Dell hell: by the numbers

Matt Galloway tries to do some analysis of the blog bitching about Dell after I started complaining about my lemon.


Says Matt:

The interesting thing here is that once Jeff started attacking Dell – and others started talking about Jeff attacking Dell – the number of people that wrote post about Dell including at least one of Jeff’s negative words increased. Furthermore, these are generally not posts that are talking about Jarvis!

In other words, he says that it contributed to bad buzz about Dell. Of course, there could also be other coincidental factors (like Dell closing a customer forum). And I think that a blogger bringing up a complaint you already have gives you the peg to mention that complaint yourself.

Matt concludes:

So is Jeff Jarvis bell cow or bellwether? Either way, I think Dell would be better off doing more that just listening.

It’s cow week here at BuzzMachine.