    1:07:27 PM System You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
    1:07:29 PM System Connected with BE_Rep_Maria_M
    1:07:33 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M Welcome to Dell Sales Chat.My name is Maria. I’ll be your personal sales agent today.How may I help you with your purchase today?
    1:07:38 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M You can also email us at [email protected]. We are available from 8am-11pm CST, Monday-Sunday. Rest assured that we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
    1:07:42 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M I apologize for the wait time and thank you for holding.
    1:07:48 PM Anthony No problem
    1:08:04 PM Anthony I am a happy and a sad customer at the same time
    1:08:08 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M Hi Anthony.
    1:08:27 PM Anthony As you can see from my history I just purchased a PC
    1:08:55 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M I do apologize Anthony.
    1:09:01 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M How exactly I can help you?
    1:09:17 PM Anthony Well I came back online looking to buy yet another one and realized that the offer is now $999 for the same deal I just bought
    1:09:28 PM Anthony MGWST$K5DF$?CJ
    This is the new coupon code that just came out
    1:10:54 PM Anthony A little disappointed..I understand that $50 is not that much of a difference but the point is had I waited just another week I could have saved that..Seeing that makes me reluctant to purchase another computer today in fear next week it could be $50 cheaper yet again.>Do you understand?
    1:13:18 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M Yes, I do understand.
    1:13:28 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M So sorry, we do offer different deals every week.
    1:13:50 PM Anthony Alright then…I will just keep waiting instead of buying today..Thanks
    1:14:47 PM Anthony I will be sure to E-Mail this conversation to Michael (your CEO) just to show how $50 just cost him a $750 sale…
    1:14:53 PM Anthony Have a great day!
    1:15:24 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M I’m really sorry Anthony.
    1:16:03 PM Anthony Oh no problem..Perhaps this brought to his attention could enable the sales support to be a tad less strict to close the sale
    1:17:35 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M I understand you however we can only offer what’s on our web site. We do have great deals on going however we can’t match that price based on what you purchased because our promo changes on a weekly basis.
    1:18:20 PM Anthony I know it is a great deal..My point was that the same deal I just had delivered is $50 cheaper now
    1:18:42 PM Anthony We are not talking months down the line we are literally talking days
    1:19:36 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M I’m aware of that Sir. Sorry again.
    1:19:58 PM Anthony Have a nice holiday season!
    1:20:21 PM BE_Rep_Maria_M You too. Is there anything else I can help you with the concern?

    Check out AOL Money & Finance’s list of the hottest products and top money wasters of 2007.

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  • Patrick

    I’m a software engineer whose been pounding away on a Dell Latitude for a while now – I’ve worn out two or three keyboards and have had one failed HDD. Service is done arranged via our own staff so I have no personal experience of it. Till now I had no

    When it came to order a Notebook as a present for Christmas I went for Dell mainly out of laziness and the apparent ease of doing an online order rather than battling through crowds in a shop. This was Wednesday, December 19th.

    The Dell Australia website promoted (and does now) an XPS M1530 “PRECONFIGURED” “DELIVERED AS FAST AS 48 HRS” and in the graphic is “48 HR QUICKSHIP”.

    It pretty well shouts fast delivery. It’s no secret that Christmas is upon us and it’s a busy time but one assumes Dell knows about Christmas so this is the order they are promoting for Christmas. Indeed my printed receipt say “for immediate XMAS shipping”. If you read the fine print buried further down on the website the cut off for delivery before Christmas was Dec 19th (the day I ordered).

    As soon as I placed my order the Dell order tracking shows an estimated delivery date of Dec 27th. That was not good for me so I rang to cancel the order however I was assured that I could ignore this (hmm?) and it would be indeed be delivered before Christmas. Excellent. I am told it will arrive “FRIDAY OR MONDAY AT THE VERY LATEST”.

    When I say I rang Dell I should point out this involved on average 45 minues of listening to a recording that says “YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US. SOMEONE WILL BE WITH YOU SHORTLY”. When this is answered you will be transferred and back on a queue listening to the same recording until you talk to a “Customer Care” person who I think is in Malaysia. My assigned customer care person is RUBY. (At least you generally talk to the same person each time you ring even if they forget you)

    Friday, normally I work from home however I drive nearly 1 hour to the office in expectation of the arrival of the XPS M1530. It didn’t arrive however in the afternoon I get an anonymous phone call (later I find it is SHENKER LOGISTICS who evidently coordinate delivery for DELL) to tell me it would be delivered Saturday. That was odd because my delivery address was to my IT company office which would obviously be closed so I arranged for it to come to my home.

    Saturday – wait at home all day. No phone call. No delivery. I dare not leave the house or stray far from ear shot of the front door less I miss the courier. No delivery. No calling card. No phone call. I don’t have a number for the delivery people and at the stage I didn’t even know who they are so I ring DELL.

    I am assured my delivery will now come on Monday.

    Monday I was going to be on holiday so instead I arrive at my office to await delivery. Just in case the delivery comes to my home my girlfriend waits at home all day. No delivery, no phone call. Once again I ring DELL and sit listening to “YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US” for 1 hour to be transferred and listen to it again before speaking with Ruby. Ruby does some checking and now tells me the local Australian courier is not operating on Monday (Christmas Eve). Great I’ve cancelled my holiday to come to work and the courier takes a holiday at peak delivery time ! I am assured that my PC will now arrive on Thursday, December 27th !!!

    I think about this some more and decide to ring and cancel my order however I on hold for a very long time and when I tell the operator I wish to cancel the order I am transferred again and wait listening to “YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US” again. This time I can’t wait and give up – I resign myself to not receiving the item for Christmas. Just in case I stay at work till 7:30 pm and spend my evening creating a nice “gift certificate” in lieu of the PC so at least I have something to give as a present on Christmas Day.

    I should point out that I also own a business that sells items for Christmas . I respond to my customers online orders within hours and 99% of my customers receive their orders the next day as I use Express delivery by default at no extra charge since I value their money up front and my good reputation. When I know I will no longer make the delivery by Christmas I remove the offer from my website, unlike DELL.

    Christmas comes and goes.

    Back at work Thursday for the absolutely guaranteed delivery. Why wouldn’t it be since the delivery people had already told me it was coming last Saturday! I ring DELL to double check and Ruby confirms it will definitely arrive today. No worries.

    Thursday, 5:00 pm. No Delivery. No phone calls. I ring DELL – luckily hardly any wait on the phone this time and I am talking to Ruby shortly afterwards. Ruby assures me it is being delivered today and she will ring the courier now and ring me back in 1-2 mins.

    At 6:45 pm (approx 45 mins later) I have not heard back so once again I ring DELL. MAY (Ruby’s supervisor?) tells me Ruby is on the phone but she will have her ring me shortly and she will also have the courier ring me too. I am assured the PC is on it’s way right now in a truck heading to mey door.

    At 7:20 pm I haven’t received any phone calls so I ring DELL to get a message “WE ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE DAY. OUR OFFICE HOURS ARE…”. I then try the sales number – they answer and are happy to sell me something – evidently they are only closed if you don’t have more money to give them. Sales tell me there is no one there to help me. I ask to speak to a manager but I am told none are available.

    I remain at work till 8:20pm at night waiting for the delivery that everyone has assured me will arive. No Delivery. No Phone call. Nothing.

    Friday morning (Dec 28th) I ring DELL and ask to speak with someone in management, preferably in Australia (not call centre staff). I am transferred a few times then I’m told someone will ring me back.

    A while later my mobile (aka cell phone) rings and it’s an Australian. Wow ! When I start to tell them the story thinking I’ve finally got an Australian DELL employee who can help I’m then told I am talking to a person at SHENKAR LOGISTICS who handle DELL deliveries. She then transfers me to her boss who apologises for my problems however he has no explanation or apparent knowledge of the location of my delivery but he promises to upgrade my delivery with the courier to VIP class so the item can be tracked. What !!!! So till now my “48 HOUR QUICKSHIP” delivery was some low priority delivery and they weren’t even able to track it’s location.
    At this point I decide to cancel my order. Well I can’t because they aren’t DELL so I then have to ring DELL again.

    DELL are very nice and sound terribly sympathetic however no one seems to really know where my PC is (no doubt bouncing around in the back of a courier van for the last week) but they assure me it will be delivered today. Sorry ! I’ve been hearing that for over 1 week now.

