Blowing up the hand that feeds you

Hateful Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has lived well off the dole in England. The moocher cleric is due for a government angioplasty — no doubt because he clogged his arteries eating well in the land he would destroy. And there’s more:

He receives £331.28 a month in incapacity benefit and £183.30 a month in disability living allowance because of a leg injury he suffered in his teens.

Both payments will continue for at least six months while he is abroad, as long as he plans to return, as will the housing benefit on his home in Edmonton, north London, and his council tax benefit.

His wife, who remains in Britain with their seven children, can also continue to claim a benefits package thought to be worth at least £1,300 a month. Bakri drives a Toyota people carrier worth £30,000, paid for under a scheme called Motability.

  • kat

    Thr new laws won’t let the terrorist bastard back. If Britain had any sense they’d pack up his spawn and ship them out and stop allowing the trash to get welfare. The 4 bombers were also on welfare, under several aliases bilking the system to support terrorism. How many terrorists are being supported in America with our tax dollars?,,22989-1728929,00.html

  • Jim Dermitt

    Kat, It makes you want to go to sleep for 5 years and hope it is all over when you wake up. Look at what the social programs bought. In our area, they are tearing the old public housing down and building new public housing. The poor have new homes and the sheriffs sales have broken new records as the government has seized the homes the working people owned before. All that is left is tax dollars and those are being spent on the war. The rest is next generation debt. I really don’t blame Bush, it’s the whole country going to hell. You could have a guy smarter than Bush in office, but the whole country seems to be getting clueless. I keep seeing propaganda, like the reality isn’t enough. The new thing is that we need more censorship. That will solve about nothing. You tell them the truth and they think it’s hell.

  • Eileen


    Somewhat OT. I’ve been around here for close to a year now. I’ve seen you both chastise and bleep Kat a few times for cussing out terrorist ass kisser commenters. But I’ve never once seen you give her any credit – or even quote her – for the enormous amount she’s done to educate ALL of us about Islamofascism and barbaric sharia law in your forum. I’ve seen you grant others respect and quotes for Much Less, imho.

    It’s your blog, which most of us around here very much appreciate and respect. But I guess I’d like to see some kudos flowing Kat’s way for once from you on the main line. Her links have been Instrumental! in helping the rest of us learn about our enemy.

    Failing that, here’s to you, Kat. I for one appreciate you greatly. When I arrived here I was woefully ignorant regarding what we’re up against. Thanks to you, I don’t rest any easier (what an understatement) but at least I ‘understand’ our foe’s motivations and the multifarious, nefarious aims of Islamic jihad. For that I Thank you!

  • Jim Dermitt

    I’m just a dropout myself. I always learn something from kat and kat makes you think.

  • Jim Dermitt

    I’ve been following the Judith Miller story. Now the ratta intel story is something new. They are jailing the journalist and the terrorists were given free reign. Something seems wrong with that whole picture. The journalist won’t cooperate. I guess the terrorists were more cooperative.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Don’t work too hard or think. God forbid anybody should write or research anything without prior government approvals. Then there’s the new call for censorship by the nuts in the new propaganda movement. I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.

  • kat

    I am blushing:):). However, I think Jeff deserves all the credit for allowing us space to discuss and learn. I have learned a great deal from you,Eileen, Jim, and others–even terrorist apologists who have made me understand why this trash festers and thrives in our countries. I was very naive, prior to 911. It was then that I began educating myself about islamofascists,reading the koran, and especially blogs…and Jeff’s 911 articles. The PC crap in Newspapers and on CNN was just whitewash!! I wanted truth….not excuses for gutblowers and this islam is peace shit and the need to understand their killer culture. Jeff was fair to both sides and you weren’t a racist bigot bitch if you didn’t kiss muslim ass.

