Blowing up the hand that feeds you

Hateful Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has lived well off the dole in England. The moocher cleric is due for a government angioplasty — no doubt because he clogged his arteries eating well in the land he would destroy. And there’s more:

He receives £331.28 a month in incapacity benefit and £183.30 a month in disability living allowance because of a leg injury he suffered in his teens.

Both payments will continue for at least six months while he is abroad, as long as he plans to return, as will the housing benefit on his home in Edmonton, north London, and his council tax benefit.

His wife, who remains in Britain with their seven children, can also continue to claim a benefits package thought to be worth at least £1,300 a month. Bakri drives a Toyota people carrier worth £30,000, paid for under a scheme called Motability.