    I cancel my delivery. I am told it will take a minimum of 5 days to refund my money. Do I believe them – NO!

    No doubt someone placing an order today for an XPS M5130 will be amazed how fast it arrived – they’ll be getting the one I just cancelled and might write a glowing review of what a great company they are. Good luck with service !

    The DELL Australia website still prominently advertises the “48hr QUICKSHIP” “PRECONFIGURED” “BEAT THE RUSH” XPS M1530. They are doing this despite the fact that after 9 days I still had not received the order. I should also point out that the DELL Online Order system shows that my PC is yet to arrive in Australia ! The status hasn’t changed since I placed the order on December 19th.

    Fortunately in Australia that is regarded as “DECEPTIVE AND MISLEADING” advertising. Adding fine print with conditions is now an “out” for the company. If the obvious emphasis of the advertising is to promote something that is unlikely and not what can normally be the expected service then it is regarded as deceptive.

    In NSW, Australia what can you do if you have experienced a similar problem – contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.
    You can do this online
    You can also ring them (as I did) and talk to a real person without waiting on hold. They are very helpful.

    I found out they also have local contact numbers for companies who hide behind overseas call centers. It’s not an uncommon problem evidently.
    Unfortunately they didn’t have one available for DELL in Australia.

    Since then I’ve spoken to employees at my company to hear other horror stories of poor Dell service.

  • Artvar

    The originally purchased laptop broke; on 11/29/07 tech-support call was made and it was resolved to sending a replacement.

    10 days I waited patiently. On 12/10/07 I logged into my Dell’s account and discovered that replacement laptop about to be send is quite different from original, e.g.:

    1. Processor is Intel T7250 instead of T7300 originally (2 MB Level 2 Cache vs 4 MB)

    2. RAM is 2GB vs 4GB originally

    I spend approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes on the phone with different levels of tech-support and customer care representatives kicking me back and forth. Instead of trying to resolve the issue they have been trying to convince me that it’s ok to get inferior laptop as a replacement. After much arguing I was promised the issue will be looked into and I will be contacted in 24 hours.

    After waiting over 24 hours and seeing on the website that nothing is being changed, I contacted customer care again. Another hour or so on the phone.

    Chain of representatives I’ve spoken to: Ryan, Sherwin, Mervin, Shane; some of them claim to be ‘managers’; each time I had to explain again and again that 2 GB is less than 4, and that the difference in performance between 7300 and 7250 processors is significant.

    Finally, I gave up explaining/arguing and asked to escalate the issue. Case # was assigned and I was promised that someone will contact me within 48 hours.

    On 12/15/07 some lady called. She obviously did not bother getting familiar with the case before calling me, and was technically quite inept; I had to explain again the difference in the original laptop and the replacement. I asked to escalate the case to the next level.

    On December 16th I left for a weeklong vacation. To my bewilderment when I returned back nothing has been done.

    On December 26, 2007 I had the online chat, and was promised that the proper replacement will be processed.

    Today is January 2nd, and no one in Dell bothered to provide me with any information whatsoever on the status of my case. No new order on my Dell’s account online.

    I was a loyal Dell’s customer for about 10 years. I bought numerous Dell’s desktops and laptops not only for myself, my family and my relatives, but also for friends, buddies and acquaintances. Being a tech-support person myself I am always being asked what computer to buy, and over these years I was always advising to buy Dell.

    Not anymore

  • James Dunn

    An email sent to Dell Customer Service about the laptop that I nearly bought from them recently. Good to see the customer care is as good BEFORE you buy as after…

    I ordered this system on 27th December and my specific requirement was that it could be delivered to France within the time frame I specified. As detailed throughout, I was repeatedly reassured that there was no problem. When problems did arise, I gave Dell the benefit of the doubt, always being reassured that things were in hand and delivery was going ahead.

    I have been told nearly 2 weeks ago that the order couldn’t go to France due to “licensing issues” and that would add 10 days onto the delivery time. The order was then changed to England. An email 4th January assures me that delivery will be on or before 10th January. Yet another missed deadline.

    I had a friend stay home from work to collect the package and on the day of delivery was told that is wasn’t actually dispatched, but only because I phoned up to enquire as to why the courier hadn’t phoned.

    I am then told the laptop will be delivered the following Monday or Tuesday.

    Then an email with a tracking reference arrives saying that the package is on route to France, despite the email saying that I have the option still of having it delivered to England or France, when that is clearly not the case, it is already in transit. I stated England.

    A further email states that the package is now being shipped to London as the delivery address has changed, despite UPS saying that the package was only 15 miles from where I was in France and I could have picked it up, but was not given the option.

    Despite being told that I was leaving France on the Wednesday, I then get an email, not even a phone call, asking me to call UPS to discuss delivery options. I receive this email whilst sat in the departure lounge at the airport, obviously unable to now accept the package.

    I have tried calling and emailing Prakask Anand over the last 48 hours, but have yet to receive a reply.

    On calling Dell today, I am told that it is never possible to change a delivery address more than within the same city and that it would have been faster to cancel the order and start again.

    So what the hell is going on with your employee? It is a series of, to be frank, blatant lies, with no regard for the inconvenience caused to me or the friend who has waited at home on 2 separate occasions for a non-delivery. If there was going to be a problem, then I should have been told, rather than being fed a pack of lies and misinformation.

    I trust the original order is now cancelled as requested with the Customer Care Manager I spoke to.

    The person I made the order with should be fired for dishonesty and complete incompetence.

    In England we currently have a series of Adverts for a bank, where 3 men discuss how they can best rip off their customers. It could so easily be Dell…

    I don’t suppose for one minute that the guy involved in my purchase will get fired, but I llive in hope!

    I also copied it to Dell’s board, but I don’t suppose that’ll do much either.

    Right. Who can I next be disappointed with…….?

  • David


    Start opening boxes. Amazed at the amount of wasted packaging (why do software disks need to be cushioned as if they were delicatre crystal?).

    System starts; no problems.

    Having run through the Vista system to familiarize myself with it, I decide the time has come to move into the office and try the internet connection.

    With computer still on, I plug in the broadband line.

    Blue screen of death.
    System crash (which I never had with XP)

    Shut down.


    Check power; no problem.

    Push button to restart. Blue light on keyboard comes on for 1 second, then off.

    2:50pm Look for help line phone number. Go through all documentation.
    No number.
    Only information says to go to the web site.

    . . .

    If I could go to the web site, I wouldn’t have a problem, would I?

    Reconnect old computer.
    Go to web site.

    After much searching, I finally get to this page:

    Technical Support Phone Number List
    Hong Kong
    Home and Home Offices (2969-3188)

    3:40pm Hoping to finally get my brand new computer to at least turn on, I call the number. After about 2-3 minutes of Cantonese, there is finally some English!

    The gist of the recorded message is this: Thanks for calling. You’ve reached the right number. Our office is open 9-6 Monday to Friday.

  • David

    I should have mentioned that the previous post was on a Saturday . . . no support.

    Since I, too, work 9-6pm, and the computer is at home, I’m probably going to just send it back to them.

  • Lazer

    Have you asked your Dell Technical support rep if they have reached their SALES QUOTA yet, I understand that your competition (HP) does this also, But How can I trust a Physican that sells the medicine to make a living.

  • jb

    There is a blog for every computer company with the same babble on it about how I got screwed by whoever. I have been in computers for 15 years and find 99% of the complaints come from people who know nothing about them. People, you buy cheap stuff and you get what you pay for. Dell makes a high quality product but you have to pay for it. Stop your whining and buy an Apple and then when that does not do your thinking for you complain about them. These are the times when a blog can be done by anyone, the problem is that most of these complaints are from people with money who are to cheap to spend it. So come on and get a life.

  • GREG




  • Ok, so I’m not computer ignorant and I know how to purchase a computer. I even paid more to avoid Vista bull. Which is why I decided on Dell computers since they are the only one’s offering it. But I had previous experience with Dell through assisting my mom in her purchase years ago. That is why I stuck with Gateway for my desktop 4 years ago.

