Blogging god

Charmaine Yoest, who extended an invitation for a blogging junket to the Justice Sunday II, responds to my post, among others, here. I figured it was accidental that I got invited, but she says that it was quite intentional. I do salute them for being open to inviting all sides. I wasn’t sure what group was extending the invitation and plane tickets; turns out it is the Family Research Council. Charmaine scolds me for my word choice about these folks and she’s right. But still, I am antimatter to their matter. And I certainly would not take their money. But I’m glad everyone’s being transparent about the arrangements.

: Yesterday, an AP reporter called to talk about this. During the conversation, it occurred to me that I did not fully disclose one payment I received to be at an event I also blogged and I should have done so. I went to an Annenberg confab about — what else? — the future of news and they paid honoraria and picked up travel for the speakers. I then also blogged the event. I should have told you that.