Wi-fi in every pot

Tom Friedman practically nominates Andrew Rasiej for President today as he extols Rasiej’s vision for a connected New York and assails federal officials for not making sure we keep up with the world in technology. Of course, Rasiej is running for New York City public advocate. But perhaps what he should really be running for is that vacant seat on the FCC.

  • I wish there was no Wi-Fi in my pot. I llike Biryani in my pot. What would I do with Wi-Fi.

    But this is what I ask. New York and almost every city in the USA and the world are wired for cellular communications. There is many times duplicate set wiring like GSM and (the newer)GDMA based on the 3G spectrum. These cover the Voice Communications very well. Now people want Wi-Fi Hot spot wiring. Instead people (Atleast RIAA) should demand the development of server based browser (in a server based browser the Browser does not send the documents or files to the client but processes the icommands, recieved from the client, itself. If this is done the cellphone could be used as a personal computer provided, ofcourse, it can send text messages.

    There is a cellphone in every pot. Make it possible for everyone to use this cellphone for surfing the net instead of making it necessary forhim to carry a brief case containing a Laptop and a VoIP telephone. No Need for it.

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