    But no one could prepare me for the HELL I recieved over the last 3 weeks since purchasing 4 notebooks from Dell. Number 1 is –YOU CANT SPEAK TO AN AMERICAN!! Forget it! And dont bother waiting on “headquarters” to call because they really dont. You will get transferred all over the world EXCEPT the US. Well I paid in American dollars and I live in America, I want to speak to an American! Yea, I’m also ticked of all the jobs taken away from our country..who isn’t??????

    Next, they sent 3 out of 4 computers that were not fully functional. Apparently that is my fault. But hey, after over 2 weeks with customer service and tech support I’ve been told to send all 4 (yes, you read that right..4) computers back because the $150 company cost to satisfy me as a cash paying customer (yes I paid cash for these 4 computers which they got within 24 hours!) after 2 weeks of HELL is asking too much of Dell.

    Finally, I waited over 2 weeks not once but twice now for call backs from Dell headquarters. I hope they know I’m not holding my breath.

    If anyone is a lawyer and wants to take this case just let me know..while I wait again, for the 3rd time, on a call from head quarters. Because customer service, tech support, and sales resolutions just cannot resolve this to satisfy either of me or Dell. Imagine that….

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  • TwigCove

    Wow! Until I found this web site, I still felt like some how, Dell had an off day on my son’s laptop experience. Reading through these recent posts, it makes me feel like I’ve been playing pass it along with other unsatisfied Dell customers. My son is on his 4th laptop since Christmas! This last one still has issues but he just wants to deal with them himself he is so frustrated. This was his high school graduation gift promised and planned years ago. Thank you Dell for taking away my joy in giving what was supposed to be a wonderful gift and my son’s as the recipient of a piece of techical trash!—Twig

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  • Mike Carter

    Hey I wish I had seen this before buying the “bargain” Vostro 1000 I actually bought two. The delivery would be free because it was over a certain amount ” not in DELL land” that price was per item so I did not qualify for free delivery in fact I paid £50.00 per item. DELL rang and informed me that the items would be delivered on Monday I waited and no show, on Tuesday a I recieved a card saying they had been I went to the depot to be told the items were on the lorry to be delivered as we speak. By Friday nothing had appeared. On Saturday I went to the depot again and picked up the items which I had paid “£100.00 to be delivered. I contacted Customer service several times to be told that the could not refund prices after acceptance. The postage charge was not their responsibility . I saw the same model advertised but with £8.00 next day delivery I pointed this out to the customer services but was given an apology from them for not being able to solve my problem. I will never buy a DELL again because of this and as I work in the IT business I will be telling all my customers of my plight to allow them to make their own mind up.
    The classic tale of company which started out with good intentions but now has ignored the customer base, you are never too big fall.
    Again wish I had read your blog before.

  • Alex Ogg

    Is there a prize for the hundredth person to start off by saying, ‘Boy, I wish I’d read that before I bought a Dell’.

    I am sure you will all have sympathy with what is undoubtedly a common complaint – the worst of it is that I am in the middle of Dell Hell, with seemingly little hope of a happy outcome.

    Bought a new Inspiron desktop unit to replace my old (and it has to be said, very good but now underperforming Dell). Paid for all the warranties and for home set-up – because although I’m not stupid, I prefer other people to put the wires into things, and also because I wanted the wireless network set up and a gurantee of no disruption to internet/email access. The machine itself seemed to be OK, but as soon as the installation engineer left, bang went the wireless link. I then did some research and found out that the wireless router I’d purchased as part of the order was now discontinued because of known technical problems with Vista. I then, of course, tried phoning Dell. I didn’t log each call, or subsequent email, but the above experiences eerily echo my own, as I was bounced from Tech Support to Customer Service and back again like a tennis ball – as noted above, all the time paying for the privilege of being slowly ground down by call centre staff who stuck to their scripts as if their jobs depended on it – which they probably do. Particularly galling was their absolute insistence on saying how deeply they regretted my troubles, and wishing me a nice day, in order to extend each phone call by a good 15 seconds.

    Oh, and would I mind filling in a Dell customer satisfaction (nice oxymoron) survey? I think I must have about 15 by now stacked up in my (now inaccessible) email box.

    Getting someone to deliver a new router and arranging a technician to come out to install it was agony. But I got there! Hooray! Of course, that was only the start of my problems. The installation did not go well. After about two hours the technician conceded that he couldn’t connect the new router because it was inappropriate to my broadband set up, and he’d have to order a new one. More time on the phone. This time I finally get through to a senior technical engineer who informs me that, well, it’s not actually the router that’s the problem anyway. Apparently my brand spanking new PC was one of a batch shipped with a dodgy Ethernet card. So, fabuloony, I now have to wait four days while they arrange for an engineer to come round and install a replacement.

    I don’t want people ripping apart my machine and reinstalling things. It’s new. It should work. Is that really such an outmoded, anachronistic concept?

    Oh, and in the meantime, the last engineer’s visit knocked out my email, and I haven’t got it back.

    The almost comical thing is that this morning, via webmail, I get a response from Dell telling me they’ve shipped me another replacement router. And yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s exactly the same model as the original deficient one! That’d be the one that doesn’t work with Vista, right? Pretty soon I will not be able to leave the house because I’m penned in by boxes of obsolete routers.

    It is with great trepidation that I await the noon phone call from Bangers by their concerned customer service staff. Of course, they might not phone, that wouldn’t be a first. I mean, I have it in writing (in the email intray that I can’t – well, you know the rest).

  • Alex Ogg

    Well, I’ve decided to follow Jeff’s example and name and shame. The details of my ordeal (and the travesties of the Indian call centre system) are elaborated further here.

  • Britt Gross

    To All the Frustrated W3000 Customers Out There,

    I first found the Dell forum over the weekend while looking for a solution to a printer problem my mother was having. I decided to see if there were any solutions for the video problem I was experiencing (i.e. power light on, sound, but no picture). I quickly realized how widespread the problem really was. However, unlike many of the participants in this forum, I still have a warranty, at least until July 2008.

    I bought my W3000 in July of 2005. I began having problems a few months after receiving the TV. I had never owned an LCD TV before and thought the need to turn the power off and on repeatedly was “normal.” That is, until I found this forum. I took the advice of the moderator and contacted Tech Support for a replacement. The individual I “chatted” with quickly told me Dell would be replacing my W3000 and I quote, “However, I would like to inform you that Dell is not shipping the same type of TV that you have, so you may get a higher end TV. Will that be fine for you?” I thanked him and told him I was very surprised. He took my information and began the replacement process. He then sent me links to the manuals for the “possible” replacement TVs because I was concerned I would not get the same features I had currently. He assured me the TV I was going to receive would be just as good if not better than the W3000. I was very pleased with the level of service I had received at this point.

    Yesterday, I called the customer service number he gave me for a status update. The woman I talked to at the outsourced call center informed me, “it could take up to 16 business days for the replacement process to be complete and the replacement to be received.” I told her that seemed like a very long time, but thanked her and began the waiting process.

    Today I returned home from work to find a DHL slip on my garage. I went on the Dell website to check the order and found I was being shipped the same W3000 I was currently having problems with. I called Dell Customer Service again, only to be told it did not matter what I had been told by the Tech Support team, I was to take the TV they were sending me because that was all I was going to get. The rep told me that the problems I had experienced were a rarity and Dell would never send out a faulty TV. I told him, “They already have and I have one.” He then told me he guaranteed I would feel differently once I received the replacement and enjoyed the quality it provided. I calmly informed him he had no idea how or what I was feeling because if he did he would be repeating, “like for like, that is the policy…Regardless of what you were told.”

    After I asked to speak with a Supervisor, who hung up on me when I told her, “I know I am an insignificant customer in Dell’s eyes, but if this is the only resolution the company is willing to make me, I will never buy from Dell again. Because obviously their “word” is not to be trusted,” I called the new sales line and finally reached a call center that was not outsourced. I once again explained the situation and what I was told from the Tech Support person, mind you, my dissatisfaction is not with Dell replacing the TV, getting a refurbished TV, or even with the fact it was not a “higher end” TV as the tech rep told me I was going to get. My issue is that I have the same TV and based on the forum messages, I am expecting this TV will exhibit the same problems. The sales person tried to help, but had to transfer me to the customer care line, once again. The scenario repeated itself and I was given the, “like for like” speech and told the situation would be reported and used for customer representative professional development. I told the rep, “I am glad your staff will grow from the experience, but you still have a customer who is very unhappy.” He told me there was nothing he could do about it.

