In the new issue of Reason, Matt Welch collates the business buzz and hype around blogs from moguls big and little. I don’t mean to quote myself even as I quote him (yes, damnit, it is an echo chamber) but I like Matt’s kicker:

So while money and talent pour into schemes to compound and monetize blogs, it has never been easier to scratch out at least a subsistence going it alone. Don’t be surprised if some of those simple, one-man operations end up outlasting their bigger, buzz-drunk kin.

Injecting layers of staffing, overhead, and investment capital will certainly create some interesting experiments and hilarious hype–at least until the next bubble bursts–but one revolutionary and empowering fact remains: Blogs, in the words BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis, will continue to be “history’s cheapest publishing system with the world’s cheapest distribution system.” Not even Arianna Huffington can mess that up.

  • Jeff, it sounds like you’ve been hanging out with Mr Shirky. Both you and he are totally right, of course.

  • Jim Dermitt

    A blog that let’s you post right now, not after somebody reviews and clears the post is the best way to run a blog. I think I’m done using links in my posts, which seem to be more trouble than they are worth. Everybody can find their own links on a subject if they want them, so it’s not really very helpful for others. It’s great for echo chamber effect and list creation schemes, I guess. Thanks.

  • Blogs are ALL about linking.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Then why not get paid for your links? Google gets paid for links with AdWords. A great blog should have plenty of exclusive content. That costs something to develop in terms of time and money. If you can organize links and publish them with a blog that has premium content then it shouldn’t be difficult to sell space for links for less than ads. Maybe a link space for ads within a blog makes more sense than AdWords. Yahoo is pitching a new ad service and one of the things being promoted is that they have humans doing the edits vs. the ad bot method. If I want to run an ad on a blog, why not just deal directly with the admin of the blog? It’s easy enough to find what blogs get the most traffic, the ad link is simple to write and the publishing is easy.

    If bloggers got together and did more business and less debating, blogging would have much more potential. Instead it’s this constant droning and complaining. All I’m saying is that if the commercial potential of blogging is going to improve, it will be because bloggers are engaged in transactions. People go out, search Google and then republish a bunch of links in a blog and call it content because they write a 25 word blurb that nobody cares about. Then they paste a bunch of mindless ads all over the thing that were generated by a bot program. Then they tack a search box on so you can search their blog and get fed more ads and crappy content.
    I’m not saying that free links are bad. I guess you have links that can save you time and people will pay for those links. One idea driving blogging is that everybody is going to change the world one post at a time or the quanity of links is more important than the quality. I’ve seen some crappy Google ad links and thought, why did they even waste time making that an ad. No thought went into it, but Google made a buck. It’s the new new thing. Don’t think, make top dollar.

  • Jim Dermitt

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  • Jim Dermitt

    I just saw this up for auction at ebay.

    “Ad space on my corpse, when I am a corpse, of course”

    I guess the idea is that a funeral home or somebody in the business might find this useful. This could start a new trend in ads. If the auction gets $50,000, people will be running more auctions. Look forward to new online ads all over the place pitching corpse ad space if this pulls in big money.

  • Jim Dermitt

    If you Google for corpse, you get a sponsored link.

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    Then just run an ad for an ad on your corpse. You should get a ton of traffic and hopefully plenty of bids. Start the bidding low to encourage more ebayers to bid. Good luck.

  • Jim

    No taker or undertaker for the corpse ad auction.
    You have to start the bidding low. That’s what my brother always says about auctions. It got a ton of web traffic.
    Starting bid: US $10,000.00
    Ended: Aug-05-05 20:00:29 PDT
    Start time: Aug-02-05 20:00:29 PDT
    History: 0 bids