Death to the list. Long live the lists.

Jason Calacanis wants another top blogger list. Sorry, Jason, but that still doesn’t get it. That is old-media think, my friend. It’s not about one list of the top. That’s as absurd as saying, here is a list of the top 100 people using cars. Blogging is just a tool. There is no top list of the users of it.

What I’d think you’d be proposing instead, based on your experience at WeblogsInc., is a bottomless bucket of lists: Engadget’s top gadget blogs (and as a reader, I’ll look at Gizmodo’s list and at Ubergizmo’s and make my own list), and Adjab’s top ad blogs, and Autoblog’s top car blogs, and on and on and on.

You don’t want a list of the top 500 blogs, Jason. You want 500 lists, right?

This is the mass of niches. Why do we keep trying to turn it back into a mass?