    Flash forward two hours… I have received the new TV, hooked it up, and plugged it in… This TV (the replacement W3000) takes close to a full minute for the picture to appear, the base wobbles, the picture is worse than the one I had before, and it sits uneven. I was better off turning the original TV off and on several times because at least then the picture was clear and the TV was level.

    As I read these forums over the last few days I thought to myself, “WOW! I have never had an experience like that. Dell has always stepped up to the plate”, but now… I am over it. I am taking the replacement TV down and hooking mine back up and they can come pick up the poor excuse for a replacement they sent me. After I post this message I am contacting Tech Support, once again and informing them of the situation.

    Yes, to the 113 people participating in the Dell Community Forum W3000 discussion…I understand your frustration.

  • Sal Del Prete

    Bought a “new” Dell Inspiron 1420 for my son for Christmas ’07 and have had nothing but trouble since. Two replacement, “refurbished hard drives and a “repair at the shop”, countless hours on tech support lines later…still no functioning computer! At this rate the boy will be in college (currently in 8th grade!) before his computer is operational! What has happened to Dell’s quality? I paid for “support”, “complete care”, and of course the computer and I have nothing to show for it except a sore EAR! Does anyone at Dell actually ever get anything fixed! Do they ever replace an obviousl lemon prior to the owner of that lemon having a heart attack and dying from the frustration?! Does Michael Dell care that his customers are paying much and getting little except headaches? My next computer will be a MAC!

  • Jason

    I too have had way to many problems with my new Dell. I canot get a solution to the problem that I have been having and allI need is a computer that works right.

  • Mark

    I’m finished. Ink only from Dell and Staples (I really do not understand the concept of exclusivity marketing). And no Staples anywhere close to where I live, and $80 for a 1GB Dell memory where I can get it for $15 for my “no name brands”. Oh, and a Corporate Latitude D600 that has owned 3 new hard drives and 4 sets of keyboards in it’s 3 years in service. You usd to pay extra for a quality product backed by good customer service. From now on, it will be me surfing Ebay and for the cheapest deals out there because DELL does not provide quality products, and wants you to buy OEM exclusive add ons at outrageous prices. Seems like Apple earned their 5% market share by similar tactics. Hmmmmmhh?

  • Christine

    OMG-it has been so frustrating dealing with Dell. At one point, I was asked by Dell if I was calling Bell Canada and not Dell Canada because I needed to know when the Dell techie (which I had paid for 3 weeks ago) was going to show up and finally fix the problems. She had no idea that Dell home serviced. I literally have been held hostage since Feb., 12, 2008. I’m incredibly grateful for one guy at Technical Help-I should have remembered his name-but by this point-I had actually talked to 22 people. Is this any way to run a company, Mr Greg Davis? I should charge you for the 23 hours (so far) that I have spent dealing with this awful company. My calls were never important to them-so I wish they would take that lie off their telephone systems

  • jeff horvitz

    dell is by far the worst equipment (their XPX’s have treminal parity errors all over that can not be fixed), service (sucks) and overall experience( horrible). I returned their crap and went apple with no regrets.


  • rob

    Dell is an incompetant company that sell’s pice of shit computer and you can’t even contact this sob to tell him that. This prick named Jesse told me that the Dell I was about to by could do everything I needed it to do,so, I bought it for two grand and all it does after all the software I bought is get on the enternet and it can’t even do that right. Fuck I knew I should have bought a Mac. They have a bogus 21-day return policy, which is bull shit I didn’t fucken need the damn thing until the summer ended, now I’m stuck with this pice of shit… Hell 2 the fuck 2 the naw. Michael S. Dell can kiss my ass. I can’t even sell this piece of shit this is why you can’t contact the motherfucker cuz if he hears this shit he might have 2 actually get off his ass and work.

  • techd82

    DELL has given me hell beyond belief. So far they have shipped my order to my 5 times and it was either defective or wrong each time.

    When it first arrived the screen was I asked them to send a new one..
    – They sent a new one but with wrong OS
    – So then they shipped me the OS disk but forgot to include the kEY
    – So they shipped me another OS disk and “AGAIN” forgot to send the key..

    It has been 2 months and now I am stuck with 2 laptops and a bunch of windows OS cds that I cannot use…

  • Rob

    Dell’s servicing sucks. It’s amazing that they would have such a bad service model when service is the key differentiator for hardware whoring companies. They should also dump the call centers in India.

  • Alfredo Collado

    I hope all these wrong production machines of Dell Inspiron 6400 weren’t sent to Mexicos’ biggest telephonic company to be sold as a promotional in 2007.Because if so, you may be in hard troubles with Mexican Federal laws. You may be guilty complices of a well orchestrated fraud to millions of Mexican consumers.

    Hope this Inspiron 6400 I have been used for a year, and the trouble with the keyboard and heath and Windows Vista Ultimate is not the last item in Dell’s Hell Journey.

    Cause a little bomb can be sent by bloggspots here in Mexico too.

  • Alfredo Collado

    Anyhow MEXIcAN reps are the exception, because they treat their customers with quality standards, care and really tries to solve you the problems.

    An applause to customer service on Mexico area.

    They should be given the company’s control for else.


  • computer guy


  • computer guy

    If you want to solve all/most these issues – order from the business side of Dell.
    If you go online, go to the section for Small/Medium Business and either put your order in there – or call the 800# that portion of the website has.
    Consumer sales is where the vast majority of all the problems are in regards to your postings.
    Don’t be a cheap ass, if you buy the basic warranty…..drum roll…… you’re going to get basic service! man, what a concept, getting what you paid for.
    Buck up and spend the extra $100 for the better warranty.
    Rob (March 10th posting), you seem like you made it to the 5th grade and dropped out – maybe you can go to India and do customer support for them, it’d be step up from the rude ass Indians they hire over there now.
    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I guarantee you that you can find just as many problems in HP blogs, IBM blogs etc etc etc.
    No doubt that Dell has the lowest cost for apples to apples products as anyone out there – just don’t skimp on the warranty and don’t buy from Home/Home Office.

  • Laura

    Hey everyone. I wish to send a letter to Michael Dell (I know I won’t be responded to, but I wish to send him the e-mail logs between me and his service “technicians” over in India), but am having a hell of a time trying to find his address. Can anyone who has written a letter to corporate help me out? This has been a 3 month’s long battle, and they’re trying to drag it out to this July, when my warranty expires. I am so SICK of this. If this laptop doesn’t last until I graduate from college and get a full time job, I’m getting a cheap Wal-Mart special until I can afford one of Apple’s units. This is so ridiculous.

  • Laura

    Sorry, totally forgot to put in my e-mail. It’s Thanks so much.

  • computer guy
  • Mr. Lacy Joyce

    Mr. Dell I was fired from WS-1 November 6th 2007. The day I was scheduled to be certified as a computer builder. And the Group leads and section leads were in the process of moving me to High Value. Another female employee in the department along with a few of her friends set me up, claiming that I had made threats to her. It’s been six months and I’m still maintaing my innocense. They were supposed to have scheduled an appointment with a higher ranking employee, in a last attempt to prove my innocence, and call me back to let me know when the scheduled appointment was. I never got it! I contacted NC Labor Board. They said that it could fall under discremination/harassment, being I was actually threatend by 2 employees. And told me to call The Equal Employment Oppertunity Commission. And a Labor Lawyer. As of this moment I called WS-1 Human Resources. And polightley asked if they would reconsider my job there . They told only that the termination still stands. And I resubmitted applications online for WS-1 and Dell Lebenon Tenn. I’m not a threatening person and I’m not wanting to make trouble for dell. I just want my job back. My Team Leads said I was a great employee. I was well liked by most everyone. The whole situation was very devastating for me. I really loved the job and being part of the team. And would do whatever it takes to get my job back at WS-1. Who can I contact outside of WS-1 who can reconsider my job, to prevent from having to hire a lawer or calling E.E.O.Commission. If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] Thank You Mr, Lacy Joyce

  • Steve Glascoe

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron in 2005. That was a mistake. I have had six system replacements and still have warranty on my system until 2010. The last system sent to me was an XPS 1530 notebook. Well, in just 2 weeks after getting that notebook, I have had techs come out and replace the motherboard 4 times, the touch pad and palmrest. Even sent it in to the Depot once. The system is still not running correctly. Gets very warm and the fingerprint reader no longer works. The touchpad is very erratic. Now, Dell has my account on hold because of the number of dispatches I have had. Well, Dell, it’s not my fault you guys can’t get your act together on your systems. This is a form of discrimination and will not go unnoticed. All the tech support is willing to do is “troubleshoot” but no more parts or anything. That is so lame for a company who thrives on saying they have the best service.