  • Gunther

    “…I wanted truth….not excuses for gutblowers and this islam is peace shit and the need to understand their killer culture. Jeff was fair to both sides and you weren’t a racist bigot bitch if you didn’t kiss muslim ass. ”

    Well, you are a racist bigot bitch, regardless of who’s ass you are in the habit of kissing. Jeff: you should be proud to be so inclusive and tolerant. Just as a matter of interest Kat, why should the children and wife of an alleged terrorist (or just someone who is accused of fomenting hatred) be punished? Do we jail or expel families of murderers, rapist, or thieves? Can you give any defence of this practice (which you seem to suggest) other than the fact that you hate muslims?

  • kat

    I hate terrorists–the fact that they muslims also is not my fault. These days not all muslims are active terrorists but all terrorists are muslims.
    I think we need to make things tough for families of terrorists. If we send them a monthly paycheque, how much do you want a bet that some will be used to support the terrorist scum father? Ask the wife if she supports her husband–if she supports a terrorist, she is one. Pack her up. Israel has the right idea.
    I am learning that the Dems did not want to hurt Atta’s feelings and put a little smiley on his name as a man to not be questioned because he had a green card…did not want to offend the piece of slime. 3000 people paid the ultimate price for our being nice to trash.
    No wonder Sandy Berger was stuffing his shorts!!
    {Al Felzenberg, who served as the commission’s chief spokesman, said earlier this week that staff members who were briefed about Able Danger at a first meeting, in October 2003, did not remember hearing anything about Mr. Atta or an American terrorist cell. On Wednesday, however, Mr. Felzenberg said the uniformed officer who briefed two staff members in July 2004 had indeed mentioned Mr. Atta.} Be nice to a terrorist, turn the other cheek, and get a knife in the back. Throw political correctness out with the terrorist trash.

  • kat

    ” Weldon says Able Danger personnel recommended Atta and the others be deported” And had that been done, 3000 good people would be alive and the trash would have been sent packing.

  • Piccadilly Jim

    If Bakri had had anything to do with the London bombings then he would have been arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Law, or for conspiracy to aid or commit illegal acts.

    His views are obnoxious and belong to the far-right, just as do the views of white neo-Nazis with which he has similarities, but so far as I can see they count as free speech and aren’t illegal.

    So I think that JJ’s headline about blowing up the hand that feeds you is not accurate, so far as any of us know.

  • kat

    Well, Britain sisagrees with you.
    Clarke said in his statement: “In accordance with my powers to deport individuals whose presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good for reasons of national security, the immigration service has today detained 10 foreign nationals who I believe pose a threat to national security.”

    “The circumstances of our national security have changed. It is vital that we act against those who threaten it.”

    The action follows two sets of terrorist attacks in London last month that killed 52 people and four suicide bombers.

    The foreign nationals will be deported under the Immigration Act of 1971, Clarke said, which also gives him the power to hold them pending deportation.
    {His views are obnoxious and belong to the far-right, just as do the views of white neo-Nazis with which he has similarities, but so far as I can see they count as free speech and aren’t illegal.} Hmm–I always thought the views of Nazis, islamofascists and the far left were similar. That’s why I thought the far leftists kissass terrorists and protect their right to kill–calling it free speech. Anyone who has read what this moonbat says can’t possibly defend these piece of camel excrement.

  • Piccadilly Jim

    No Kat, not ALL terrorists are Muslims. Didn’t the Israeli President just call the Jew who recently murdered the Muslim passengers on the bus a terrorist as well: and yesterday an Israeli soldier was sentenced to 8 years for killing an unarmed, non-threatening British aid worker.

  • Piccadilly Jim

    Correction, the man who has been jailed for eight years is an Israeli Arab – 8 years is a very light sentence though.

  • Ravo

    We’ve learned the number one endeavor of Islam is to


    Even those Muslims not now “active”….. when called upon MUST support the “conquer or kill” doctrine, or be killed.

    Such an organization is not illegal? Supporting it is not illegal?

