Let’s all move to Hermiston, OR

Nick Kristoff finds wi-fi heaven.

  • As an Oregonian, allow me to simply mention our state’s unofficial motto:

    “Visit, but don’t stay.”


  • C Bassett

    Damn it, I live so close to there, in eastern Oregon, and I can’t even get DSL or cable yet. I gotta travel 10 miles to a Pilot truck stop for the nearest wi-fi hotspot.

  • derby

    How did the cable/telcos let this happen?

  • What’s OUR vision for a better media system in America, we’re often asked. Well, here’s part of the vision — operating today in Hermiston, OR. High speed broadband with no cable or telephone company “gatekeeper” to steer you to websites that pay them. It’s a vision these companies find threatening and are spending millions to prevent from happening in the hallways of Congress, state legislatures, and the FCC. Fortunately, Hermiston is so small that it apparently evaded their radar and, like an incoming stealth missile, is taking dead aim on the cable/telco vision of a closed Internet that only they can sell admission tickets to.

    Best, Jon Rintels
    Center for Creative Voices in Media

  • Bunnie Watson

    His surname is Kristof.