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  • This is great. I love that people still comment on this 2.5 years later…awesomeness. And now TechCrunch just linked to it. Prepare for another flood of input!

  • I wish to God I had seen this 2 years ago when I purchased a Dell for my wife. She was heading back to grad school and just needed something to do research on and check email… After a year of nothing but problems trying to make it run, I scrapped it and shared my Mac.

    Calling for help was a joke, and when my brother and I decided to use it for parts for other machines, that was a joke too…

    No more Dells at home.

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  • Ricky D

    I just spent a few hours with Dell Support Online “Dell Hell” who basically said this is a common problem and simple to fix if I agree to pay them $239.00. My PC is 6 months old and I have had this problem since I first started using it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Ricky D

    Sorry the problem is:

    I am having keyboard issues where the curser skips around in the middle of an e-mail making me sound like an intelligible idiot.

  • Becky

    Where or how did you find an email address for Mr. George? Are you willing to share?

  • Andy R

    I have purchased a reconditioned Isperion 1720 and sence I have gotten it I have had nothing but problems with the unit. I have asked for my money back but yet still no response from the Dell oganization. All they keep doing is passing the buck and transfering me to tech support. The problems never go away. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Mr. Micheal Dell. I would like correspond directly with him!

  • If you’d like to read the exploits of a UK based children’s author’s tussle with Dell, you’ll find the entry ‘DELL HELL’ here:

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  • I purchased a Dell a year and a half ago. Fortunately I also took a two year additional warranty. I had a small problem with my computer. I contacted tech support for help. First problem was with the techs. All support is now in India. (hard to understand) The first tech gave me a “fix” that erased some of my data. each time I tried to get assistance with my problem I would get different person and have to explain my problem again. after nine different techs my hard drive was destroyed by all the “help”.
    dell sent a tech to install a new drive that still does not work properly. I tried for help again, after three different techs I was afrid to try again. This is my last Dell product! Apparently dell does not care, as I see problems were reported in 2005!

  • Mr. Dell should wake up and get his hands out of pockets and look at his organization DFS Dell Financial Services is a joke, with people in India nd Phillipines it sounds like, Dell is no kore PRIDE of AMERICA company, he should relocate there and enjoy his time with them. Support is uselss I ahve 8 pcs of dell and they are down with no one can support and dont know how to fix it.


  • Gloria Corellano

    Well, I am in the midst of yet another nightmare with Dell, after 45 days, one damaged system, one lost replacement system and a second replacement which did not correspond to the specs of the original order, I have been told Dell (by a rep from the Corporate Resolution Center) is not going to reimburse me or credit my Dell Preferred Account with the $2K I paid, because more than 21 days have elapsed since the original order (never mind Dell has been the cause the delays and damages to me)–even though I have proof that both systems have been returned and accepted by them. I am left with having to go to Small Claims and sue them for breach of contract and debt collection. This process has “only” taken 18+ hours of telephone time and about 7 or 8 different people. This after 12 years of being a faithful customer in spite of other “nightmares” along the years. How do you like that?

    I have written to corporate, sent emails to Michael Dell, and other key executives, including their General Counsel and pretty much I have been told “to suck it”; take the replacement which is not exactly like the one I order or basically loose the 2 grand. Any words of wisdom?

  • Kevin

    I will never purchase a Dell product again. This company does not know a thing about customer service. I purchased a graffics card from them last month. I tried to install it several times. I went to the cards website to download the new drivers, none of them worked. So I ordered another card from Dell and wanted to send the one that didnt work back. I was on day 22 or a 21 return day policy. They will not take it back. My thing is, I understand they have policies, but I have been a customer of theres for a long time. I have spent thousands of dollars with them and would have spent thousands more. Being in the customer service industry for most of my life, I know how to take care a customer. To me, the right thing to do would have been take back the card and lose now to have gained more money in the future. That is how customer service is done. Its about taking care of the people that pay the money so that they will continue to keep paying that money. I work hard for the little bit of money that I have and I choosed to use Dell for my CPU needs and I feel like I wasted my money on piss poor service. So in closing I just would like to say that I hope for Dell’s sake that they get there call centers out of India and get it back to native soil where the people understand the value of a customer. Because if things continue like this for them, there will be no Dell. BTW the ATI Radeon graffics cards suck, dont buy them. And dont waste your time on Dell, get a Mac or something else.

  • Cindy Truong

    And a year later – Dell continues to disappoint. I should have done my research before ordering from Dell. Instead I was mislead by the brand and service that their marketing department so cordially represented and promised.

    As the rest of you mentioned, Dell’s customer service is horrendous. The common denominator in all my conversations with people in customer service resulted in a “No”. Often times I was graced with a variation of these responses: “We apologize for the inconvenience but everyone has access to the same information” or “Even if I sent you there, they would tell you the same thing” or “Unfortunately there is nothing more I can do for you, is there anything else I can do for you today?”. I was flabbergasted. Outsourcing customer service is one thing, educating and training your customer service to actually HELP your customers apparently is far too much to ask for.

    So today, my pc is scheduled to be shipped out. I call to ensure this happens, as I have been calling all week. Low and behold – the customer service database is DOWN FOR THREE HOURS????? How is this possible?? A computer, technology company with a database down during THREE PEAK hours? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    What on earth is Dell doing behind those closed doors?? I am astounded.

  • Kai

    I wanted to bring to your attention that I was unfortunate enough to be treated by Dell’s “Resolution Expert Center” (REC) with great disrespect and little to no interest in resolving my issue.
    One of 4 Dell Machines I use a d610 computer I bought through the outlet store was in fault and coasted me great lose of time was replaced with another system which turned out to function even worst. I was promised a system “equal or better” by the technician but instead was treated coldly by REC and was offered for this system to be repaired instead as my only choice.
    Why a customer can have only a certain choice provided by the REC department? Should I have just requested a refund from day 1 and not try and work with them to begin with? should I use this machine as an expensive doorstep?


  • Anne Boleyn

    I am a former resolutions speacialist/supervisor at DELL customer care here in manila for 2 years. I just resigned recently. I was one of the most commended employee on the floor by customers in the UNITED STATES. Let us not drag nationalities here. Our race has nothing to do with Dell’s HELL or vice versa. The point im trying to state is as much as we want to give every customer what they want our hands are being tied by the management. The NO CONCESSION policy is absurd and I myself even questioned Ray Roman about this process and the only answer i got from him is “if I cant take the heat, I should get out” which I did Thank God.

    It’s to the dogs. the company is losing it. Im just happy to be able to leave DELL in time.

  • Kim

    If only I had read this before ordering a laptop from Dell. I am in the fiery thralls of Dell Hell right now. No such thing as customer service with this company. Original did not work, waited forever for replacement, and it arrived 30 plus days after the original shipment. The replacement did not work either. They won’t accept a return because I did not return it within 30 days…..I had not even received it within 30 days so I was supposed to return something they had not yet sent. It’s a circular process and is extremely time consuming but I am the documentation queen. Thank You for posting so much information. Mr. Michael Dell will receive copies of all the emails I sent to his customer service people which document the nightmare. I can only he is ashamed of the lack of service!!!

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  • Dennis

    Express Service Code: 21678850801

    Service Tag: 9yJ10c1

    Last week I spent 2.5 hours with the Dell call center to troubleshoot a bad videocard. But I understand why…we tried a couple of scenarios (e.g. restoring windows prior to when the problem first occurred). Given I purchased the 3 year premium service warranty support, the call center contacted Banctec to visit my home and replace the new videocard. The technician replaced the videocard and left and never finished installing the system. When I restart the system – I get the Windows XP logo – then the screen goes “blank”. I can’t even get into “Safe mode”. The technician knew this and his response was “not my job”.

