Angry young men, my ass

Oh, how I wish that Jon Stewart put up videos and transcripts of his segments. Last night, he poked holes in, stomped on, buried, and burned the conventional media wisdom that suicide bombers in London and around the world are “angry young men.”

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: LATER: Ben Hartman emails news that the video is up: “For now it’s on the Comedy Central site,
just click on the “War on Terrour” link under Latest Headlines. Move the time indicator to about 3:30 and I believe you’ll find the clip you’re looking for. ” Thanks, Ben.

  • Faramin

    Foreign citizens who change planes at airports in the United States can legally be seized, detained without charges, deprived of access to a lawyer or the courts, and even denied basic necessities like food, lawyers for the government said in Brooklyn federal court yesterday.

    And who are those angree young men? those fascist US government lawyers who have no clue about justice or their bosses? Or perhaps both?

    These lawyers are sure nothing but disgrace to justice as are some hypocrite and warmonger so-called journalists who are nothing but disgrace to the profession of journalism. You know what I mean, don’t you?

  • Oh …. how I wish that someone with such exquisite knowledge of how the “new media” will function would realize that Jon Stewart already DOES put up videos of his segments.

    1) Go to Google
    2) Type “the daily show”
    3) click search
    4) Click on the first link
    5) Enjoy the future (and the jokes)

    I’m watching advertisements this morning. Advertisements which I missed two days ago during this episode of The Daily Show. Advertisements which costs THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for the advertiser unable to capture my eyeballs AT THAT TIME.

    Let me repeat. I’m happily watching advertisements that I missed when they were broadcast so that I can get to content that I missed when it was broadcast.

    This is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for the advertiser , Jon Stewart, Comedy Central and me.

    EVERY TELEVISION SHOW should be re-streamed ON THE INTERNET the moment its broadcast is over for the benefit of those who want to watch it again, and those who missed it.

    Comedy Central gets it.

    Almost nobody else does.

  • kat

    “men” is not a word I’d use to refer to pondscum. These guys are parasites. They use our system to further their evil. They bilked the Brits of almost 1 million pounds by using different aliases and addresses to collect extra social security. They are not men, they are scum. What the “F” did they have to be angry about when they lived an easy life doing squat and collecting big bucks? I suppose they’re angry that Britain is not yet an islamic shithole.
    {Although the true Islamic political system does not exist now, (of course, there are some countries that call themselves, “Islamic”) it once flourished, producing dramatic results.So, the Muslims (who know their God-given role on earth) must strive to fulfill their khilafah (vicegerency) on earth. A moment’s reflection will convince us that the role of khilafah involves both individual and collective efforts. The Islamic state is the chief medium of the collective efforts of Muslims in this regard. It is from this concept that the politics of Islam derives.} It is ok to lie, cheat, murder,etc. in order to attain this goal.