In the new issue of Reason, Matt Welch collates the business buzz and hype around blogs from moguls big and little. I don’t mean to quote myself even as I quote him (yes, damnit, it is an echo chamber) but I like Matt’s kicker:

So while money and talent pour into schemes to compound and monetize blogs, it has never been easier to scratch out at least a subsistence going it alone. Don’t be surprised if some of those simple, one-man operations end up outlasting their bigger, buzz-drunk kin.

Injecting layers of staffing, overhead, and investment capital will certainly create some interesting experiments and hilarious hype–at least until the next bubble bursts–but one revolutionary and empowering fact remains: Blogs, in the words BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis, will continue to be “history’s cheapest publishing system with the world’s cheapest distribution system.” Not even Arianna Huffington can mess that up.