    I’m stuck. No PC. The call center can’t help me. I sent a message to the Banctec manager – Bruce Troutman and no response.

    So what do I get premium support? Where do I return the PC for service?

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  • Vostro Laptops

    Just to let you know that vostro laptops coming out of the Dell factory with defective keyboards ie type z and x appears on the screen, type x and c appears on the screen and so on.

    Dell are aware of the problem but seem to be ducking and diving with their customer / technical support being of little use.

    I would suggest that customers check their laptops actually work before accepting delivery.

    I would rate Dell sales and support as 0 / 10.


    Terry Key

  • Gail

    ARRRRGH!! I see that I have been “Delled” and do not find comfort that I am not alone. My Insperion 1720 is less than 90 days old, I have a file with Dell customer and tech support that is probably 6-8 inches thick and am getting nowhere. We niavely believed tech support each time when they said “this will fix it”, “oh, so sorry, this will fix it”, “well, this will certainly fix it” until this mystical “21 day window” passed – which we did not know existed until it was too late. Now, no refund, no exchange just an endless line of people who appologize and do not help. Who promise to call back and never do. Now I am being told that it was a software problem all along. So, WHY did their highly trained Dell techs not know this months ago? How do I penetrate the corporate veil and contact someone who can make an exception to the rule? How do I get this piece of junk out of my life?

  • Mischa Turner

    I got a XPS 1710, and I had been “fix” quite some times atm.. But the same failer just comes back up all the time. Long story shirt, my play lappy, turned out to be a Crap, ûper shit bad ass usles computer that only on sometiimes works acceptably. tops 30% of the time, unless you are using it to word.. Its my own little own, not heating need at all. Seriously.

    So I will like to thx dell for my new compy Heater and wordwriten “thing”

  • JVJ

    I sent the following lette today…

    Dear Dell,

    We are a small company that has approximately 40 Dell computers. However, after the recent experience I had trying to get one serviced, I am sorry to say that I will no longer look to Dell for our computer needs. Although we are a small company and this decision will have no impact on Dell’s bottom line, I thought you should be aware of the problems we are having as I am sure others are having the same problems.

    Our problem started when the monitor on a Latitude X1 laptop went out. I called Dell on 4/14/08 to inquire about sending it in for repair and after being transferred several times finally spoke to the right person. I was told the price for the repair, which I agreed to, and gave my credit card number. I was then told I would receive a box and instructions, probably the next day, to send the laptop in for the repair. The whole process, with being on hold and transferred several times took approximately one hour.

    On 4/17/08 I again called Dell to explain that I had not yet received the box. After more hold time and being transferred, I spoke to someone that told me the box had been shipped and received. When I informed them that it had not been received, further investigation showed that it went to an address in Texas (I’m in North Carolina). The representative apologized for the mix-up and assured me I would have the box the next day. Total phone time was approximately 70 minutes.

    By 4/21/08 I still had not received the box so I again called and again went through the same procedure with the same result and another almost hour of wasted phone time. Again I was promised the box sent next day.

    By 4/28/08 I still had no box so I sent an email to the conflict resolution team to see if they could help (copy attached). I did not hear anything back until 5/07/08, one and a half weeks later! After exchanging an email to get shipping and contact info, I was told that I needed to call the same number that I had previously called three times to arrange for returning the laptop. I was told that the delay was because I had not done so!

    I replied to the email explaining that if he had bothered to read the original email I sent, which was still appended to the bottom of his reply, that he would see that I had done exactly that on three previous occasions and I refused to do it a fourth time. He replied back that the problem was a mistake by a previous technician, that the problem had been corrected, and that the box was on its way as we speak and he would send me a tracking number within a couple of hours. I never got either the box or the promised tracking number.

    At this point I gave up on Dell and decided to try to have a local computer repair shop fix the laptop. Meanwhile I got my credit card statement and saw that Dell had no problem charging the correct account for the repair (approximately $500). I contacted Dell accounting explained that the laptop was never sent for repair and had a credit issued.

    The repair shop replaced the screen but had to replace another component and could not get the correct part. They eventually gave up and said that it would have to be sent back to Dell for repair. They sent the unit back (not sure how they managed) and eventually was told that it was repaired and shipped back on 6/16/08. We called to get a tracking number and were told that they couldn’t find the unit. They could track it to Chicago but had no idea where it went from there.

    We called this morning, 6/30/08, and were told that it shipped on 6/26/08 and we should probably receive today and were given a tracking number. After checking the tracking number ourselves, we found that that number showed the unit being delivered somewhere in Chicago. After contacting DHL, we discovered that the unit was returned back to Dell in Memphis on another DHL tracking number and had been received by Dell on 6/26/08.

    We again called Dell (exact same number we had spoken to 30 minutes earlier and gave a different representative the exact same information given 30 minutes earlier) and were told that the unit was in the warehouse waiting to be shipped (waiting for what I don’t know). Why the first person did not have this information I don’t know. We verified the correct ship to address (again) and were told it would ship, but probably not today, even though it was mid morning.

    At this point we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will receive the laptop some time this week although I’m not holding my breath thinking that the repair will be done correctly. To date I have spent probably 10 plus hours on the phone and email trying to just get shipping matters straight which at my billing rate amounts to about $1500 lost revenue because of Dell’s incompetence. It would be nice if my repair bill was adjusted to reflect some of this aggravation.

    In closing I just wanted you to know about some of the problems at least one of your customers is having. I can’t believe I am the only one.



  • Joseph A

    3 years after this post, it’s still the same. Dell sucks. And not only in the U.S., it’s worldwide (I’m in France). A tech support guy who makes me go through the setting up process of the drivers and Vista for 3 times, and can never accept that what Dell sold me is just shit, and I need this laptop to be refunded, or at least replaced. Gee! He got a lot of time to lose, not me!

  • Unfortunately, I too agree with most of the posts on this site about the poor customer service provided by Dell. If I treated my customers the way that they do, I would be out of business overnight. The biggest frustration is that it just seems like NOBODY at Dell cares, and this goes from the customer service reps to the top (all customers really want is some simple empathy for their situation).

    I just returned a call regarding a pending order and was transferred 9 times and disconnected twice, only to never get actually find out why they had called me. In my case, I just decided to cancel the entire order ($800) and buy from somewhere else. How many THOUSANDS of other customers are out there just like me? Unfortunately, I am also a Dell stockholder…

    While I am the first person to agree that some customers can be too demanding and unreasonable, the sheer quantity of negative Dell posts on the internet, coupled with my own personal experiences, clearly show that the problem lies with the company, and not the customers. Top management should be listening and reacting, but it appears that they could care less.

    Mr. Dell, when your company files for bankruptcy, and you see your own personal net worth and earnings plummet, please think of me and all of the other customers you choose to treat poorly and ignore. As an entrepreneur, I know that somebody else will step up to take advantage of the business you are losing, and by then, it will be too late.

    P.S. You can read more about my poor customer service experiences with Dell in my next book and TV documentary (think Michael Moore style).

  • C Smith-Brown

    Inspiron 530 purchased 9/2007 for $1,200 preloaded with XP OS, MS Office, Photoshop, Sonic. Crashed 4 times between September and December. Spoke with Dell techs. Reloaded XP per tech instructions. Crashed again 3-4 times. Spoke with Dell techs. Reloaded XP per tech instructions. Two reloads created lack of space on the drive and other software could not be loaded or used because the computer lack the space to run the programs.

    Finally after repeated complaining got Dell to admit drive was defective and agree to replace a system still under full warranty. Dell only offered to replace the drive and wanted to send a tech out to complete this replacement. Since my machine was under full warranty, I want the computer replaced with one loaded with the same operating system [XP] and the software originally purchased. Dell refused.

    Wrote a letter to Michael Dell and to the VP of America and SHIPPED the computer to TEXAS Corporate Office. Computer returned to me without anyone at Dell opening the box or checking the system. No response directly. Days later got a call from the Escalations Dept

    Replacement Inspiron 530 received 7/2008. A refurbished machine was sent UNLOADED with different specs designed only for VISTA OS with none of the original software purchased with the original machine. Dell refused to take the computer back and pre-load or to send a machine to me with the same specs as the original machine preloaded with XP operating system and purchased software that I bought in September, 2007.

