Where’s my share?

Microsoft gets millions in a settlement of a spam suit. How come I didn’t get my share for lost time and sanity and male ego?

  • David

    Uh, lack of a law division?

  • because the lawyers were women?? ;-)

  • Ed Rusch

    Because they are an ISP (Hotmail, MSN) and you are not.

    Because they sued and you did not.

    Because they did something about it and you did not.

    Except whine.

  • Skate

    Because it wasn’t a class action suit (where, in the best Microsoft tradition, as part of the settlement OptInRealBig would give coupons for free “High Volume Email Deployment” instead of cash).

  • Because, obviously, your penis is too small, Jeff.

    See, you’re apparently the last man in the country to have purchased a penile enhancement product. All the rest of us did it, Jeff. You’re the only one.

    You really should read more of your spam. It’s good for you.