  • albers

    Just shoot the bastard

  • kat

    Yes, Piccadilly Jim, except these guys are loners–not a swarm of parasites endeavoring to take over the world. The Israeli was a criminal acting on his own–not following cult orders sanctioned by the koran. The Israelis arrest these guys–they don’t worship and martyrize them as servants of allah who must terrorize to do allah’s will. BIG DIFFERENCE–your trying to find equivalencies makes you a muslim terrorist asskisser. There is no comparison on earth to the pondscum terrorizing the world over–none. They are muslim terrorists and there is no greater threat to world peace than these islamofascists. Their beliefs sanction murder of all nonmuslims. There are more muslim terrorists than all other criminals combined–a cancer upon the earth fed by apologists.

  • NameWithheld

    I wonder if Jeff Jarvis appriciates that his blog on some subjects is turning into LGF II….

    I also wonder what the Kahane cohorts would do if an Israeli PM would decide not only to evacuate Gaza but also the West Bank.

    There are sick fucks in every religion. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all the rest. But I’m guessing Kat and her deranged friends will still call me an Islamofascist despite me being an agnostic…

  • Piccadilly Jim

    No Kat, not ALL terrorists are Muslims. For example, have you forgotten the mass graves in in Kosovo, where the murderers of the (white, European, Western) Muslimes were Christian? And let’s leave the continuing genocide in Chechenya for another thread.

  • kat

    Well, Name Witheld, you agnostics are not free of murder–in fact, atheism has killed more innocents in a short span of a hundred or two years, than all religions combined. If we were to tote up the casualty count achieved by those few officially atheistic regimes the world has seen, the atheists have the religionists beat by a mile.Atheists like Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Enver Hoxha,Stalin, etc. killed and slaughtered their own people at an unheard-of rate.  When it comes to piling up a body count, atheists take second place to none. However, that is no excuse to say they did it, so muslim terrorists are allowed. Islamafascists need to be confronted and all their apologists need to hold them accountable. Do you know of a country on earth free from islamist terrorism?? Yes, there are sick fucks in every religion and sick fuck agnostics too, so?? Does that excuse what islamofascists do??

  • Ravo

    While you can find a criminal elements amongst atheists and Christians, and ERRANT members of these groups – and EVERY other group known to man – do commit crimes…..

    conquer or kill, is not

    the STATED mission for EVERY member, the very reason for being, the stated reason for the very existence of these groups!

  • Ravo

    If you do not believe in conquer and kill and jihad, you are not a Muslim…per Islam you are an apostate.

    Anyone claiming to be a Muslim, therefore, has to believe in jihad and the ideology of conquer and kill, no?

    Does it not follow then, anyone claiming to be Muslim, should be required to leave the country as they have then admitted to supporting and being a part of a killing cult?

    Seems a logical progression.

  • His views are obnoxious and belong to the far-right, just as do the views of white neo-Nazis with which he has similarities

    I’m staying out of the rest of this little discussion, but this bit caught my eye. Can’t ever miss a chance to take pot shots at “the right,” can we? It’s become chic among certain circles to make glib comparisons between “the right” (or conservatives in general) and the Islamist movement (see, for example, the endless denunciations of the so-called “American Taliban,” a label which gets trotted out in lieu of “Nazi” when someone feels like ratcheting up the rhetoric…)

    Unfortunately for the purveyors of such nonsense, blogs such as Harry’s Place have been documenting actual, factual ties between British Islamists and left-wing British socialist parties. Been reading much of what George Galloway’s been saying lately? I think he’d take umbrage at being lumped in with “the right,” don’t you?

  • NameWithheld

    Kat, I’m not an atheist. I’m an agnostic. You do know the difference?

    You give me a long rant about _atheist_ mass murdering leaders and then you say something about ‘sick fuck agnostics’… So I’m going to forget your whole rant about atheist mass murdering leaders. But you could give me some names of _agnostic_ mass murdering leaders or some of these ‘sick fuck agnostic’. Not that I ever said that there weren’t any, I said they exist in every religion you can’t draw a conclusion from that that there aren’t any non religious wackos…

    And no I don’t think Islamic terrorists/massmurders shouldn’t be punished because other have done it too. But then I never did say that in my post.