    Received VISTA OS CD and Drivers CD with replacement. Tried to load the system, system would not load following software prompts. Driver CD scanned and reported “No Drivers Found.”

    Replaced my internal 3.5 floppy with an external 3.5 floppy drive. Replaced MS Office. To date have not received Photoshop or Sonic.

    Dell Escalation Dept will only resolve this issue by having a tech call me and walk me through loading the operating system. They refuse to take back this computer and pre-load it or to send out a Dell tech to load the operating system. They also refused to send me a machine that is compatible with Windows XP and are forcing me to load VISTA onto my system.


    1. Stands behind the products they sell; not issue a warranty that wiggles out of responsibility to give the customer what they paid for and deserve.
    2. Values customers and makes an honest attempt to resolve their issues in an equitable manner.
    3. Has a knowledgeable tech staff that actually listens to the problem, give solutions for the specific issues, and when Dell is at fault, works to make every attempt to give the customer a quality working computer; regardless of the loss to Dell.


  • E. Bethune

    I read through as many of the responses as I could, but did not see any complaints about Dell’s customer service operations being based in India. I have no prejudice against nationalities, but I do suggest that any American companies that route their calls to a foreign country make sure the people that answer the phone can speak english in a manner that is understandable. For me Dell Hell began when I had a hardware malfunction and reached India. It was like speaking with Tarzan or Frankenstein with an Indian dialec. I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying so I hung up. I redialed customer service and selected service in Espaniol. Turns out, she was bi-lingual, located in the United States and helped me with my problem. I could only hope that Dell will notice this and do something about who answers their calls.

  • SteveG

    I have an XPS 1530 and my warranty doesn’t expire until 2010 but I talked to someone at Dell yesterday, who’s name is Neil and he told me that Dell is basically cancelling my warranty because I have had so many problems. How can Dell do that????? I cannot help it that I have had problems with this system from DAY ONE. The video problem, plus the very erratic touchpad is so bad, I use an external USB mouse. I have talked to about 30 some people that are looking at buying a notebook. I talked them into not buying a Dell after what Dell has done to me. They are going to pass the word to their customers and friends as well. I will NEVER buy another Dell because when you need the support that you pay for, don’t have problems or they will cancell or void your warranty. What kind of customer service is that?????

  • Tammy

    Straight to the point. DO NOT buy a Dell computer ever. I still believe they make a decent product but the amount of time I have spent since ordering my computer to get the order and everything that was promised is ridiculous. Many, many, many hours on the phone with people from India I can hardly understand and usually end up getting off the phone frustrated and still with no answers. If I can do anybody a favor who might be shopping around for a computer it is to tell them to just go into a local store and buy anything other than Dell. Even if that companies customer service ends up disappointing you it could NEVER be worse than the experience you would have had if you had bought a Dell.

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  • ClaireElaine Johnson

    I bought a Dell. My bad. I had never read this blog. You bet I’m reading blogs now to find out who to buy from. My Dell didn’t work out of the box, and I messed with the technicians too long to get a refund. It’s been three months — the computer doesn’t work, the replacement they sent had the wrong specs, and I have yet to speak to one American on the phone. I have one more contact at Dell before I sue. My time, my money, and my productivity have all been wasted and counted for naught. They had the audacity to send me a lesser system as a “replacement” and with no refund or discount on the price of the original system. In effect, Dell charged me to spend my time fighting with them.

    You say Apple is good?

  • Nakul Malhotra

    I got a Dell Inspiron 9400i, the customer service has been the WORST POSSIBLE ONE CAN EVER IMAGINE….It has been shocking/annoying, i.e. it takes me days just to get through to customer care, thanks to Daljit Singh of Bangalore, India,

    Now in one of the mails, I mistakingly used very bad language as I was not getting any replies from them mentioning “heroine” and “fucking” don’t ask why and I know it may seem stupid.

    Now they have taken this is their favour and told me they would ‘not provide me any services in the Future’, what could I do??

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  • Late last year, I ordered some network gear to go into my new office building. After waiting about 10 days (and the day before I was to move) I logged on to the see the status of my order, only to find an email that said my order had been cancelled because I had not responded to the email requesting that I call a Dell Financial Services number to verbally approve my order. (What’s the use of buying online and having an account if this will happen).

    I was so mad I got on the phone and called, refusing to hang up until I found someone who both cared about my situation and was willing to help resolve it. An hour and 45 minutes later, I did get on the phone with an American gentlemen (thank God). He did in fact help me, meeting my demand that the only way I would proceed with the purchase was if they reimplemented my original order because I was not willing to take the time to input it again.

    Today, I tried to order another laptop for a new employee only to find my business credit line was not available The advice I got from the representative in India was that “my #10,000 credit line was still open but that this order could not be approved because of my credit.”

    This time, I won’t bother to try and find someone who cares because I no longer do. There are countless numbers of places to buy computers from.

    A blog could never really demonstrate how much I hate Dell as a company and how amazed I am they are still in business.

  • traci Johnston

    I purchased software from Dell at the service techs advice. I called another scervice tech to help install it. It turns out that the software was incorect. He was actually ON my computer and recomended the the WRONG softaware. He was actually ON my computer and recomended the the WRONG softaware. I asked for a refund and was denied. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager refused to give his name or ID. I asked to speak to his supervisor he hung up on me. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING DELL AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE IT MY MISSION IN LIFE TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE AWFULL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • amber


  • Tate O

    Spend over 60 minutes on hold waiting for customer service to answer. Have a two year old Dell laptop, paid for the extended warranty that covers any accidents (dropped it and broke LCD screen)…finally hung up because no one was going to answer. Do not buy a Dell. I’m an IT guy (AAS, BS Comp sci, MCSE, MCP, A+). I used to recommend Dell with a smile, now I tell everyone just stay away.

  • It’s really interesting to see all these comments.

    I’ve personally owned about 8 Dell machines at one time or another, and have fortunately not had any major problems (touch wood!)

    Based on all your comments, I will be making a summary of the main points and including it on Dell Computer Reviews.

  • Robert McFalls

    I have no technical problems with Dell. My 3400 has been very dependable……..I made the mistake of buying a service contract!
    The first time I need to use the contract…(9/22/08).. The failure of the power supply fan(dead stop) was too insignificant to require repair. Technically speaking, if the fan wasn’t needed it wouldn’t be there. It was easy to see that Dell and their contractors have a business philosophy of denying any responsibility to their customers. A contract with Dell for service is a flimflam.
    I plan to write to the Texas State Atty General. I want Dell’s License to do business in the state of Texas revoked.

  • Jim Thompson

    I had to call Dell just one time for tech support. I got through immediately. Yes, the person was in India, and yes he used a name to make him sound more Anglo, yes he had an accent, but he was courteous and whilst not very knowledgeable he was able to find the answer. It was actually a mistake I had made.

    When I ordered my computer I did not pay for expedited shipping, it still arrived in 3 days. Pretty good service.

    So far I have no complaints and will likely not call tech support much as I prefer to sort things out whenever possible myself.

    I think you get better treatment if you buy through their business division rather than their home division. It shouldn’t be that way, but Dell is a major supplier to IT departments and they know on which side their toast is buttered.

  • Snehil

    I was told Dell customer service and tech support were excellent. I am appalled by their support. I haven’t felt more cheated in my life. This is the first time I am blogging. Because I want every one to know that Dell doesn’t deserve your business. Your hard earned money should not go to such a company that neither sells a quality product nor provides even an average tech support.

  • Debbie


    I have been a week and a half without access to the files on my computer because they cannot seem to get me a new power cable and adapter. HOW HARD CAN IT BE??? Maybe under the right circumstances this is a good product but for a home computer and if you rely on the files in it for work or anything important, DO NOT BUY ONE, it is not worth it. Believe me all Dell users will need customer service at some point and YOU TOO WILL BE VICTIMIZED BY THEM.

  • Sha

    The articles say so many jobs are lost, the US will lose more and more jobs when all the jobs are going overseas and what do you think of the service these companies are getting from these jobs that have gone overseas..