    BTW I still wonder what Mr Jarvis thougts are regarding Eileen’s and Kat’s comments in this thread and others. Seems like Eileen wants him to praise Kat for her wisdom… Would be nice for our host to pick a side or just lean to one or the other side. But maybe the silence says it all?

  • Eileen

    Or maybe not. Jeff does things in his own time and way, as well he should. My suggestion was just that, and offered while giving credit where credit is definitely due. Unless, of course, you’re in the camp of the apologists. Or unless you’re in the camp that’s not very pleased that truths about Islamofascism are escaping concerted efforts at obfuscation, moral relativism, religious relativism and basic taqiyya lies.

    As for Jeff’s “leanings”? Do you think he supports terrorist clerics such as the one represented in this post?

  • kat

    Do you know the difference? Just a matter of degrees. I see one as somewhat synonymous of the other. Likely a thesaurus would agree but I don’t have time to check. One says there is no God, the other says I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.
    {Words are slippery things, and language is inexact. Beware of assuming that you can work out someone’s philosophical point of view simply from the fact that she calls herself an atheist or an agnostic. For example, many people use agnosticism to mean what is referred to here as “weak atheism”, and use the word “atheism” only when referring to “strong atheism”.}
    So are you a weak atheist/agnostic?
    I don’t care what you are–my point was that nonreligious people also commit crimes–that was all. I respect your right to be agnostic, atheist or whatever–as long as your beliefs don’t entail killing all who don’t comply.

  • Ravo

    Just about every group has members that commit crimes.

    Very few groups REQUIRE that 100% of their membership be ready, willing and available to commit them.

  • tonynoboloney

    New Websters dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus, AGNOSTIC= one who disclaims any knowledge of God or of anything but material phenomena. Seems our friend NAMEWITHHELD could hardly be named an agnostic as his self proclaimed knowledge of EVERY God, Jews, Christians, Muslims. Sorry NW you can’t have it both ways either you have no knowledge of God or your not an agnostic.

  • NameWithheld

    Eileen, no I don’t think he supports terrorist clerics. And neither do I. But I’m wondering if he’s playing in your and Kat’s part of the field. Where the grass is all dead. If so I agree with you that he should complement Kat for her “great wisdom”. Otherwise I think he should distance himself from both of you. He has distanced himself from views opposing yours. So either his playing on your side or he’s in the center… And I do find the silence interesting.

    Kat, I find the url you posted a bit lacking. It’s a bit too Christian oriented. There could be one deity or there could be many deities. It’s not about whether the Christian God exists or not. He might. But I don’t know and as I see it there isn’t any proof for either of possiblities. The Hindu could also be right. Or not.

    ‘Weak Atheism’ isn’t agnosticism.

    Some bits from Wikipedia on the subject:

    “Weak atheism or negative atheism is the lack of belief in any god or gods, without a positive denial of the existence of any god or gods. Weak atheism contrasts with strong atheism, which asserts that no gods exist, and theism, which asserts that there is at least one god.”

    “The position that it is not known whether a god or gods exist is called weak agnosticism. A stronger position is strong agnosticism, the view that it is not possible ever to know whether a god or gods exist. Agnosticism, in both strong and weak forms, is not necessarily an atheist position; it is a position pertaining to knowledge rather than belief.”

    Talking about degrees, I guess Islam, Judaism and Christianity is all just about a matter of degrees. Do you believe in Jesus or not? Do you belive in Muhammed or not? So I’m obviously entitled in blaming every muslim terrorist on the Christians and vice versa…

  • NameWithheld

    tonynoboloney, get a better dictionary…. and read part of my answer to Kat.

  • kat

    Good news–this piece of terror promoting scum will have to practice his free speech elsewhere. He won’t be allowed back in Britain. Hopefully they cut off his allowance and his family joins him.
    {LONDON (AP) – Britain on Friday barred radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri from returning to the country that was his home for the past 20 years, saying his presence was no longer “conducive to the public good.”
    The decision came as the country’s top legal official defended plans to deport another radical Muslim cleric and nine other foreigners suspected of posing a threat to national security.}

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