    Currently I am having a wireless hardware issue with my Dell laptop over a month which is under hardware warranty and have the facility of getting a technician to the house. For this issue have been calling technical support each time the call goes to India and have worked with approx 25 persons during the last month , approximate total hours worked with these technicians close to 100 or over. I have used many different routers to isolate the issue

    I am frustrated now and today alone spoke to 5 persons and spent approx 5 hours getting transferred from one to another to make them understand the importance of getting somebody to my house to check my hardware ( wireless card) as there is no point spending hours on this issue if the hardware is not in place. Unfortunately it is the Indian support that authorizes the US technician to come to the house and they fail to provide this facility . I have been trying to get a US tech support number but not successful , Is there any US tech support?
    It is an hour’s job if the person came to the house against all the hours spent unnecessarily with the overseas support. Was the support COST EFFECTIVE ?

  • Brittani Mitchell

    I WANT MY COMPUTER REFUNDED. I just bought it 5 months ago, and it worked the first few weeks. Im tired of talking to indians who dont know what they are doing. I will find out how to contact you Mr. Dell, if this doesnt work. How does it take FIVE months to fix a computer?! and BY THE WAY… its not even fixed yet. They had me taking apart the computer and sticking my hands in there and fixing it. IM sixteen years old! Now, after all the tests they made me do, and making me turn my computer on and off and on and off the wrong way… its now slow. It took 15 minutes to load an internet page, and it didnt even load all the way! Take this computer back.


    • BS

      BH ~ You’re an idiot!! When consumers buy a product they fully expect and should expect that product to work from the beginning and for much longer than a couple of days or weeks!! I, and many other consumers I am reading and hearing about, didn’t even have our products for more than a week before we experienced issues!! Doesn’t sound like a consumer problem to me, more like a company STEALING from unknowning indivuals that have kept them in business. I purchased my FIRST Dell late December ’08 after always buying HP computers and never having a problem. But at my business colleagues suggestion I decided to go with a Dell this time, much to my disappointment. They have tried to help me resolve the problems I have had and have listened in on the phone calls that have been made to tech support and customer service. They have been completely flabergasted with the horrible service I have received from start to finish. So before you start making your accusing comments you should do your research and not go off of your one experience 10 YEARS AGO!!! I paid nearly $2000 for my laptop so I don’t think that warrants for your comments about us trying to get something for nothing!! A hard drive shouldn’t crash in two weeks like mine did!! I never received a $70 gift card they promised as part of my purchase and the response I received was “that’s not our problem!” Even though they couldn’t even vouch that they had a record for what the gift card number was so they could supposedly “cancel” the old one and resubmit it to me. They’re crooked thieves and I don’t believe 30 plus states have filed civil suits against a company unless they had good reason to do so!! It sounds like another lawsuit is about to begin and I will be right in there with the rest of these fine folks that paid out their hard earning money for merchandise that was faulty!

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  • L Bauer

    Check your bills with Dell as well. I pay monthly through their financial services. I made the mistake of paying my bill on the 2nd of the month. The statement goes out the 4th of the month. I was charged a $30 late fee for non payment. I called to complain and it was suggested to me that I read my contract. I did….THREE times. No where does it say that you would be punished for paying your bill in a timely fashion. FYI Dell refused to take off late charge and now it is on my credit report as a late payment…Buyer Beware

  • Clifton Murie

    Dell nightmare of customer service. I wanted to buy ink but was pushed to purchase a new printer. The printer arrived, I got help installing it and foung that it didn’t include the fax capability I need. So, send it back and deal with all the reinstall of my old printer.

    Its now more than 12 hours of tech help later and the old printer still won’t communicate with the fax software loaded by Dell at purchase. I’m forced to purchase Dell On-call support. They fail to fix the problem and fail to call back as promised. There is no way to get my case handled without waiting and waiting in line all over again.

    The company has lost me as a continuing customer. The service from India is not adequate. The company needs a better and more responsive customer service department.

    I believe this is another proof that the digital age is unsustainable.

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  • Kevin Hulse

    Long time Dell customer until now. Latest laptop order on December 8th was a DISASTER. Customer Service apologetic but only advise was to place a new order.

    Yeah – I am placing a new order with APPLE Computers. Dell not worth time and frustration.

  • DB

    My dealings with Dell left me feeling frustrated until I ventured to into the blog universe. I felt that, I too should share my experience too. My frustration level has only increased exponentially as I have continued to do business. Until recently, if there was a problem Dell made some effort to correct it, however as of late, I have had no success with this issue. This issue has pressed me to the point of filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s office of Consumer Protection.
    When I began work on my master’s degree my brother purchased an Inspiron 6400 Laptop for me. It was reliable and allowed me to be mobile and served me well until I graduated in October of 2008. Because of its reliability Dell won me over as a potential lifelong client. This is the point at which the praise ends. Upon graduating I upgraded the hard drive size and memory and gave it to my girlfriend. I then purchased a XPS 1530 for myself and my nightmarish customer service experience began.
    I started my XPS 1530; got two days of use out of it and the hard drive froze. I had purchased the most integrated customer support plan to protect this computer. Upon calling customer service they stated that and taking a far greater period of time to diagnose the issue, the technical support team decided to send me a hard drive and that I could replace it myself. This being a brand new laptop (2 days old) I stated that this was not acceptable; I wanted a laptop that worked correctly from the outset, not one that would require maintenance, from me within the first two days of purchase. I spent the two weeks and countless hours on the phone attempting to get this issue resolved. One of my friends suggested a desktop as it was a better work horse for me. I returned the laptop and then waited two months for dell to return the funds associated with this purchase.
    Understanding that from time to time issues occur with laptops I overlooked this incident. After dell finally returned the funds associated with this purchase I purchased a Dell XPS 420 Desktop. Upon its arrival I was pleased with its stylish look and its high functionality…that is until two of the ram chips failed two weeks later. I was livid! Again I set out two get resolution. Given the excellent service plan that I had purchased I called the technical support team. After struggling through the diagnosis of the issue, and then poor logistics and a technician not showing up and me having to call repeatedly to insure the technician showed up to replace two ram cards resolution.
    Finally, after these setbacks I had a desktop that has worked well ever since. For these purchases I received two gift cards in the amount of $120.00 dollars. This brings me to the present moment in time. I placed an order for a 42″ television 5 days earlier. The order being completed was prerequisite on the funds being returned to gift cards I had used for a previous order. The order was placed on an earlier date so that I could take advantage of a promotion Dell was conducting. Upon calling Dell to find out if this issue was being addressed, I discovered that the information that a person had previously given me was incorrect and Dell had canceled the order preventing me from taking advantage of the sale. I inquired as to what other promotions were being offered by Dell.
    Customer service representative David (badge #516740 and who’s name later turned out not to be David) told me that Dell was offering a 42” Sharp Aquos television with a Sharp Aquos Blu Ray player with the starting price $1,199.00 but sale priced at $1,099.00. David offered free next Business Day shipping for my inconvenience. This order was placed on the telephone and David forwarded the receipt to my email address. The next day upon reviewing the confirmation receipt I noted that the Blu Ray player was not listed on the receipt. I called Dell and spoke with Andrew #136462 who stated that he saw the issue but could do nothing to rectify it. Dell disclosed that the Blu Ray had not been included in the order and that it was already too late to cancel the order.
    I returned to the website to verify the part number where I discovered that the Sharp Aquos 42” was offered with a Blu Ray player under part #A2288408 and without a Blu Ray player under part #A175500, both of these packages were offered for the starting price of $1,199.00 and sale priced at $1,099.00. Noting my receipt I observed part #A175500 instead of part #A2288408. Given all of my prior experience with Dell I realize that by the time I return the item, it arrives in their warehouse, they check the item, the item is returned to the vendor and the vendor re-credits my account a total of 30 days or more will have past. This will preclude me from being able to take advantage of this sales promotion. At this time I felt a simple solution was in order. Since they had neglected to include the Blu Ray player, it was for the same price, and they had sold me the television under the pretence that I would be receiving the Blu Ray player, I felt all they needed to do was forward the Blu Ray player at a later time.
    Dell did not provide this as an option for rectifying this problem. Instead I received an email from Liyah Smith from Dell Sales Support sincerely apologizing for the inconvenience and refereeing me to the return policy. Upon reviewing the return policy there was no clause covering mistake made on their part. I also discovered that while my receipt said that the television would be delivered Next Business Day which would have been 12/17/08 the method which the television was actually shipped (Upon tracking the package)(CEVA tracking numbe